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Author:  StarMan [ Thu Jun 01, 2017 6:31 pm ]
Post subject:  144

SL 144's biggest bug fix is with the new Spellbook feature. It was preparing spells in reverse so now the ones you check are the ones you will be able to use. Another big fix is in the algorithm Construct Rumble States uses to recognize healing amounts. This should go much more smoothly and accurately now. For monster attack powers, the Reach attack type was not being properly recognized resulting in 0 Range and You as the target! Encounter will also stop running Expend Powers after doing F4.

From an improvements perspective, Create Effect will now call Configure Targeting if your token is the only one selected. Validate Token Ownerships will now prompt for automating NPC initiatives. Remember to turn prompting back on if you want to interact with said NPCs. Polymorph powers will now get their own token but you first need to drag on the image you want and select that when running Convert to Spell just like you do for zones, etc. Append RE Block now supports "Hit,Critical,Miss" triggers, Mass Force Move now uses Move to Token and the Remove Weapon or Implement and Equip macros run a little more smoothly. Enjoy!

Author:  StarMan [ Sun Jun 11, 2017 3:28 pm ]
Post subject:  145

145 was released this past week featuring one very obvious fix which I don't know why I waited so long before addressing. For many moons the pictures in the Powers drop downs were defaulting to the melee dagger image. These menu options will now show the proper image such as the ranged bow for Magic Missile, etc. The Disease subsystem just plain wasn't working properly and has been overhauled to reference the Endurance track on your token and output Stage changes. Run Power crashing when run from spell tokens has now been fixed as well as the problem where Banner would fail if run as part of a "Turn" macro. Finally, you may have noticed the issue where Effect Saving Throw asks you to save vs. "0". I still don't understand why this happens but have taken steps that will hopefully address it.

The big change this time around is the inclusion of 2 new Mgmt menus which will be automatically added to existing tokens. The Frank's Lab and Tactical menus were a bit long for my tastes so they have been splintered into these new ones. Documentation pages and videos should be done by the end of this month. War Wizardry Feat is now on the MMHoF for you mages who want to use it as a Splash power (click the "Before" checkbox when doing so). Mass Force Move will now show Move to Token output and Skill Check will offer to apply check to an alternate skill track.

The remaining changes are just macro relocations and small tweaks. Enjoy!

Author:  StarMan [ Fri Jun 16, 2017 6:28 pm ]
Post subject:  146

SL 146 is mostly a collection of minor bug fixes which are just annoying enough to warrant another release. Perhaps the biggest issue is the fact "additional" fields (Aftereffect, Miss, etc) in monster powers are not being encoded in the Notes tab. Parts of Attack and RACK are still ignoring the reach keyword, Setup Player Token now sets ownership (so you can start testing right away) and the Grab subsystem has been cleaned up a little.

The biggest improvement is that Construct Rumble States now tests for the "takes/deals...damage" pattern for instances where a power does straight damage without the attack mechanic. Append RE Block now also has IgnoreMarker or ForcedMove as options for adding Attacker and Defender blocks. Messages here and there have also been reworded for additional clarity. Enjoy!

Author:  StarMan [ Thu Jun 22, 2017 7:08 pm ]
Post subject:  147

Well it would seem the web hosting company I was using unceremoniously dropped my site just under a week ago. I have been shopping for a new one since then and am crossing my fingers the new one (as always, click on my sig below) will be more reliable. Regrettably, the site backup I had is a few months old so the latest four users over that time period will need to sign up again. My apologies for that and any other inconvenience.

Unfortunately this new hosting provider does not allow large files so I am still on the lookout for a video hosting service. YouTube is the obvious choice but they don't support swf files so I may fall back to the old DropBox standby if I can't find a way to convert them. Facebook is another possibility but they don't accept sfw's either. I have good feedback about my documentation so hopefully that suffices in the meantime as it should.

Fortunately, the campaign files seem to be of an acceptable size so please visit the new site and download SL 147. The big bug du jour is the fact Surge will still spend a surge even if you select "As Is"! That has been fixed as has a few lingering issues with Reach support. WotC's bizarre practice of sometimes enclosing monster damage expressions in brackets has now been accounted for.

Improvements include Escape automatically selecting the more favourable skill, the importer offering you a choice between a monster's Speed values and Run Power will now give a pop-up saying you may be running a non-Free/No or non-MPB macro outside your turn. Perhaps most significantly, auras and other Effect-based rule elements will no longer be coded as +100 vs AC attack powers.

The addressing of other minor annoyances round out the release. Enjoy ...

Author:  StarMan [ Sat Jul 01, 2017 4:57 pm ]
Post subject:  148

On July 1st/1867 the fine nation my fellow Canadians and I call home was born. On our country's historic 150th birthday this proud Torontonian will be giving YOU a present! I am very happy to announce the brand new training videos are finally on line courtesy of Screencast.com. I recorded them over the past week during which time a number of bugs were discovered and fixed. Please download SL 148 and you will be able to follow along if desired.

