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PostPosted: Tue Nov 17, 2009 5:15 am 
THIS THREAD USED TO CONTAIN THE W40K-RPG FRAMEWORK (supporting Dark Heresy, Rogue Trader, Deathwatch, Black Crusade and Only War). This thread is however discontinued and moved to a new thread.



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 Post subject: Re: [Submitting] Dark Heresy Frameword (W.I.P., but functional)
PostPosted: Thu Nov 19, 2009 5:00 pm 
Keep up the good work !

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 Post subject: Re: [Framework] [Dark Heresy] W.I.P., but functional
PostPosted: Mon Dec 14, 2009 3:44 am 
Something wrong with this zip, I think. Windows gives an error that the archive is corrupt.

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 Post subject: Re: [Framework] [Dark Heresy] Version 1.0
PostPosted: Fri Jan 29, 2010 9:37 am 
6.0.0 (10-okt-11)(D,H,C,P)
Important Changes that conflict with older tokens:
The short version is: run 'Repair and Upgrade' for every existing token (including hordes).

The long version:
  • We've introduced 'special text' for weapons. The description of the special qualities is moved to this section. This means that tokens with old weapons will NOT have this special text and the text has been removed from the code so e.g. 'fast' description won't show up in the text anymore. The following qualities have been removed from the code: Fast, Flexible, shocking, Toxic, felling, Force, Deadly Snare, Concussive, Snare, Necrotic and Haywire.
    We've also added a new feature for grenades, we've changed the internal structure for mounted weapons and we've implemented extra option for Ranged attack: Target is surprised (unaware) and stunned.
    These changes have the effect that if you use a weapon all kinds of errors will pop up, its thus vital that these (tokens and weapons) are upgraded.
    Fix: select the token and hit 'repair and update' on the campaign panel. This will upgrade the token to the new system. Note though that if you have upgraded the weapons OR if you forgot to add certain libraries, you'll get an red error message 'not found in compendium' in this case its prudent to remove the weapon and add it again including the upgrades. The macro *does* upgrade these weapons but it will take 'a guess' to what it should be.
  • The vehicle lib (lib:DHV) is renamed to lib:Vehicles. This will mainly effect the macro panels for vehicles.
    Fix: select vehicle and click 'repair and upgrade' on the campaign panel
  • Psy Power and invocation (and Faith Power) no longer show in the combat menu if the token does not have any psy powers.
    Fix: Run repair and update for older tokens
  • Faith Powers have been added, but these won't show immediately in the token macro panel
    Fix: Run repair and update for older tokens

The below change log does not contain all changes, with three people working on the FW its just too much to keep track of it all. I think the below list represents 90% of the changes...

. . . . Feats
  • Weapon list: weapon names are now colour marked by different source (black=DW, red=Rt, green=Asc)
  • Dito (color codes) for: Armour, Gear, Talents, Traits and Psy Powers
  • Dito (color codes) for: Manage my Armour, Manage my Weapons, Show Gear
  • Updated framework with the new weapons and armour from the xls.
  • The macro panel now remembers which tab was active after a refresh (e.g. after adding a weapon, skill, ammo etc.).
  • Added new grenades: Blight Grenade, Xenos Filament and Tyranid Cyst Spore
  • Updated FW with new 'Bag of Tricks' Drop-in, supports Doors, Canopy, Roofs, Foliage, Teleportpads and building Forests (which can also be used for different things than forests…).
  • (BS/Druski)Added a LOT of new material from Black Crusade, Blood of Martyrs and Daemon Hunter. This is now also embedded into the framework. See excel section below for more details.
  • Black Crusade material options are added to the settings
  • (BS/W42):Black Crusade new rules are added as options in the settings. NOTE: Not all of them (currently none) are implemented yet!!
  • NEW (Druski): Faith Powers. Similar to Psychic powers now added to the Framework.
  • When you log in and do not own a token on the map, you'll get a dropdownlist asking you to pick a pc token that you own.
  • Added 7 new grenade tokens (from BC and Dhu)
  • Implemented animation for thrown grenades and bounce of walls (if a vision blocking layer is set) (optional can be set in attack form.)
  • Added target is stunned as option for ballistic attacks
  • Added target is unaware as option for ballistic attacks
  • Started implementation of an Help file

. . . . Implemented BC Rules
We have identified a total of 17 BC rules that differ from the original Dark Heresy system. For this release we started implementing 10 of these rules, the rest will follow later:
  • (BS) bcAOARule (all out attack is now +30)
  • (BS) bcStndAttRule (+10 on all (ranged and melee) standard attacks)
  • (BS) bcAutoAttRule (-10 on full auto, no mod for semi... all else remains the same)
  • (BS) bcSwiftRule (# of hits vs additional attacks)
  • (BS) bcConcussiveRule (support for concussive weapons)
  • (BS) bcShockingRule (support for shocking weapons)
  • (BS) bcToxicRule (support for toxic weapons)
  • (BS) bcSuccessRule (if its nothing more than just adding +1 to the DoS)
  • bcPrimitiveRule (Primitive weapons have a value e.g. (5) meaning they can do a max of 5 damage. Both the double and half rule for Primitive vs Non-Primitive weapons/armour is removed)
  • bcSkillsRule (support for all the changes for skills in BC)

. . . . Changes
  • Removed 'create attack macro' has no function anymore
  • Replaced the varsfromjson function again, with an even faster method
  • Optimized the weapons, armour, talents, skills, traits, gear list builder
  • Optimized 'manage my…' functions
  • Error messages when no or multiple tokens are selected don't show 'macro defined error' anymore
  • Optimized and extended 'summonToken' and 'getValidToken'
  • Imported xls changes into FW.
  • updated output text in parry macro for power weapon.
  • Add util function listNewContains() to use for the new BC ruleset in the future.
  • Added 'special text' output to weapons. This text will always show up when your use a weapon. Text can be set through the excel sheet.
  • Preperations started to embed Black Crusade
  • Added Black Crusade Settings options for Weapons, Armour, Upgrades and Gear
  • Settings macro has been rebuild.
  • Renamed the vehicle lib (lib:DHV) to lib:Vehicles.
  • Use Psy Power and invocation (and Faith Power) won't show in the combat menu if the token does not have any psy powers.
  • Updated onTokenMove lib to the latest version 5.6d. This supports large maps with special token, Opening doors, Forests with dissapearing canopy when you walk over it, teleports, pits, traps etc.
  • Moved light lib token macro to onTokenMove
  • The following 'special qualities' are descriptive only and have been removed from the code (and moved to the special text column in the excel and thus the compendium): : Fast, Flexible, shocking, Toxic, felling, Force, Deadly Snare, Concussive, Snare, Necrotic and Haywire.
  • Changed the code structure concerning Mounted weapons. The 'twohanded' column has been swapped with 'numhands' where 0=mounted weapon. This means that the class 'mounted weapon' is gone!!
  • Updated campaign properties for character and hordes.

. . . . Fixes
  • I've finally managed to prevent the empty line to chat when someone changes the tabs in his macro sheet. This has been bugging me and lots of others for a long time.
  • Same fix for the attack macros that also send an empty line to chat when you hit a the weapon macro. (thnx Aliasmask). There still might be the occasional empty line, pls report if you find one.
  • Bug in settings, when you deselect an option in the compendium tab, the whole lib is rebuild with ONLY the DH items. The rest is ignored.
  • Bug in settings, DW errata setting did not update
  • DW weapons were not added to 'all weapons list'
  • Thrown weapons sometimes threw a fatal error (strangely enough not with grenades but they did with blades…?!?
  • Ranged attack with kineblades now work
  • 'pause()' debug function left in 'use psypower'
  • use DH rule system set to default in campaign props. (for new tokens)
  • Clicking just on the map could trigger an (harmless) error report
  • The name of the skill had dissapeared from the chat output when a skill was used.
  • Logis implant didn't work properly in the attack. Now it works AND the skill test and its result show up in the text.
  • Fixed bug where the damage was NOT applied after an evasion request on another client.

. . . . Excel
  • (BS) Added Armour Upgrades Tab (NEW)
  • (BS) Added weapons and armour from The Emperor Protects and a couple found in Rites of Battle and the Core rulebook, that were previously omitted.
  • (BS) Added weapons, armour, ammo, talents, skills, traits, psy power, upgrades, downgrades (NEW), qualities and gear from the new BLACK CRUSADE Core rulebook.
  • Updated psy entries, removed some ' and changed some source entries
  • (Druski)Added weapons, armour, gear, talents, traits, and powers from Blood of Martyrs
  • (BS)Added weapons, armour from Mark of Xenos
  • (Druski/BS)Added weapons, armour, gear, talents, traits, and powers from Daemon Hunter
  • (Druski)Added weapons, armour, gear, talents, and traits from Heresy Begets Retribution
  • (Druski)Added Faith Powers
  • Added special text column where you can enter macro or text that are ported to the chat window when you use a weapon.
  • The following 'special qualities' have been added to that column: : Fast, Flexible, shocking, Toxic, felling, Force, Deadly Snare, Concussive, Snare, Necrotic and Haywire.

5.6.3 (18-7-2011) (D)
More bug fixes.
  • Error in oncampaignload when creating a list of online GM's function aborted prematurely resulting in failed working of the ask for evasion for npc's.
  • Ownership of lib:DH was set to an unknown owner, which resulted in the autoexec (e.g. ask other players if they dodge) pop ups not working
  • Map was set to 'not visible to players' which results in incorrect load of the campaign for the players (if there is no other map)
5.6.2 (14-7-2011) (D)
Well its back to the old ways, bug update just after a new release...
Another quick update. It seemed that quite a few macros were set to 'allow players to edit macro' which effectively disables certain functions, without posting the error in the chat. This lead to very strange and buggy behavior. What I don't get is that these were pretty old macros so it eludes me why all of a sudden this has become an issue. Anyway again a step closer to less bugs.
. . . . Changes
  • Code optimization, replaced all varsFromjson functions with one liners. This can have a MAJOR impact on the FW. So testing is required
. . . . Fixes
  • It turned out that a lot of functions had 'allow players to edit function' checked, meaning that these did not work properly. This has been fixed. This can have a MAJOR impact on the FW. So testing is required
5.6.1 (13-7-2011) (M,D,C)
The duplicate token problem keep haunting this framework. The error occurs when a lib token gets updated while the campaign is loading AND the current map is NOT BASE. So I build in a switch to switch to the BASE map when an update was required… silly me however entered 'Base' instead of 'BASE' so the problem persists. Who knows maybe this version its fixed. So again another forced update

Another big update for this one is a HUGE load of new Weapons from the DW Mark of the Xenos book, thanks to BTS. We are however in the middle of a discussion about the correct stats for some weapons as FFG contradicts itself or is just inconsistent. Since this is a forced update you get this 'mid stream' although I think we've got most kinks ironed out.

Finally of note is a new feat where players get a pop-up when they start the campaign file but now own a token on that map. They can choose ownership this way. This helps if someone changes e.g. login name
. . . . Feats
  • If a player logs in and he owns no token currently on the map he will be presented with a list of PC's from which he can choose ownership. The GM will be informed.
  • Mark of the Xenos weapon- and armoury has been added, thanks BS for the hard work.
. . . . Changes
  • Changed the ORK Weapon Names in RT to be more consistent with the rest (removed the dash after 'Ork')
  • (Druski) Copy Poperties in Campaign macros updated --> in stead of overwrite they now merge.
  • Init token on startup no longer needs to be set, the macro frame start no matter what
. . . . Fixes
  • Fixed upgrade problem with wpnatt type. Gave a an error report.
  • Fixed issue with power rolls > 10 for psy attack (DH rules)
  • Fixed potential error with onCampaignLoad where it switches to Base instead of BASE map.
. . . . Excel
  • (BS) added all weapons, upgrades and armour from the DW Mark of Xenos book.
  • Quite a few name changes and stat updates, mainly cause there was a mix up about the added SB for weapons. When listed as Weapon only the Additional Damage bonus is given, however when listed with a NPC then the total damage was listed (including SB) this lead to VERY high additional damages. Another issue was with vehicles and melee weapons where the SB should also not be added.

