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Wandered Roads (North) - a GURPS Fantasy Game

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Used Maptol to host my online GURPS game tonight. First game with this group and it went GREAT!

though we didnt use the Maptool for any combat, the interface, chat and macros allowed us to do quite a bit of roleplaying, 12 edited pages in 3 hours. was a blast!

cant wait to get more familiar with this wonderful application and get more games in!

thanks for this, team!

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Wandered Roads, Session 1


Players Present: Andy, Ben.
Players Missing: Arne
Characters Present: Tonim, Fortis, Seeker (GM)
NPCs: Hrowwl, Gil, Sarn, S'kar'aa
Lurkers: Steve, Mike, Cathy, Stephen.

You are all on the road, just outside of Merrowwick when a strange creature stumbled out of the woods and approached you.

S'kar'aa: "Hep maa pleez"

The creature falls to the ground

* Fortis takes a moment to observe the newcomer

Several of the townsfolk that had gathered for the duel come up to see what is going on.

* Tonim lets his pack and spare spear drop to the ground, and leans on the butt of his other spear.

The creature is reptilian and blue skinned

He is breathing heavily and appears to be exhausted.

* Fortis flies in for a closer look

Seeker steps forward toward the creature and says "What is wrong, how can we help?

but the creature just lies there, panting.

* Tonim whispers to Hrowwl, "What IS...THAT!?"

Hrowwl: "Its a Kobold. Nasty little creatures if you get them mad, but really nothing more than a nuisance most of the time."

* Tonim observes the woods behind the kobold to see whats pursueing him.

Sarn: "Ive seen Kobolds before, some live in the tunnels near the mines at Deeprose Gorge."

Fortis: Are you wounded? What help is it you require?

Upon closer examination, the Kobold appears to be wounded and has many cuts and gashes on his body, though most appear to be at least 2 days old.

The Kobold has become unresponsive, apparently unconscious, but still breathing.

Tonim: Well...uh...I know a little first aid...not much...

Tonim: Is there a doctor nearby?

* Fortis lands near the creature and begins mumbling

Fortis: minor healing « 3d6 = 8 »

Tonim: OH MY GAWD IS THAT MAGIC!!!?!!!?!

Fortis: Shhhh! I'm trying to concentrate!

The Kobold stirs a bit and sits up weakly

S'kar'aa: "Ahh, tanks you, birdy." He looks around at the group gathered around him. "Yuz hep me." He then begins babbling in another language.

Fortis: Who hurt you?

S'kar'aa: "Me S'kar'aa"

Fortis: I'm Fortis, how did you get hurt?

Sarn: "He is speaking in Dwarven. I know a bit of Dwarven."

Sarn says a few words the the Kobold in a rough, harsh langauge, and S'kar'aa listens then begins babbling quickly back to him

Sarn: "He says that rats from below attacked his family and made them slaves. He said he tried to help them but they hurt him and threw him in a river. He wants us to follow him to his home, Deeprose Gorge."

Tonim: Rats? How do rats make you slaves?

Fortis: We're going there anyway... but wouldn't those be some abnormally capable rats? I wonder...

Seeker: "I shall help you little one." He turns to Sarn, "Tell him I will help him."

Sarn: "He says they are big rats. Bigger than him and his family."

* Tonim wanders over and picks up his gear, casting sidelong glances at Hrowwl.

Fortis: Those are certainly some rodents of unusual size!

Hrowwl: Gives a nod to Tonim, "We should help him, he came a long way to look for help."

Tonim: Okay then.

* Tonim helps the kobold up.

Tonim: Well now, little fella, maybe we can help you with this problem of yours.

* Tonim casts worried looks at Fortis.

Fortis: Where did you learn to speak dwarven Sarn? how many languages do you know? Glenmar seemed to know a lot of them too. Maybe....

Sarn: "It is just over a full days march to Deeprose Gorge, if we leave now, we should be there just after noon tomorrow."

Sarn: "Remember, I spent some years living with the Dwarves of Deeprose Gorge. They taught me some of their language."

Tonim: Well, let me and Hrowwl lead the way, we've spent a fair bit of time in the woods.

Tonim says to the GM: I think survival might let me shave time off that?

* Fortis flies over to Salura, alights on her attractive shoulder and starts to whisper to her

You whisper to Fortis: send her home...

Tonim says to the GM: or Navigation

Fortis: im Salura sniffs and wipes away a tear as she turns to walk back into Merrowick, turning only once to wave a sad smile.

You whisper to Tonim: but why dont you let Seeker and Gil do some scouting

Tonim says to the GM: sure

Seeker: "I too have some experience in the woods," he gives a long look at Hrowwl and snorts a bit, "My friend Gil and I can scout ahead and your sword can help defend the others in case of an ambush by these 'rats.'"

Fortis: If we all scout ahead, isn;t that the same as traveling together?

Tonim: Well, I can't say I'm much worried about rats, I once beat a goblin in a fist fight, but you go right ahead.

* Tonim idly bites a fingernail

The 9' tall Wolfen and his Orc companion head off into the woods down the path.

* Tonim whistles idly and follows

he motley group heads north and west on the trail that leads to the Dwarven enclave of Deeprose Gorge.

Nothing out of the ordinary happens for the rest of the day. As the group sets camp for the night, the big Wolfen, Seeker, and his Orc companin, Gil, return.

The camp is set and everyone gathers around the firepit.

* Tonim picks a piece of straw and chews on it

Everyone sits quietly until the Orc clears his throat loudly.

Gil: "Well, I guess we could all introduce ourselves. Im Gil. I am a sailor and normally hail from Seaholm on the north shore of the Algor Sea.

* Tonim shares some food with the kobold

Tonim: I'm Tonim. I'm...just wandering. From down southeast a bit.

Fortis: What brought you to Merrowick GIl?

S'kar'aa: The Kobold scarfs down the food, "Ahhh, tanks to you, mighty one." He seems to hoard the food closely as he eats it.

* Tonim shares water, too.

Gil: He motions to his companion, "My friend here, Seeker, and I just thought a change of scenery would be nice. Heard Deeprose Gorge was beautiful this time of year."

S'kar'aa: gulp gulp , burp. Ahh

Gil: "What about you, little one?"

Fortis: Really? Sarn, I thought you said it was a mining town ?

Fortis: Yes S'kar'aa, how are you doing there little one?

Seeker: "Yes, little man. What are you exactly? What is your race? How fast can you fly? How high can you fly?"

Tonim: Yeah, and can you do other magic? How do you do magic?

Sarn: "Well yes, Deeprose Gorge is a mining operation, but that is underground, the Gorge itself is beautiful.

Everyone seems to be looking at Fortis, asking him questions in rapid fire succession.

Tonim: I've heard of magic before. Never seen it, though.

Fortis: Oh, I see how it is... little huh? mumble grumble.... well, I can fly because I have these BRIGHT BLUE WINGS, which ....

You whisper to Tonim: werent you healed by a priest in Badd Land?

Fortis: I have because I'm an Ellyl, Fortis, Chavelier du Borough de Legash

Tonim says to the GM: uh, i hope not...lemme go check :P

You whisper to Tonim: its still ok to be more curious :)

Fortis: Magic is an art like many others, tracking for example, which I assume you are familiar with

Tonim: Oh yeah

Tonim: But I taught myself tracking, mostly

Fortis: It is an art based on will, the manipulation of mana, like a smith forges natural iron into an object, a mage modls mana into a spell

* Tonim nods and looks confused

Fortis: Many Fae can do it. And quite a number of others as well, can you not?

Tonim: Oh, no, I'm normal!

Fortis: and by 'normal' you would mean what, exactly?

Tonim: Uh, you know, a regular person.

Fortis: Right. In any event it is a pert of who you are, like being blond or haveing blue wings instead of yellow

* Gil has a confused look on his face, "Normal, yes, what do you mean? I think i am normal."

Gil: "Im a regular person"

Hrowwl: "Yes, as am I. You are confusing me, friend Flinn, I mean Tonim. What do you consider 'regular'"

Tonim: Well, I mean, where I come from, it's just plain folks, nothing fancy. I've never even met a sailor before, much less an orc or a little butterfly fella or anything like that!

Several of those sitting around the fire get strange looks on their faces.

* Seeker begins laughing heartily, "You are funny, Human. I like you."

Fortis: Apparently there are more things in existance, Flinn than are dreampt of in your philosophy.

* Tonim flushes red

Fortis: It is no matter, we are all what and who we were born to be

* Gil pullsout a flask and takes a big swig, "Demon Water, anyone, its the best in the North!" He passes it around the fire.

You whisper to Tonim: he called you Flinn... and Hrowwl called you both... hehe

* Fortis takes an amazingly large portion for his body weight

* Tonim takes a sip and coughs and chokes before passing it on!

Fortis: Thanks, don;t mind if I do

Fortis: Ahhh... like honeyed nectar, but sweeter, and with a little less kick

* Hrowwl says "That is a big drink for someone so, um, small." Hrowwl takes a gulp and passes it along as well.

Fortis: I appologize, Master Gil, for overindulging in your proffered generosity

You whisper to Fortis: just so you know, alcohol can still affect you, you just get a bonus to your roll!

* Gil pats his satchel nearby, "Tis ok, Master Fortis, Ive another flask in here for later!" He smiles a toothy grin and takes another swig.

Fortis: A well provisioned traveler is a happy companion

Tonim: Gil, you oughtta visit this Orc priest in Badd Land, he made the best beers I've ever tasted. I best you two would get along like peas in a pod!

Tonim: Narsh was his name, as I recall...

Fortis: What is your business, Master Flinn? you are a woodsman of strange mark and unfamiliar experience.

* Gil says "Well thank you for the tip, friend. I will look him up if i am ever in the area"

Tonim: I, uh, don't have any real "business" as you might call it. I was just, um, hunting and stuff in the woods and kinda working my way up to Merrowick. Ran into Hrowwl here and have been hunting together...

* Tonim chews harder on his straw

You whisper to Fortis: u have control now

Fortis: That is what confuses me, you appear oddly armored for a hunter

You whisper to Tonim: ive given you control of Hrowwl so you can talk for him if you want, you know how to impersonate?

Tonim says to the GM: yeah

* Tonim laughs nervously

Tonim: Well, you'd be surprised what you run into in the woods sometimes...

* Hrowwl laughs quietly also.

Fortis: What beasts do you armor youself against with such mail? should we be concerned?

Tonim: Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeell...no.

* Hrowwl says "It depends, there are many dangerous beasts in these woods. Many other dangerous things as well, besides beasts. Sometimes we can even be a danger to ourselves." He shoots a sidelong glance at Tonim.