Append RE Block was pretty much destroying the macro it was modifying, Parse Monster Stats was sometimes giving ALL numbers in the stats block as Speed options, Import PC Power wasn't getting Usage right if strange characters were in Flavour text, Mass Surprise just plain didn't work and neither did Summon NPC Lib Tokens. The most annoying thing was getting told it wasn't your turn when really it was!

Changes include Alter Healing being assimilated by Create System Effect, Swap Places now using Altitude to move tokens up and down, Construct Rumble States now recognizing the "take ... damage" pattern and Skill Challenge import being a little smoother. Enjoy!

Author:  StarMan [ Fri Jul 07, 2017 5:18 pm ]
Post subject:  149

SL 149 is now out but is mostly minor tweaks like the turn end choices defaulting to "End turn". The big fixes consist of Validate Token Ownerships no longer setting ABOS to DM ownership, Choose From List giving "Box" options in CheckMode, Banner running Expend Powers, Skill Check running monster knowledge check when given OpposeSkill and other small functions happening when they shouldn't. There are no super-annoying idiosyncrasies being solved here but this final 140s release does do a really good job of smoothing out the lesser glitches. Enjoy!

Author:  StarMan [ Thu Jul 13, 2017 9:34 pm ]
Post subject:  150

You would think SL 150 would be a major milestone in the MPB's evolution but sadly that isn't quite true. This is merely a "bolt-tightening" release where it is unlikely you will notice very many changes. The main focus has been on improving monster imports as my brother will be doing so soon for an adventure he is DMing.

For example, NPC's RV details are no longer shown at the beginning and ends of turns/lives because that info should only be disclosed by a valid knowledge check. The only "new" feature to speak of is Move Melee Return-ABOS under the Tactical menu. Just situate the ABOS beside the token you are fly-by (or whatever) attacking and then run the macro. You may alter your altitude at the end. Enjoy ...

Author:  StarMan [ Tue Jul 18, 2017 5:40 pm ]
Post subject:  151

SL 151 carries on the tradition of minor fixes such as Death not running the ReactionKill trigger, Attack needlessly docking ammunition from an attacker one at a time (instead of all at once), Create Effect sometimes not capitalizing EName and Get Init Token prompting for next turn even when there is no encounter in progress.

New features include the inclusion of CheckMode in the power editor and Spellbook List. Now you can see a list of your targets of area powers and selectively choose which to attack instead of automatically attacking all of them. A radio button menu will be given for single target powers. Think of this as an alternative to entering 3 (or whatever) into the Attacks box and checking the "unique target" box on the last tab. Spellbook List simply opens a frame showing a breakdown of a wizard's powers by level as a guide for running Spellbook. Enjoy ...

Author:  StarMan [ Thu Jul 20, 2017 10:05 am ]
Post subject:  152

A surplus of free time and a whole whack of bugs which presented themselves at my group's last session has led to the very fast release of SL 152! Fixed bugs include the situation where an effect gets removed but its same name replacement never gets registered, Undo only showing one half of the damage done, Sustain sending your spell back :oops: , Remove Effect on Save prompting for State and just plain not working when the effect was owned elsewhere and Construct Rumble States falsely detecting too many damage effects .

Improvements include multi-attack powers now giving an "Enter_num_targets" prompt if you put a number greater than 5 (or letters or delete) in the Attacks box of the power editor, Immediates Allowed will now tell you which power you used already, Mass Skill Check Lock and End Encounter now using RadioMode for their menus as well as some general cleanup of unnecessary code. Enjoy!

Author:  StarMan [ Tue Jul 25, 2017 6:31 pm ]
Post subject:  153

SL 153 is now out but has relatively minor bug fixes. These include blind monsters not being immune to such, Configure Targeting inexplicably checking IncludeSelf for "Enemies" effects, Processing Block not removing "Name=#" from more complex cascading effects, Start My Turn tips off players to NPC immunities and Success Revoke on the skill challenge actually does the opposite!

One improvement includes the ability to use expendable powers as at-wills outside of encounters. This should make testing a little easier by not having to constantly recover powers. Spellbook List now uses SPL Display so the output just plain looks better. The change with potentially the most controversy is the fact that any macro run by the DM through Run Power (aka monster menus) will now be treated as Silent Running mode unless they contain the strings "vs." (i.e. all attacks) or "Attack=Utility". In other words, as DM you can run just about anything on a monster and your players will be none the wiser. The MPB root group output will be seen by your players because Run Power is not used to run those. Enjoy ...

