MapTool 1.7.0 Released

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MapTool 1.7.0 Released

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MapTool 1.7.0 Release

Download 1.7.0 release here.

Many thanks go out to the community members who contributed code, documentation, translations and time in testing the builds.

A long list of new features and bug fixes can be found in the Change Log for 1.7.0.

  • New macro functions for math operations on lists and arrays.
  • New Macro function markdownToHTML() converts text in Markdown to HTML.
  • nmeier has brought the majority of the MapTool UI under the control the Look & Feel themes accessible from the Themes menu.
  • New GM option to disable the use of the Edit Token dialog by players.
  • Issue with decimal point in Map Units per Cell for European locales fixed.
  • New overlay() function allows for transparent overlays over the map area. Think MMORPG-like GUI elements.
  • New Overlay helper functions for management.
  • Huge localization effort by Merudo has brought translatable strings to the majority of the MapTool dialogs.
  • MapTool can now import the Dungeondraft VTT export format.
Documentation for new features is lagging a bit so check the associated issue which is linked from the Change Log if you can't find it.

Change Log for 1.7.0

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