Reviving the Documentation Effort

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Reviving the Documentation Effort

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While new to the forums, I'm been experimenting with MapTool (and related applications) for some time now. Based on my research, MapTool is one of the best (if not THE best) application for running RPGs remotely over the internet. However, it is a complicated application with a steep learning curve, which makes documentation essential, in my opinion.

I came across the previous documentation effort when I started poking around last year's forum posts. References to supporting the doc effort are all over the place and led me to the teh Google Doc at While some structural changes may be needed to the outline, I think this is a very good start on a reference manual for MapTool.

I've started adding content to this document. I'd like to invite others to return to the effort and join me in creating the kind of documentation that will help the next generation of MapTool users to spend less time figuring out the app and more time playing with it.

- Mark Norton

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