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 Post subject: Issue with unintended overlay transparency
PostPosted: Sun Apr 15, 2012 6:52 pm 
I'm not sure if this has been caused by an update to Java or what, but a new issue has appeared for me on all of my systems.

Basically, some of the overlays now have little holes in them where the underlying picture shouldn't be visible, and previously wasn't visible.

I'm attaching two files to show what I'm talking about. The manticore.png file has the holes, where the white parts of the image show through, and the nixie.png file does not have the holes. The nixie file is from July 2011, although I have a few from October 2011 which are also fine. So something changed between October and now that caused this, and I'm seeing it on 3 different systems:

1 - the computer I normally use for MapTool/TokenTool, running Win7 x64, currently running JRE 6u31, regularly/consistently updated as new versions of the JRE have been released. I have tokens from December of 2010 which didn't have the issue that were generated on this machine. I also tried uninstalling Java and installing JRE 6u23, which is almost certainly the version I used when I first created some tokens with this overlay (Dec 2010), and still had the issue.

2 - a computer I built last July, running Win7 x64, probably initially had JRE 6u26 currently running Java 6u31. It has never run tokentool before.

3 - a laptop running the consumer preview version of Win8 x64, also running JRE 6u31. It has never had an earlier version of the JRE, nor has it ever run tokentool before.

The holes are visible in the editor as well as the final output. Not every border has issues, but there are a number that do. What's interesting is that the .token.drag.png file that tokentool generates for the upper-right hand corner draggable preview thing seems to not have the problem, allowing for a workaround if I just copy/rename that file.

Anyone have any idea what's going on here?

Edit: Correction, a number of the tokens I created in December 2010 (but not all) apparently *did* have this issue, and the ones starting in January 2011 didn't. I'm wondering if I had previously discovered the workaround mentioned and forgot about it in the meantime, but I kind of doubt that, since I'm pretty sure I didn't do anything like this last October when I created some tokens mid-session after having not used TokenTool in months and months. So it's still an odd issue, but not new. I'm even more perplexed I don't remember anything about this from before.

File comment: No holes in the border
nixie.png [ 137.64 KiB | Viewed 1022 times ]
File comment: Holes in the border
manticore.png [ 153.56 KiB | Viewed 1022 times ]
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