Next Generation of Gaming

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Next Generation of Gaming

Post by SIKsinith »

Check it out - Free, blows all other's away. Enjoy the hardwork!

Captain Sinith

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Re: Next Generation of Gaming

Post by Azhrei »

Yep, there has been discussion of this tool in the past.

It's cool because it's browser-based and therefore works cross-platform; it's not so cool because it's Flash-based and Flash is evil (for reasons not iterated here; read the other threads).

Looks like they've got a lot done with it. They even have fog-of-war now, although no dynamic erasure of fog using vision and token sight lines. Still, the integration of sound and webcam-based video makes it worth looking at.

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Re: Next Generation of Gaming

Post by JonathanTheBlack »

Holy feces that thing is ugly and even less user friendly than MapTool.

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Re: Next Generation of Gaming

Post by RecklessEnthusiasm »

JonathanTheBlack wrote:even less user friendly than MapTool.

Hah, talk about backhanded praise!

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Re: Next Generation of Gaming

Post by mfrizzell »

What a piece of crap. I'll stick with Map Tools.
That thing is cumbersome for any and everything you want to do.
The kicker is I am not going to use that piece of crap IE just to use that system. Even is they supported Firefox I wouldn't use it.
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