Tell us how you are using our gaming tools and how your sessions are going.

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Post by trevor »

Please tell us how your game sessions are going, with particular interest in how you are using the RPTools to enhance your game.

We highly encourage screenshots. If you need hosting for your images, we encourage you to use the rptools gallery ( ).

Please make the title of the post the name of your campaign, feel free to post a new thread for each session, or continue with the same thread.
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Post by Azhrei »

I currently do write-ups at the end of each session, but that's for the players who couldn't make it or for the ones who did to refresh their memory before the next game. But I don't do any kind of recap of the tool itself.

And as much as I want to, I can't post screen captures since that would giveaway some of the Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil module and be a big spoiler. ;) But I will work on adding a tool write-up when we play again next Sunday.

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Post by lmarkus001 »

Yeah I have stopped posting the gaming session summaries as their is no [SPOILER] tag setup for this forum. I do continue to add tech related feedback however...

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Post by dglas »

I hesitate to reveal the particulars of the campaign in case I decide to run it for other groups, but I am using Maptool and Ventrilo to run a campaign. It is 1st Edition AD&D (with homebrew) and depicts a desperation shipwrecked scenario called Eye of the Storm originally written as a PW for Neverwinter Nights and it is the Aurora toolset I am using for much of the graphics I use in the game. Between MWSnap and Token Tool, this is working well and provides a wealth of material to use. Going into session #16, the players seem interested and one even built a website for the campaign.

So far, despite the obligatory minor glitches, I am absolutely delighted with Maptool. Thank you for providing, via these tools, the opportunity to game again well into my dotage. :wink:

We are using maptool 1.3 b32.

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