Announcement: MapTool 1.5.3 Released

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Announcement: MapTool 1.5.3 Released

Post by RPTroll »

The RPTools staff is proud to announce the release of MapTool 1.5.3. You can find a complete changelog here. This version of 1.5 comes closer to becoming our Stable build for general use. Please download and run your frameworks through it to make sure everything is still working as expected.

We’ll probably have one or two more releases before declaring 1.5 stable and moving on to MapTool 2.0.

For more information please visit the announcement post.
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Re: Announcement: MapTool 1.5.3 Released

Post by gkramer »

With this build I'm not seeing anything output to the Log Console. Anyone else see this? I'm positive it was with the last build I had -- either 1.5.1 or 1.5.2

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Re: Announcement: MapTool 1.5.3 Released

Post by Phergus »

As of 1.5.2 you have to enable logging via macros. See the change log under the 1.5.2 section.

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