Health Bar options?

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Health Bar options?

Post by foxfirefizz »

Ok, I'll admit right off that I'm a noob with this program. My friends and I only just started using it with our d&d games, and are trying to figure out how to make the health bar show numbers rather then a percentage. Is there a plug in or option we haven't found yet?

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Re: Health Bar options?

Post by Azhrei »

The health bar graphic is usually an image since that looks cool. However, you could specify a bunch of different images so that they appear instead of the "health bar" (would be a health bar though, would it? it'd be a "health number" ;)).

Changing the appearance of the health bars is done via the Edit > Campaign Properties menu option. It's tricky though, so search around here and be sure to watch the GM-oriented screencast tutorials. (Main site, click on Tutorials in the toolbar.)

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Re: Health Bar options?

Post by Bone White »

I believe there was a very pretty example of an "ammo bar" on a token someone showed me once, I believe it was aliasmask, and the game was for Shadowrun? I'm recalling from very foggy memory at the moment.

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