Fortis: So, you are forethoughtful enough to anticipate meeting a creature of such ferocity that you need mail to protect yourself, and wealthy enough to so equip?

Tonim: Yeah, we got caught in a Dominion ambush the other day, and then came along a bunch of Wolfen, a big darn fight...we were lucky to get out.

* Seeker rubs his chin and listens intently, "Wolfen attack? Interesting, did you make out any of their Legion markings? Where exactly were you?"

* Hrowwl nods in agreement.

Fortis: Ahhh... so you took the armor of your slain foe?!? I heartily approve! tell me, how many did you defeat when they ambushed you?

Tonim: I didn't impersonate anybody! There were a bunch of them, I ran like hell!

Tonim: er, not impersonate, defeat...

Fortis: Oh, I'm sorry, so you had the mail before that then

Tonim: Well, um, yeah

Tonim: I found it

Tonim: on a dead guy

Tonim: I killed!

Fortis: Twice perhaps?

Tonim: Well, um, he was already dead...I think

The Kobold, who had been sleeping near the fire, shreiks out and sits straight up, looks around with wild eyes, then curls back up in a little blue ball and continues to sleep.

Fortis: They are so cute when they dream... I wonder if he's chasing squirrels

Hrowwl: You are very inquisitive, little one. I don't think our friend is married and he has no wife to dally with...maybe a sister back home.

* Hrowwl grins and winks

* Gil says "Probably chasing blue butterflies" he gives a wry smile and chuckles.

Fortis: that would account for the scream then

You whisper to Tonim: u did that? cool, with the icon too... interesting

Tonim says to the GM: yah

You whisper to Fortis: Tonim can impersonate hrowwl , wonder why you cant... same settings.. try again

Hrowwl: What about you, Seeker? How do you come by this place?

Hrowwl: You asked about the Wolfen legions...are you in one?

Tonim says to the GM: is it in my speaking color?

Sarn: Yes, I too am curious about Wolfen

* Seeker scratches behind his ear, "No, I am not a part of the Empires Legions, I am merely a traveler, seeking out knowledge and experience."

Lorryn says to the GM: neat how the tokens are coming up with the dialogue

Sarn: Peaceful experinences I do hope

You whisper to Fortis: Sarn knows about wolfen, he has lived many years in the wolfen empire... just so ya know, the village where hes from is in wolfen lands

* Seeker says "You cannot dictate how the experiences are found, only how you deal with them. There is a lesson in all things, so my grandfather would say."

* Tonim nods. "Ain't that the truth."

* Hrowwl nods his head in agreement with Seekers words.

Sarn: too true

Sarn: And you. Hrowwl, what path led you here?

* Fortis rummages through the pack Sarn was carrying and pull out a biscuit

* Hrowwl says "Me, I am but a simple hunter. I move from place to place. I have no true home, not in this area anyway. I hail from the Hinterlands, far to the north and west.

* Hrowwl says "I happened across this child," he motions to Tonim, "and decided I needed to take him under my wing. Did not want to see him turn out to be another head on a pike outside of Badd Land."

* Tonim grins.

Tonim: Hey, I can hold my own if I have to!

Fortis: Was your head endangered Tonim?

Tonim: Well, there was this Goblin that murdered a guy! He challenged me to a duel, but I beat him down. I had to get out of town after that, though...

* Hrowwl says "Holding your own was not goin to be the problem when the Vipers came after you."

* Hrowwl says "If i remember correctly, you called him out, remember."

Tonim: Well, what he did wasn't justice...

Tonim: Closer to murder. If that's what passes for law and order in Badd Land, count me out.

* Seeker says, "Ahh, justice. That word means much to different people in different places. Be careful with those thoughts, friend Tonim."

Tonim: He murdered a family man for stealing something. I think most people would see that as injust.

Fortis: Depends on what he stole, and perhaps on who he stole it from

Tonim: He stole from a bunch of thugs to feed his family!

Tonim: But I won money on our fight, and gave it to the widow. That should help her.

* Gil takes another big swig from his flask, "Im going to turn in for the night, wake me when its my turn to watch."

Fortis: I honor youe justice Tonim, but please do not assume it is the only kind to exist, just as there may be other reces, there may be other truths

* Seeker says "Good night, Gil. I will take first watch, if no one objects. And yes, Fortis, you are right, many have different views on what is just and true."

* Tonim pulls out a thin blanket and leans against his pack.

Fortis: A good night's rest seems a lovely thought, I bid you all good eventide as well

* Fortis flits up to a nearby treebranch and settles in for the night.

As everyone beds down, Seeker sets up a position near some trees just outside of camp.

Sarn: Would you like me to watch next? or after Gil, either way, please wake me for my turn

The night passes quietly, everyone taking a quick turn at watch. In the morning, everyone breaks camp after a short meal. S'kar'aa eats ravenously again, but seems in a bit better mood.

* Tonim stands and walks around the camp, stretching his legs

* S'kar'aa says "Tank agin for hep me and family. Come, not much to go. Behind S'kar'aa"

* Tonim shoulders his pack, checks his broadsword and shield, and carries his spears in one hand.

* Fortis flies down from his perch, refreshed and looking forward to an interesting day

GM: ...

S'kar'aa leads the group further down the trail. The forests begin to give way to rockier terrain and soon enough the party arrives at the Gorge.

The Gorge is beautiful, with bands of red and brown rock in the walls, far below, a muddy river rages through.

Tonim: Wow, it is pretty!

Fortis: Stunning visuals, I wonder what medium would best capture the rugged cliff faces?

About a quarter mile down the Gorge, you can see the remains of a bridge, broken now and fallen into the water below.

* S'kar'aa motions to the destroyed bridge, "That where rats throw S'kar'a."

* Tonim scratches his head.

Fortis: Off the bridge?

Tonim: How did *rats* throw you?

From a quarter mile away, it is hard to discern the damage to the bridge.

Fortis: Shall we take a close look?

Tonim: Yeah.

* Tonim moves ahead, checking for tracks...

* S'kar'aa says with what may be a puzzled look on his face "Bridge work other day."

Fortis: Where does the bridge lead? to the town? to the mines?

You make your way further down the trail, noticing many old tracks, boots and the occasional wheeled wagon.

* Sarn says "The bridge used to cross the Gorge to the entrance to the enclave. The Dwarves live and mine underground.

Tonim: Where's your village? On the other side?

Fortis: S'kar'aa, were the dwarves still working when you left?

* S'kar'aa says " S'kar'aa live inside ground. With family."

Tonim: Down in the gorge, or on the other side?

* S'kar'aa says "Yes, family working for rats when S'kar'aa gets thrown down"

* Sarn says "The Dwarves live inside the earth. Across the bridge, to those doors there, see." He points across the Gorge and you see a set of large wooden doors set into the side of the Gorge.

Fortis whispers to sarn "is it possible that dwarves did this to him and he considers them rats?"

* Tonim is walking up to edge and looking for another way to cross.

* Sarn says "The Dwarves of Deeprose Gorge wouldn't destroy their only way out of the mines. They are a hard working, peaceful group. Miners, craftsmen and traders. Without the bridge, they would not survive."

S'kar'aa begins to get anxious.

* S'kar'aa says "Pleez, gots to hep S'kar'aa family. They inside. Rats hurt them, make work."

The Gorge is about 20 feet deep here, and about 50 feet across to the doors in the cliff face.

* Tonim looks hopeful

Tonim: Fortis, could you magically teleport us across?

Fortis: No, but I can fly a rope across if someone has one, and where did ou learn about teleportation?

Tonim: Mama's fairy tales, of course!

Tonim: I've got about...oh...30 feet of rope or so...

The gap in the bridge is at least 30 feet across

Fortis: anyone else have rope?

* S'kar'aa begins babbling in Dwarven again.

* Sarn says " S'kar'aa says he knows of another way in, down in the Gorge, by the water. Some sort of tunnel or gate."

Tonim: Can you show us the way?

* S'kar'aa says "Yess, yess, must climb down though. Follow S'kar'aa."

Tonim: Well, most of us have to climb...

* Tonim winks at Fortis

* Fortis swoops along down the cliff, looking for suprises

The Gorge is not as deep in this area, only about 20 feet down to the water below.

* Tonim lowers his pack to the bottom.

Tonim: Fortis, untie that and we can use the rope to lower the others down that need it.

* Tonim glances around and cocks his head

* Tonim sees a dry spot to land his pack on near the stream below.

GM: The pack sets down on a rocky outcropping near the bottom

* Fortis unfastens the rope attached to the pack

* S'kar'aa scurries down the cliff face, nearly head first, and makes it to the bottom, where he huddles against the rock wall, waiting for the rest to make it down.

Fortis: S'kar'aa, how big are these rats? as big as humans?

* Tonim and Seeker tie the rope to a rock and lower the rest of the party. I lower him, then drop the rope and climb down unaided.

* S'kar'aa says "Rats bigger than me. Not as big as mighty man up top."

Most of the party makes it down with aid from the rope and those above. Tonim drops the rope and begins his descent.

* Tonim hops off the cliffface to his feet and looks satisfied with himself.

Tonim makes it down safely. The ledge is narrow, and everyone is crowded. S'kar'aa points upstream.

* S'kar'aa says "That way."

* Tonim shoulders his pack, notably arming his shield and a spear...

* Fortis zooms upstream a bit and looks around

* Fortis only sees the stream and cliff face.

* Tonim sniffs the water.

The water looks clear and clean, rushing quickly past you.

* Tonim fills his waterskin full.

* S'kar'aa says "Path is below water." He points upstream to near where Fortis is flying around.

* Tonim looks worried.

Tonim: You mean we gotta swim?

It is hard to tell how deep the water is, but it is rushing past fairly quickly.

Fortis: I'm not sure this is such a good idea, why don't we go talk to the dwarves?

Tonim: How far do we gotta swim?

* S'kar'aa looks confused. "You will hep S'kar'aa family?"

* Seeker sticks his staff down in the water. "Its not too deep, I think we can walk through the stream. Its not that far."

Fortis: We have to get there first, can we climb the far side and use the door?

Tonim: I can tie the rope off, give folks something to pull along with.

Tonim: Anybody a good swimmer?

* Seeker hops down into the water and almost loses his footing. "Its not too bad, just go slow!"

Tonim: I can a little...

* Seeker begins trudging upstream toward where S'kar'aa pointed.

Fortis: I think I would be swept off by the current, I do not swim with any certainty

* S'kar'aa crawls along the edge of the stream, seeming afraid of the water, he is able to find small handholds and ledges as he follows the dark Wolfen upstream.

