Mordheim Campaign

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Mordheim Campaign

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Well I've been meaning to post here for quite awhile, since I've been playing Mordheim using MapTool and having a great time. Our campaign group is small (only four players ever, usually two at a time) but we've played a lot of games. The framework we use is one I've been building onto for awhile; it's a bit of a mess code-wise but still works for most parts of the game that need it.

I forgot about my long plans to post here until the very end of last night's game, but here's a screen shot of the aftermath.


Most of the blood splattered around is generated by warriors getting hit during the game, with different blood splatters for more severe wounds.

For those of you who know Mordheim, this battle was between the Ravenguard and Iron Hand, both Reiklander Mercenary warbands. Each of us lost four warriors and hung on through several rout checks until the Ravenguard was finally driven off.

I'll try to remember to post a bit of each game that we have. On average we play a little less than once a week.


Edit: I still haven't figured out how to get the link to the image to work properly. Is there a way to link to a thumbnail in the RPTools Gallery? In other posts I see the url is different, but I can't figure out how to generate that url. Well, sorry for the sloppiness...

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