5.5.1 (9-7-2011) (D,C)
It seems the BIG update (duplicate tokens) of last time did not work :( . I hope it works this time. I also changed method, so you won't get the big fat red button anymore.
. . . . Feats
  • Added DW Errata weapons & upgrades from xls
  • Added DW Errata weapons & upgrades to settings
  • Added Melee Range Aura Support (in set Range/Flame) for Melee of Hordes according to the new rules in Mark of the Xeno
. . . . Changes
  • Adjusted the buttons on the compendium lib to correspond better with the xls
  • Adusted colors in the compendium tab of the settings to correspond with the xls
  • If for the damagebonus for weapons is entered a formula in the XLS it will NOT add SB for melee weapons. Unless it makes part of the formula, e.g.: "2*SB+2"
  • Updated onTokenMove lib token
. . . . Fixes
  • fixed difficult bug: if tokens were copied or the name changed the macro frame needed to be reinitialized manually. If you don't know that and thus not do that, you will get error messages. This is now automated. Note that ALL tokens will be reinitialized the first time you select them with this new version. Apart from a slightly slower switch to token you should not notice much.
  • Implemented extra check to check is BASE map exists.
  • Duplicate token bug, 2nd attempt
  • Removed the red button on start-up
  • When designating a token as 'Horde' it now gets the proper state immediately. (H on token)
. . . . Excel
  • (BTS) Added All DW living errata weapons changes (A LOT)
  • Couple of layout things
  • Updated all the weapon entries where the damage bonus contained a formula.
5.4.1 (22-6-2011) (D,C)
The big one for this release is a HUGE bug fix:
MT creates duplicate tokens, which I accidentally triggered with the 'ask evasion' functionality which I embedded a while ago. This bug can completely haywire the whole framework. I've had two terrible sessions in which I was plagued by this bug. Anyway the fix requires all who login to click on a button. This will run a 'register me' macro that will check for gm's which is necessary for the 'evasion' functionality. I've made the button so that you *have* to click it to go away.
. . . . Changes
  • Hordes now add damage according to their magnitude: 1d10 per 10 points of Magn with a max of 2d10. Rulings (by me as they can't be found in the book): they count for Righteous Fury, the dicetype (d10 or d5) is dependent of the weapon.
  • Big update in the weapons lib. Merged the two weapons macros All and Specific into one macro. Same for the xls sheet. From now on only one copy paste action (per book) is necessary
  • Automated Astartes weapon specialization talent
  • Xls talent changes are implemented
. . . . Fixes
  • Big bug in MT creates duplicate tokens, which I accidently triggered with the 'ask evasion' functionality which I embedded a while ago. This bug can completely haywire the whole framework.
  • Hordes missed some properties which popped up request boxes when attacking
  • Editing Xplosive weapons lead them to become energy damage type weapons
  • It seemed there was a bug in the attack sequence sometimes asking for hordeDam
  • Tearing did not (always) drop the lowest result
  • Upgrading a weapon with cost: "-" could lead to an error when trying to upgrade a weapon.
  • Corrected Asc psy use, rounded fettered (= psyrating/2) up instead of down.
  • Dodge AND 'auto evasion' AND 'Dos by 10 rule setting' combined didn't work (on fail, you still dodged)
. . . . Excel
  • Updated Astartes Specialization Talents
  • Corrected all Talent weapon groups for the different weapons and books, they differ quite a bit
  • Updated RT and DW weapon training talents.
  • Ascended talents txts have been updated
  • Updated the weapons such that now only one column needs to be copied into the FW instead of two

5.2.2 (3-6-2011) (D)
A bit overdue, this is the usual *o sht I forgot* update, but I haven't been behind a pc since the last time (only iphone). What I forgot:
  • the evasion action request update for melee weapons (only debugged ranged)
  • left a debug 'pause' statement in the ranged (evasion action).
If you've already moved onto version 5.3.1 then you only need to save the Dark Heresy token from this one and load it into you existing campaign.
5.2.1 (31-may-2011) (M,D,C)
No real big changes for this one. I guess ironing out the kinks in the 'evasion request' on other pcs is the major update for this one. Next to that most changes are on request of forum users. Oh yes and the pads have been heavily improved. They no longer require you to update any macro, you just have to hit the 'initialize pads' in the campaign panel if you changed/added/removed any. I've also implemented 'transparent roofs'; roofs on buildings become transparent as soon as a token moves onto it.
. . . . Feats
  • Added DW traits (just forgotten all about them)
  • Added RT traits (Soul Bound To The Emporer).
  • Updated RT psy power use to roll for the soul bound trait (Requested by Thrantor)
  • Embeded Rite of Sanctioning in RT/DW Psy use (Requested by Thrantor)
  • Fully automated the teleport pads, traps, pits and wards. Also added 'transparent roofs' When you move over a roof it automatically becomes transparent. On the campaign panel you can find a short manual.
  • Armour now handles the special trait: 'Stacks' . Armour with this trait accumulates on top of other armour in stead of 'highest counts'
  • Deflection Type armours (shields) with the 'Side' trait have now a 50% chance of fail (basically the protected or unprotected side is attacked, which is a 50/50 chance). E.g. Astartes Storm Shield.
. . . . Changes
  • Cleaned up the campaign panel once again.
  • Added plasma grenade (reported by Fondor_Yards)
  • Cosmetics on the Quick and Full Sheets
  • Armour updates (see Excel section) have been uploaded in FW
  • Gear (see xls section) updated in FW
  • Made all the dialog screens broader (talents,skill,weapon,etc)
. . . . Fixes
  • Harlequins kiss, Power Fist fixed (reported by Fondor_Yards)
  • Power fist is updated to use the correct SB (reported by Fondor_Yards)
  • Unfettered was calculated psi/2 round down, while it should be round up (reported by Thrantor)
  • Corrected big error in initiative next (token with no specific owner threw an error)
  • Center on token is now broadcasted to every user if token is set to 'owned by all'
  • The 'Evasion Request' on the token owners' pc had some kinks left. I think I've ironed them out now. Especially the different ownerships were quite a hassle to get them all right.
. . . . Excel
  • Harlequins kiss, Power Fist fixed (reported by Fondor_Yards)
  • Added RoB gear
  • Added Descriptions to ItS gear
  • Added RT subskin armour
  • Updated DW and RT shields with 'Left or Right' trait. This because it only effects one arm.
  • (BS) Power armour has been updated and added (mark 1 to 8). Helms have been separated.
  • A lot of gear description entries have been updated
  • Added telekinetic Weapon (suggested by Thrantor) and Armour (Fondor_Yards) to the RT section. You still need to add them through 'manage my weapons' and wear/unwear them manually. I would suggest that any psyker with those powers have these weapons in their inventory and use/wear them when appropriate.

5.2.1 (18-may-2011) (M,D,P)
A more regular update (in terms of timing):
The big Feats for this release are manual input for dice rolls, this allows players to roll die and then enter them. A setting is added to the settings to override this. And token owners will now receive a dialog asking if you want to dodge or parry in stead of the attacker that previously had to set this for all.

Note that the changes are pretty intrusive and although I've tested it all, but because these changes are effecting game play through a network it was very difficult to do thorough testing. So make sure you dry test first and if you find anything feed me back asap.

. . . .Feats
  • You can now toggle a setting on the tokens to allow for manual input for dice rolls, this allows players to roll die and then enter them. A setting is added to the settings to override this.
  • The token owner will now receive a dialog asking if you want to dodge or parry.
  • Added support for Traps, Pits and Warded Areas.
  • Add sighttype and light to initial pop-up
  • Token that receives initiative is selected and centred upon on the client pc
. . . .Changes
  • Moved used images in the framework into tables for easier (and intermap) access.
  • Added state 'Trapped'
  • I've Set a couple of macros in the campaign panel to 'GM only'
. . . .Fixes
  • The psyker got a regex related error message when trying to use his power while If I tried it I did not get it. After he did get the message though I got it as well
  • The players were able to select enemy tokens which then show their attack panel revealing weaponry and ammo…
  • The 'X' ownership for grenades needed to be set to 'all' or players can't move the token.
  • Reported (Erenthal): tearing adds both d10 instead of just the highest
  • Graphic part of the buttons (gradient) was only shown on 'BASE' map, not on tokens on other maps.
  • When editing chars on a login client you get an error message.'only gm can create duplicate tokens'
  • Token ownership of all grenades must be set to all. Ill upload a new set, but you can also do this yourself
  • Grenades also moved whit DoS!!
  • When dodging an autoburst with multiple DoS (on the dodge test) only the first hit was dodged (should be additional dodge per DoS)
  • States panicked and shocked could not be properly ended
5.0.1 (6-may-2011) (D)
well took me only 1 day to release the next update... two things:
1. fixed a 'bug' where EVERY token you drag onto the map renders a pop-up, very annoying. This won't happen when
a. The macro panel is turned off (closed) you can restart it through the campaign panel
b. When your working in either the Object or Background layer (as it should)
2. I forgot that the trick for old tokens (to update them) is to simply select the token and click 'clear cache' on the campaign panel. This will fix about everything.

New Release 5.0 (5-may-2011) (M,D,C,P)
User who have been around for a bit now, should have become accustomed to the fact that I release a new build approx. every two weeks. The last build I released this time is over a month ago. In this time a huge amount of work has gone into this new version and because of the numerous changes I've decided to dub it version 5.0. I guess the biggest and most obvious change is the vehicles support but there is more. See the change log for this.

I can imagine that reading the whole changelog might be a bit tedious however I would like to draw everyone's attention to the bold marked text entries as the contain important information about upgrading and use.

