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 Post subject: Falcon's Hollow
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Notable places
1.The Major LC lumber camp which is located to southeast Darkwood uses the river to trasport the logs here

Lumber is turned into paper in this facility

Besides the market, the well located here is the main water supply.It links to the river with a sewer system. Falcon s Hollow has no aquedact so hundrents falconians come here everyday to get water for their daily jobs

The High market is closed ever since the farkwood embargo started about 5 months ago. Before that many commodities were sold here. Now only people that have a trade document called "Lumber carta" may enter the Perch.

Falcon's Hollow has a very advanced river transpoetation system, ferries that transport people and caravans across the river as well as rafts that travel along the river mostly to the west and south all the way to the halfing port village Rivervale, but after the recent treaty with the Orcish village, Varnak, many rafts go to the waterfall to the east to trade with the orcs

The hostel of Falcon s Hollow,allthough not very friendly for an innkeeper the retired ranger Jak Crimmy that runs it is respected among falconians for his excellant knowledge of the Darkwood forest

The tribunal is the office that publishes the famous Lumber carta, a document that allows a merchant to buy and sell darkwood.The tribunal deals with other local matters allthough the most serious are judged by the Mayor, Thuldrin Kreed himself

The famous tavern-inn of Falcon s Hollow...All the wealthy citizents spent their time here...they were at least before Wataxshyl wrecked it apart with his acid, Now it s under reconstruction

The former LC HQ are now just the militia HQ Magard the captain of the guard spends most of his time here.The place is keeping still its former name LC HQ

The missionary of Iomedae...An impressive building, one of the few non wooden structures in FH. Lady Cirthana spend a lot of money to establish this church. There is only one way to impress Falconians and that s ofcourse money...However her success is limited and she has few followers

The mayor s house is a small fortress. Kreed recently ordered the construction of a moat around his mansion, when it finished he begun doing the same for the entire Perch, the work is still under construction

Vade is a sorcerer and this is his tower. His gardens are also a family cemetary but many other elite burry their dead here

Laurel inherited the shop from her mother.Ever since the affliction started she became very busy and she hardly sees anyone but sick people seeking her formullas, many in FH have questioned her recipies,boh for the results and the costs but still she is their only hope.So far the cure elludes her and she can only delay the affliction...

The description of this facility has been censored!

Deldrin Baleson the former sheriff of FH bought the general store he says for his retirement.Unlike the former owner he sells expensive to the poor falconers who barely afford most of his goods. Ever since the affliction started he was able to squaze even more gold pieces out of his customers and Laurel who buy his igrediants

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