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reporting bugs

Post by wrathgon »

am wondering where i report bugs, i try to click on link and logon with same id as here but didnt work so where do i report a bug? am using latest ver(dev) and sometimes when opening file explorer all the text goes crazy when drag right and left.

not sure how i would post a screen shot but i got one :)

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Post by trevor »

There's a couple ways.

Often the most direct way if you are working on the latest development release is to post it on the announcement thread for that release.

You can also go to and register an account (it's on a different host all together so we couldn't hook them up). Which is also a great place.

Additionally you can post your bug to the tool forum, such as the MT forum. You can put the attached screenie in the gallery and link to it from there.

An advantage of putting them in the announcement thread or tool thread is that you can get fairly quick feedback whether it's been reported before, any workarounds, or open a discussion on what the expected behaviour is
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Re: reporting bugs

Post by Azhrei »

The preferred technique right now is to visit the forum related to the tool you're using and post the bug there. Since MapTool gets the most traffic, it has it's own subforum for Bug Reports. Please check out the sticky thread and follow the guidance on how to format your bug report. Violators may find their post moved to a different forum or deleted. :roll:

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