Like last time, entries marked with (BS) are of the hand of BTS1967

. . . . The big "5.0" things:
  • Vehicles, more about that later
  • all attack macros have been restructured, among which I've eliminated some newly created variable scopes. This means that I had to change some variables that are stored onto the tokens. This again means that the FIRST time (only) you use melee and a ranged weapon you will get a couple of pop-ups asking for a bunch of variables. Just click ok. This will happen with EVERY (existing) token.
    All this will accomplish two things:
    1. the attack macros should be faster (though maybe not noticeable)
    2. this is the ground to allow attacks where the weapon is NOT stored on the (n)pc token. In the case of e.g. vehicles.
  • BTS has done some thorough testing of (mainly) the combat system. Quite a few issues/uncertainties/bugs came to light from that. These have all been fixed, increasing the stability and clarifying the workings quite a bit.
  • Initiative has been restructured, you'll notice some decimals, this is I + Ag/100. This is to take the Ag into account in case two I result in the same value.
  • States have been largely reworked, also see below
  • Weapons are heavily updated, see below for more info.
  • Splashscreen has been updated, usefull info there (changes are denoted with "(v5.0)")!!
. . . . Vehicles
    The 5.0 big one is the full support for vehicles. What has been implemented:
  • Weapon support
  • Armour support
  • combat support
  • critical hits for vehicles.
  • Weapon direction show range support (facing) for all four directions
  • Initiative support for vehicles
  • add/delete weapons to vehicles (BS)
  • Vehicles token support (properties)(BS/W42)
  • Edit vehicle properties support (BS)
  • embarking and disembarking crew and passengers
  • macro access to driver, crew and passengers (to e.g. let a crew member make a normal skill check, or to take damage)
  • driver test
    Next version(s) will contain support for: special qualities of vehicle (e.g. Void Shields), special combat actions (e.g. ramming)
. . . . States
  • Revamped the 'States' macro interface. Much cooler look (borrowed form veggiesama's Shadowrun framework).
  • Reorganized the states in to different groups
  • added 'states' macro to the campaign panel.
  • added new states 'Dodged' and 'Parried
  • When the initiative panel is active the 'dodged' and 'parried' states are set for tokens that did so. With every next round, these state are reset. This way you can keep track of who dodged/parried already that round or not. These state will NOT prevent you from dodging or parrying twice or more in one round, they're pure indicators. The number of times a tokens has dodged or parried will show up in the mouse over stat sheet.
  • Added and implemented Defensive state, attacker can set the option that target is defensive.
  • Added and implemented Guarded state, dodge and parry are auto-adjusted as is the attack
  • Added and implemented All out Attack state, dodge and parry are no longer an option when you are in this state.
  • adjusted some states so only GM and owner can see them.
  • turned the 'knocked down' state pic around.
. . . . Weapons
  • Grenade packages have been updated, some grenades (not DH) had wrong ranges. RoB grenades have been added
  • you can't grapple anymore while holding a 'non-grapple' weapon like e.g. an Axe. This requires Weapons to be updated with the 'Grapple' quality, which means that in order to grapple with an existing token you need to update the tokens weapons!! (Either remove the old and add it again from the updated library or add the 'Grapple' quality through 'edit weapons' yourself.)
  • Redid show range. Macro was hopelessly outdated, didn't show mounted weapons and was slow.
  • Ditto show suppress. Which also showed weapons that did NOT have full autoburst (is fixed)
  • Jammed weapon now has the option to give modifier and to NOT loose the clip. The latter is checked automatically for vehicles weapons.
  • Necrotic quality implemented (shows as text)
  • The added RoB data by BS and Deadmilkman29 in the XLS is checked and implemented in the FW
  • you can now set another default 'Unarmed' weapon, if you're e.g. Unarmed Warrior or wearing gauntlets. You can do this in the 'manage my weapons' macro.
  • all weapon ranges have been cross-checked with possible upgrades, so that 'Show Range' will work for nearly all weapons. Also made use of Alias's trick to store commands into a json object to speed up the switches. (which is necessary cause the light list is HUGE). The ranges have been created up to a normal range of 1000. After that it’s really unusable.
. . . .Other Feats
  • added 'Quadrupped' to traits parser.
  • show suppression range now filters out ranged weapons that have no full auto burst.
  • SummonToken now also contains vehicles and ship entries
  • Druski added more PP from the DotDG, these are now implemented.
  • Deflect shot Talent is implemented in the auto attack sequence.
  • added token image to the macro panels
  • In Edit armour you can now also set different AP per location.
  • Healing function in use with a Horde now actually works for a Horde.
  • added functionality for the XLS so that special qualities of weapon can also be calculated instead of just added e.g. increasing the blast area with 2 in the upgrade is now denoted as "@Blast (+2)" where the "@" denotes that is concerns an calculation and not a simple addition.
  • added size to 'new token' function
  • You can now drop weapons
  • When unarmed you can now attack with both primary and secondary hand
  • pimped the macro buttons of the macro panel.
  • macro panel now always shows the correct macros (so it blanks if a none-(n)pc is selected and it shows the grenade buttons that were previously still on the selection panel. This should render the selection panel completely obsolete (if you're not coding)
. . . .XLS
  • all the RT-ItS grenades had SBx3 instead of SB*3, which was error prone
  • added Slaught Necrotic Scepter
  • BS and Deadmilkman29 added weapons, armour, gear and upgrades from Rites of Battle
  • added shock quality to luminen shock and blast
  • added 'High mode' for plasma weapon to upgrades
  • numerous minor updates
. . . .Changes
  • adjusted the 'bars' so that only GM and owner can see them.
  • the following attack macros have been restructured, to make them faster and to handle weapons on vehicles:
    + CustomMeleeAttack + CustomRangettack + buildFormMeleeAttack + inputRangedAttack + inputMeleeAttack + processRangedAttack + processMeleeAttack + Attack Modifiers + getDamage + getExtraHits + updateAmmo + updateAmmoBars + Ammo + succesfullReload
  • added 'Exotic' to weapon training talents
  • summontoken and getValid token can now use either current map or base map and conditions can be given (like pc or npc).
  • added user key to weapons json object for vehicles, this required an update in 'edit weapons' and 'showpickedweapons'
  • some extra verbosity added after a successful dodge or parry in a melee attack.
  • skills now show the bonus the skill has or the groups taken
  • added 'Class' to 'Manage my Weapons' overview
  • updated the text of quite a few of the attack options, to clarify what's automated and what's not.
  • parser manual has been updated.
. . . .fixes
  • adjusted the 'new token' function (asking for name etc. when you drag a token onto the map). It won't set GM name to '0' anymore
  • cleaned up all lib:tokens and supporting tokens (contained lots of ghost variables from previous tests and builds)
  • Crit hit 6 on head is deadly, but the state was not set
  • macro panel did not always update when you equipped weapon by attacking with it.
  • when using Heal to remove states but not heal, then the wounded states were removed as well, while the token was still wounded.
  • macro panel didn't (always) work for horde
  • hordes couldn't equip a weapon
  • the miscellaneous damage modifier wasn't added for ranged attacks.
  • removed small bug from parser (which is really a pain to debug.)
  • parser now ignores 'none' entries.
  • corrected learning choice in parser (if you left 'add anyway checked' it ignored the learning. Now if you make a choice and set 'learn' then the 'add anyway' is ignored.
  • parsing traits is now done once (in the stat parser) instead of every time, creating really weird characteristic bonuses.
  • settings - house rules: the gain insanity point for every crit. hit wasn't saved in the settings.
  • grenade marker wasn't removed after throwing a grenade
  • Warp quality of a weapon was ignored with auto apply damage
  • sorting error in summonTokens, which could result in strange behavior
  • bug in set char adjustment (asking for 'rounds')
  • parrying without a parrying weapon while being auto-targeted led to an unexpected end of the attack macro.
  • unarmed attack never resulted in a RF (no weapon with a d5 roll did)
  • Overwatch and Bracing state were not removed after dodge or parry.
  • changing weapons while a range aura was on, meant that you couldn't turn it off anymore.
  • you get a warning when using dual shot together with target selection (this cant be automated)
  • Feint now makes fully use of all attack modifiers
  • luminen shock had 1d10+WB, should be 1d10+3
  • A failed luminen shock threw an error
  • tokens that are dragged onto the map with a space " " in there name don't show %20 anymore
  • small bug fixes

4.4.2 (16-mrt-11) (D)
It seems to beget commonplace that I release a tiny update just after a major update. This time I forgot to add 'parry' to the defence options when you 'auto apply damage melee attack'. This has been fixed.
4.4.1 (14-mrt-11) (M,D,C,P)
The two biggies for this release are:
  • The option for a target to dodge before the autodamage is applied. Before this the auto-apply was actually pretty useless. The dodge option is asked for both Ranged and Melee attacks. However if multiple targets are selected during a melee attack (which AFAIK can't be done anyway according to the RAW) then only the first target gets the doddge option.
  • A new pop-up that shows up when you drag a new token onto the map (not a .rptok file, but just an image). Asking for the type of token and populates it stats accordingly. For this to work properly you need to TURN OFF the input screen you usually get when you drag a token onto the map. (there is a checkbox in the corner for that)

. . . .Feats
  • added dodge when auto applying damage for ranged attacks
  • added dodge when auto applying damage for melee attacks
  • A new event is created that will pop-up a input box where you can set the basic properties of the Token (e.g. is it a character, vehicle, ship, etc.).
    This means that you need to turn off the standard pop-up box, if you have not done so already.
    Because of this the 'BASIC' property set is used for the initializing, which means that ALL existing character tokens have the wrong property set.
    IF you make use of the macro button frame, make sure its turned on! If you now select old tokens, their property set is automatically set to the correct set!!.
  • added Crit hit table for vehicles to the tables section of the FW. To use e.g. CH value of 3: [r:table("CHVehicle",3)]
  • added setting: use Deathwatch elements, turn it on will activate Deathwatch specific items like Deeds & Distinctions
  • updated macro panel-management tab to show deeds & distinction button
  • rebuild Quicksheet and Fullsheet to deal with setting (full sheet will show deeds and dist. when setting is turned on) and deeds & dist. (quick sheet will show deeds and distinctions when they have values).
  • added Auto-RF for both attacks. Turning it on means an automatic RF when you roll a 10. Note that when the first time you attack with a token you'll get a pop message for input. This will happen for both attack once and only for old tokens, just ignore it.
  • Adding the entry 'tearing' multiple times to the 'special' part of the weapon, will roll an additional tearing die and drop the lowest. E.g. special: "tearing, tearing, tearing" with a weapon that rolls e.g. 2d10 could roll:1,2,2,5,8 which results in 13 (5+8).
. . . .Changes
  • 'basic' token properties is overhauled, 'character' token properties have been added, same for 'none'
  • added 'Mono' and 'Tyranid' to 'Edit weapon' macros (both compendium and token)
  • melee attack form is cached first before loaded into a form, so a stack overflow is prevented!!
  • made sure that you can't select a Horde token for auto apply damage (as you can't use if for that).
  • rewrote parry attack so you can choose out of unlimited number of mounted weapons (next to what you're carrying in your hands).
  • parry now asks for modifier (if its turned on).
  • update compendium with new weapon settings: infallible for Astartes flamers
  • changed Tyranid weapon (back?) to natural
. . . .XLS
  • added Crit hit for vehicles table
  • Added Infallible to: Astartes Hand Flamer, Astartes Flamer, Astartes Heavy Flamer (BS)
  • changed Tyranid weapon (back?) to natural
. . . .fixes
  • left some debug lines in the last version, these show up in the chat box in some occassion, they have been removed:
    • in the combat macro panel
    • in the edit traits macro
  • DTA setting in campaign macro 'roll stats for new tokens' was wrong.
  • modifiers on/off did not work when you've turned of the buttons onthe selection panel (which is standard by now)
  • weapon update macro showed a clearchache message in the chat.
  • selecting multiple tokens threw an error (in the macro frame).
  • reloading secondary weapon was bugged
  • mounted weapons did not show up on the stat sheet
  • mounted weapons were not added nor deleted from the corresponding property
  • added state, reloading mounted weapon
  • added check to endState to actually reload a mounted weapon after x rounds
  • check added to attack when reloading a mounted weapon
  • added mounted weapon to the reload options in the successfullreload macro
  • 'unarmed' weapons can't be deleted anymore because 1.:it creates errors and 2: you can't delete your arms.
  • when a wpn type cache is empty, other then 'allweapons' the form doesn't show anymore when you tried to add weapons.
  • ascended DTA macro support was gone for unknown reasons.
  • useSkill macro wasn't working properly (had no effect on play)
  • show range, sometimes threw an exception error.
  • remove/delete weapon from token sometimes throws an error
  • Distance penalties for scatter weapons were incorrectly calculated
  • Scatter extra hits were not calculated
  • rewrote all funtion-if statements with an eval statement in them to an roll-option-if statement (which was the reason e.g. range weapon bugged out).
  • Couldn't parry with Tyranid claws (because 'natural' weapon).
  • edit weapons on compendium lib did not show 'special' and 'two handed' current settings
  • hellfire rounds added to a weapon which already had the 'tearing' special resulted in 2 extra die when only 1 was dropped. Now 2 are dropped.
  • multiple selection with a sheet (quick or full) open threw an error to the chat

4.3.1 (26-feb-11) (M,D,C)
The biggie for this release are the mounted weapons, BTS has spend is weekends getting this material from the books into the XLS. A LOT of discussion has passed between the two of us of how to 'fit' these weapons into the DW Framework. I think it came out neatly. These mounted weapons can be mounted 'onto' a character but are mainly meant to be used in combination with vehicles. With the last release the Vehicles properties set was added. BTS will start working on Vehicle combat as soon as he gets the drift of the elusive MT scrip ;-).
Lots ans lots of other works has also be done, but that you can read below.

Please note that from this version on you'll need to download the grenades seperately because the file is growing to big (max size allowed to attach to this post is 4mb)

