MapTool 1.7.0 Beta 3 Released

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MapTool 1.7.0 Beta 3 Released

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Release Candidate for 1.7.0

Download 1.7.0 Beta 3 release here.
Help test out new features and bug fixes before final release.

  • New macro functions for math operations on lists and arrays.
  • New Macro function markdownToHTML() converts text in Markdown to HTML.
  • nmeier has brought the majority of the MapTool UI under the control the Look & Feel themes accessible from the Themes menu.
  • New GM option to disable the use of the Edit Token dialog by players.
  • Issue with decimal point in Map Units per Cell for European locales fixed.
  • New overlay() function allows for transparent overlays over the map area. Think MMORPG-like GUI elements.
  • New Overlay helper functions for management.
  • Huge localization effort by Merudo has brought translatable strings to the majority of the MapTool dialogs.
  • MapTool can now import the Dungeondraft VTT export format.
Documentation for new features is likely to only be found on the associated issue which is linked from the Change Log.

Change Log for 1.7.0

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