Tonim: Is this UNDER the water? Like a submerged tunnel?

Gil and Hrowwl both hop into the water and begin heading upstream as well.

Sarn hops down and tries the same, but loses his footing and goes under.

* Tonim tries to grab Sarn

* Sarn breaks the surface about 10 feet downstream from where Tonim is, flailing wildly.

* Tonim drops his gear and jumps in after Sarn

Everyone turns quickly to watch whats going on in the stream behind them.

* Fortis flies as fast as he can downstream of Sarn

GM: (( waiting on a +3 swimming roll from Tonim ))

As Tonim dives in, Fortis flies down past Sarn, who is having trouble keeping his head up.

Tonim reaches Sarn as he goes under again

Tonim and Sarn both go under as Fortis begins casting a spell.

Both Humans begin gasping as they take in water.

Sarn begins to rise slowly, magically out of the water.

* Fortis Sarn floats over to the riverbank, dripping and gasping

* Tonim manages to pull himself, coughing and hacking, back up onto the bank.

Tonim: Maybe we should all grab hold of my rope as we go through the water?

After a moment of catching their breath, Sarn and Tonim make their way upstream holding onto a rope that Fortis ferried down to Seeker to hold.

Fortis: WHY are we going through the water instead of talking to the dwarves?

Tonim: Is this path UNDER water? Or just THROUGH the water?

Everyone looks up the doors in the cliffs, 20 feet above, and then down to where S'kar'aa is pointing to a grating just below the surface of the water.

Tonim: Don't worry, Fortis. You can ride in my pocket!

The grate is secured, covereing what appears to be a small tunnel underwater.

Tonim: I think we ought to give the grate a try, see if we can't come in the back way surprise them rats

Fortis: This is not the best access, let us ascend and find another way

Fortis: Anyone crossing an unusable bridge will provide surprise, surely

Everyone just sort of stands there as Fortis and Tonim debate the best way in.

Fortis: Are there any other opinions?

Tonim: I'm going to try and wrench the gate open?

Tonim: Let's just see how far it goes

Fortis: Suit yourself, I just don't see me diving through fast running water

With a splash, the Tonim rips the great off the tunnel entrance.

Tonim: I told you, you can ride in my pocket!

* Tonim loses his footing while holding the heavy grate and crashes into the water again.

Fortis: Didn;t your pocket just try to marry itself to the bottom of this river?

Fortis: Twice?

Fortis: Perhaps there are safer and drier methods.

* Hrowwl quickly fishes his wet friend out of the water before he can wash away.

* Tonim shakes the water from his hair.

Tonim: This is living!

* Tonim grins

Fortis: For the moment, in a little while it may be drowning

* Tonim turns to S'Kar'aa

Tonim: How far does this run?

* S'kar'aa says "Little bit. Never go through." He then babbles something else in dwarven.

Fortis: You mean, you didn't go out this way then close the grate behind yourself?

* Sarn says "He says he dosent know how far it runs, but not far. He says it leads into the lower caverns, below the mines. From what I remember, the lower caverns was where the Kobolds lived.
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Wooot! sounds like a fun Session. Wish mine went like that :)

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Heh, sounds like a lot of fun !
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Session 2
Players Present: Andy, Ben, Chaoz, Arne
Characters Present: Tonim, Fortis, Seeker
NPCs Present: Gil, Sarn, Hrowwl, S'kar'aa

* Gil listens carefully to the tide inside the tunnel to determine its depth

Tonim: If you guys see the pack go on one tug, the passage way is longer than 10 yards.

You are all standing (except Fortis) in the water near the open grate leading down into the side of the gorge.

Tonim: Otherwise, I'll tug multiple times before pulling it through.

Gil can tell that the tunnel submerges a few feet in, but cant determine any more than that.

Sarn: What did you see Fortis?

* S'kar'aa says "Thats tunnel goes in a ways then comes out under the lower caves."

Gil: Tonim, let' wait a few minutes for our litte friend.

* Fortis Flies up to the far side of the bridge towards the Dwarven settlement

Tonim: No problem

Fortis flies up to the main entrance

* Gil pats Seeker:" Why are you so silent, Seeker?"

The main entrance is thick wooden wall built over a cavern entrance with a set of large doors. Over each door is a 1-foot-diameter circular opening set with horizontal slats of wood louvers.

The area over the right door is emitting a slight smoky haze.

* Sarn wishes that Fortis would be careful

You whisper to Fortis: You come out in some sort of leather tube.

Fortis whispers: follow it

You whisper to Fortis: as you enter the tube, you feel air being sucked into the tube from the outside, not forcefully, but strong enough for you to feel it.

Fortis whispers: follow it, but if it gets strong or hot I go back

Fortis whispers: I look for other vents as well

* Tonim picks a piece of straw and chews on it

You whisper to Fortis: you follow the duct, there are no other ways to go, it bends to the left, then to the right, then it ends in a small space with a large wooden fan spinning quickly, sucking the air in.

You whisper to Fortis: the force of the air sucks you toward the fan

You whisper to Fortis: you manage to twist and turn and fly back down the tube a ways, safely away from the stronger flow near the fan

You whisper to Fortis: you are breathing heavily and resting in the tube, a around a bend in the duct work

* Tonim idly bites a fingernail

Fortis whispers: find a seam in the vent and cut out with the knife or blst out with 1d sunbolts

you all stare up the cliff face of the gorge, you watched Fortis fly near the main doors, but then he disappeared.

* Tonim picks a long weed and chews on it

You whisper to Fortis: You manage to cut a small hole in the duct work and squeeze your head through enough to peek around. The room is dim but bright enough to see.

Fortis whispers: widen and pass through

* Sarn mumbles to himself:"come back safe Fortis..."

You whisper to Fortis: The room is large, easily 50' by 50'. Two large tables fill the center of the room and are covered with discarded food and broken crockery. In the northeast corner is a kitchen area with a fire under a cooking kettle. Suspended above the kitchen area is a leather canopy of sorts with some sort of leather ductwork connected to it. Duct work runs across the ceiling of this room, connecting to a large wooden contraption on the west side of the room and then going out into the wall above the two main doors. The main doors are blocked by 20 or so wooden barrels stacked in front of them, blocking the doors soundly.There are 4 rat-men sitting at one of the tables eating and arguing. There are 3 Kobolds in the kitchen area cooking. There is a female dwarf walking slowly and chained in a large wooden wheel, connected to the wooden contraption on the western area of the room. She seems to be powering some sort of pump and fan system that is ventillating the cooking area and no doubt other areas of the mines as the duct work continues out into the other areas of the mine. As you look around, one of the Rat-men sees you and throws a half eaten piece of meat your way before getting up and coming toward you with a stick.

* Tonim chews his shirt absentmindedly

Fortis whispers: pull the head back in and fly out of the vent system back to the party to report

* Fortis Not too long after he leaves the Fae flies back with some information

Fortis: They have enslaved the dwarves too! they are about as big as...

Fortis whispers: how big are the rat men?

Sarn: Thanks gods you are back!

Fortis: big as Hrowwl, they seem pretty alert.

Tonim: darn big rats!

Fortis: The doors are barricaded with barrels from the back side and they have a dwarf set up in a giant treadwheel

You whisper to Fortis: there you saw some Kobolds working in the kitchen area too..

Fortis: Yes, BIG RATS, and they throw pretty well too

Sarn: Did they find you?

Fortis: Oh, S'kaa'ra I saw some kobolds working in the kitchen as well

Fortis: Find? no, just poked my head in and was spotted

S'kar'aa: "Yess yess, big rats, yess, told you, they threk S'kar'aa off ledge up there, right here into water. Oww, so far down. So wet was I!

Tonim: If the doors are barricaded and barred, we should go in the back way.

Tonim: Plus, they're alerted now.

Tonim: And watching the front door, no doubt.

Fortis: I see your point... if You drown while carrying me I'll kill you

Sarn: Do they know this tunnel kobold friend?

S'kar'aa: "Yess, the tunnel, tried to show you in that way, dont think they know about tunnels down here."

* Tonim ties his equipment off.

Tonim: Anybody else have any rope?

Gil: I think I have some

Fortis: Fresh out

Tonim: You could tie it to my equipment, then we could pull the rest of the party through.

Seeker: Yes, we have some rope here.

Gil: Here you are.

Gil: Let me teach you how to make knots

Gil: this way, yes, you are very smart

Fortis: I hope they are busy at the front enterance

Looking up, you do not notice any activity from the main doors above.

Tonim: Fortis, you riding with me, or hanging onto the rope?

Gil: Yeah little friend, if you had the chance to set up a fire there, it will be more fun! Heehee (orcish giggle)

Fortis: A fire you say?

Fortis: Easy as collecting honesuckles by moonlight

S'kar'aa: "What, fire? No, you musnt burn my families home! We must save them, not burn them!"

Fortis: AS for transport, the pocket may be the best, if least dignified, way to enter

* Tonim holds open a pocket

Tonim splashed up out of the water into pitch darkness

* Tonim raises out of the water QUIETLY and looks around...

* Tonim tugs the line a few times, feel some resistance, and starts hauling it in.

* Fortis gasps air and climbs out of a soggy pocket

* Gil feels the rope and shouts out:"He made it!"

The tunnel is narrow, low and wet as well as pitch DARK. Tonim can only barely get his head out of the water, but the tunnel seems to continue farther on.

Fortis: cast glow at starlight level

Fortis: glowing REALLY WELL

Fortis: Anybody have a brighter light source?

Fortis: Tonim, do you have a lamp? or a torch?

Tonim: Nope.

Sarn: Thank you Tonim for scouting out for us! And thank you Fortis!

The spell that Fortis cast seems to be very bright!

Fortis whispers: rest while everyone else is rearranging gear

Everyone has made it through the submerged tunnel safely, but now soaking wet. Fortis magical light is shining brightly, filling the low (4-5') tunnel. Steps lead up from the water and the path turns to the right.

* Seeker "Whew! that was tight!"

Most everyone is hunched over here in the tight passageway.

Fortis whispers: does my light move with me? it's an area spell

Sarn: Kobold friend, what can you tell us about the exit?

Fortis: Does anyone have a lamp? or a lantern? or an extra knife they would like to use as a light?

* Seeker I have a staff you could illuminate!

Sarn: I have a sword.

Tonim: We could use my shield

Gil: Yeah, that is better.

Fortis: Whatever it is must be small, and also able to be sheathed or hidden if we must hide the light... once it is on I cannot douse it.