Credits: (BS) work can be credited to BTS1967

. . . .Feats
  • grenade automation with spot marker: when you throw a grenade you get a marker on you token that you can position. the rest is automated.
  • added new grenades tokens
  • added DW servo arm
  • added mounted weapons to the framework
  • added a timer to the set states macro, a die roll (e.g. 1d10) may be entered as well.
  • added char adjustment for horde SW-->SMagnitude also added W/Magnitude
  • char adjustment now also eats die rolls to set the number or rounds (e.g.: 2d5+2)
  • added a macro where the stats of different types of tokens can be rolled (e.g. Space Marine, Tyranid).
. . . .XLS
  • added 'grenade' to all grenades names.
  • added Vehicle Mounted Weapons from Rights of Battle (DW-RoB) and Into The Storm (RT-ItS) ... highlighted in green with yellow for questionable qualities. (BS)
  • Added Devastating Quality (0 for automated) from Rights of Battle (DW-RoB)
  • highlighted in green. (BS)
  • added servo arm
  • added mounted weapons for vehicles (BS)
  • added astartes primitive melee wpns were changed to mono (BS)
  • added Unarmed Warrior & Unarmed Master (Astartes unarmed attacks) (BS)
  • added chapter runes to ciphers in skills
  • added Based on answers to questions below will need to update Grenade\Launcher Category & Group (BS)
  • added Based on answers to questions below will need to update Grenade\Missile special quality in the special column (BS)
. . . .Changes
  • cleaned up the campaign panel
  • minor changes on the lib:dh make up.
  • added BTS credits to splashscreen and updated title (was about time)
  • added clearCache function, general macro to clear different types of cache
  • added 'Rebuild forms of token' button to campaign panel
  • (re?)added DoS/DoF result for melee attacks
  • changed grenade names so they work with the new function
  • updated Astartes Upgrades to 'Astartes' or '(Ast)' upgrades, so you can differentiate.
  • updated A LOT of Astartes and RT weaponry, mostly names but also special and other properties
. . . .fixes
  • astartes melee wpns were set to primitive while they shouldn't
  • added chapter runes to ciphers in skills
  • done a rigorous rewrite and check of all cache clears. This should solve a lot if not all form updates after a change.
  • force weapons broke the full character sheet
  • psyker divination emperor's tarot broke full character sheet
  • equiping a mounted weapon threw an error
  • Astartes krak grenade had wrong dam. bonus value
4.2.2 (15-feb-11) (D,Added Grenade Tokens)
. . . . Fixes:
  • Updated splashscreen, part of the grenades, explaining that the grenade must exist to be summoned.
  • 'Added' Astartes Grenades. If someone has some nice Grenade pics for these, pls upload them here and I'll change them.
4.2.1 (14-feb-11) (M,D,C,P)
There have been quite some bug reports, I think I've removed them all, its fairly possible though that in the process I've created new ones. Notably on suggestion of an cooperation with BTS I've added functionality to limit the output to chat so stats of NPC are NOT shown to PC, same with inflicting damage either automatically or manually, only the GM and the token Owner(s) will see the chat output. This can be turned OFF in the settings!! Testing is needed!
. . . . Feats:
  • added optional setting to limit the output to chat of NPC info to players. So the WS, S, T and W stats of NPC's are not ported to the players chat window. Also applied damage is ONLY ported to the OWNERS of the token. This does not completely work well yet, but its a start. Thnx BTS for the input.
  • implemented the 'infallible' quality (can't jam)
  • added copy props macro to campaign panel, with this you can copy properties (like skill, talents, etc.) from one token onto another. Based on Druski's code.
  • BTS added 'vehicles' settings. More code along that line can be expected.
. . . . Changes
  • updated splashscreen explaining auto apply damage.
. . . . XLS
  • Added 'Infallible' quality to Astartes Flamer.
. . . . Fixes:
  • cones were changed into circles due to an error in MT, this has been fixed (thnx player of BTS).
  • flamer: asked for resulttext
  • flamer: showed DoS while no roll is required
  • flamer: consumed 2 ammo per attack
  • flamer: astartes: added the 'infallible' quality.
  • grenades: grenades were summoned to the wrong coordinates (yes they were summoned to the map!!)
  • grenades: target selection is disables for grenades.
  • 'horde' value showed up at hover sheet, this is just an initializing value, has been fixed.
  • ammo counter now also updates when targets are selected (that was pretty difficult).
4.1.1 (26-jan-11) (M,D,C,P)
The biggie for this build is support for Deathwatch Hordes. The howto you can find in the 'annoying' splashscreen. The other notable thing is the added material from the Heresy Begets Retribution supplement.
. . . . Feats
  • Horde Support
  • updated 'edit characteristics' to handle Hordes
  • updated 'Damage' to handle hordes
  • updated 'Splash screen' with basic info on Ships and Hordes
  • embedded Astartes Weapon Training talent.
  • added material from 'Heresy Begets Retribution' supplement (Weapons, Armour, Talent, Gear, Traits)
. . . . XLS
  • added material from 'Heresy Begets Retribution' supplement (Weapons, Armour, Talent, Qualities, Gear, Traits)
. . . . Fixes
  • The Ordo Malleus char. generator sometimes had "." inside the text that broke the parser. Restructured this part. The parser now completely relies on the entry names (e.g. "Talents", "Skills", etc.)
  • the skill parser sometimes added a bonus to the wrong group-skill.
  • removed 'copy' macros from the campaign panel. Left it last time unintentionally. Will see whether I can find a more streamlined support.
4.0.0 (11-jan-11) (D,H)
The biggie of this release: The excel sheet and the Framework now contains ALL FW-related material released in ALL the Official W40K books (Weapons, Armour, Gear etc.)
. . . . Feats
  • embedded DW psy powers into Framework
  • updated settings accordingly.
  • embedded material from RT - Into the storm:
    • Weapons
    • Armour
    • Upgrades
    • Gear
  • embedded 'Free' as option into reload times in edit weapons in compendium
  • embedded 'Free' as option into reload times in edit weapons in token
  • updated all 'infinite ammo' with free reload time
  • embedded armour listing into quicksheet (3rd tab)
  • automated Force quality into attack macro.
  • added pop-up for settings when it takes a long time to process.
. . . . Excel
  • added DW powers to xls
  • updated 'clip' of some (mainly DW) weapons in excel sheet.
  • updated 'source' of all DH related sources (added 'DH-')
  • added material from RT- Into the storm:
    • Weapons
    • Armour
    • Upgrades
    • Gear
  • updated all 'infinite ammo' with free reload time
  • added data from Heresy Begets Retribution: Armour, Gear, Traits, Weapons, Quality and Talent.
. . . . Fix
  • +10 las setting was applied to all weapons
  • full and quick sheet weren't updated when gear was added
  • macro frame was not updated when changing DTA armour
  • updated ontokenmove lib with lated version.
  • The reload option in the ranged attack panel is now disabled if you have no ammo (previously you could reload your weapon before your clip was empty without any extra clips).
3.12.1 (24-dec-10) (D)
  • added 'Universal' weapon training check to the modifiers (this means that setting training to universal will give no penalties for that type of weapon except primitive)
  • RT talents melee weapon training had the wrong groups
  • Updated excel file accordingly
3.11.2 (23-dec-10) (D)
and sometimes they're small...
  • Bugfix: cover threw an error when it's value went to 0
3.11.1 (20-dec-10) (M,D,C,P)
Note with this build that some houserules have been added and they are partially turned on. go to the settings (splashscreen or campaign panel) to turn them off!!
. . . . feats
  • The big one for this build: added support for Rogue Trader psychic power use. This can be set individually on a token through the 'Edit Characteristics' macro.
  • DW and RT skills added to FW. Only extra skill is 'Tactics' (DW). The groups of the skills differ a lot from the DH groups, so when adding DW skills (in the settings) these groups are merged with the DH groups.
  • added Ascended powers to the compendium
  • added Ascended powers to the settings
  • upgraded Use Psychic Power with (Un)Fettered and Push levels.
  • added Rogue Trader powers to the compendium
  • added tau and tyranid weapons
  • added RT and DW skills to compendium
  • added more Asc talents
  • updated RT talents
  • added DW talents
  • full char sheet is now also cached (faster to load)
  • system now checks whether the forcefields uses the DH ruleset or the Ascension/RT/DW ruleset and roll accordingly!!
  • added new balancing house rule: Auto burst: Full: Remove +20, Semi: 1 hit / DoS:
  • added houserule: cover points are deducted at floor(Damage/AP), so if the damage is double the AP
  • cover, 2 points are deducted of the cover
  • added Deadly Snare quality (text to chat only).
  • added Living Ammunition quality (automation support).
. . . . fixes
  • it seems that the 'add traits' in the settings was more persistent then I thought. This still went wrong. Fixed it again.
  • I discovered a tiny bug whith HUGE consequences, it seems that the psychic phenomena result ALWAYS resulted in perils of the warp. So my sincere apologies for the psykers who suffered the consequences...
  • campaign macros --> use macro frame (all black text)
  • caching for mounted weapons went sometimes wrong (when picking a weapon)
  • upgrade weapon was broken
  • damage modifier on edit weapon on token was always 0
  • some melee/thrown weapons could not be thrown
  • reloading state was sometimes set while token was not on the init panel
  • weapon jam now occurs on 94+ when semi or full auto
  • firing twin linked weapons didn't get a +20 BS
  • weapon source wasn't shown in the tooltip on the full char sheet
  • fixed bug in fatepoint
. . . . Excelsheet
  • updated xls sheet in general for better overview
  • DW skills have been added to xls (thnx apletto)
  • added Tau wpn to xls (thnx Apletto)
  • added Tyranids wpn to xls (thnx Apletto)
  • added Tyranids wpn quals to xls (thnx Apletto)
  • added DW Talents to xls (thnx Apletto)
  • Updated RT Talents in XLS
  • Updated Asc Talents in XLS
  • Updated Asc Traits in XLS
  • Updated RT Psy power in xls
  • added Space Marine training package to xls (thnx Apletto)
3.10.2 (14-dec-10) (excel sheet only)
-updated excelsheet thoroughly. Will report changes in FW next build.
3.10.1 (8-dec-10) (M,D,C,P)
The big one for this one is the addition of the Deathwatch material with some basic support for that system.
. . . . Feats
  • combat sense and combat formation (RT/Asc) talents are embedded.
  • auto stabilised trait added
  • blessed ignorance trait added
  • Added Deathwatch Armour (thnx Apletto)
  • Added Deathwatch Weapons (thnx Apletto)
  • Added Deathwatch Upgrades (thnx Apletto)
  • Added Deathwatch Gear (thnx Apletto)
  • implemented new class 'mounted' weapons. Note that this is a rather invasive action that effects the whole Framework, so unless I was thorough enough, (numerous) bugs might be expected from this action!!
  • added functionality for 'mounted' weapons. They are colored blue on the macro panel and do not need to be equipped. I've added this functionality for melee weapons as well, even though I don't see it happen. This was you can 'equip' an infinite amount of weapons.
    To create a 'mounted' weapon, edit it ON THE TOKEN, via management-->manage my weapons-->edit weapons. Set Class to 'Mounted'. Currently there are 2 Astartes weapons in the lib with the mounted class.
  • Added qualtity: Gyro-Stabilised (embedded in FW)
  • Added qualtity: Razor Sharp (embedded in FW)
  • Added qualtity: Volatile (embedded in FW)
  • Added qualtity: Concussive (notification in chatbox when used)
  • Added qualtity: Felling (notification in chatbox when used)
  • Added qualtity: Haywire (notification in chatbox when used)
  • Added Talents from Radical's handbook and DODG (thnx Druski)
. . . . Changes
  • accuracy quality also gives +1d10 damage per 2DoS with max 2d10. Upto now had only implemented the +10BS
  • added tearing quality to hot-shot ammo/charge
  • added small description for helpless and stunned states.
  • made sure that state description are ported to chat
  • removed "special" damage dice type from grenades and changed it into 0. This migth throw some errors with tokens previously equipped by e.g. Hallucinogen, stun, terrorfex grenade.
  • Excel sheet has been updated by Apletto (adding DW material), Druski (Updating Ascension Material), Me (Minor stuff)
. . . . Fixes
  • In compendium, the edit functions duplicated the item when the name was edited
  • In compendium, edit armour had a bug
  • In settings, when adding traits or powers the cache was build faulty (with skills).
  • If a weapon has multiple qualities only one made it to the description.
  • special qualities were not shown in the chat in case of grenades
  • reload sometimes generated errors
3.9.2-beta (4-dec-10) (C,D,M,P)
Still in beta fase but fixed bug reported by Kukako: after adding traits (and powers) through the settings, these two didn't function correctly anymore in the management tab.
3.9.1-beta (1-dec-10) (C,D,M,P)
Fot those who can't wait to start shooting with Astartes weaponry, here a beta release with the DW-equipment in it. There are some other changes as well, but I'll reveal those whith an official release.
3.8.2/3.8.3 (1-dec-10) (excel only)
I've started implementing the Astartes equipment and encountered numerous 'bugs' in the excel sheet. So it took me a couple of hours to remove these. Attached is an updated xls file with which should actually work.
3.8.2 (30-nov-10) (excel only)
New version of the excel sheet with ALL Deatchwatch equipment. Apletto has done a tremendous job by typing all these entries into the excelsheet by hand. On the top of my prio list is implementing these into the framework, however due to my insane schedule lately I don't see when I have the time to actually do that. So in the mean time I'll just update the attached excelsheet with the one from Apletto. If you want to embed these by hand please see the 'excel' button in the OP
3.8.2 (26-okt-10) (M, D, C, P)
Save the ton of extras, the big hit for this release is actually outside of MT: Thomas' Dark Heresy Character Generator (which is a brilliant and beautifull CG) is now provided with an export for MT. This means that you can build character at his site and import them into the framework. I've had several e-mails conversations with him to get the output matching the framework (which conveniantly is the same format used by FFG in their books). Edit: Psychic Powers now also work. The link: http://www.malleus.dk/Ordo/NpcGenerator/Default.aspx

So how to get this working?
1. fire up MT
2. drag a fresh token to the map and select it
3. click "Token Props Parser - Txt Box" on the campaign panel
4. click the "Online Dark Heresy Character Generator" link in the frame
5. create a character (register/login & figure out how it works)
6. On the main page of the character there is a button at the top: "Export to text" click it
7. copy all the text
8. paste the text into the text box in MT
9. click "save"
10. Very likely you'll get a couple of questions, just answer them
Done. You now have an (N)PC.

