maptool to run in kioskmode ( view only )

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maptool to run in kioskmode ( view only )

Post by Maehrus »

Hello everyone!

I have been searching this forum to find a solution to run maptool in a kiosk-mode, so that it starts up, autoconnects to a specific Server and just displays a map presented by the Server.
The Main goal is to present a dungeon map on a large tvscreen to our RPG players instead oft drawing it on a paper.
So that means the DM has to control the movement of the players, and the maptool client just has to refresh its map every few seconds.
I'd like to set up maptool on a raspberry2 that we use with a different system so far.

( RPGMasterTool for Android/Tablet to serve the map, 'feh' as a viewer on Raspbian/raspberry to put the map to the tvscreen. Sound is manager by 'Ares -Aural RPG experience'. The soundplayer is running on Rasbian/raspberry, and the controller is running in Android/Tablet).

Well, it works, but there is no vision control, no zooming etc, and here I am looking for something new.

Because the raspberry works without keyboard or a mouse the connection parameters have to be given in a shell script or a makro that starts up first.

Has anyone of you tried something like this before vor can give me some advice?

Kind regards


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Re: maptool to run in kioskmode ( view only )

Post by wolph42 »

there is vision control. you can use ctrl+e and ctrl+f and 'centre players on current view' setting in the menu. Using the quick keys are not ideal, but they work. And 'centre player view' setting is probly exactly what you want.

edit: AFAIK autoconnect does not exist in maptool, you'll have to do that manually
edit2: and you might want to consider using the 'force token select' setting in the bag of tricks and the 'centre on token' toggle also in the BoT settings.

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Re: maptool to run in kioskmode ( view only )

Post by S0AndS0 »

If ya check the sticky in this section of the forum you'll find how I run Maptools off and to Android or Raspberry Pi, as well as how I've run the view to a modded Nintendo Wii.

To run automatticly at boot you can place bash scripts in /etc/rc.local (just above the "exit 0" ;-))
~or if appart of a check if running call scripts can be placed within /etc/cronetab
~or if wanting to call remotely a script can be placed in /etc/ssh/sshd_config under a "Match User <username>" call with "ForceCommand <script>"
~or the script can be called when a spiciffic netork interface becomes active with a "post-up <path>/" command in /etc/network/interfaces file.
The script to start maptools neads only "java -jar <path>/maptools.jar" and exicutable permissions if run by ssh ForceCommand or rc.local to start. From there you'll likely want to build a macro or custom script to run commands to start a specified service or connection.

Use "java -jar -?" and "java -jar -X" to find option flags that maybe usefull for scriptng the start of a connection; such as loading a custom handler.

Another option is desktop mirroring with vino & and xRDP of the guest viewing acount, but I've yet to sort that out myself.
I have ported Maptools Mobile for Android.
link to guide to do it yourself step by step
Maptools on ARM (Android & Pi)
rptools [Guide] thread
link to script to use after using section 1 of above guide
My github Repos
You may contact me through the document that I'm writing or though email or through one of the mirrors that I've posted this information on for public viewing such as XDA Developers or through PM through this very site.

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