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[DramaScape] Greek Arena w/30% off coupon till 1/31/2016

Posted: Wed Jan 27, 2016 1:40 pm
by slayride34
This week's release is a Greek Arena. The arena has an oval stand divided into eight sections. There are two raised platforms in the north and east. The north platform has the entrance/exit underneath. The east platform has two chairs for judges. This map is useful for fantasy games and GrecoRoman historical games. Although it is a Greek arena, making it a Roman coliseum is easy. The north platform can be a standing area for Senators and an Emperor and his Empress can take the two judge seats in the east. Finally, the center arena area is a desert with rocks that could be printed out alone if you need a desert for games. ... e_id=12615
And here is a link for a 3rd off, the link expires on Sunday 31st January, ... 9caddcab24