Weapons on token from earlier versions will NOT work in this version or later. To upgrade them run the following per token: [r:Weapons = replace(Weapons,"Bonus","WpnAttMod")] (just select the token and paste this in the chat box OR create a campaign macro with this line in it and make sure 'apply to selected token' is checked!!
. . . . feats
  • embedded Storm quality
  • FDH is now linked with the Dark Heresy Character Generator
  • added twin-linked quality as an upgrade
  • finally got missile and grenade launchers talking. To use them, equip them and then upgrade them with the right ammo.
  • added 12 new grenades
  • added summonToken function in campaign panel to 'summon' tokens, grenades and special tokens from base map
  • added Check Availability test to the campaign macros, with output only to GM
  • added statistics for Rogue Trader Ships and one ship
. . . . changes
  • This is a clean-up version, meaning I've saved everything from the FW, created a clean campaign file and loaded everything again. This means there is an Extended Update Package available.
  • set skill adj can now handle multipliers (e.g. *2). For this it takes the current skill level (so half Stat for unskilled)
  • smaller font for quicksheet
  • because of the launcher the whole Upgrade function had to be rewritten and with that a part of the Weapons identifiers, which means that old weapons are incompatible with this and future versions.
  • colored all grenade ranges with the same color (orange)
  • opacity of death token is less.
  • psychic phenomena will now ask for input so players can roll themselves
  • updated in game panel in campaign
  • the talent list now shows the chosen groups in stead of 'yes' in case of group talents
  • talents with groups in the quicksheet, will be blue and have 'hover message' with the groups
  • traits in the quick sheet now also show the group.
. . . . fixes
  • forgot to 'set' AscTraits in compendium, threw an error message in settings
  • "( )" in ranged weapons will throw an error. Removed those from the names
  • 'second' weapon won't be deleted when upgraded
  • explosive mishap with grenades was bust
  • reload through the attack panel didn't work
  • inferno grenade was bust
  • defensive melee attacks didn't work (disengage, manouvre, def stance)
  • when using parser icw macro frame, weapons weren't added anymore
  • error in traits parser, kept sprouting error messages that did nothing
. . . . Added lib:Scatter to framework after updating it
updates log for lib scatter:
  • distance is now in gridsize
  • added rotation: none option
  • added sizeRange option: 0 = medium, 1 =
  • removed couple of bugs (which apparently appear in b?? and later) all concerning using token(obj): option, in stead of function(parameters, obj)
The REALLY old part is further down the posts...


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That's awesome work !

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3.7.1 (20-okt-10) (D, C)
. . . . Feats

* Added TRAITS PARSER. A rather common request, so I did the implementation for the unnatural traits. Since this requires the field 'parsed' which didn't exist before, all tokens containing traits from before this update will be error prone when using this parser
* embedded the traitsparser in the trait selection (so its done automatically)
* embedded the traitsparser in the text2token 'parser'(so its done automatically)
* added Ascended traits to excel sheet
* added Ascended traits to Compendium
* added Ascended traits to settings

. . . . Changes

* The trait list now shows the groups instead of 'yes' if appropriate
* updated splash

. . . . Fixes

* traits parser on 'quadrupped' contained an error
* 'set', 'chk' and 'end' tmpStat didn't work correctly with bonus stats

3.6.1 (19-okt-10) (D, C, P)
. . . .Features

* lots of stuff (wpns, upgrades, skills, talents) were added to the xls sheet by me, paoloz and goody
* a lot of that (but not yet all) was added to the framework and is accessible through the settings. Note that NONE of the added items are automated in the Framework.
* gear now shows source and page.
* added an extra map (the teaser) with some ships. More RT functionality can be expected in the future

. . . . Changes

* Added tabs to the settings with add-ons (Compendium tab) for the extra stuff
* 'availabilities' are extended for Ascension and RT
* compendium token is heavily changed, updated and upgraded
* quicksheets tabs have been updated with the same style as the macro frame tabs

. . . . Fixes

* Modifier house rule setting options 2 and 3 were swapped

3.5.2 (14-okt-10) (D)
updated splashscreen with FAQ
3.5.1 (14-okt-10) (D,M,P)
I haven't yet added the new stuff from the excel sheet, I'll wait with that until all changes have been made to wpns, armour, upgrades, gear and traits.
. . . . feats

* added initiative state (shows as 4 green arrows on token, thnx Rumble!)
* option added to the initiative reset to remove all running timers: recharge, tmpStats, tmpStates and reloading
* "reloading state" and "weapon is recharging" will only be set if token is in the initiative panel

. . . . updates

* made the 'next' button for initiative a LOT more efficient, so it now works near instantaneously, unless you have a lot of tmpstates or stats turned on. Need to check though if the rounds for tmp states and tmp stats still count correctly: e.g. stunned for 2 rounds or WS -10 for 4 rounds.
* updated splashscreen with the 'reloading' an 'recharging' changes
* updated the colors of the macro frame 'tabs' to make them look more like tabs.

. . . . fixes

* weapon upgrades didnt show up in the macro button frame
* in edit weapon, the clipsize and current ammo variables were switched

3.4.3 (12-okt-10) (D)

* When a token was only equipped with a 2-handed ranged weapon, it didn't show up in the Ranged Weapons on the frame.

3.4.2 (11-okt-10) (D,P)
Some fixes and updates:

* fixed problem with frame that the 'connection' to the selected token was lost
* there was some debug messages left in the traits
* gear and armour had the wrong cache variables, if you would update the library it wouldn't work
* weapons checked the wrong variable to update the cache (if you would update the cache...)
* cleaned up output to chat, in melee weapon attack and equipweapon
* modifiers on/of now change on the frame correctly`
* turning on/off a deflector shield will now show in the macro frame

3.4.1 (6-okt-10) (D)
And another big release...
. . . Additions

* The big one for this release: I've succeeded in caching the html for the talents, skills, weapons, powers, traits, armour and gear AND keeping it personalized for every token. This means that (after caching them once and again after updates) they will all load in < 1 second in stead of... 10+ seconds). Note that this means that the lib:Compendium MUST be upgraded!! For me this goes down in my personal Hall of Cewl feats :D
* quicksheet : when updating skills, talents, traits, powers the quicksheet is only refreshed if its active (so it won't pop-up anymore if its not already open)
* quicksheet will now also update if characteristics are updated
* quicksheet will switch to the page that has been updated (which in case of skills and characteristics means the first page).
* quicksheet: enables chaching (very fast load times now).
* add 'All Weapons' to the equip weapons drop-down. (Without the cache this would take about 30s to build)

. . . . Updates

* selected gear now shows up checked in stead of 'yes'
* same for armour
* removed old routines

. . . . fixes

* traits got lost...again... no clue what happened. Fixed it again.
* equip weapon on quicksheet didn't work
* the 'atest' weapon was lingering in the library

3.3.1 (5-okt-10) (D)
New feats bring new issues, some more fixes
. . . . Fixes

* you couldn't add any weapons to token through the new Macro Frame
* knifes only showed up in the melee panel (and not in the ranged panel as well)
* 2 handed weapons weren't large buttons

3.3.0 (4-okt-10 later) (M,D,C,P)
. . . . Addition

* cached the html build of the tokens. This speeds up things considerably. It now is about as speedy as the select panel.

3.2.1 (4-okt-10) (M,D,C,P)(MT 75)
And another big build!
. . . . Additions

* I've found out that macros on a token have a HUGE impact on the move time of a token, so I reconstructed the macro panel in a frame. There is a setting where you can choose to make use of either the macro frame panel or token macros. The trade-off is that the selection of a token will take about 1 second to create the panel, versus instant with token macros OR moving 5 tokens takes about 5 seconds with the token macros versus near instant with the frame. I'll try to keep them both alive, though my focus will lie on the frame. Screenshot:
Macro Frame.jpg
* added 'Use Macro Frame'macro to campaign panel to toggle automatical macro adding to new tokens (its unfortunately not possible to automatically create token on the campaign panel so the ON/OFF trick on the button itself won't happen). This does exactly the same thing as turning it on/off in the settings
* added FW version number to token properties. Will be set to FW version when token is created or when the macro are updated through the campaign macor
* druski has updated the compendium with mono sword and knife, talents from the Inquisitors Handbook, Radicals Handbook and Disciples of the Dark Gods and a Trait from Creatures Anathema
* added CIF's quickbutton token selection lib (with some minor mods). You can set groups of tokens with CTRL+F2 (3,4,5 and 6) and retrieve the groups with F2 (3,4,5 and 6). You can also open the manager which will pop-up a frame where you can do the same only then unlimited.
* added functionality for teleports, interteleports (between maps) and 'warded' space. The teleports can be copy pasted on the map, just make sure that their numbering is consecutively. When added, set the number of teleports in the corresponding map macro on the 'lib:Token Move'. Interteleports work the same just create an exact copy of one (so same name and number) on another map, set the map name of the OTHER interteleport in the property 'pairedMap'. Instructions on how to set the lib:Token Move, can be found on the lib-token itself.

. . . . Updates

* added some examples to edit bonus characteristics
* cleaned up the properties of all the BASE tokens.
* Gave all lib:tokens a new look.
* some cosmetics on the quick sheets
* merged frame call and html build for full sheet and the quick sheet into one macro.
* updated splashscreen with info about the Macro Frame

. . . . Fixes

* critical hits didn't work if the lib:compendium was not on the same map.
* knife macro button wasn't properly removed when updated
* adding weapon through parser created old version macro buttons
* a lot of verbosity in parser process was hidden
* set light source showed code in the verbosity
* Druski's bug 5: setDeath with multiple selected tokens threw an error
* if a weapon macro was not created, the quicksheet version didn't work

3.1.3 (23-sep-10) (D)(MT 70)
A bugfix build. Thnx Druski, for the bug report look here
. . . . Fixes

* when deleting an euipped weapon, you are set to unarmed (so you don't get an error anymore when you equip something else) (request Druski)
* Druski's bug 1: restoring fatigue ended up in an error
* Druski's bug 2: when shooting on a target that has a space in its name e.g. 'Nihilus Faine', the system chokes. Had to rewrite the whole bloody hit distribution macro for that :(
* Druski's bug 3: if you use full autoburst and you almost run out of bullets (say you have less rounds available than the full burst). Then that option is removed from the input window. However the former choice is saved and will be set to full burst (which doesn't exist) If pay attention to this you will see that no action is chosen. If you hit enter after that you will be asked to input the action, which quite likely ends up in an error. So if no action is chosen, it is set to 'standard'.
* Druski's bug 4: if you do not use 'update macros' on new tokens this stuff can happen. In other words, not a bug.
* Druski's bug 5: can't reproduce!!
* Druski's bug 6: set skill adjustment didn't work on any token but Nihilus Faine, because the standard property was set to [] and should be {}.
* ranged attack: DoS was shown on a miss (in stead of DoF).
* with only one hit and multiple selection, the hit was applied to all selected (in stead of asking who gets the hit)
* with auto hit apply the death of a target was ignored

. . . . updates

* made the token image in the sheets a bit larger
* changed color of psychic attack button

3.1.2 (22-sep-10 later) (D)
With debugging I sometimes accidentally leave debug stuff behind. As was the case with psychich powers, where I was testing the psychich phenomena. Which meant I coded it in such a way that a nine was always rolled. (thnx Druski for spotting). This has been fixed.
3.1.1 (21-sep-10 later) (D)
. . . . Features

* added functionality to add bonusses to skills and keep track of them (e.g. for the use of gear). These DO NOT appear on the full or quick sheet, because they slow stuff down. They are just taken into account when using a skill.

. . . . updates

* added explanation of modifier button to splashscreen
* reshuffled the macro buttons a bit in the manage character part. Also added some color codes for better differentiation.

. . . . Fixes:

* tiny make-up on skill roll
* fixed 'bug' in psychic attack

3.0.1 (21-sep-10 ) (D)
Something went wrong with v3.0: I accidentally used the 'update macros' macro on the lib:dh token, which was semi-disastrous. Fortunately there was no damage, save the fact that some token macros didn't work anymore. This has been fixed. If you have already started using the FW just save the lib:DH token from this version and drag it into your campaign file.
3.0 (20-sep-10 ) (M,D,C,P)
. . . . The major stuff

* Alle tests are color coded and in a table in the chat window. Different aspects of the check are seperated in the table. The color codes are also used for the macro buttons. Feedback on this is welcome
* All checks are now provided with a tooltip showing the modifiers (specifics below)
* a lot of bug checking in the macros (again specifics below)
* added setting to choose DoS to be based on the decimal part of the d100 or on the difference/10
* added 'modifiers are ON/OFF macro. When turned off you will not be asked for 'modifier' input when using the quicksheet
* lots of updates on the quicksheet
* Automated a couple of traits
* Added the Roque Trader Talents to this Framework. Though they're not activated, see explanation below
* Added (real) hide to campaign panel, this will make npc or objects invisible for players.
* Added search and spot check macros to campaign panel for an pc passively (opposed awareness check -30) or actively (opposed search check) find an hidden object or npc

Rogue Trader Talents
To add the Rogue Trader Talents:
1. click on the lib:compendium token
2. click on the 'Add RT Talents to lib' macro. And your done. You can reverse this by clicking on the 'Build Talent lib' macro also on the lib:compendium, in which case the whole lib will be rebuild.