Tonim: Ahh, I cannot 'sheath' my shield.

Gil: I have many knives.

Fortis: A spare one if you please master Gil, on the ground there (he points) if it is not too much trouble

Gil: No trouble at all.

Fortis: Torch or daylight bright?

Gil: Up to you little gentleman.

Fortis: got it, must rest....

Gil: You can rest on my shoulder, little gentleman

Fortis: torchlight, it should last 6 days... I'm beat

Seeker: Seeker tries to sniff out anything untoward ahead...

Fortis whispers: shouldn't Gil lead, since he has the light? I'll ride on Sarn, for comfort and protection if he'll allow

Gil: Ok, let's move!

the caves smell of dampness and earth, that is about all you can smell down here.

Seeker: Smells clear for a ways at least...

* Gil stops and asks Seeker:"What did you find Seeker?"

Seeker: No scents to speak of.

the tunnel begins to open up into a cavern

* Gil whsipers to the group:"It opens up."

Gil: whispers:"Let's move along the wall."

You see what appears to be a large hole in the floor off to the right

* Gil stops and listens carefully

Seeker: I don't rush right over to the hole

Natural cave formations clutter the ceiling and floor of this cave, and a thin sheen of water glistens on every surface...

GM: The only exits from the cave are the passage to the south and a natural chimney that descends into the darkness below. The rotted remains of a large winch are still in place over the hole, which appears to be an old mine shaft.

* Gil listens to the hole

Seeker: Sir Fortis? Can you check out the hole for us?

Seeker: Don't take a light - it might give you away...

Fortis: Let me rest please first, I am in no condition for surprises affter creating that light.

chaoz whispers: sure, I am sorry.

S'kar'aa: Ahh yes, i remember, family used to bring rocks out of here and through the water, they tells me

Seeker: okay

Fortis: Please good friends, let us rest an hour, refresh ourselves, dry ourselves off and relax before moving on.

Gil: Good idea, little gentleman.

* Tonim tries to llight a fire but fails miserably as his supplies are wet.

You all relax and rest for a time.

* Fortis rests on the dryest pack available, and looks profoundly tired.

As you rest to allow Fortis time to regain some energy, Seeker goes over to examine the winch near the hole.

* Gil lies on the ground and recovers from the walk in the tunnel

* Seeker begins examining the winch and almost immediately, it disappears down into the hole and crashes loudly a moment later, into the cave below. Echoes of the crash bounce through the tunnel.

* Fortis mumbles something about larks nests, rolls over and continues his nap.

Fortis whispers: yes

Gil: Are you ready little gentleman?

* Fortis yawns widely, stretches and rubs his eyes

Fortis: Hmmm... Time to look at the bottom of that hole I think.

as you glance down into the hole, you can faintly see the bottom, about 30 feet down, and glowing red objects moving around swiftly on the cavern floor.

Gil: be carefull little gentleman

Fortis: glowing red objects like eyes? do they blink at all?

The remains of the winch lay on the ground as well, broken.

The movement below is too quick to make out any details while looking through the natural chimney, which is pretty narrow

The red objects appear larger than eyes.

Fortis: fly down the hole

You whisper to Fortis: You fly down through the 10 feet of mineshaft and enter a larger cavern, its floor some 20 feet below you. On the floor of the cave are 5 large beetles with glowing red glands behind their heads. They scamper about waving large mandibles around in front of them.

Sarn: be careful friend

Fortis: There are a bunch of big beetles down here (calling from below)

You whisper to Fortis: The beetles dont seem to notice you at all flying around near the ceiling

You whisper to Fortis: the bettles are close to 3 feet across. they are large

Fortis whispers: scout the perimiter of the cavern

You whisper to Fortis: its big, there are a few ways out.

Fortis whispers: OK, go get the knife from Gil

GM: there are some kobold carcasses and a few beetle carcasses on the ground

Seeker: How far down is it?

* Fortis calls up "about 30', there are some dead beetles and kobolds"

* Fortis flies up to Gil " I need the knife for light"

Gil: Here you are

Gil: Or maybe I can go down with you?

* Fortis call up "there are 2 exits"

Fortis: Oh and maybe those aren't corpses after all... rock take funny shapes in the shadows

Gil: Do you mind going down first Seeker?

Fortis whispers: do the beetles look dangerous to my friends?

Fortis whispers: I'm going to zap sunbolts at them until they are either driven off, incapacitated of deceased.

You whisper to Fortis: the carcass i told you about were 2 beetles over by the northern passage

Fortis whispers: from a safe distance of course

Seeker: not at all

* Gil helps tying the rope to Seeker

Fortis: Watch out for these beetles guys, they look hungry

Fortis whispers: I'll just keep a SB ready to help.... just in case

As Seeker gets down, the beetles see him and begin to scurry toward him

Gil: take care Seeker

* firebeetle bites with powerful mandibles ((and hits by 2 and does 2 damage))

Seeker: Seeker readies his staff

Seeker: "Little help here!"

Gil: I am going down now

* Gil climbs down the hole

* firebeetle bites with powerful mandibles ((and hits by 3 and does 4 damage))

GM: ((Seeker defend again))

* Seeker retreats again but fails

* Seeker takes damage and has 10 HP left.

Fortis: The Sunbolt inflicts « d6-1 = 6 - 1 = 5 » points of impaling damage

* Seeker retreats again, going on the defeisive.

* Gil steps back and draws the knife

Gil: are you ok Seeker?

Fortis: « 3d6 = 8 » Fortis casts a sunbolt 0

Seeker: Might Blow against western bug (1 FP) « 3d6 = 9 » vs 14 (-3?) for « d26+2 = 17 + 2 = 19 » damage

Seeker: I hit for 11 crushing

* firebeetle scurries out of the way of the attack (( makes it by 2))

firebeetle: ((Seeker has a reach of 2 with his staff))

Sarn: How is going friends?

Seeker: yup - don't get closer than you have to

* firebeetle bites with powerful mandibles ((and hits by -1 and does 4 damage))

* firebeetle bites with powerful mandibles ((and hits by 0 and does -1 damage))

Sarn: I am coming down!

Fortis: It's really neat Sarn, there are five...well 4 now, fife beetles and they are trying to eat Seeker and Gil!

* firebeetle bites with powerful mandibles ((and hits by 4 and does 2 damage))

several beetles surge up and bite Seeker and Gil but do not penetrate their armor.

Fortis: « 3d6 = 10 » Fortis attacks with his Sunbolt spell (skill 15)

GM: ((you may make one step))

* Gil draws the knife

Hrowwl: Ok, I am going down too. How about you Tonim?

* firebeetle bites with powerful mandibles ((and hits by 2 and does -1 damage))

* firebeetle bites with powerful mandibles ((and hits by 4 and does 3 damage))

* Gil takes damage and has 11 HP left.

* Gil is healed and has 12 HP left.

* Fortis prepares another Sunbolt

Seeker: Seeker steps forward and tries another Mighty Blow on whichever beetle looks the most damaged « 3d6 = 14 » vs 14 for « 2d6+2+2 = 4 + 2 + 2 = 8 » crushing damage (-1 FP)

* firebeetle scurries out of the way of the attack (( makes it by -1))

Could not execute the command: Unresolved value 'HP'

* firebeetle takes damage and has -6 HP left.

Token 'firebeetle' is now marked 'Stunned'.

Token 'firebeetle' is now marked 'Prone'.

Seeker: Seeker's tail wags

Could not execute the command: Unresolved value 'Damage'

* firebeetle takes damage and has -12 HP left.

* firebeetle scurries out of the way of the attack (( makes it by 1))

Gil: darn

* Fortis hits the beetle with a sunbolt

* firebeetle takes damage and has -4 HP left.

* firebeetle bites with powerful mandibles ((and hits by 4 and does 2 damage))

* firebeetle bites with powerful mandibles ((and hits by 0 and does 2 damage))

GM: ((Seeker and Sarn dodge))

* Sarn dodges the attack (( Skill level 10 dice roll: 11 vs (10), and failed by -1.))

* Sarn takes damage and has 11 HP left.

Seeker: Seeker dodges and retreats « 3d6 = 14 » vs 12

Seeker: d'oh!

Sarn: Ouchy

the damage is absorbed by the armor.

After a few more seconds of combat, the heroes manage to squash the remaining beetles. Their bodies lay broken, but still glowing on the ground. The rest of the party manages to make it down the rope.

* Sarn exams the beetles

Seeker: what does firebeetle taste like/smell like?

Seeker: apply first aid to mys3elf and others as they need it

Sarn sees that they are large, about 2' across, beetles with glowing red glands behind their heads.

Sarn: like fire beetles of course

They smell very bad!

Seeker: unless the firebeetle is nice and lean...
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Session 3 09/07/08

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Session 3 09/07/08

Players Present: Andy, Ben, Chaoz

Characters: Tonim, Fortis, Nausicaa, Seeker

NPCs: Hrowwl, Sarn, Gil, Ann, S'kar'aa

* Tonim smears himself in beetle guts to disguise his scent.

As you wind down after defeating the Fire Beetles, you hear what sounds like a small rock slide coming from the small cavern that comes off the main cave to the east

Fortis: Douse that light

* Tonim quietly readies a spear in one hand, his pack to drop in the other.

* Gil shoves the glowing dagger back into his sheath

the room gets dark, except for the eriee red glow of the dead beetles

You whisper to Nausicaa: The light ahead of you suddenly goes out.

Fortis: picks up a beetle gland and flies slowly towards the source of the noise

* Tonim stealhily follows

Fortis hacks out the glowing beetle gland and flies toward the other end of the room

* Tonim stealthily follows

As you approach the small cavern, you see a young human girl crawling on her hands and knees near the edge of the cavern

She is dirty and covered in scratches and bruises

Fortis: drop the gland near her

You also see a dirt and grime covered cat sitting on a rock next to the girl.

Nausicaa whispers: I see. But there are two Nausicaas, I got one edited for stuff

Fortis: who are you miss, and what are you doing here?

* Tonim is moving close enough to hear

Nausicaa: I am Nausicaa. Who are you, beautiful flying thing?

Fortis: shouts back to the group "It's looks OK, bring the light out"

Nausicaa: Oh, this is Ann.

* Tonim crawls in

The cavern is only about 3 feet high, barely high enough for Nausicaa, the girl, to crawl...

Fortis: I am Fortis Levenhander, Chavelier de Borough du Legash... pleased to meet you Nausica-Ann.... let us remove ourselves from this uncomfortable space

Nausicaa: Oh, you know a way out? That is great! I have been traped here for ages!

