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Author:  wolph42 [ Mon May 08, 2017 2:45 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Bag of Tricks and Teleport Macro Help

SzassT wrote:
Alright, I cut it up into 4 sections (North, South, and the center into East and West). North, South, and West have no problems now, but East still does (Which is the original map). I disabled vision on all the NPC tokens on East, but it still has some lag. I'm assuming this is because it is still the most VBL complexity as this area has the highest tunnel density. Since I don't want to cut the east area into 3 or 4 tiny maps, I'll just deal with it for that part. It is noticeably reduced lag and as long as it doesn't get worse, it should be fairly manageable. When I run Collect Performance Data, the lag is on "2. Calcs-1" (usually around 1000ms when altering a token). That's about 1/4th what I was getting when altering a token and I no longer get lag from moving them, so I can live with that. So, I would call this issue Resolved. I do have a few quick questions about the BOT, if you don't mind.

1) Is it safe to move the lib tokens to another map?
2) Is it safe to put the lib tokens on a map that cannot be accessed by players?
3) For using Transportation, Map Creation, VBL, Other, and Function BOT Features, which additional tokens, beyond the libs, are necessary? I currently have a little cluster of tokens (If you look on the campaign file I uploaded to dropbox, they are on Map 6. Underdark, next to the lib tokens) and I'm pretty sure I don't need the vast majority of them.
4) The centreOnMePad token, can there be one of these per map or are they only for when initially opening the campaign?
5) Can the centreOnMePad be on the Hidden layer?
6) What is image:none and lib:Coords for? If they are necessary for the BOT to function, then I don't need an explanation of their role, just that they are necessary, but if they do something particular, like they are used for certain commands/features, I'm curious what those would be.
7) Is there a guide somewhere for how to make doors work? I know the BOT allows you to open/close doors, but I'd like to know how to actually do that. Or maybe I'm mistaken?
8) I want to have random dead magic zones, is there a way to use the Scatter command to scatter a single Hidden token and make it of various sizes/rotations or would I need to have a group of various tokens to do that with? Also, is there a guide for this/where is the guide?
9) Do you ever get tired of solving problems for everyone else?
10) Is there something I could do to help out?


IRC if you export and import the map than all the FoW data is cleared. That saves you the 15min.

as for your questions:
1. yes, but you need to run the settings of the bot again, it will ask you for the new locations
2. yes.
3. not sure what you mean with 'map creation' but you can throw everything away save the two libs. When you reload you see a list of what is missing and which functionality will not be working. but i don't think you need any of the tokens
4.centreonmepad can be placed on every map and (if its turned on in the setting) when you swtich map (use the macro for that) the map will centre on that token
5. yes
6. image:none is used for a dropdown list which you can create with one of the bot_functions() and lib:Coords is used for the forest building
7.can you elaborate, not following you. the doors in the bot are simply images that are rotated which makes them look likethey are opening. After the animation I update the coresponding vbl again with a macro.
8. yes I think so....a guide...did you read the manual? (note that if you run the manual macro TWO screens open on top of eachother. But...select the token. run the macro set range of size to what you want, set layer to hidden and go.
9. :D keeps me distracted :D
10. help other people out who have question on this forum. Contribute art, maps, ideas, campaign files etc.

Author:  SzassT [ Mon May 08, 2017 4:29 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Bag of Tricks and Teleport Macro Help

Great! Thanks. The door thing, I didn't realize you had pre-made tokens for the animated doors, I was thinking there was a way to use a new image to make the animated door tokens. So, you kind of answered by question through your question :P

I did not realize that when opening the manual, there were two on top of each other, always thought it was one.

I appreciate everything!

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