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Author:  lavabeast [ Mon Apr 02, 2012 9:49 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: [Dark Heresy-RT-Deathwatch-BC] W40K-RPG_FW v7.2.1

what tool/ap should i use to make maps and where can get object for it?

Author:  wolph42 [ Tue Apr 03, 2012 1:51 am ]
Post subject:  Re: [Dark Heresy-RT-Deathwatch-BC] W40K-RPG_FW v7.2.1

lavabeast wrote:
what tool/ap should i use to make maps and where can get object for it?

well... you can use Maptool itself for that. For that I would suggest the [ur=http://rptoolstutorials.net/l]tutorials[/url]. As for tokens and objects... there are many many sites which you can use for that. You can start with searching for 'torrent' on this forum, the tutorials will have some pointers as well and before I forget you can download quite a bit of token packages from within maptool itself!! (file menu).

Author:  wolph42 [ Tue Apr 03, 2012 4:07 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: [Dark Heresy-RT-Deathwatch-BC] W40K-RPG_FW v7.3.1

7.3.1 (3-april-12)(B,P)
Working team (besides me) for this release:
BS: BTS 1967
Kambuk and Druski

This time a sooner release than normal. We've hit a couple of errors that can be rather fatal to you gameplay so we figured to do the update a bit sooner than normal.
The biggest change for this release is the integration (or seperation) of limbs. You now have left and right Arm and Leg. This is particularly usefull for cover and certain armour (shields) that are protecting only one side.
This again is a rather hefty change to the core so it again requires to update older tokens. This can be done the usual way: select the token and hit repair and upgrade in the campaign panel.
Another thing which will make the GMs among you happy is that I've added a setting: npcs are alway trained in the weapon they use!. I've hit this issue numerous times when I forgot to add the correct talent: there's no longer a need for that. Of course you still can, just turn off the setting.
Feedback is as usual, welcome.

. . . . Features
  • New setting: 'NPCs are trained in weapons'. So the GM does no longer need to check all the correct talents for npcs to prevent them from getting the 'untrained -20' penalty.
  • Body locations "Primart" and "Secondary" have been added to Arms and Legs. Abbreviations are used so they will read "ArmP", "ArmS", "LegP", and "LegS"
  • Repair and Upgrade macro has been updated with the new Armour functions
  • DTA Shields can now be equipped to the Primary or Secondary side
  • Normal Shields can now be equipped to Primary or Secondary side
  • Added tooltips to ship battle results
  • Added option 'don't use ammo' to the ranged attack panel (for use with fatepoints reroll)
  • Ship battle: Weapons are now detected by the targetted ship

. . . . Changes
  • Merging of AP and locations have been applied in FW.
  • After the attack the focus returns to the attacker

. . . . Fixes
  • (BS) FIX: Suppress extra lines sent to chat when using Manage My Armour; this now works the same as Manage My Weapons. Note that message updates for armour changes will not be displayed in chat going forward.
  • Couple of fixes in the token parser macros.
  • Added couple of lost RT traits, Armour and Talents
  • Fixed issue with Field Armour (DTA) that does not cover the whole body
  • Small issue with Grapple
  • Couple of fixes in the stat sheet of ships
  • Class is now detected with a focussed augury
  • Fixed component damage issue with augur arrays
  • Added error message for when no gm is registered (still havent' figured out how this can happen). This prevents from all kind of weird errors occuring while playing with multiple clients
  • Stacking armour now works correctly (not that there currently is many, only subskin armour 'stacks')

. . . . Excel
  • Armour AP and locations have been merged

Author:  wolph42 [ Tue May 01, 2012 2:49 am ]
Post subject:  Re: [Dark Heresy-RT-Deathwatch-BC] W40K-RPG_FW v7.3.1


Author:  BTS1967 [ Tue May 01, 2012 9:53 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: [Dark Heresy-RT-Deathwatch-BC] W40K-RPG_FW v7.3.1

Test post per request of Mr Wolph.

Author:  wolph42 [ Thu Jul 05, 2012 5:41 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: [Dark Heresy-RT-Deathwatch-BC] W40K-RPG_FW v7.3.1

Man is it silent here or what! Anyhoo, in case someone is still wandering this forsaken desert... there's an oasis on the horizon, soon to be released and as usual after a long period of 'nothing' a MF long change log.

Author:  Meatpuppet [ Mon Jul 16, 2012 7:31 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: [Dark Heresy-RT-Deathwatch-BC] W40K-RPG_FW v7.3.1

wolph42 wrote:
...there's an oasis on the horizon, soon to be released and as usual after a long period of 'nothing' a MF long change log.

