MapTool 1.6.0 Beta 2 Available

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MapTool 1.6.0 Beta 2 Available

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Note: This is a Beta release and it is expected that it is stable enough to run your regular game sessions with there may be bugs. Backup your campaign file and keep a copy of the current version of MapTool you are using in case you need to fall back to it.

Download 1.6.0-beta-2 Here

Features and Bug Fixes
  • New dialog5 and frame5 functions support HTML5, JavaScript and CSS.
  • Token VBL Simplification - Generating VBL for large, complex tokens like maps is much faster and produces much tighter VBL that is less demanding. Also allows for automatic generation via the setTokenVBL() macro function.
  • Movement Blocking Layer - Now you can make those Force Fields that block movement but not sight.
  • Look & Feel themes can now be selected from the Themes menu. More enhancements to come.
  • Predefined Campaign Property sets can now be selected and loaded in the Campaign Properties dialog.
  • New Marker assets added to Default in the Resource Library - Use Restore Default Images in the Help menu to get them.
  • The annoying behavior where browsing for a drawing texture would cause the Resource Library to also change folders has been fixed!
Framework creators and macro coders please test with your code.

Change Log for 1.6.0-beta-2

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