Scales of War w/ Rumble's 4e Framework

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Scales of War w/ Rumble's 4e Framework

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Hello everyone,

First of all, my group wants to give a heartfelt thanks to all of the programmers and staff involved with putting together this incredible software package. Our group started out more than fifteen years ago playing AD&D and SWRPG over mIRC, and without Maptools we wouldn't be able to keep our club alive. As a way of thanks, you will find session logs of our current campaign and a prologue cutscene enclosed with this posting.

Now onto, the details. We're currently using the most recent version of the Maptools using Rumble's 4e framework (Version 5) and the Scales of War maps and tokens provided by community members (a big thanks again!). Thanks to the automation from macros and the Rumble's framework, combat has sped up amazingly and reduces alot of stress on the part of the DM. If you can believe it, back in the days of IRC, our DM had to track everything in addition to ALL of the dice rolling and there was no way for the players to figure out where they were on the map aside from description. Because we have such a strong IRC legacy, we prefer to do much of our roleplaying in text instead of over Skype. Casual conversation is done over google chat/mIRC. This keeps the roleplaying focused, the players on task, and makes it easy to provide a record of past sessions for player reference. We also find that text has a way of stimulating imagination in a way that is unique to its medium.

As for our current campaign, the players are have just completed Rescue at Rivenroar in the Scales of War campaign. For each player, I create several plot hooks and their backstory is incorporated into the campaign such that players have the option of pursuing small side quests should they choose to do so. You will find a small snippet of this cutscene below (spoiler free). Should you choose to do so, feel free to read the session logs from our first adventure module but beware of spoilers for those who have not played the Scales of War campaign. There is alot of pre-game dialogue until about 1/3rd of the first log as players get used to the new framework, so please bear with us.

I'd love to hear any comments anyone has. Also, feel free to visit us at our new site: or our Yahoo Group: ... nerpgclub/


And now for the cutscene snippet:

[spoiler=]A tall, black‐cloaked figure strode through the darkened streets. He had done well
here, his little supply shop providing an excellent cover for his other occupation. Loki’s
eyes darted about the street as he slipped into a nearby alley. It appeared that his
welcome had expired here. Perhaps it was time to move on; he knew there were
enough powerful figures in the city to worry him. Chances were that they would be
coming for him soon. He knew too much. It was only a matter of time before they got
lucky, or outnumbered him, or managed to slip poison into his drink. No, better to cut
his losses and go elsewhere, while he was still able. Shrewdness such as this had made
him successful, and now it would save him, if he acted on it. He had enough gold to
travel to any number of places, though he wasn't quite sure which would best suit his
needs. Loki turned the corner…and stopped suddenly, his senses alert to the unseen but
present danger nearby, “Who goes there?”
From the corner of the alley, a thug dressed in black clothing slowly slipped out of the
shadows, “Don't worry yourself about that, now.” Another thug appeared behind Loki
from the end of the alley, a shortsword clutched in his scarred hand.
Loki stealthily palmed a throwing knife into his hand, held at just the right angle to
escape notice. As he did this, he felt the oiled blade caress his skin, indicating the
poison was still intact, “Who sent you? Was it Hugh the Hand? Or maybe Fat
Freddie? darn that obese slug...I knew he'd cut in on my action someday‐“
The thug grinned as he interrupted him with a low rasping laugh, “You're smarter
than you look. Our...employer has gotten tired of your presence. Time for you to move
“Or disappear...” the second thug chimed in from Loki’s back.
Loki shook his head, “He only sent two of you?”
“That's the last thing you should be worrying about...” the thug began.
“And the first thing you should be.” Suddenly and without warning, Loki released the
glittering dagger from the folds of his cloak. The thug caught it in the throat, screamed
and fell, twitching. The second thug charged at Loki, slashing with his shortsword.
Loki managed to dodge, but not quite quickly enough as the blade ripped a shallow
gash along his side. Grunting in pain, in the blink of an eye Loki produced a collapsible
mini‐crossbow, aimed, and launched a small bolt, missing the foe's head by mere
inches, “darn!”
The remaining thug turned, and approached again, but more carefully this time, “For
that, I'll make sure you die slow...”
Loki smiled, “Don't bother ‐ I have no intention of dying today. Come, let's see how you
do against someone whose back isn't turned.” The thug roared in challenge, rushing in
with a swing of his sword as he closed with his opponent. Loki quickly parried the
blow, and lightning‐fast, snatched the sword from his grasp then delivered a swift kick
to the other's crotch.
“Urk...” the thug muttered as he crumpled, “You...”
Loki grinned unapologetically, “So sorry about that...” Sweeping the blade around into
the man's neck, the assassin cleanly severed the thug’s head, dropping the headless
corpse to the muddy street with a thump, “My apologies.” Loki frowned as he paused to
regard his ruined black cloak. He’d have to discard this one and buy a new one. Placing
his crossbow back in its sheath, Loki turned.
A figure stood behind him, human shaped in a grey tattered cloak, its facial features
hidden within the dark recesses of the hood. The air seemed to ripple as if he were
standing in a mirage, his vision blurring as an unnatural force delved into his mind,
preventing him from acting against the apparition that had suddenly appeared behind
him. Soundlessly, a pale hand reached into the dark robes and Loki’s eyes suddenly
found themselves fixed on an ebony wand tipped in a glittering red gemstone.
Helpless, Loki stood frozen as the diadem flared, crimson light filling his vision as he
was lifted from the ground and sent hurtling through the air, eldritch energy clawing
through fabric and skin.[/spoiler]
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