Looking forward to it :D

Author:  wolph42 [ Wed Jul 18, 2012 4:24 am ]
Post subject:  Re: [Dark Heresy-RT-Deathwatch-BC-OW] W40K-RPG_FW v8.0.0

Its been quite a wait, but here it finally is VERSION 8 of the W40K-RPG Framework.

The Big Changes
  • The 'Primitive' and 'Mono' Weapon groups have been renamed to 'Prim'. The corresponding macros and talents have been updated as well. The reason is that:
    • 1. the Primitive Quality is denoted in the 'special' part of the weapon and 'Primitive' weapon group becomes misleading, there fore FFG has
    • 2. in BC these weapons are called 'Primary' weapons to denote the specific group but not to mix them up with the Primitive quality. So we've chosen to do the same however
    • 3. 'Primary' is already in use in the FW as in Primary Weapon and Secondary Weapon. So to keep things clear the 'Primitive' group is now the 'Prim' group.
      So in short, for ALL 5 SYSTEMS you now have:
      • 'Primary' and 'Secondary' Weapons (main and off hand)
      • 'Prim' weapon group
      • 'Primitive' weapon quality
      E.g. A 'Mono' weapon will thus be 'Prim' group without the primitive quality. This weapon you can wield in your Primary or Secondary hand.
  • Fully Compatible with ONLY WAR. Well actually it already was... We (that is: BS) checked the beta release of OW and it turned out that there are no changes in the existing BC rules; which OW utilizes. There are extra rules, which will be implemented in the future, such as extended rules for vehicle combat and 'comrades'. Please Note, this is based on the Beta rules. The Final rule set may require additional changes.
  • Rogue Trader ship battle is further upgraded with 'Spaceship Manoeuvres' and 'Warp Travel' macros. Also a couple of house rules have been added and implemented.
  • (BS): Added functionality to upgrade Armour. This introduces a new button on the Manage tab that works the same as Upgrade Weapon but for Armour instead. Will be building into the FW functions that look for Armour Specials that increase the AP based on the type of weapon used to attack the wearer of the armour.
  • Added thought for the day to the splash screen and a full 341 entries table!!
  • (MG)Added Spaceship Manoeuvres
  • (MG)Added Warp Travel
  • Full sheet - Traits have tooltips.
  • (BS): Added a Battle Roller (found in Campaign Mass Combat pane) that expands on the Mass Combat system used in the Rogue Trader: Frozen Reaches adventure.
  • (BS): added a simple WH40k focused die roller.
  • New action for tokens: opposed test.
  • Added campaign macro showing the extended actions available for ship battle (RT)
  • Added Rumbles Dice box, customized for W40K, to both campaign panel and (optionally, see settings) to the token macro panel
  • (BS): Updated auto processing of attacks against Hordes to allow the attacker to identify additional dice of damage to be done to the Horde, allow the addition of x Mag damage to each hit (allowing for things such as the Devastators attack), allow the addition of X Mag damage to the attack (first hit), take into account Explosive & Power weapons add +1, allow auto-processing of Devastating, Spray, and Blast qualities in relation to the weapon.
  • I think that with this release the torpedoes actually WORK, while testing them more thoroughly I came accross numerous issues and bugs which basically boiled down in them not working.
Check out the change log for the latest additions and bugfixes.

Author:  wolph42 [ Tue Jul 31, 2012 10:52 am ]
Post subject:  Re: [Dark Heresy-RT-Deathwatch-BC-OW] W40K-RPG_FW v8.0.1

8.0.1 (31-jul-12)
forgot to hit the 'initialize maps' on the bag of tricks macro. Which leads to an error everytime you move a token.

you do not need to update, you just need to start the 'bag of tricks' and then hit the 'initialize maps' button to fix this error.

Author:  wolph42 [ Thu Aug 09, 2012 4:31 am ]
Post subject:  Re: [Dark Heresy-RT-Deathwatch-BC-OW] W40K-RPG_FW v8.0.3

8.0.2 and 8.0.3
- grenade marker couldn't be moved by player --> set ownership of the marker to 'all players' on the BASE map
- vehicle embarkation didn't work --> open the bag of tricks, run settings, check 'summon token macro' and set the 'set property type' of PC and NPC both to 'Character'.

Author:  wolph42 [ Wed Aug 15, 2012 7:20 am ]
Post subject:  Re: W40K-RPG_FW MOVED TO NEW THREAD



We figured that the 57 pages of baggage that this topic served more as a deterrent for anyone to post a reply or ask a question then and certainly did not provide any useful info, so we decided to start a new thread.

If you were/are subscribed to this thread (so you get an email when something happened here like an update) then I suggest that you now subscribe yourself to the new thread. This can be done by simply posting a reply and checking the checkbox or click the 'subscribe to post' link waaay at the bottom of the screen.

This thread is now locked as it serves no purpose anymore!

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