[DramaScape] Seaside Inlet w/33% off coupon till 2/21/2016

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[DramaScape] Seaside Inlet w/33% off coupon till 2/21/2016

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Seaside Inlet is a map of a tourist trap or vacation spot. The map is divided into a west and east side with a small sea inlet splitting the map in half. A bridge spans across the inlet and the two sea entrance ramps can be used to travel across the area from the southwest and northeast sides with a vehicle for shallow water travel like a jet ski, canoe/kayak, or paddleboat (these vehicles are also small enough to travel under the bridge archway). The map features several building exteriors including a rooftop pool as well as fire escapes/balconies, boardwalks around the area with many outdoor patios, and areas filled with lounging chairs for sunbathing/relaxing in the sun. This map is perfect for modern games where the heroes go on vacation only for something bad to happen to them or for crime, spy, and urban fantasy games as an outdoor location where deals are made and then broken.
and below is a link for 33% off, the link expires on Sunday 21st February

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