. . . . Updates

* fine-tuned the quick sheet (buttons in the top)
* when updating talents or skills the quick sheet pops up in stead of the character sheet
* moved fear check macro from campaign to token panel
* completely rewrote useskill macro
* update on parry macro
* update on psy power macro
* update on test vs char macro
* update on fear macro
* update on useTalent

. . . . Traits

* automated Charmed trait
* automated Iron Stomach trait
* automated Imperial conditioning trait

. . . . Tooltips

* rewritten globalpenalty with tooltip functionality
* for that newstate, endstate and chkstate are rewritten and updated
* adjusted following macros for globalpenaltyStr: useSkill, parry, fear, test vs char, chkHealth, attackModifiers, useTalent
* added tooltip to use skill
* added tooltip to pinning
* added tooltip to parry
* added tooltip to fear check
* added tooltip to psychic attack
* added tooltip to roll vs characteristic
* added tooltip to useTalent

. . . . Decimal DoS setting

* The following macros are updated with this function:
* useskill
* parry
* fear
* test vs char
* use talent
* process ranged attack

. . . . Fixes

* parry was broken
* overbleed for psy powers didnt work
* attack result table for melee attack was disaligned
* ranged attack sometimes selects attacker as target
* removed leftover debug interface from skills
* Master Chirurgon talent bonus to skill was no longer added to skill roll
* multiple selection with quick sheet gave an error
* when pinned, the WP penalties/bonusses were incorrectly assigned
* fear penalty on fear rating was calculated wrong
* psy power: psychic phenomena roll were not automated, they are now.
* process ranged attack used wrong rule to calculate DoS
* defensive stance, manoeuvre and disengage, made use of assertions, which never show up in the chat window (for others)
* long attack texts for melee attacks are now no longer in the header.
* advanced skills with groups didn't show up correctly in the quicksheet and their links didn't work
* auto proces damage with ranged hit, took the damage of the previous hit, not the current hit

2.3.6 (15-sep-10 ) (D)
Added automation of suppressing fire. Works the same as auto burst except the hits are randomly distributed over the selected targets. The 'pinning' check still needs to be done 'manually' (as you need to do that at the START of you turn). The 'less chance to be hit when prone or knocked-down', according to my pinning house-rule is taken into account with the distribution.
Other additions:

* added quick sheet in campaign macros. This quick sheet has an onChangeSelection build in so represents the selected token. To keep it fast there are not tooltips build in.
* stats (WS,BS, etc.) are now clickable on both the general and quick sheet


* some descriptions in the gear list were disaligned.
* Fixed the excel sheet for this as well.

forget the line that once was here
2.3.5 (14-sep-10 ) (D)

* The multiple target selection now actually has a function, you can distribute multiple hit (semi/full autoburst) over the selected targets. In theory (my head) this looked like quite a simple function, in reality it was a monster... but I've got it tamed... I think.
* did a full clean up for left and right limbs, this might bring some bugs with it, but should simplify and prevent bugs in the future. How it now works, is that the whole system relies on four body parts, head, body, arms, legs (which conveniently all 4 have 4 letters). ONLY with a critical hit an extra check is made in case of the 4 limbs to see whether its left or right.

2.3.4 (13-sep-10 ) (D,M)

* forgot to initialize autoDamageTxt, which gave errors in some cases
* added "sort tables on token" macro to the campaign panel: this function sorts Weapons, talents, skills, etc. on the token. This is too time consuming to do every-time you edit a token, so when your done updating a token, select this token and click the button.
* cleaned up the campaign panel
* added 'settings' button the the splash screen.
* 'update macros' on the campaign panel now also resets the 'lastAttack...' saved properties. This will prevent all kinds of error messages pop up while MT is trying to load a last saved attack from before the update.
* when selecting targets on input screen, the targets images are show on the input screen, see screenshot

2.3.3 (9-sep-10 ) (D)
Another tiny update on request:

* auto apply damage to chat table was incorrectly aligned
* on request of Paoloz, crits now say: (e.g.)"Critical Impact Hit on Left Arm: "

2.3.2 (8-sep-10 later) (D)
Updated the chat output, made the lot more subtle
2.3.1 (8-sep-10) (D,M,P,C)
. . . . changes additons

* added AFK to campaign macros
* cleaned up damage text output
* formatted damage text and heal text
* criticals and mental traumas are not set in a table so they stand out from the text

. . . . fixed

* bug in damagelocation with multiple hits and critical hit
* critical hits didn't always come through. Updated xls and the lib

2.3 (7 sep 10 later)(D, info-image)
I'm on a roll with another big add-on: auto apply damage (finally Druski gets what he wanted). After you hit the attack macro (and before you click 'Attack') you can select one or more target to which the damage is applied. No state checking takes place, so you still have to set that correctly. It also won't work with a dual attack. I've put an info image on the attack input screen. Hover over it for a tooltip.
2.2.2 (7 sep 10 )(D)
a couple of fixes:

* weapons links in character sheet didn't work anymore (due to the counters)
* upgrade weapon and then shoot with it gives one time error 'clipsize'
* the macros of deleted weapons are now removed as well
* knife jammed
* ALL forms have been updated, that is melee, ranged-attack, talents, skills, traits, psychic, manage my weapons, -armour, show weapons, -armour. So they now show the token in the chat window after the action instead of the username.

2.2.1 (5 sep 10 a few hours later)(D)

* upgrade set two handed weapons to single handed
* upgrade did not update macro panel of token

not yet fixed

* weapons links in character sheet don't work anymore (due to the counters)

2.2 (5 sep 10)(D,C,P,M)
Another big one!
This time I've completely reworked the attack macros. Both the ranged and melee attacks are fully changed and so is the code behind it. Apart from the fact that it all looks better and is more UF, the bonusses and penalties that are given now correspond fully with your talents or situation. The only thing it does not do is take into account the state YOU are in. E.g. if your prone and shooting you get a -10 penalty. This is however still handled after.
The big drawback is that the stack needs to be raised to 5 or it won't run :-(. It actually needs 6 for melee, but I've removed all comment and that made workable with 5. Should you happen to get a stack overflow error nonetheless, raise the stack to 6.

. . . . Other additions:

* added 'auto' to traits list, so you can see which are automated in the system and which aint
* added traits to character sheet
* added delete traits button to traits.
* embedded wary trait in roll initiative(more will follow)
* add overwatch to ranged attacks--> same as suppress, takes full round to establish.
* added suppressing houserule to the campaign panel

. . . . Updates:

* splashscreen has been completely rewritten and extended
* check semi and full burst if enought bullets left, else don't show them as options in the attack window
* attack modifiers are now for 80% handled in the input screen and 20% in the attackmod macro
* updated excelsheet with 'embedded' column for traits

. . . . Fixes:

* fixed small bug in critical hit tables (concerning armour)
* take damage continued after death (which, in combination with the critical bounce rule, means that a character can actually rise from the dead with the next blow!
* very big bug in Damagehandler --> all the strformat uses were wrong. I'm quite amazed that no one has reported it so far.
* did another check on <!--comments--> found quite a few 'errors' did a HUGE search and replace so it's again possible that this will result in some error messages, let me know if you find any
* updated ammo macro, the macro buttons are also updated if not chosen for a reload but just adding clips.

2.1.3 (23 aug 10)(D)

* added 'delete gear' to the show gear button (on request of Vartan), changed name of button as well
* updated initiate with new button name
* 'manage my weapons' shows more info (clip and att bonus)
* upgrade weapon now actually upgrades two handed changes
* other small bugs in upgrade weapon removed

2.1.2 (19 aug 10)(D)

* fixed 'multiple take damage' bug where only the first entry was taken (thnx Paoloz))
* fixed melee attack on left or right arm or leg, was not processed correctly in take damage (thnx Paoloz)

2.1.1 (18 aug 10, a bit later)(D)

* Thnx to Paoloz fixed an (for me) invisible bug, text output of the chkHealth function didn't work anymore.
* Also updated the splashscreen with the latest developments

2.1 (18 aug 10)(M,D,P)
New build and its BIG (well at least on the back end, but noticeable on the front end
I've completely redesigned the attack macro panels and recoded most of its backbone. This was a really really really tough cookie to eat. Still, fun nonetheless.
Basically what it now does is:

* When you add a new weapon to a token, the macro is automatically added and loaded the latter can be turned of in the settings. The buttons will be colored gray to indicate that they're not equipped
* On the weapons macro name two counters have been added, the number of rounds left and the number of clips left. Both can be turned of in the settings as they will slow use a bit and make the panel a bit cluttery. Note that if you have used it and you turn both counters of you have to manually remove all the counters from the macro buttons
* When equipping weapons they will be color coded, green is your primary weapon, red the off-hand and orange is a two handed weapon. The equipped weapons will also be moved to the front
* Next to that the size of all two handed weapons is doubled to signify this and they are sorted to the back.
* Finally: weapons that can be used both for melee and ranged attack are now submitted to both panels and are simultaneously equipped when one is equipped (because when you equip a knife as a melee weapon, you can also throw it).

I've tested these new additions thoroughly (and it was necessary) still its quite possible that stuff goes boom. When you report this, please give EXACT examples--> which weapon, what settings, amount of ammo/clips equipped or not etc. As usual give a step by step example.
Here a couple of example screenshots:

. . . . Other additions:

* on request: added sudden death rule for NPC's. This can be turned on/off in the settings.
* added set resulting wounds to -1 after PCs are critically hit houserule to the settings
* added option to cover to set it as 'primitive'
* Rosarius generates photonflash when absorbing 12p of dmamage
* Setting added for multiple 'take damage' handling, to show only the text result of the last attack and any abnormalities like fatigue, insanity or critical hits (to prevent stack overflow and make it faster).

. . . . Fixes:

* cover images don't show anymore on the charsheet in states
* changed 'condition' property (token states on the pop-up sheet) so its (Way) faster (and the comma at the end is ditched)
* multiple damage now correctly checks for cover every time damage is applied
* field generator is turned off when its overloaded (after absorbing damage)
* use last attack result in 'take damage' is turned of for suppressing fire, as its usually multiple hits spread over random targets
* use last attack result is also cleared when the setting is not used (if you would turn it off, the last result would be used)
* equip melee and ranged weapons were not working correctly
* jammed plasma weapons could not be unjammed cause they were also recharging. Fix: If its jammed it will not be recharging

. . . . minor stuff

* gain insanity with every crit hit rule is now mentioned in the splashscreen
* damageHandler checks for 'primitive' cover
* rewrote textflow of chkhealth, damage and damagehandler
* cleaned up the settings menu
* cleaned up the token macro panel: moved create att macro to the bottom (as its no longer a vital macro) resized it an gave it default color. Also renumbered the panels to give way for the field generating armours.

* Colored dodge blue as its used often.
* rewrote 'create custom attack' macro
* rewrote 'updateMyWeapons' macro
* added colorMacro
* added getMacroId
* weapons that can be used both for melee and ranged attack are now submitted to both panels

2.0 (11 aug 10)(D)
This release is mostly focussed on getting macros faster and lowering the necessary stack. On fast computers this saves roughly 1 to 2 seconds on the heavy macros, on slower pc's this can gain upto 5 seconds for the heavy functions. The necessary stack can now be lowererd to an acceptable 4(Mb)

* changed sight settings, normal vision now is actually normal vision
* removed 'edit/equip armour' macro button, this can now be done via 'manage'
* removed 'add wpn to library' macro and button, this can and should now be done via the compendium token
* updated 'initiate' macro accordingly
* updated 'Adding new items to framework' on the campaign panel to reflect the above changes
* small change in compendium panel
* fixed small location bug in 'Damage' macro (if you're NOT using the attack2damage setting)
* parsed ALL code throught the macro import form (so all comment is now [H: "<!--hidden -->"]). This may lead to some enexpected bugs
* checked and bound (<b>text</b> --> [r:"<b>text</b>"])ALL text output concerning taking damage so the stack can be dropped. Maptool can now handle the output again with a stack of 4 (Macros: Damage, Damagehandler, formattooltip, chkhealth, cover and chkcover)
* implemented strformat to speed up things, macros done:+formattooltips+newstate+endstate+chkstate+chkhealth
* embedded varsfromjson function straight into code to speed things up, macros done: edit weapons+edit skills+edit psychic+edit traits+show armour list+edit gear+manage my weapons

1.4b4 (10 aug 10)(D)
. . . . Major stuff

* rewrote Damage function... again.
* added multiple damage input to Damage function. To make use of all entries, you need to upgrade the stack to 6 or you'll get a stack overflow.
* added 'retrieve result of multiple hits attack' to Damage function
* added function damageHandler
* simplified getExtraHits macro
* some changes in rangedAttack macro
* added functionality to rangedAttack macro to store multiple hits as well (besides the standard first hit)

. . . . Minor stuff

* added tooltip to grenades
* added righteous fury to grenades
* luminen shock (melee) has been fixed with new tooltip system (SB was added in addition to WB)
* tiny typo in flame output
* fixed small make up error in chkHealth
* removed old function grenade damage

1.4b3 (8 aug 10)(D,C)

* fixed a bug in skills, sometimes an error shows up when adding skills with no groups (thnx booga)
* corrected searing wounds treshhold 10 --> 20 (thnx druski)
* righteous fury didn't show with melee attack, is fixed (thnx druski)
* fixed bug in 'perils of the warp' (always rolled a value of 75+) (thnx druski)
* added tooltips for damage output of weapons
* fixed tearing damage (was calculated twice) its now also adjusted to the errata: extra die, drop lowest
* added ascension weaponry and armour to the excel sheet (not yet in Framework)

There seems to be an error in custom created weapons, but I can't reproduce the error (yet, waiting for feedback).

