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Re: MapTool Build

Post by femanon »

hopefully this will mean faster and better updates. but correct my misconception if it is so, doesnt java 8 supplant 6 completely? to the point that they will not correctly install on the same pc?if j8 has issues and this requires it, is there any fix for having them work in parallel (but obviously not simultaniously)

looking forward to the day you guys add total layer creation and control to the dm and player side clients. if permissions are available to be set for the dm client on each layer theres no need to keep things seperate, and it has tons of other uses. another faster thing would be allowing player side clients to add/import tables to the table field.

i continue to hold mt in such high regard for its ability to display graphics well and allow player side the kind of trust and power needed to pour even more effort into the dm,s game and worlds. keep up the fine work.

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Re: MapTool Build

Post by Jagged »

Its perfectly possible to have java versions 6,7 and 8 on one PC. Most developers probably do. You just need to know how to confidently identify which version you are using.

However, I believe the plan is that at some point in the future (possibly very soon) 1.4 will include a Java Run Time Client. This should remove all java version issues.

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Re: MapTool Build

Post by Elorebaen »

Wow! Big time congratulations to all involved. Thank you!

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