MapTool 1.6.0-alpha-7 Available for Testing

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MapTool 1.6.0-alpha-7 Available for Testing

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Note: This is an alpha release and while it is stable enough for testing purposes there may be bugs serious enough to keep it from use in regular game sessions.

Download 1.6.0-alpha-7 Here

This release builds on the internal JSON refactoring from 1.5.12 and includes the HTML5 support from previous 1.6 releases.

New Features and Bug Fixes since Alpha-6
  • Gather Debug Information window (Help Menu) refactored. Window opens immediately with note that data collection is in progress and then updates once data has been collected.
  • Three of the default maps have been missing from the Resource Library for ages. They are back now.
  • copyToken() macro function bugs when only a token name provided and, though succeeding, was reporting an error when making multiple copies. Fixed.
  • The setState and unsetStates conditions for getTokens and getTokenNames were returning the wrong information. Similar issues with propertyType, owned, and light also fixed.
  • Token Properties grid in the Edit Token dialog didn't fill the available area. Fixed.
  • JSON option added to PROPS type for input() function. WIDTH option added to PROPS. Defaults to 14. Bug in PROPS type fixed.
  • Exporting a campaign with too short a name was throwing an exception. Fixed.
  • Null Pointer Exceptions for Zone fields during Auto Save and Campaign Load. Fixed.
Framework creators and macro coders, please test with your code.

Documentation is coming for the new features.

Change Log for 1.6.0-alpha-7

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