Wandered Roads (South) - a GURPS Fantasy Game

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Wandered Roads (South) - a GURPS Fantasy Game

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Here is the chat log from the other adventuring party in my current GURPS campaign. We used a different VT for session one, and then the players did a chat only Session 1-A, but for session 2, we used the MapTool and couldnt be more pleased. no combat again here, but we did make a few rolls.

everyone is mostly getting familiar with the program and we are busy setting up token and campaign properties and designing macros.

we are trying to use the most current development version to help figure out bugs and such... here is the edited chat log...


Session 2

Players Present: Mike, Cathy, Stephen, Zach, Ben
Characters Present: Arn Ironfist, Lorryn Sutcliffe, Valinya , Artemis
Lurkers: Chaoz
NPCs: Padraig (Ben)

It is a nice, clear summer morning as you all prepare for the ride to Williamshire. It should take just over one days ride to reach the small town to the west, according to Raldo.

Raldo: Thank you again for helping me and my town. There are many in the town that think we should attack the nearby Goblin village....

Raldo: But some of us dont think that is the answer. It is obvious that it is goblins that are vandalizing our village, but we cannot be sure which Goblins it is. Thats what we hope you can help us with.

Arn: Bahh, any Goblins a no good goblin, if you ask me!

Lorryn: It sounds like we will have to catch them in the act.

Artemis: More then happy to help out... after all... it's the duty of a 'hero', and all...

* Raldo says well if there isnt anything else we need to do here, I suppose we should head out.

Raldo looks around at the party to see if they have any last minute requests before leaving?

* Valinya gives Raldo the "go ahead" nod

Artemis gives a smile and nods his readiness.

The countryside in Greenbough County is gently rolling hills with occasional sparse groves of trees. Most of the land is being used as either farmland or grazing for herd animals.

You see many small communities as you follow the road east. The dirt track you follow generally follows the course of a small river that cuts through the landscape.

The day passes uneventfully as you ride toward the village of Williamsburg. As you ride, Raldo tells you a bit about the town and surrounding area...

Williamshire is a quiet, pastoral town of under 700 folk. It is the second largest village in Greenbough County, behind only Greenbough itself....

The town is ruled by a group of village Elders, made up of any one over the age of 45. All things of import are voted upon. His family, the Williams' are one of the original founding families, hence the name.

* Artemis pats Alfred's side as he whispers a word to his fine steed. He looks over his shoulder to Valinya, "Beautiful area... very scenic..." His smile seems slightly off as he says that, a sparkle in his eyes.

Valinya: It is very beautiful, though a bit cultivated for my tastes.

Artemis: You would find many a Gratinzi painting of these areas... probably why the poor bloke won't see a pince til he's rolling in his grave.

As the sun begins to set at the end of the day, Raldo leads you all into the hamlet of Crowlin, along the banks of the stream and nestled under the boughs of a small wood.

Raldo: We can stay here in Crowlin tonight. I know many of the folk here. They will put us up for the night

* Artemis Artemis casts a furative glance towards the wood... he hoped that they at the very least had a warm bed. Their accomadations would of course be... below his standard.

The village of Crowlin is small and homey, and several local folk agree to open their homes up to the ragged band.

The ladies Lorryn and Valinya are housed by a friendly family and the rest of the group is allowed to bed down in a dry hayloft of a neighbors barn.

Padraig, though insists on sleeping under the porch of the house where Lorryn is sleeping

Raldo: We will rest up here, my good friend, Thouzan, over at the tavern, has invited us all to dinner.

* Padraig rubs his belly and looks hungry

Raldo: Then we can get some rest and get an early start. We should be to Williamshire by morning.

Valinya: "I look forward to sampling your local food; I'm sure it is delicious."

* Artemis cast a glance around and leaned towards Raldo, "So... good tavern in Williamshire?"

* Raldo says to Padraig, come young squire, let us head to the inn. We can make arrangements and help Thouzan make preparations. Everyone else, join us when you can.

* Padraig heads off to assist

* Raldo says to Artemis, Ahh, yes, there are a few drinking houses in Wiliamshire. I will show you them tomorrow when we get there. Raldo then heads off with Padraig to help get dinner ready.

* Artemis smiles at that... good drinking houses meant good women and good drinks... perfect combiantions in his book.

* Arn gives out a grunt as he falls from his horse. "Ill be stowing my gear in the barn here and goin over to the inn to find me a taknard of ale."

A few local boys come out to help with the gear and horses.

* Artemis holds out a hand to help Valinya off the horse, "Would you like me to help you unpack, lady?" his smile is once again odd, as his eyes sparkle.

* Valinya accepts Artemis' assistance and says, "I can unpack myself but thanks for the offer."

* Lorryn makes sure Arn is all right. "Are you sure you haven't had a few all ready?" she says with a chuckle.

Valinya: "It's only a pack after all."

* Artemis he hops off of Alfred on the otherside, "Of course...." he smiles down at one of the boys and hands him the horse reigns, "You kids ever met a talking horse?" His smile is wide as he laughs.

* Arn says, "Bahh, its this darn horse. Its too tall. Why do they make 'em so darn tall, by Belimars Beard! I should give 'em a good chop right here above the knees, that would make it a bit easier for me then!" He smiles good naturedly at Lorryn and heads off with his pack.

