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I just finished another session, but this time around it seemed to run a lot smoother. It may have had something to do with my memory - I removed one card today, and replaced it with another.

Of course, I could be totally wrong, but it definately ran a lot better today.

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I am getting ready to run the next session of my game on Sunday... And I am starting to build up some player resources within the campaign. One of the campaign file's maps is called the PCs Playground. It is a place for the PCs to keep their tokens (since I'm running 1.2, its not possible for them to save a formatted up token outside of maptool). It is also the generic map that we use when I do not have a specific encounter area prepared for them (such as when we are doing pure roleplaying encounters and the characters relative positions are not important).

Here is an excerpt from an email that I just sent out to them regarding the PCs Playground...

That said, I plan to do some reorganizing vis-a-vis the PC playground. I will be adding a "Hall of Knowledge" which will contain info tokens with all of the various house rules and metagame information that relates to the game. Further, I will building a "Trophy Room" where I will put tokens representing the magic items, spells, and other in-game tangibles that your characters have collected during the course of the game. And finally, I will put together a "Valley of Villains" where you can see the tokens of critters that you have encountered during the game.

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I like the Hall of Knowledge, Trophy Room and Valley of Villains ideas. Gonna have to think about doing something similar.

I use a generic grass map as a base for my campaigns. Like you, I put all of the PC's tokens, mounts, npcs and whatnots onto it so that everything is preloaded.

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Post by trevor »

That's really creative MS !
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