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 Post subject: [LFST: V20] [GMT] Seeking ST for the Transylvania Chronicles
PostPosted: Thu Jun 08, 2017 6:02 am 
Hey RPTools,

I have been recruiting players across the internet for a V20 Dark Ages game set in the classic WoD module, the Transylvania Chronicles. Well, I'm happy to say the search has been very successful! All that remains now is to find the right Storyteller.

We are looking for an ST who prefers style and story over mechanics, one who will focus on complex themes, deep atmosphere, and compelling characters to bring this dark, gothic story to life. So who's interested?

Here's some flavor on the background to get you started:

The clash between East and West is an ongoing struggle in Transylvania. Western Hungarian nobility, the Roman Catholic Church, Saxon merchants and Szeklet overlords are allied on one side; Eastern Hungarian and Transylvanian serfs, Vlach and Slav peasants, staunch pagans and Eastern Orthodox Christians are on the other. Of course, the lines are not always so easily drawn. Individual Saxons and Szeklets often have conflicting goals, just as individual pagans or Christians do. The closer we look at this black-and-white picture, the more we notice the many shades of gray.

Add to this the legend of the Cainites. Tremere and Tzimisce Vampires fight a deadly war. Tzimisce feudal lords must defend themselves from the sinister armies of neonate packs. Eastern lords consolidate power; Transylvanian princes watch as their domains fracture; Malkavians contemplate dark prophecies - their is no limit to the sagas of betrayal and treachery hidden in the shadows.

Now slowly fade everything to black. Throughout the next several centuries, the prophecies of Gehenna come to fruition. An ancient evil in the land - often linked to the Slavic god (or demon) Kupala - remains after countless centuries of Tzimisce Metamorphosist ceremonies and Koldunic rites of worship. The order that the Ventrue vainly try to impose on Transylvania degenerates into chaos. The Ravnos stem their rising anger at the treatment of the Gypsies, the Anarch Movement begins, and rebellious Vampires perform the Vinculum on Kupala's Night, dreaming of their victorious crusade against the established order.

Stand back. Take a deep breath. It's all yours now. Welcome to the Transylvania Chronicles.

Sounds pretty epic, right? You will be running this game for a group of players hand-selected from applicants across several forums. Choices were made on playstyle, availability, and maturity. This is a longterm game that spans 800 years, so the right people has been a major priority.

Playtimes will be European-friendly and take place after working hours (GMT) on weekdays. We will also likely play via text rather than voice to emphasise thoughtful responses and player/character separation. However, this can all be discussed to align with the ST's preferences.

If you are interested, please send me a private message, post in this thread, or post in game listing and I will get back to you in short order.

Thanks for reading!

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