VBL, sight, night in build 87

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VBL, sight, night in build 87

Post by billcoke »

So I must be doing something wrong, I'm a newbie. I've had MT for about a month or so, tomorrow I'm running our group through our 1st face to face dnd session using MT. The problem I'm having, I'm sure I'm just missing something, is:
- I make the 2nd floor of a tavern, it has hallways and rooms
- I put VBL on the walls
- I turn on FOW
- I put a PC token into a hallway
- PC has low-light vision
- PC has 15' light source
- I open up a server
- I open up a player display connected to the display
The PC can only see 5'. The player should be able to see 30'
If I turn off the FOW the Player view can see the entire floor plan.
I was hoping that the player would only be able to see the hallway or room they were in as the VBL should block the rest. Guess I'm missing something.
I have 1.3b87. Just recently installed Java update, now the launcher doesn't work but I've gotten around that.
Could someone point me in the right direction. I looked at the tutorial on lighting and I thought I was doing it correctly.

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Re: VBL, sight, night in build 87

Post by aliasmask »

Light problems - When starting the server, did you check the box that says player can reveal vision? Do you have FOW and Vision on? Token needs to be set to PC and the has sight box checked.

Start problem - MT only works with java6. The newest version of java is 7. There is a sticky thread that tells you how to configure MapTool to run java 6.

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Re: VBL, sight, night in build 87

Post by Cherno »

I ran into similr problems when I tried to make overland exploration work. I think it has something to tdo with the size of your grid, i.e. how many units/feet (not pixels!) your grid squares have, s seen in the map info menu. The range of the light sources does NOT correspond to lighted squares, but rather to lighted _units_ as defined in the map menu.

At least that's what I think is going on :)

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Re: VBL, sight, night in build 87

Post by wolph42 »

In The map menu there is a map settings item. There in is a units per cell, defaults to 5 meaning that there are 5 distance units per cell, so if you set your light to 15 units then the range will be 3 cells as its 3x5 units.
Do NOT think in terms of foot or meter or whatever as it's arbitrary, you need to think in distance units and you tell your players 1 cell = 1 meter (thus you need to set the distance per cell to 1) or 5 foot, then you need to set it to 5 units per cells or 10.000 km in which case you set it to 10.000.

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