Virtual RPG Escape Room in Maptool
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Author:  wolph42 [ Tue Feb 13, 2018 3:39 am ]
Post subject:  Virtual RPG Escape Room in Maptool

Dear all,

Herewith I'm blatantly plugging my first (and very likely 'only ever') paid publication ever:

Locked - a virtual RPG Escape Room

Locked Cover2.jpg
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I've published a lot of fan material over the last few decades and as an experiment I thought to this time try a different approach: ask a bit of currency for it (EUR 4.99). It has taken me roughly a year to get this in the state it currently is, its been play-tested thoroughly and well received by said play-testers.

Locked is a virtual RPG escape room, meaning that its table top with GM to guide the process. Its completely system agnostic and takes place in a beautiful Victorian Mansion (created by Daniel Plowsav) and is of course supported in Maptool. If you want to see what funky stuff you can do in MT additionally to what I've created in the BoT then check it out.

The timer is set to 4 hours REAL TIME but of course YMWV. The groups I've put it through solved it from 2:30 upto 3:57

Note that MT is not required to play it, it supports the escape room, but it can also be used to play it completely online.

Should you buy it and like it, then please consider leaving a friendly review at DriveThru. (And should you think it sucks, then pls pm me with your rant :mrgreen: ) Many thanks.

The introduction story:

As you open up your eyes, uncertainty sweeps over you…
Where am I?
WHO am I?
You wake up in a warm, soft, luxurious bed and you are totally clueless where this bed is, nor how you get there, nor what people used to call you… thinking of people, there’s not a single face or name that you can call to mind. Your mind is a complete blank.
As you get up you notice a small note lying on the bed next to you:
“Grand Foyer, downstairs”
You walk to a mirror and notice that you are already dressed. You continue to the door. Other doors open up quite simultaneously as you open yours, only to reveal confused looks on faces of other (vaguely familiar?) people of whom you swiftly deduce that they are in the same situation as you are. A short conversation with the others reveals that they are indeed in the exact same state as you: clueless and confused, with a note telling them ‘Grand Foyer, downstairs’.
So down you go. Two big stairs lead down to the Grand Foyer ornate by two large chandeliers. The others gather here as well. Two things immediately pique your interest in the foyer:
A large double door decorated by four large impressive looking padlocks and a small ornate box on a stone column in front of it. The box is closed. On the box lies another note:
“Four locks”
“Four codes”
“Four numbers”
“Four hours”
As soon as you read the last word of the note you distinguish the sound of a ticking clock of which you are quite uncertain whether that sound was there already when you came down…

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