Nausicaa: Hi all. I am so glad to see someone here!

Fortis: A way out... yes, two actually, or rather one and a half.

Nausicaa: One and a half?

Fortis: Do not be too glad, the way out is either through a waterfilled tunnel or past a band of slave taking ratmen.

* Tonim offers food, water, whatever needed.

ann: To Nausicaa: I love rats

Seeker, Hrowwl, Sarn and S-kar-aa all introduce themselves to the newcomwers

Nausicaa: More slavers?

Fortis: More than what?

Nausicaa: I am tracking down some slavers, but I don't know if they are the ones. I got lost.

Fortis: Tonim, how much food did you bring?

Tonim: Not a huge amount, dried meat for a few days

Tonim: Wasn't expecting to be caving...

Fortis: S'kar'aa, how big are these caverns?

S'kar'aa: caves used to be mines, used to be much bigger, but many passages were not safe and my family closed them down

Nausicaa: Food? I am sorry but can I have a bit food good gentlemen? I haven't eaten for days.

* Tonim offers provisions to her and her animal

Several people offer Nausicaa some rations and food to eat, as well as some water

Nausicaa: Thank you, I thought I was going to die!

Nausicaa: So we need to face some rats? Who takes slaves?

Fortis: You could escape through the tunnel

Tonim: Are you not here in hiding from the rats?

Nausicaa: No. I just got lost and fell in a hole.

Tonim: From the surface? Not in the mine?

Nausicaa: What rats are you talking about? Why are you so concerned about rats?

Nausicaa: From the surface. Lucky it wasn't steep.

Seeker: Shall we continue through this passage and out of this chamber?

Fortis: Some very large rodents have taken over the premises and enslaved the Dwarven and Kobold inhabitants.

Fortis: Which way S'kar'aa?

Nausicaa: Big rats? How big?

S'kar'aa: Yes, should go this way, the big wolfs is right

Tonim: Too big.

Tonim: Not normal rats.

Fortis: These rats are just a little bigger than you... hand me that disemboweled beetle gland please.

Tonim: Did you come this way, or down through the chimney?

Nausicaa: Oh, it was a long tunnel. And it's almost impossible to climb up back I think. Nausicaa came in through a now caved in passage through the small side chamber

Tonim: Alright, I guess we're going this way.

There will be no travel from the way Nausicaa came

Nausicaa: Oh, fire bettles. You sure did a nice battle here. En? Tonim, you are bleeding. Is that from the battle? Let me help you.

* Nausicaa Nausicaa tries her skill on Tonim.

Sarn: Shall we continue and see what we find next?

Nausicaa: And Mr Wolfen too. Sorry I keep forgeting your name.

Hrowwl: Yes, I think we should move on,

* Nausicaa Tries her first aid on Seeker.

Seeker: You can call me Seeker, Nausicaa

Nausicaa: Sorry, let me try again. Just take it easy. It's wont be painful.

You continue down the passage. The light from Gils dagger lights the way.

Nausicaa: Ok, good boy. Now you are as new as a new born.

Nausicaa: People, Ann can scout out for us.

Nausicaa: No offense but Mr Tonim is too big for this kind of job. Of course you are good fighter though.

Tonim: Your cat?

The passage twists around a few corners until it comes out to an open cavern again, but filled with water.

Nausicaa: My friend, to be exact.

* Tonim shakes his head, having seen too much weird stuff in the last days...

Nausicaa: And I can see what she sees as long as she is in sight.

* Tonim follows well behind the cat

on the far shore of the little lake are what look like 2 small boats

Nausicaa: Ah, boats. Looks like everything is planned up.

Tonim: How far is it to swim?

It is about 10 yards across the cavern. The water is very cold.

* Tonim start jabbing a spear into the water to judge the depth

Fortis: I can go get a boat... give me your rope

It feels like the ground falls away quite sharply here at the edge

Fortis: Master Gil, would you kindly pass me the end of that rope?

Fortis flies over with the rope and sees that the boats are made of hollowed out beetle carcasses

Fortis dosent think that they could support much more than Nausicaa, or maybe Hrowwl

Fortis: well, at least some of us may arrive dry, or with dry packs

As Fortis is attaching the rope to the first boat, he notices some movement further down the passage.

It looks like another Kobold, slinking in the shadows further down the tunnel

It is quite dark down there. The Kobold quickly moves across the tunnel and disappears

You pull one of the boats across safely

Fortis: OK, drag the boat across. S'kar'aa, I think I saw another kobold

S'kar'aa: Ahh, yess, the kobolds's lives down here. they make the family mad so theys hass to stays downn here in the lower cavess

Tonim: S'kar,aa, do you know this pool? is it safe to swim?

Fortis: will he tell anyone we are here?

S'kar'aa: Yess, safe to swim, very deep, kobolds can fish here, very cold water though.

S'kar'aa: Kobolds dont likes otherss, dont like my family, dont like anyones but themselvesss

Fortis: Gil please undo that knot and hand me the rope again, Thank You

Nausicaa: But you are a kobold too aren't you?

Tonim: Okay, I'm swimming the pool. Maybe we can tie two ropes together for people who can't swim?

Fortis whispers: do you want to move one of the boats over?

Nausicaa: And you are risking your life to save others.

* S'kar'aa looks down at him self and gets a puzzled look on his face

Tonim: I can anchor the far side.

* Tonim drops his gear on this bank to be ferried across later.

* S'kar'aa giggles a high pitched little laugh, "Ahh yes, me forgetts, me is kobold too. hehe

S'kar'aa: Kobolds not S-kar-aass family, dwarveses is family

* Nausicaa smiles

Fortis: thinks this is very odd and becomes suspicious about S'kar'aa, resolving to watch him more closely.

Nausicaa: you should try making some kobold friends. you will find they are not as bad as you thought

Nausicaa: I suggest Ann and I go the other side first

S'kar'aa: Ahhh, yesss, kobolds not like S-kar-aa, they bites and hits him when he comes to them.

* Nausicaa pats poor kobold

Sarn: Young lady, that would not be safe, you should let some of us stronger ones go first.

Tonim: I may hang on Nausicaa's boat for a bonus if it won't risk her trip.

Nausicaa: then at least bring Ann, she is a good scout and knows how to protect herself

Tonim: Can she do magic or something?

Nausicaa: but I suggest I go, since I can see through Ann's eyes

Seeker: I dont think its safe for this young girl to go over before there are several warriors there to protect her

Hrowwl: I agree

You whisper to Nausicaa: you sense great tension ahead

You whisper to Nausicaa: but there is only one way to go and thats ahead really, you get a sense that going back would be easy, but letting someone down

* Nausicaa doesn't insist her going the first, but does insist that Ann goes.

* Tonim chews his shirt absentmindedly

Seeker leaps into the water, followed closely by Hrowwl. Both swim across the room quite easily

Hrowwl: Send the girl and the cat now!

* Nausicaa jumps on the boat

Tonim and Gil both hang on to the side of the boat as Nausicaa and Ann float easily in the boat

Sarn and S'kar'aa both follow, swimming easily.

you are all safely on the far bank.

Fortis: Do you want to change clothes and rest a bit or move on wet?

Tonim: I'm ready to go.

* Tonim grabs his gear from a boat and suits back up

Fortis whispers: ride on Sarn's shoulder to rest some more

As Ann explores down the tunnel, a spear flies out of nowhere at her

Nausicaa: Ann dodges.

the spear hits the rocks nearby.

Nausicaa: A kobold is attacking Ann!

Nausicaa: Ann runs back.

The warriors ready their weapons.

* Nausicaa pats ann, telling her to scout out again.

Nausicaa: Ann left unwillingly

Fortis: we aren't here to kill kobolds, but to liberate them.. perhaps we should talk about this.

As ann turns the corner again, 2 more spears fly at her

GM: one hits...

Nausicaa: Ann dodges and runs back.

Nausicaa: Ann just runs back.

Nausicaa: She is not very brave.

Fortis: 1 point sunbolt in hand

Nausicaa concentrates

the Warriors creep slowly forward, weapons ready

* Nausicaa steps up

Fortis: S'kar'aa, would you like to talk to them?

The Kobold throws another spear at you then steps back around the corner

Nausicaa: They left.

The other Kobold runs back out of sight also

Nausicaa: (To the kobolds) hey, we are not your enemy! We come to help you! Skaraa brought us!

S'kar'aa: Me no wants to talk to Kobolds, theys is mean to Skaraa

S'kar'aa: They no speak your man tounges

Nausicaa: would you teach me how to say that?

Nausicaa: Ann tries to hide herself in the dark.

Ann is hiding among some rocks up high

As you all advance carefully, you hear no sounds coming from up ahead...

As Fortis moves around the corner, several spears fly out at him from behind stalagmites and rocks

Fortis: ok, we'll move forward 3 abreast... shields up front Tonim, Seeker and hrowell

All 4 spears missed you.

Fortis: Tonim, bring that shield up front... Gil, Seeker and Hrowell, move in to support him

Fortis: I'll draw all their spears as you guys rush them

Fortis: Sarn, please watch S'kar'aa and Nausicaa

Everyone moves up, weapons drawn, crouched behind Tonim and his shield

Fortis: Charge!

