[DramaScape] SciFi Arena w/33 % off coupon till 4/10/2016

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[DramaScape] SciFi Arena w/33 % off coupon till 4/10/2016

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SciFi Arena is a science fiction style rectangular arena with two entry doors in the northeast and southwest walls. Rich spectators use booths with circular windows for viewing the matches up close. Less rich spectators use the walkways above the booths. These spectators can also become participants by using the ladders that lead down into the SciFi Arena from the walkways. The basic SciFi Arena is a simple rectangle with squares. There are five additional map pieces to change the arena with pillars to provide cover and high places on the map as well as pits to push other gladiators inside. These pieces can be used to create a maze/labyrinth effect. This map has a no overlay version only (as the square arena floor makes it mostly unnecessary for a square overlay and the hex overlay on top of the squares didn't work well). Suitable for near or far-future science fiction or as a high tech modern arena.


And here is a link for 33% off, it expires on Sunday April 10th
http://www.drivethrurpg.com/browse.php? ... 97b6739632

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