Author:  StarMan [ Mon Jul 31, 2017 9:13 am ]
Post subject:  154

SL 154 was released yesterday, hopefully fixing the Sustain problem for spells once and for all. You should also start seeing all output again outside combat and the power list in NPC's End My Turn tooltips has returned. Convert Rumble States and Create Effect were actually crashing when illegal characters crept into the Mod it was testing and Import PC Power was lopping off power names at the point they shared the first word with their own name. Parse Monster Stats was not limiting Speed values properly for MM3 monsters and Get DmgType List was sometimes giving illegal types in its list.

Improvements include adding a Handout to Chat trigger automatically as long as you add a handout to your token before powers import and Choose From List now shows an image for any "TOKEN" options. Banner now does a much better job of expending Channel Divinity macros and Find Skill Lead lets you do your own check first before sending Skill Check to the Skill Lead. Initiative will now be more forthcoming in what it's doing. Enjoy ...

Author:  StarMan [ Tue Aug 08, 2017 5:11 pm ]
Post subject:  155

The new edition of the framework makes yet another attempt to fix long standing (but thankfully rarely seen) crashes in Initiative and Effect Saving Throw. Skill Check will no longer repeat monster check info, Setup Player Token will no longer prompt MM3 monsters concerning periods inclusion, Parse Monster Stats will do a better job of weeding out Speed values and Oppose Check will now give you a choice of all skills vs an NPC. A slightly bigger bug was Move to Token not calculating allowable ranges correctly but rest are relatively minor.

Improvements include a reworking of the whole Damage->Death->Disengage dynamic. That crazy alliteration was REALLY not intentional here! :lol: Disengage's code leaking in the Chat has been fixed. Import PC Power will now configure multi-target attacks with an Enter_num_targets prompt or you can do so manually by putting a non-numeric (or value>5) in the Attacks box. Grab and Bull Rush-ABOS will now evaluate the target's size earlier so extra steps are not take in vain. Enjoy!

Author:  StarMan [ Wed Aug 16, 2017 9:31 am ]
Post subject:  156

SL 156 is primarily a "bolt-tightening" release with no major bug fixes or improvements. A nice change is that new NPC pop-up stat sheets will no longer display the Unarmed slots. Most other changes will likely go unnoticed as they are integral in nature. As always, consult the Release Notes on the web site for particulars. Enjoy!

Author:  StarMan [ Tue Aug 22, 2017 12:16 pm ]
Post subject:  157

157 was released last night after a last minute showstopper bug as fixed in Begin Encounter. That macro will now let you control NPC prompting at the outset thereby saving you a trip to Global Toggles. The biggest bug fix has to do with Damage handling Resist_All. Let's say you get hit for 5 points of untyped damage and 7 points of necrotic damage while having Resist All 10. Until now, the 5 extra points would be wasted and not applied to the 7 points of necrotic damage. This wouldn't be a big deal if you had Resist Necrotic 10 but if you only had 5 then you would take 2 points of necrotic ... which is not correct. Under SL 157 you would take no damage in this scenario.

In other news, Move to Token was still not calculating allowable horizontal range correctly, Import PC Power was not properly testing for MyState, Override Damage Type was not handling Cancel properly, Initiative was showing Activate RV output for NPCs and Tally Damage was only prompting for Miss damage if Hits variable is empty.

As far as improvements go, the biggest new feature is Pummel Test under the Power Mgmt menu. This allows you to select a power (say "no" when asked to run) and attack an adjacent token n times. Your hit rate will then be displayed which makes this good for testing. It is recommended you turn off prompting before you do this otherwise you will need to laboriously attack each time.

Other minor adjustments include Run Power now using RadioMode for its end turn prompt, the removal of unnecessary notices like "Kill only choice available", Grab no longer erring out if a target is too big, Add or Remove Trigger now indicates which trigger is being added, Attack Power prompts to run Opportunity Attack and Mass Force Move will now take a Token= parm to limit what snapshots will be honoured. Enjoy ...

Author:  StarMan [ Thu Aug 24, 2017 5:59 pm ]
Post subject:  158

A plethora of issues from Monday's session has inspired me to get SL 158 out a little early. A big one was the fact LastOnly mode for Skill Check seemed to be the default all the time. This has been fixed along with Get DmgType List not giving "untyped" as a result when appropriate, Pummel Test now does no prompting after macro selection, Create Effect defaults to IncludeSelf targeting if no other tokens selected, Resurrect will no longer complain about not inserting into initiative outside an encounter, the importer won't add the Combat Advantage trigger and most importantly MM3 import has been somewhat improved.

The biggest functional change is that you will now see macro output from invisible tokens. If you want to act privately then use Toggles->Silent Running Mode. My players didn't see the point of hiding output if somebody's gonna get the effects anyway ... which is valid, I suppose. If you want to go back to the old way then uncheck Verbose Mode in Global Toggles. The other (admittedly minor) improvement is that you will now know when a macro begins running thanks to a broadcast statement in Banner. This is good when you're wondering if a remote player is there or not. Enjoy ...

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