Fortis: flies out in front of the group, gripping a sunbolt in his hand and looking for a kobold to reckon with

you round the corner and see a large cavern open up, filled with stlagtites and stalagmites

and many Kobolds hiding in wait, with spears ready
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session 4 09/21/08

Post by gmjasongurps »

The party was in the caves, advancing slowly...
Kobolds had been encountered and they were using moving ambushes with their thrown spears.
* Sarn moves up near Fortis
Sarn: These Kobolds used to work with the Dwarves back in the day.
Fortis: What do you mean 'work with'?
Sarn: Well, work with, work for. Same thing, I wouldn’t call it slavery, but the Dwarves got the better end of the deal with them.
Sarn: They must think we are trying to invade their territory. They live down here in the lower caves.
Fortis: Any way to talk them out of fighting?
Sarn: I could try to talk to them, the Kobolds share a language with the Dwarves, S'kar'aa could talk to them too, if he wasn’t so scared!
Fortis: I do not put a premium on killing; a solution by discourse is far superior to a solution by blood. Please bargain with them
Sarn: I agree, and these creatures are only defending what is their home. We are the intruders here, are we not?
Fortis: I would certainly hesitate to consider this my home...
* Sarn steps forward, with his sword down and calls out in a harsh, earthy voice.
Sarn: Zha azha wahaartth. Zha laazr our' rur 'azhl.
You see the Kobolds scamper around in the cavern ahead; they peer down at Sarn, but do not throw anymore spears.
* Sarn leans in toward Fortis. What should I say to them?
Fortis: tell them the truth... or as much of it as we know. Rats enslaved the dwarves and destroyed the bridge. we are here to help the dwarves and them if they want it.
Kobold 4: A Kobold calls out, with a high pitched, raspy voice that seems to grate against the linings of your ear, "Zh'ur azha our' k'azk argaztath ur'h 'urla. "
* Sarn says Hazkth arthnazgat k'a tzhazhgath azrt tathkhuroat k'a pohatka. zha azha 'aha kur 'anrh k'a thazzhgath, azrt k'al awa k'ao zhazrk ak.
Fortis: If they help us free the dwarves we will make sure they get a better bargain in their work relations when the rats are gone.
The Kobold yells back, and Sarn translates. They say they eat rats for dinner. The Dwarves have forced them into the lower tunnels and they don’t care if the rats eat the dwarves. It will only make the rats bigger for them to eat.
Fortis: Ask them if they will let us pass up to the dwarf caves... we don't want to fight them, but will if we have to
* Sarn yells to the Kobolds, "Ziazr zha rhazthth kur k'a Tzhazhwa ziazgath. Zha tur rurk zhazrk kur waak'k po'k zha zhann awa zha 'azga kur”
you hear the Kobolds rustling around and talking in the cavern ahead.
* Kobold 4 says Our' ziazr rhazthth, po'k our' l'thk naazga thurla Zhazhhaurhth 'aha azth ur'h rhhaurrahth thur our' turrk kho kur gann 'th.
* Sarn says They say we can pass, but we must leave some warriors here as collateral.
Fortis: Some warriors and a cat! I hate cats.
Tonim, Gil and Hrowll all agree to stay back.
you hear the Kobolds all scurry out of the room ahead.
Fortis: we should have our native guide lead the way
Fortis: S'kar'aa, could you please show us the way, we are free to pass.
you enter the next cave and see many stalactites and stalagmites and columns. A large boulder blocks the exit out. You see many shuffled footprints throughout the room. There is a space behind the boulder, but only large enough for a Kobold to fit.
S'kar'aa: Yes, we must pass through that small opening into the caverns of the Kobolds
Fortis: how will the others pass? Seeker? Tonim? can you shift that obstruction?
: Seeker and Tonim, with help from Gil and Hrowll are able to shift the rock enough to squeeze through
: As you follow the small, narrow passage, eventually you come out into a large cavern with some patches of glowing moss, casting some small light into the room.
The ceiling of this cave is 15 feet high and the floor is clear of natural formations. There is evidence of mining all along the caves north wall, and a smooth mining tunnel exits the cave to the northwest. Clustered together atop a patch of green fungus to the south are several mottled-yellow eggs. Many Kobolds, about 30 in all, stand huddled near the walls of the cavern in small groups.
Fortis: Sarn, do kobolds lay eggs?
: 2 Kobolds run up to the center of the room and kneel down on the floor. Another, larger Kobold strolls up and stands on their backs.
* Sarn says Yes, they are reptilian creatures, said to be descended from Dragons even!
Fortis: Really! dragons?!? fascinating!
* Kobold Chieftain says, in a slow broken speech, vaguely the tongue of Man. "You ... invade.... our home. You say.... you ... no hurt... tribe.
* S'kar'aa giggles as he hears Fortis talk about kobolds and dragons.
Fortis: I would like to apologize for what you refer to as an invasion. I assure you that it was entirely unintentional and, if you will allow us to pass, it will also be extremely brief. We have absolutely no intention of harming yourselves or your home.
* Kobold Chieftain scratches his chin. "You... want.... pass.... go up ... where.... Dwarves... be?
Fortis: Yes, we seek to pass, move through to help the dwarves... If you would like to step down from the backs of your clansmen I will gladly hover at whatever altitude best facilitates this conversation.
* Kobold Chieftain sees S'kar'aa cowering toward the rear of the party, he shrieks out, "Why...S'kar'aa... with... you. S'kar'aa ...is...Drrhoiooinndrreiho" The last word is said with much hissing.
Sarn: I do not know what that last word was, must be their reptilian language.
* S'kar'aa whimpers and cowers back farther in the group.
Kobold Chieftain: "I.... talk.... here.... I am.....Urki....chief.... tribe.....You.....pass.... but.... some... you.....stay here.
Kobold Chieftain: "S'kar'aa...NO STAY... he go... rats... can....eat"
Fortis: Yes chieftain, some of us will stay, until we have finished and the dwarves can reconcile with your tribe
Fortis: We will, of course, take S'kar'aa with us
Tonim Hrowll and Gil step forward, with their weapons put away, showing that they will stay.
* Kobold Chieftain motions for the three to move to the corner of the cave and several Kobolds approach, but keep a healthy distance
Fortis: I am curious, might chieftain, do any of your warriors wish to test themselves above in the forthcoming battle?
* Kobold Chieftain says "We...no... go... Dwarfs.... tell us.... stay.... down here.... close... mines...
Kobold Chieftain: "We ... no .... help.... you go..... alone....
Fortis: As you say sir, as you say... of course the dwarves are in no position to be issuing orders at the moment, but I respect your adherence to orders.
* Kobold Chieftain motions to the worked passage to the northwest... "That way... leads..... to .... Dwarves.....
* Kobold Chieftain lets out a hissing laugh, "Dwarves ....not....order us..... Dwarves ... throw.... us... down..... here
Fortis: In that case, I bid you farewell, mighty chieftain. I will return shortly for the remainder of my retinue, negotiate with the dwarves for you, should you so choose, and them bother you no further. Good day.
* Kobold Chieftain watches the group go.
Fortis: Sarn, I need to rest a bit more before we face any rats. Any chance you could bear my weight for an hour so I can recuperate?
The tunnels are worked stone, and the passage is only 5 feet high, shored up by thick wooden timbers.
* Sarn says Yes, you can rest on my shoulder. Let us get out of sight of the Kobolds lair and we can maybe take a rest.
Fortis: Thank you
Everyone but Fortis and S'kar'aa have to duck when entering the Dwarven mine tunnels. The tunnel leading to the northeast appears to have been caved in some time ago. to the north west, the tunnel turns sharply to the left and then bisects an angled passage heading up at about a 45 degree angle. The beginning of the passage is a few feet below the level of the tunnel you are it makes a small pit a few feet deep. There is trash, rubble and what appears to be several Kobold skeletons.
Even Nausicaa has to duck a little bit.
You rest here for about an hour and you feel much better. Seeker shared some rations he had with everyone.
Fortis: Not the most olfactorially pleasing location for a rest, but perhaps an hour is in order so we can plan, rest and prepare ourselves
Fortis: So, good friends, any ideas on how to proceed?
The passage leading to the southwest angles up fairly steeply, and is still only about 5 feet high and wide.
* Fortis flies up and sees a wooden platform constructed at the top of the passage
Seeker: Seeker hunches over as much as he can. He slings his staff so he can use his hands to help shamble along
the passage is very steep and is a tough climb.
Fortis: would you like a rope? I think I can tie on off up here
Seeker: whoops!
* Sarn manages to get to the top
* Seeker slides back down to the bottom.
Seeker: dang, this is slippery...
: Seeker slides all the way back down and suffers from the fall
* Seeker takes damage and has 10 HP left.
* Nausicaa says, I’m scared to climb, I’m not very good at climbing.
* Nausicaa rummages through her pack, Hey Look, i've got a rope here!!
Seeker: well, okay, I'd better try again... wait, what? Hey, Sir Fortis, we found another rope!
Fortis: flies down to retrieve one end of the rope, than carries it up to the top
Fortis: Sarn, the honors if you please
Sarn is able to secure the rope to the platform, which seems to be in good condition and sturdy.
* Nausicaa tries to climb using the rope but still falls back to the bottom.
* Nausicaa takes damage and has 5 HP left.
Fortis: Can we put a loop in the end and pull her up?
* Nausicaa cries out, Oww, this isn’t going to work.
Fortis: Seeker, did Gil say he was a sailor? did he teach you any knots?
Seeker: I learned some basic ones to help around the boat...
Fortis: Perhaps one will serve here
as you are trying to mess with the rope, S'kar'aa scampers down the tunnel with ease, he takes the rope from you and expertly cinches it into a loop for Nausicaa.
The little Kobold then turns and scurries back up the sloped passage.
Seeker: Thanks, S'Kar'aa! You're pretty good with those knots!
* Nausicaa slips out of the loop as she reaches the top and tumbles all the way back to the bottom
* Nausicaa takes damage and has -1 HP left.
Seeker: Oh, feces! Nausicaa, are you okay?
* Nausicaa moans
Seeker: Seeker grabs the rope and slides back down...
Nausicaa is laying in the small pit at the base of the passage, amongst the Kobold skeletons.
* S'kar'aa hurries down to see if he can help
Seeker: Seeker gets out his first aid kit and does what he can...
* Sarn stays at the top
* Nausicaa is battered and bruised, but fortunately it appears that she broke no bones...
Fortis: mutters something about silly little girls and consorting with cats.
* Ann takes damage and has -6 HP left.
* Ann is unconscious next to Nausicaa
Seeker: Hey, what happened to Ann? She keeled over, too!
Fortis: Fine time to take a nap, lazy cats!
* Nausicaa is healed and has 0 HP left.
Fortis: Perhaps she should not risk another ascent
* Sarn yells down "What’s going on down there, is the girl ok?""
Seeker: Um, Sarn sir, I think she's dying...
As you check them, both are badly hurt and breathing very shallow. Neither seems to wake up as you try to rouse them.
Fortis: It appears she is gravely wounded
Fortis: (minor healing )
Fortis: (3 hp to Nausicaa )
* Nausicaa is healed and has 3 HP left.
Seeker: can we carry her back to the kobold chief and have Gil, Tonim, and Hrowll take care of her?
Fortis: flies up to the ledge to let Sarn know what is going on
Seeker: Seeker gently picks up the young girl and directs S'kar’aa to pick up her cat. They carry them back up the tunnel to the kobold chieftain's chambers
the Kobolds all snap to attention when you enter, but they allow you to take your fallen friend over to the others.
Seeker explains what happens and then hurries back to the tunnel
Fortis: umm... Seeker, perhaps you shouldn't bring the cat to the kobolds, they may think of it as food, and when she wakes up she will be upset enough
Seeker: Seeker grabs the rope and CAREFULLY climbs up the steep slope
Fortis: Seeker, did the kobold chieftain not let Gil or Hrowll com with us?
Seeker: sorry, sir Fortis, but he seemed to want them to stay there...
Now that you are all safely on the top of the platform, you can see down to the other side. a large natural cavern, filled with water lies beyond. the level of the water is about 15 feet below where you are. There are foot holds carved out of the wall from the platform is to the water below
Seeker: turns to S'kar’aa. "What is this place? Do we swim across?"
* S'kar'aa says, Yessss. muchsss water down here. the familiesss boatsssis are on the other side... Some placesss deep, very very deep, some places not.
Fortis: I think I'll go see about a boat... are they the small ones?
Seeker: asks "anything living in the water we should know about?"
S'kar'aa: MMsss, yesss, good fishes to eat in the water. tasty!
S'kar'aa: Boatsssis are ssstrong wooden boats, for the family is big dwarves, strong, heavy boatsssis
Seeker: oh, good. nothing dangerous, though, right?
S'kar'aa: Skaraasss not coming downs to the watersss very muchsssss
Fortis: I'll see if the far side is guarded
Seeker: okay, sir Fortis, we can wait here. We'll at least know how far it is across...
Fortis: takes the light and flies up until he can just see the platform...hopefully he can see the far side already
as you fly out, you see that the cavern is not all that big, but seems to have several ways out, all water filled.
Seeker: while sir Fortis is gone, Seeker will check his kit - make sure everything is secure. things might be getting wet...
Fortis: counts the tunnels, flies back and describes what he saw
Fortis: I think it may be time for a second light
Fortis: continual light (moonlight) on the least valuable coin in my hoard.
Seeker: can I watch? I think magic is fascinating.
Fortis: should be good for almost a week
a pale light, emanating from a small coin, fills the cavern. Fortis can see 2 large (10 feet across) tunnels out and 3 smaller (4 to 5') passageways
Fortis: Seeker or Sarn, which of you would like the dagger?
: Sarn will hold it.
Seeker: darn
Fortis: S'kar'aa, do you know the way, or do I have to explore?
S'kar'aa: No, messs do notss know the waysssss
Seeker: naw, it's no big deal - like I said - I just think magic is cool...
Fortis: Ok, exploration coming up, you lot are safe here right?
Seeker: safe as temples
: Fortis flies away, down into the small cavern filled with water.
: You can see 2 water filled tunnels, the ceiling of the cavern comes down low, only 3 or so feet above the water, where the tunnels leave the room
: To the west, you discover is a dead end.
: You follow a narrow passage heading vaguely south, the ceiling is very low and you have to fly close to the water.
: Fortis continues flying, exploring the dark, twisting caverns, all water filled. some with high ceilings, some with low ceilings.
Seeker: hey, Sarn, he's been gone a long time - maybe I should swim out there and see if he's okay... I hope he hasn't gotten lost...
: Suddenly a large splash comes from below and a shape shoots up out of the water at Fortis.
Fortis: dodged
: The cave fish flops back into the water.
Seeker: climbs slings his staff, leaves his backpack with Sarn, and climbs down into the water...
: As Seeker gets to the bottom, he finds the water to be very cold, but only about 5 feet deep or so.
Seeker: Seeker swims off in the direction he saw Fortis go. he takes the knife with him, if that's okay with Sarn.
Fortis: gain altitude if possible, and zig-zag to throw it off
: The ceiling is low here, but the fish doesn’t come back.
: Sarn calls down, is it shallow enough to stand down there?
: Fortis continues to explore, being careful to stay away from the surface as much as possible.
: Sarn calls to Seeker, is it deep? or shallow enough to stand!?!
Seeker: it's shallow enough for me, sir, maybe up to your chest...
: S'kar'aa says he can swim or hold on to my shoulders, its too dark to stay here on my own. Were coming with you!
Seeker: okay, let's go, then!
: The three of you swim out into the cavern, following where you last saw Fortis go.
Seeker: hey, what's back in there?
: Fortis, you have been flying around for about 45 minutes when you finally find what looks to be land
Fortis: flies back towards the platform to find his friends and show them the way, begin careful to mark his route
: You head back and when you’re almost there, you find Seeker, Sarn and S’kar’aa trudging through some shallow water, ducking down where the ceiling is low.
Fortis: Hey there, it's this way... or at least, there is something this way, I'm not certain if it the right passage to the dwarves though
Seeker: okay, sir Fortis, lead on!
Seeker: these caves are pretty neat.
: After about 45 more minutes, the troupe gets close to where Fortis saw some land.
Fortis: the lake is well stocked, the fish certainly seem to be biting today
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Session 5