1.4b2 (21 july 10)(M,D,C,P)
oops, used BS in melee attack. has been corrected
1.4b1 (21 july 10)(M,D,C,P)
Again a biggie, I started to add tooltips to several results they are marked by color, hovering your mouse over them will show info about the result.
Basically rewrote Damage macro:
. . . . Bugs

* fixed bug in damage handler concerning warp-type weapons vs power armour

. . . . features

* added penetration to the damage
* added setting that Take Damage can retrieve result of the last attack
* added a lot of verbosity output when calculating damage (and removed a lot again after implementing tooltips)
* added tooltips to the damage macro
* added penalty on ranged attack when pinned

. . . . Updates

* made handling of refractor shield in damage macro more efficient
* made handling of armour in damage macro more efficient
* added lots of comments to the the Damage macro, removed quite a few mistakes in the dual attack modus

As for the rest
. . . . Bugs

* somehow surestrike had made its way into ranged attack, this has been fixed
* called shot penalty wasn''t applied for ranged shots, fixed (was tied with surestrike)
* fixed a couple of bugs in cover
* endState verbosity errors removed
* renamed grenades (again) cause grenade macros didnt work. Might be other stuff that doesn't work now, but couldn't find any...
* removed fatigue bug from properties (was set wrongly)

. . . . features

* added some verbosity in input screen for called shot penalty in case of deadeye shot and sharpshooter talents
* added (a slightly adjusted version of) Druski's 'Upgrade Macros' button to the campaign macros
* added some tooltips to campaign panel and also changed layout a tiny bit
* system now tells you when you're no longer fatiqued
* agi bonus when under flame attack is now automatically calculated
* added PC only can inflicht Righteous Fury in SETTINGS and attack input box (thnx to druski)
* added couple of tooltips to the settings macro
* added penetration to the melee attack
* added penetration to the ranged attack (was only in grenades)
* added tooltip for melee and ranged attacks (modifiers to attack)
* dead tokens are removed from initiative (as suggested by Druski)
* initiative now also takes unnatural agility and lightning reflexes into account
* added tooltips to initiative result
* updated tokenproperties so that 'mouseover sheet' characteristics are only shown to owner and GM (thnx Druski)
* added token states to 'mouseover sheet' (thnx Druski)

. . . . Updates

* charsheet now shows entries sorted
* added explanatory texts to tokens on the base map
* changed arm and leg to arms and legs in crit table, so excel sheet is also updated
* removed some redundant debug messages
* adjusted pin check to the new houserules
* added UDF formatTooltip (for future use)
* rewrote verbosity output of the ranged attack macro. Less assertions are made (like jammed weapon) and all output is now shift to the end of the macro. Which means that LOTS of testing is necessary to see if anything is broken...(and a lot of testing has already taken place, stil... fingers crossed)

Release 1.4 (14 july 10)(M) :mrgreen:

* I just heard that a function that I was missing since the beginning of this framework has been available since MT build 68: selectTokens(). With this function it is FINALLY possible to use the initiative function to their fullest (with this I mean the big green NEXT button in the Campaign panel. I had to chance exactly 1 word to get this working, so hardly worth a complete build, were it not that this has been bugging me from the start. Currently there's a very big grin on my face cause it finally works as it should be working. In short: clicking NEXT will now actually select the token and centre on map!
* gave the char sheet an overhaul

As this is not really worth a build AND this is a MAJOR issue solved for me AND there has been an upgrade from b63 to b70 I guess its time to make this the new release.

1.3b9a (13 july 10)(D)
forgot to initialize some variables that will bug the damage function, had been fixed
1.3b9 (13 july 10)(M,D,C,P)
. . . . Bugs

* dead npc are (once again) moved to the object layer
* 'edit characteristic bonusses' didnt work properly
* fixed bug in show range wich bugged out on 'throw range'
* fixed bug in chkHealth, gaining IP whith critical hit
* fixed DoF calculation bug in useSkill

. . . . Changes

* sheet now shows states just below image of token
* char sheet layout is compressed

. . . . Additions

* when a grendade is thrown, a grenade token is summoned to the token

. . . . Added functionality for deflector type armour (DTA)

* updated excel sheet for DTA
* updated compendium, both library and edit armour function for DTA
* updated ALL armour functions for DTA
* added aura's for DTA
* updated damage macro to handle DTA
* updated useSkill for Amulet of Warding (penalties on concealment or stealth)
* created DTA handler
* created Custom DTA Macro Creator

. . . . Lib Additions

* added the stairs lib to the FW
* added Raodan't token properties manager to FW
* added light editor

other stuff I forgot cause at a certain point I misplaced my build-log.[/list]

1.3b8 (5 july 10)(D)
Submitted this a bit sooner than expected, but encountered a rather big bug in the autofire due to the suppress changes. So...:

* big bug in full autofire (didn't count any extra hits anymore)
* same bug in suppress fire
* taking cover now states which bodyparts are behind cover.
* changed cover menu a bit.
* added some sample token
* changed the combat macros layout a bit (compressed it one line)
* show suppres area, showed wrong output
* global penalties are now removed when all states are set to none
* most state icons have been changed to 'grid' so they stack
* reloading and pinned state icons are now transparant
* left some debug code in damage function
* 'remove all states' is now done properly

1.3b7 (4 july 10)(D,P)
. . . . created cover functions:

* macro on token that can set cover
* created 'cover' property on token
* damage macro checks for cover and also set the adjusted AP of the cover if its compromised
* created 4 states to signify the four cover types
* created 4 cover states to signify the state the cover is in (undamaged to severely damaged)

. . . . suppressing fire

* removed bug that didnt set the correct penalty (-20)
* changed extra hits from 1 per DoS to 2 per DoS
* set weapon jam to 94 for supp fire

. . . . Pinned State

* added pinned check
* added pinned state (with -20 to BS)

. . . . persistant bugs

* globalpenalty didnt reset after remove all states (incl fatigue)
* fixed small output bug in newState

1.3b6 (28 june 10 20:00)(M,D,P,C)(MT Build 70)

* accidentilly did a huge amount of work in MT b70, so.... I was forced to upgrade to MT build 70 (it was also about time to take this step...)
* created 7 macros on the lib:compendium token to add, delete and edit items in the library (weapons, armour, skill, talents, etc.)
* cleaned up edit psy powers for tokens
* ordened the lib:dh tokens
* added sight limited to token in the properties (which couldn't be done in b63)
* debugged range attack with strength related weapon
* system checks now if you have run out of grenades
* clipcount didn't work properly
* you had to be trained in 'grenades' to throw them without penaly, fixed that
* integrated grenades fully in ranged attacks (not a seperate macro anymore). You now need to create an attack macro for a grenade
* 'unarmed' weapon on standard token (when you create a new one) was still with the old properties set, has been updated.
* location that is hit by weapon is now in bold
* when upgrading a weapon to compact, the number of rounds in the clip is also updated (clipsize is halved)

1.3b5 (23 june 10 20:00)(M,D)(MT Build 63)

* Small (well still couple of hours work) adjustment with high visibility impact. Cleaned up the macro panels.

1.3b4 (23 june 10 0:44)(M,D,C)

* updated new (second) parser interface, its now functional
* fixed small bug in main parser (group skills didn''t get their bonus)
* fixed bug in supporting macro (listCleaner)
* cleaned up redundant macros
* using psypowers from char sheet works properly now
* thrown weapons are now 'loaded' when equipped (you don''t need to retrieve them first)
* updated compendium (library) accordingly

1.3b3 (22 june 10)(D)

* lots of debugging in the parser
* added a lot of error checking to the parser (to get it more foolproof), I think I can now remove the 'beta' status
* f$$k up 'use skill' macro in last buils (again) and repaired it in this build (again) (im wondering how many times i've done this...)
* fixed skill error with 'sleight of hand'

1.3b2 (21 june 10)(D,C)

* added "add new weapon to library" function
* fixed bugs in skill (update went wrong)
* fixed fatigue bug in states function (clear all states did nothing with fatique)
* offhand penalty with ambidextrous talent is set to 0 (when using 1 weapon)
* updated natural weapons
* fixed dd10 bug after edtiting a weapon
* fixed "edit armour" through "manage my armour" button

Release 1.3 (17 june 10)(M,D,C,P):

* created a token properties parser (campaign macro: 'set token properties') with this you can paste whole descriptions into a box and the system will retrieve stats, skills, talents etc. from it. Currently in beta stage
* rewrote complete skill system from a regex based method to a hybrid version (json/regex), to get less error messages and better functionality

THIS MEANS THAT YOU CANT USE TOKENS CREATED IN AN EARLIER VERSION! it might work if you delete the skills and weapons and recreate them for those tokens

* updated charactersheet tool tips with page and source
* updated skill format on the charactersheet
* fixed bug when equipping one handed weapon while unarmed
* fixed couple of bugs in use psychic powers (well, and phenom table)
* fixed bug with tooltip on skills in sheet
* updated weapons, skills and talent tables
* added 'source' to talent pick list
* aim action was not remembered
* upgrading to a mono weapon got you 'untrained' (if you have primitive melee talent)
* some typos and 'all your base are belong to us' corrected
* added 'unarmed attack' to initiation of a token
* pistols have now more upgrade options (as they should have)
* added attack bonus to weapon library (WS/BS +bonus)
* attack bonusses due to upgrades are now implemented
* purged all " ' " from library from (chokes system) and consequently updated whole library (left them for the main part in the descriptions)
* system now asks for modifier when using skill from sheet
* renamed 'explosion' to 'explosive' critical damage in tables and hopefully also in all places of the macros where it shows up
* updated range and suppress auras with current weapon ranges (which is quite interesting for a MP Lascannon range: 500)
* heavy bolter range is now 120
* "/" in armour name chokes system (head/body and arms/legs armour). name has been changed

Release 1.2 has been lost in translation...
Release 1.1[/b] (25 feb 10):

* removed some redundant buttons that were still lingering around
* corrected the buttons on all the grenades
* tiny bug in edit bonus chars (left a comma, which resulted in failure)
* small bug in use psychic power (resetted num dice back to PR)
* added extra check in psychic power (is PR>0 ?)
* put the pick psychic powers button back (was lost for some obscure reason)
* updated the auto-add-buttons-to-new-token (initiate)

Version 1b18: (24 feb 10):

* some updates in useSkill
* added Frenzy (big one)
* added button use Talent for the remaining 8 talents that act more or less like a skill:
* Electrical Succour
* Gun Blessing
* Iron Jaw
* Litany of Hate
* Luminen Charge
* Meditation
* Prosanguine
* Purge the Unclean
* couple of tiny bugs
* added Fate Pool stat (to keep a difference between using fate points and burning them)
* added button replenish fatepoints
* added button use fatepoint
* added button burn fatepoint

b17: (23 feb 10):

* debugged and updated dodge macro
* updated useskill
* updated invocation
* debugged fear button
* added talent logis implant
* added talent rapid reload
* added talent sure strike
* automatic reload when reload time is "free"

b16: (20 feb 10):

* updated fear, phenomena and perils table (set IP automatically)
* added states: fatigued, frenzy, shocked, panicked, hallucinating
* added panicked and shocked penalties to the global penalties handler
* debugged chkHealth function (gave an error)
* debugged the new tables
* debugged endState
* added talent furious assault
* added talent hard target
* added talent step aside
* added talent wall of steel
* added talent power well
* added talent hatred
* added talent heightened senses
* added talent talented
* added talent sound constitution
* added talent good reputation
* added talent master orator
* added talent master chirurgon
* added talent true grit
* added talent quick draw
* added talent Street Fighting
* added talent Technical Knock

b15: (18 feb 10):

* added global penalty variable--> updated: useskill, test char, parry, dodge and fear with it (haven't tested it thoroughly though, so this might lead to some new and unwanted surprises).
* added optional rule to gain insanity with crit hit
* added mental trauma table
* added fear result (shock) table
* added insanity points handler
* added mental traumas (when gaining 10 IP)
* added Insanity button
* added Mental Trauma buttong (though this is handles automatically, the need might rise nonetheless)
* added Fear check button
* implemented talent unshakable faith
* implemented talent Insanely faithfull
* implemented talent Resistance to group Fear
* implemented talent Paranoia
* new tokens are 'equipped' with 'unarmed' and this is readied
* a free hand always carries 'unarmed' weapon

b14: (16 feb 10):

