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 Post subject: Need Abeille help...
PostPosted: Sat May 16, 2009 7:56 pm 
I'm adding a tab to the token editing dialog in the UI because I want to support properties I'm adding to tokens in the java code.

The property I want to add is analogous to ownership -- i.e. has a setting similar to "owned by all" (All Players) plus several checkboxes to make more specific assignments if necessary.

By mimicking ownership, I got it to mostly work... though I couldn't seem to get the automatic assignment to set up an interface with my variable, the way it does with the @ownedByAll component. So that's my first question: how do I connect my new boolean variable to be automatically coordinated with my new field the way @ownedByAll is connected?

After getting things that far, I realized there were several such sets of variables I might eventually want to add. So, rather than adding yet more tabs to the UI, I decided to put them all on the single new tab, one after another in a table. I haven't added the new functionality yet -- only my one set of variables is yet implemented code-side -- but I redesigned the form to have space for the others.

Now it's not working at all.

My code is unable to find the "dummy" field (analogous to the ownershipList field in the existing ownership pane) to replace with the new component generated by the code (new CheckBoxListWithSelectable()). Instead, I'm now getting a Unable to find compName error.

From what little documentation I've found on Abeille, I'm guessing this may be a nesting problem. After all, no longer is the form I'm hunting for a unit within the sole container on the tab of the tabbed pane object (the way the ownershipList element is a field on the ownershipPanel gridView which is the sole content of that tab)... rather it is a field in one of three such gridViews, which are in turn contained together in the single gridView which is the content of the new tab.

But I cannot, after many frustrating hours, figure out how to get the right parameters in the code (EditTokenDialog.java) to make the call to replaceComponent to replace the dummy field with the one I create on the fly (the way ownershipList is replaced by the ownerList in the initOwnershipPanel() call).

So there's my second question: given that my new tab contains a grid object which in turn contains 3 grid objects, each of which in turn has a component I will want to replace... how do I do that?!

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