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Session 5

Fortis (Ben), Seeker (Arne), Tonim (Andy), Nausicaa (Chaoz)

The main group, led by Fortis, went traveling off, exploring through some water filled caves. He was joined by Seeker, Sarn and S'kar'aa. Meanwhile back at the Kobold caverns, Nausicaa was being tended by Tonim and the rest...

After a few moments, the ring of Kobolds surrounding the hostages parts and an ancient looking Kobold wearing tattered robes approaches. He squeaks out in the tongue of Man, "I can help this young one." and steps forward, speaking some mystical words. He touches her lightly on the forehead and a soft glow surrounds her.

After the Kobold healer is done, he steps back and looks at Tonim and Nausicaa, who is now on her feet. "You two, you must go help your friends. Take this torch. These two will guide you." He hands Tonim a torch and two young Kobolds step forward and motion that they will lead them away.

Nausicaa says "Thank you sir, I hope somehow I can pay you back" while Tonim takes the torch in his left hand, grips his broadsword in his right. He and Nausicaa (and the unconscious Ann) follow the Kobolds out of the cavern. They help Nausicaa and Tonim climb the steep passage, then down into the water. After a short while, they see a light ahead, and within minutes, catch up with the rest of the band. The Kobolds bow low and head back, walking or swimming through the cold water.

Fortis remarks "Ohhh good, they let you join us, and you appear to be in better health. We're almost there, that's the beach up ahead." At the same time Seeker says "It is good to see you feeling better, ma'am."

As the band approached the beach Fortis was pointing towards, the flickering torch light revealed a lone figure kneeling on the rocky sand. Seeker smiles and readies his bow. "Shhh - there's a rat man on the beach... He appears to be kneeling, with a large mace thrust into the sand, perhaps he is praying..."

Tonim nods and readies a spear to throw as the group prepares to engage the humanoid ratman. When Nausicaa thinks about their opponent she senses confusion and evil and she sees a mass of swirling blackness around him.

Fortis hovers up and prepares a spell, distilling sunlight and collecting it into a tiny palm full of fire while Seeker takes a step and aims at the kneeling figure.

Nausicaa warns "Be careful people, I sense evil from him.", concentrating on their foe and Tonim rushes through the last bit of water toward the beach and Nausicaa.

Gripping his spell, Fortis flies towards the Ratman, who springs to action, jumping deftly to his feet and bringing the mace to the ready. At the same moment Seeker looses his arrow, just missing the rat.

Tonim continues splashing frantically through the water towards the shore shouting "Parley!"

Fortis flies past the rat, keeping 12 to 15 feet away and starting to circle him.

Seeker steps and readies another arrow.

The ratman chases Fortis and swings his mace wildly, missing the nimble Ellyl.

Seeker shouts "Sir Fortis! " and Tonim makes it onto the shore as Sarn keeps moving toward the beach, moving to support him.

Nausicaa moves to the shore more slowly, appearing to concentrate.

Fortis moves further into the cavern and tries to gain altitude to better avoid maces, but the floor rises up a bit, making the ceiling not as high as he would like. Seeker steps and draws another arrow. Tonim grunts and swings his broadsword, which passes high over the ratman's head and Sarn moves onto the beach and hurries to help. The ratman swings his mace at Tonim who steps back, spitting wildly and parrying with his broadsword.
Seeker steps to the side so as to maintain line of sight and aims at the ratman with his bow.
Tonim attempts another swing with his broadsword and though the ratman steps back and attempts to dodge the attack, the sword catches him in the ribs and he drops his mace. Sarn swings at the ratman, missing him as Tonim shouts "Yield!, Yield!"


Suddenly the ratman straightens up and stares blankly into the distance and Fortis takes a moment to evaluates the opponent, looking for hostile movement and waiting to throw his magic as Tonim kicks the mace away and grapples the rat.

Without warning, several large, nasty looking rats appear in the cavern They are several feet long and look mean as they scurry toward several of you baring huge, yellow teeth! Seeker shoots one of the charging rats as Tonim grapples the ratman.

Sarn and Tonim trade off several blows with the rats as Fortis snipes at them with bolts of sunlight and Seeker fends the ones attacking him and Nausicaa off. Nausicaa mumbles distractedly and tries to keep out of the way of the hungry yellow-toothed rats.

Five rats swarm Tonim and Sarn, biting at their legs and deftly dodging the incoming sword blows and the magical assaults from above. The two rats continue their assault on Seeker and Nausica, occasionally getting in a nip before dodging out of the furious staff blows Seeker throws at them. As the rats continue to harry Tonim's legs he releases the stunned ratman to concentrate on his active opponents and Sarn tries to fend them off with short rapid sword strokes.
For no apparent reason the ratman begins waving his arms around and yelling at the rats in some strange language and all but two of the attacking rats turn and hurry back down the tunnel the way they came and the heroes turn to concentrate on the stragglers. Tonim charges one and corners it against the wall before cleaving it in to a bloody heap, floating on the edge of the water and Sarn land a crippling blow on the other. The final, wounded rat, retreats into the water and disappears into the watery blackness and The ratman stands quietly after driving off the rats who fled. Seeker waits and holds an attack on the rat-man until he can figure out why he's not doing anything... The ratman just stands there, staring at the rest of the group. Nausicaa "Now answer my questions." Seeker looks at Nausicaa, quizically... as she continues "People, you can ask him any questions, he will answer truthfully."
After this curious announcement Seeker shifts his expectant gaze to Sarn and the ratman makes a guttural, snarling sound. Seeker asks Nausicaa "Can you tell us what he's saying?" and she shakes her head and laughs. Seeker tries speaking to him in wolfen, then gobbly "Tell us your name..." but no one seems to understand what he is saying as he just stands and snarls and sniffles, twitching his rat-like nose. Nausicaa: "yeah, as you people see, I can control minds, but no worry I only use it for goodness."