* fatigue added to tests
* fearless talent implemented
* added test vs characteristic button
* relocated useskill
* updated splash
* global S&R for fatique-->fatigue

b13a: (15 feb 10):

* called shot penalty for melee added
* added talents (precise blow) and updated talent list

b13: (15 feb 10):

* added fearless (need WP test to disengage)
* added luminen shock and blast talents (part of natural weapons)
* added energy chache talent
* cosmetics in show talents
* cosmetics in ranged attack
* small bug in create attack macro (unarmed was assumed BS)

b12: (11 feb 10):

* fixed ammo count bug with auto and semi burst (reported by Paoloz) and more related bugs which I found along the way
* righteous fury is now mentioned when this happens with ranged weapons AND a check is done with auto an semi bursts to see if a RF is among them
* dual strike is added (same as shot) and both are added to Take Damage. So both talents can now be used within the system

b11: (10 feb 10):

* fixed bug reported by booga
* updated settings with remarks by Paoloz
* some changes to the splash
* started working on dual shot and dual strike (not finished) dual shot is now an option, but needs to be done manually... need to rewrite nearly everything to implement that, which im not gonna do... next build: dual strike and taking damage (from dual ...)

b10: (8 feb 10):

* rewrote action structure for melee and ranged attacks (nothing to see on the outside)
* last ranged attack action is now remembered by the system (doesn't work perfectly but better then nothing)
* Talents now show 'auto' column representing the talents that have been 'automated' within the system
* found no further bugs (small cheer)

b9: (7 feb 10):

* throwing weapons can now be retrieved (and dont give any errors)
* recharge now actually works
* added replace weapon
* fixed reload for half turn weapons
* special weapons which need to be retrieved, recharged or replaced are equiped 'loaded' in stead of empty
* also added the option to retrieve, recharge are replace them during combat (if that's an GM option...)
* fixed specials (like toxic)
* debugged ranged attack
* trained in exotic weapon is now an option in stead of an assumption
* properties are changed accordingly (for last ranged and melee attack)
* weapon properties have been adjusted so you now either have melee or ranged weapons and a choice if both are an option (like knifes)
* fixed some small bugs (they're crawling all over the place...)

b8: (5 feb 10):

* Ammo bars now work as they should work
* Talents can now be deleted

b7: (4 feb 10):

* manage my armour updated with wear armour
* removed limitation that you can only wear 2 pieces of armour
* fixed bug that you still wear armour after you delete it
* fixed bug with some armours (had "/" in their name, which MT doesn't eat)
-->Basically the whole armour manage macro is rewritten....
* manage my weapons updated with equip weapons
* added attack modifier rule options to settings
* splash updated, with settings for modifiers and explaining the 10-die rule
* latent bugs removed
* some sloppy debug verbosity removed (and probably left new ones...)
* fixed 'create attack macro' on new tokens (didn't work)
* some melee talents were applied to ranged actions and vice versa (thnx PaoloZ for bringing me on the idea!)
* crippling strike gave wrong text output (thnx PaoloZ!)
* updated info-display (when hovering over token) it now shows weapons you carry
* fixed attack title with melee attack menu: showed CHAIN KNIFE ATTACK for all weapons (thnx PaoloZ!)
* added attack title to ranged weapons attack menu (thnx PaoloZ!)
* updated create attack macro (removed WS/BS question where unecessary)
* fixed question boxes showing up when attacking with a new weapon on a new token

b6: (3 feb 10):

* Removed big bug in creating new macros on new tokens (some macros reported errors)

b5: (2 feb 10)

* updated tasklist
* updated xls-generators/Dark Heresy Tables v2a.xls
* updated splash
* added invocation (finally)
* added warp quality
* updated quality list with warp, holy and psycho active
* Upgraded brace angle macro
* Updated show range: for 2H weapons, changed color for flame and removed bug
* Added show suppressing fire angle macro
* Added talents


* added more talents
* added 'settings'
* updated parry
* updated dodge
* removed bug from get modifiers to attack


* forgot to update the splash screen...


* added more talent functions
* added automatic macro creation if you draw a new token on the map (yes you don't need to do anything :D!)


* two weapon fighting is now fully implemented including talents and modifiers

Note that when I talk about 'added' or 'implemented' talents or traits, I mean that a lot of talents and traits give modifiers to e.g. attack rolls, these features need to be implemented separately and its a loooooong list, so every time I've implemented a couple more.


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 Post subject: Re: [Framework] [Dark Heresy] Version 1.0
PostPosted: Mon Feb 01, 2010 6:43 pm 
and build 4 added.


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Excel Tools: Table and Light editors
MT Tools: Bag of Tricks: Tools for Maptool, Dungeon Builder I, Dungeon Builder II,onMouseOverEvent and
Frameworks: Dark Heresy, Rogue Trader, Deathwatch, Black Crusade, Only War, SET Card Game, RoboRally
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 Post subject: Re: [Framework] [Dark Heresy] Version 1.0
PostPosted: Tue Feb 02, 2010 6:44 pm 
build 5 just submitted:
-updated tasklist
-updated xls-generators/Dark Heresy Tables v2a.xls
-updated splash
-added invocation (finally)
-added warp quality
-updated quality list with warp, holy and psycho active
-Upgraded brace angle macro
-Updated show range: for 2H weapons, changed color for flame and removed bug
-Added show suppressing fire angle macro
-Added talents


My stuff
Excel Tools: Table and Light editors
MT Tools: Bag of Tricks: Tools for Maptool, Dungeon Builder I, Dungeon Builder II,onMouseOverEvent and
Frameworks: Dark Heresy, Rogue Trader, Deathwatch, Black Crusade, Only War, SET Card Game, RoboRally
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 Post subject: Re: [Framework] [Dark Heresy] Version 1.0
PostPosted: Tue Feb 02, 2010 11:01 pm 
I like this framework, it is very handy, but I am having a couple of issues:

Manage Armor and Manage Weapons are not working for me. I have to use the "Equip" macro to accomplish anything.
  Roll option macro: bad option parameters 1.       Statement options (if any): macro("Manage My Weapons@Lib       Statement Body : DH"):""

This is what it tells me when I try to manage my weapons, for example. Any ideas as to what I am doing wrong?

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 Post subject: Re: [Framework] [Dark Heresy] Version 1.0
PostPosted: Wed Feb 03, 2010 8:53 am 
FoxPhoenix135 wrote:
I like this framework, it is very handy, but I am having a couple of issues:

Manage Armor and Manage Weapons are not working for me. I have to use the "Equip" macro to accomplish anything.
  Roll option macro: bad option parameters 1.       Statement options (if any): macro("Manage My Weapons@Lib       Statement Body : DH"):""

This is what it tells me when I try to manage my weapons, for example. Any ideas as to what I am doing wrong?

Its what I would call a (rather big) bug. Thank you for reporting it, it has been resolved. Note that it's not quite unlikely that you'll encounter more bugs as it hasn't been thoroughly tested yet. I usually test new code, once, but e.g. the 'create complete macro set on a new token automatically macro' i clicked on a few buttons and found nothing so I assume that the rest would be ok... :lol: (which from a coders pov is obviously hilarious...)


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 Post subject: Re: [Framework] [Dark Heresy] Version 1.0
PostPosted: Wed Feb 03, 2010 1:20 pm 
It appears to be working now, keep up the great work! This is really turning into a useful program!

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 Post subject: Re: [Framework] [Dark Heresy] Version 1.0
PostPosted: Thu Feb 04, 2010 5:50 am 
There seems to be a wrong calculation of the degrees of success on a successful skill roll:

Nihilus Fain (Example):
succeeds a Evaluate test with 1 Degrees of Succes Roll: 14 on 50 (Int) = 36 under.

Nihilus Fain (Example):
succeeds a Evaluate test with 5 Degrees of Succes Roll: 50 on 50 (Int) = 0 under.

The above is copied from the chat window, rolled form the Char Sheet.
The following is rolled instead with the UseSkill Macro:
Nihilus Fain (Example):
succeeds a Gamble test with 0 Degrees of Succes Roll: 8 on 50 (Int) = 42 under

Calculations on a failed roll look OK.

You should probably end your Use Skill macro in Lib:DH in this way:
[r, if(Roll <= SkillChar), CODE:
     succeeds a <u>[r:Skill]</u> test with <u><b>[r:floor((SkillChar-Roll)/10)]</u></b> Degrees of Succes <br>
    <b>Roll: [r:Roll]</b> on [r:SkillChar] ([r:SkillCharStr]) = <u>[r:SkillChar-Roll]</u> under.
    fails a <u>[r:Skill]</u> test with  <u><b>[r:floor((Roll-SkillChar)/10)]</u></b> Degrees of Failure <br>
    <b>Roll: [r:Roll]</b> on [r:SkillChar]  ([r:SkillCharStr]) = <u>[r:-SkillChar+Roll]</u> above.

Instead of using [r:tensDice].

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 Post subject: Re: [Framework] [Dark Heresy] Version 1.0
PostPosted: Thu Feb 04, 2010 6:30 am 
Using your example token and clicking on the Power Sword Entry in the Char Sheet:
Nihilus Fain (Example):
Modifiers: trainedInWeapon = -10 Makes an attack with Power Sword Rolling against WS 80 (-10 modifiers). Roll: 46 - You deal a crushing blow Target is hit in the body and takes 12 Energy damage. You have the 'Crack Shot' talent and deal an additional +2 critical damage

Crack shot is valid for ranged weapons, not melee. Anyway the character has the Crushing Blow Talent also, which has the same effect as Crack shot for melee weapons.

Also the input window just before the roll (the one allowing to set modifiers) displays: CHAIN KNIFE ATTACK
I tried adding Melee Weapon Training: Chain but the penalty for using a weapon without the relevant skill still stays (so the line on the input window is just a little bug). It goes correctly away by adding Melee Weapon Training: Power.

Another little error: the penalty for using a weapon without the relevant skill is -20 not -10 (Dark Heresy Manual page 191).

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 Post subject: Re: [Framework] [Dark Heresy] Version 1.0
PostPosted: Thu Feb 04, 2010 6:33 am 
PaoloZ wrote:
There seems to be a wrong calculation of the degrees of success on a successful skill roll:

I see that this is another thing to add to the settings, or at least in the splash screen.
What I do is not wrong!
When rpg-ing entirely on table top (so without fancy calculating machines (aka PC's)) the quickest way to get the DoS is taking the number from the 10-sided die. If you use this rule ALWAYS it will statistically give exactly the same result as with floor(roll/10). This is actually a suggestion in the WFRP book (for faster gameplay) but I'm unsure whether its mentioned in DH. Point is I use this for 'guiding' table top sessions, meaning my players roll physical die (and use the 10-die rule) and as a consequence I too use the same rule in the Framework.

I agree though that this can be confusing and that I actually should make this an option (thought that's quite a hassle to implement as die rolls are all over the place/code)


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 Post subject: Re: [Framework] [Dark Heresy] Version 1.0
PostPosted: Thu Feb 04, 2010 6:52 am 
I now see you second post! Thanks for the input, I get working on it.
-the talent bug is me forgetting to check whether a melee or ranged weapon is used (modifiers are handled in the same function) Gonna fix that in the next build!
Edit: I got that assumption wrong. Its a typo:
    [if(hasTalent("Crippling Strike")):attackOutcome = attackOutcome + "<br>You have the 'Crack Shot' talent and deal an additional +2 critical damage"]
it should be:
    [if(hasTalent("Crippling Strike")):attackOutcome = attackOutcome + "<br>You have the 'Crippling Strike' talent and deal an additional +4 critical damage"]
By the way crack shot != crusshing blow, crack shot is extra critical damage, crushing blow is extra damage, while crippling strike is again extra critical damage

-the -20/-10 have you checked if he has the arms master (or something like that) talent which makes it a -10 in stead of -20 ?! (also see below)

- the chain weapon training part...I don't get it?
1. I created a new token,
2. gave it a chain knife,
3. created the macro button for the attack,
4. clicked on it
(encountered some errors that can be ignored=have no impact, but need to be fixed, just click ok)
5. got a -20 penalty on the result (so that answers you other report as well)

6. Then I clicked talents
7. selected melee weapon training
8. selected 'chain' group
9. attacked again with the weapon
(noticed you only had to click the 'errors' away once, now they don't appear anymore)
10 got no penalty as I have the correct talent.

So no bug... can you plz, step wize explain me what you did?


My stuff
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