In search of Adventure

Tell us how you are using our gaming tools and how your sessions are going.

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In search of Adventure

Post by Dervish »

We have been using maptool mostly for the display aspect at the very beginning however we wanted to speed up combat so we started experimenting with macros and some automation. We are playing B1-B9 In search of adventure using the BECMI ruleset and to date with the exception of one night where we had massive technical difficulties not realated to maptool itself we have had an awesome time using this application.

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Re: In search of Adventure

Post by Azhrei »

Cool. :) Thanks for the feedback!

Be sure to browse the forums. There are a LOT of "tips and techniques" that you can find here, as well as stories about what other people have done that might give you some ideas. We have a few folks who are building gaming tables based on MapTool with flat-panel displays!

Please drop by any time and add your input to the forums. As we continue to develop the software we'll be implementing ideas from our users. :)

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Re: In search of Adventure

Post by Bone White »

I find it very heart-warming to hear of people using this application successfully, and taking the time to tell everyone about it. Despite not being a programmer for MapTool, I still feel very proud of it, and only wish that more people would realise how amazingly open and versatile it is.

I also like hearing daring feats of lucky die-rolls or catastrophic errors during game-play. Those are the moments of real enjoyment in our games, and to share them allows us all to enjoy, as well as leaving a record for you to stumble across at a later date to make you smile in remembrance.

Hmm, I'm not sure what this post was meant to be about, I got side-tracked somewhere. Ah yes, I need to take my pills.

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