Fortis declares "This rodent is a waste of time and air", and then asks "Sarn, are you badly wounded?" Nausicaa asks "Any one understanding him? Or have any suggestion?" to which Fortis replies "I've got a bolt of concentrated sunlight with his beady-eyed name on it." Nausicaa ponders and says "if there is nothing we can do, then seeker would you please tie him up?" which the Wolfen accomplishes with a bit of rope. Nausicaa continues "Are we moving with or without him?" and Fortis states "We should not be taking prisoners, especially ones that can chew through what little rope remains to us." As Sarn asks "Why would we take him with us? What if he falls out of your control and attacks us again?" "I know, but I am kind of against killing prisoners..." replies Nausicaa. Fortis flies down and put the charged sunbolt on the side of the rat's skull while Sarn hedges "We could knock him out maybe..." Nausicaa says "Or maybe I can release control and we fight him and kill him with honor?" Tonim looks skeptical "I do not see the honor in that. How long does your control last?" "Two minutes" she replies. Tonim suggests "Tell him to go swim in the water as far as he can go and let us be done with it." Fortis announces "This is not a duel, honor is not relevant here, but nor is dishonor. You don't have to kill any prisoners.... I'll do it."

Nausicaa proposes another solution "I have an idea, we tie him up and let the kobolds deal with him. What do you think, little blue friend?" as she turns to S'kar'aa.

S'kar'aa looks disgusted "Me no eat this giant rat. phew" He spits on the ground. Nausica declares "Anyway he is yours, find good use of him, maybe the elder has some questions for him." and S'kar'aa looks puzzled. "No want rat!" Fortis looks like he is losing his patience "Feed him to the kobolds? Look… S'kar'aa is coming with us and cannot go back to the other kobolds, they will not accept him anyway. We are wasting time." Seeker says "The ratman is tied up. The tunnel continues on Let's go. We can come back and get him later..." to which Nausicaa assents " let's go"

There is another bright flash as the sunbolt goes off against the ratman's skull, dropping him in a heap as smoke and a faint scent of burning hair wafts up. Fortis turns away and asks "Sarn, are you injured? Oh and Seeker, you can have your rope back now." "Yes", Sarn replies. "I took some wounds from those pesky rats."

Seeker looks shocked "Murderer! He was tied up and helpless." Fortis begins inspecting Sarn's wounds. "Alright, show me, I'll see what I can do. Is anyone else in need of healing?" Seeker declares "When I saw your duel, I thought you were a being of honor. I can see I was seriously wrong. Sarn, why do you travel with this man? er, being?"

Tonim notes "I have been wounded as well. And so has this young girl"

Fortis adopts a calming tone and attempts to heal Sarn and answer Seeker's accusations "Murder applies to civilized societies, which is not relevant to the current situation."

"He was a sentient, tied up and helpless. You obviously don't know much about civilization." argues Seeker. Fortis tries to finish the discussion by stating "I do not murder mosquitoes, not the feather death, nor that rat. It is dead, and that is the end." Sarn, ever the peacemaker, tries to calm Seeker down "Umm, well... We are here to find out what is going on with the Dwarves of Deeprose Gorge, we are all here for the same thing right?" but "Apparently not. Fortis is here to sate his blood lust." Is the only reply he receives.

Fortis looks up from his patient and states "We will continue to disagree on this for some time I suspect. We can settle this on the field if you prefer, but I would rather work with you." Seeker shoots back angrily "I would not trust you of all people on the field of honor. To do so would sully the field." Tonim steps between them "Hey, we are here to help the beleaguered Dwarves, not fight with each other." Fortis mumbles "I would not have expected such squeamishness form you, but you are young, perhaps you will grow out of it." and turns back to his examination. Seeker closes the argument with "Again you mistake honor for some bodily function. It does not surprise me."

Fortis give up his explanation and addresses the current problem "Sarn, please lie down, this may take some doing...." and pushes aside the ripped clothing surrounding the wounded leg as Sarn lies down with a puzzled look on his face. "Relax... " says Fortis as he casts a minor healing spell. "Tonim? Your legs? Nausicaa?" Seeker starts quietly poking ahead, exploring the tunnel.

Tonim limps over for healing "Yes I have taken some nasty bites here, and here... " and Nausicaa replies "Yes I'm very hurt, please heal me"

"I'll see what I can do" he says, looking into the wounds and repairing the damage, at least on the second try. "More difficult than it looked. I must rest for a bit."

Sarn wanders off down the tunnel. "You coming Seeker? " "You bet" "Good, Here Seeker, you take the torch for a minute please." While the healer rests, Sarn and Seeker explore the tunnel and find several small wooden boats tied to a 4 foot platform that sits below what looks like a mine shaft leading up through the roof. There is a ladder on the back wall, climbing from the platform to the darkness above. After a half an hour or so, the rest of the party moves up and the group investigates the scene. The ladder appears well constructed, though it is only made of wood and it stretches up into the darkness of the mine shaft above. The boats appear used but in good condition.

S'kar'aa says "This ladder must leads up to family's place Leads to upper mines... " Seeker wonders" Huh, why would they drag their boats this far from the water???" and Fortis agrees "A question I was asking myself as well... leading to the conclusion that they were headed in the other direction. Perhaps they have been lowered down recently and are being staged for an assault against the kobolds?" S'kar'aa waves "No, these families boats. Come down here sometimes. For fishing, or to throw bad Kobolds back!" "Well, there you go..." says Seeker. Fortis is glad for the explanation "Ahh... so much the better" though he continues to wonder at the strange berthing arrangement… "but then why beach them here?"

Seeker questions their guide "S

o, S'kar'aa, what will we find at the top of this ladder?" but S'kar'aa only replies "We must goes up to helps them from the rats." In his obvious excitement and anxiousness now it is apparent how close the heroes are to the Dwarves of Deeprose Gorge. Seeker suggests 'Well, how about sir Fortis goes up alongside Tonim or myself, followed by the other fighter, and the three of us secure the top of the ladder so the rest of you can come up in relative safety?" Fortis concurs "I can do that, or even lead the way up if a smaller, quiet set of eyes will provide an advantage." Tonim asks "Are you sure that ladder will hold you and me? Looks a long way up... and a long way back down. " as he stamps his foot down a few times on the thick timber of the platform "Please do not announce our presence to anyone up there who is not deaf" scolds Fortis as Tonim looks abashed, mumbles "Oh, yea, good point, sorry." and chews his shirt absentmindedly.

Fortis suggests a plan "I will fly up and drop this coin if it is safe to ascend... will that suit?" to which Seeker nods and agrees "fine by me" before Fortis darts up the shaft with his blue-glowing coin, keeping to the side away from the ladder.

Seeker mutters "It's like fireworks, watching a star shoot up into the darkness."

It is very dark at the top, but in the blue glow Fortis can make out a fairly vertical shaft, about 4 ft by 4ft. About 50 feet up ending at a stout wooden barrier. Fortis takes a few moments to look for a door in the barrier, but it just appears to be thick wooden planks across the 4ft square shaft top. What cracks there are are too narrow to wiggle through and there is no light penetrating from the far side so Fortis flies back down to his companions and explains that the exit is barricaded with wooden planking. "There are cracks, and no light beyond, but I didn't want to destroy the barrier before consulting with the rest of you. How should we proceed?" he concludes.

Fortis asks S'kar'aa "Do you know this barrier?" but the answer is not at all helpful "Umm, yes, must be shaft cover. Wood planks." "Yes it is wood, how is it removed?" he tries again with no better result "S kar aa not sure. Maybe lifts it up? " Allowing optimism to best experience Fortis replies "That is what I was wondering. will it be connected to a winch? hinged on one side? And finally gives up when S'kar'aa says "Me not know that much bouts it. Sorry little one."

Seeker suggests "Send up Tonim, he's the strongest, to make a way through the barrier. you cover his work in case there is trouble... "

"I think you should climb up there Seeker. You can see in the dark better than I and I don't know how well I can climb up, open a trap door and carry a torch at the same time... I will follow you up after your part way up." says Tonim.

Seeker agrees "I'm on it!" and climbs up, quietly, and braces himself at the top to ease the door open. Fortis mutters "Let me charge a bolt before we go…" and the Sunbolt appears, large in Fortis hand, without any strain. flits up to the top, lighting the way with a really impressive ball of roiling sunlight.

Seeker and Fortis get to the top, the large Wolfen nearly filling the entire space, Fortis has to squeeze nearby as Seeker braces himself the best he can, and after testing the wood planks, pushes steadily upward. The whole roof of the shaft slowly lifts up as Seeker pushes, straining heavily, from the top of the ladder. "Dang this is heavy!" Fortis flies out through the gap and looks for a way to brace the device and Seeker peers through the gap as it widens.

There is a winch near the shaft, but there does not appear to be any easy way to brace the door open without dropping the planks onto the floor. Seeker manages to squeeze through the opening without knocking over the planks then begins to quietly clear them from the top of the shaft while Fortis stands guard at the passageway of the small room, the pale glow of the coin spilling out into the connecting passage. Once the shaft is clear, Fortis flies down to tell the others to climb up ,then returns to the top.

After Fortis flies out of the room, Seeker hears, in the distance, faint clanking occasionally, and more closely, a gentle hum. He also smells earth and dirty damp fur. A few moments later, everyone makes it up into the small room.
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session 6 110908

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group moved out into the hallway, intending to move to the right, but were distracted to the left by a Kobold ambusher tossing a spear. As the group moved foward to engage, they encountered a Ratling and another Kobold who was holding the chains of two Dwarves. The battle was on and the heroes pressed down the hallway, pushing their enemies back until they came out onto a bridge overlooking a deep chasm.


The battle raged on and was soon joined by several more Ratlings and a few giant rats. After a moment, the Dwarves started fighting off their captors as well. The battle seemed deadlocked for a while, then the tide turned and several foes went down and the rest began to flee.
The party had to regroup on the bridge and meet the newly rescured dwarves.
Check out my current campaign, Wandered Roads.
Using the GURPS 4e rules and set in the Palladium Fantasy world.


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Re: Wandered Roads (North) - a GURPS Fantasy Game

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havent posted session reports lately on here, but wanted to leave a brief note that we are still playing our GURPS game online using Map Tools.

we are currently using b63 and everything is going well, despite me accidentially deleting all of my global macros a while back and then having my computer DIE on me and take forever just being able to pull my campaign files off the old hard drive.

the north groups most recent adventure was session #32 for them and over all we have had about 70 sessions online using MapTool. I will try to get back to posting session reports and screen shots of the game and MapTool in action.

here is a screen shot of our game using a borrowed map to represent the streets of the Wolfen seaport of Seaholm.

Check out my current campaign, Wandered Roads.
Using the GURPS 4e rules and set in the Palladium Fantasy world.


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