The local boys give Artemis a strange look, take Alfreds reigns and head off to the stable.

Valinya: "Have you considered a pony, Arn? Might be better and they are certainly more sturdy ... or so I'm told."

* Artemis as Arn walks off, he makes a hand signal of 'drikning' to Lorryn.

After a few minutes, you all manage to make it to the tavern for dinner.....

Many of the locals are gathered in the tavern common room, seated around tables, eating and drinking. There is a large table near the fireplace where Raldo and Padraig are busy setting out plates and mugs. A serving girl brings out a large platter of steaming hot food.

* Artemis arrives fashionably late for the meal, he looks a bit tidied up though his hair is still windswept from the ride here. He walks casually towards the table, winking at the serving girl as he slips into an empty place.

A large man, Thouzan, comes out and greets you all as dinner is served. Arn is already on his 5th taknard of ale by this time.

Valinya: "Arn, do you think you will be OK for what lies before us tomorrow after so many ales already?"

* Lorryn arrives. She's shed her armor for more ordinary clothes, faded but obviously expensive, though the ornate sword is belted at her side as always.

* Artemis snickers at Arn, but lets his eyes follow Lorryn as she moved... obviously admiring the quality of clothing... and the woman herself.

Thouzan: My friend Raldo here tells me you all are coming to the aid of Williamshire and their recent , um, problmes. This is wonderful news.'

* Arn holds his taknard up high, "Yesh, the Heroes of Greenbough will soon be the Heroes of Williamshireburgtown, burrp."

* Artemis pounds a fist on the table at Arn's words, giving a whoop to cheer it.

Valinya: Valinya's face tightens as Arn slurs his speech.

Lorryn: "Yes, at this rate, announcing our heroics will take longer that it takes to fight the next beast."

Many townfolk nearby listening, cheer, though its not clear whether they are cheering with what Arn or Lorryn said.

Valinya: "Let's not raise high expectations ... we do not know what lies ahead.

* Lorryn nods. "A wise thought, indeed, and rarely heard at least in a tavern."

* Artemis watches the women for a moment, and smiles as he leans back in his seat crossing his arms.

Valinya: "What can you tell us of the troubles?"

Dinner goes on smoothly, with much small talk among the group and the locals. who seem like a friendly lot. Many of them have heard of the troubles in Williamshire, but dont know much about it other than it has been Goblins, probably from nearby Yeahk-Nark.

Lorryn: "Yeahk-Nark sounds like an unpleasant place, why you can hardly speak the name without spitting."

Raldo: Yeahk-Nark is a nearby Goblin village. They are simple farmers and Im not really sure they are the ones behind the attacks, though some families have been pushing for an immediate attack on the Goblins.

Valinya: "Perhaps they might know more about the attacks and who is behind them."

Lorryn: "Besides which, even though they are goblins, it seems a bit...disproportionate to attack the village over some vandalism and theft."

Artemis: "I'd like to take a look around the town before I start laying blame...."

Raldo: Yes, that is my thought. The town has been there, living peacefully for longer than I have been alive, maybe more than 50 years. We have never had any problems from them. In fact, Williamshire is a generally peaceful place, its just been in the last several months taht these acts have taken place

Raldo: I knew I was right to seek out adventurers to help with this problem. I believe you have the right idea! Not like those blasted Vassings. They want to raise up all the pitch forks and storm the village.

Lorryn: "many strange things have wracked the lands these past few months."

Valinya: "One possibility is someone wanting to incite emnity between the two villages ... someone who might benefit from the goblin village being attacked and possibly wiped out."

Lorryn: "Who are the Vassings?"

Raldo: While the crimes are serious, no one has been hurt as of yet, though we dont want anyting getting to that point if we can help it. Some folk are worried that the crimes have been getting more extreme, and they fear that it may evolve to kidnapping or attack.

Artemis: "Tell us about each crime so far..."

Valinya: "Has anyone actually seen a goblin involved in someting?"

* Artemis leans in against the table, watching Raldo.

Raldo: Ahh, the Vassings, they are one of the other 'families' in town. They hold most of the sheep and cattle in town. The middle son, Andrew, he is about my age, 25 years, he leads the local Barracks of Rurga and is always trying to stir up trouble.

Lorryn: "Oh, one of those..." Lorryn smirks.

Raldo: The attacks started as damage to some crop fields. At first it seemed that it was local youth just pulling pranks. The crops were destroyed in large swaths in the nearby fields....

Raldo: But as it happened several times in the first few months, and all the boys had been whipped well by their parents, there was great concern when it happened again. And 2 goats were missing as well.

Raldo: Then, the crop damage started turning into more livestock theft. We have lost a total of 7 goats, 10 chickens, 5 ducks, and a cow. Several geese and dogs have also been killed, but their bodies have not been taken.

* Lorryn watches Padraig shovel down his food with abandon. "Somehow I doubt the boys would destroy the town's food source."

Lorryn: "What do you mean their bodies weren't taken?"

Raldo: There have also been several instances of tools and supplies being broken and stolen. Just the other night, we lost a goat and a chicken, a plow was destroyed and something attemtped to break into the grain stores.

Raldo: All the goats, chicken, ducks and the cow have disappeard. The geese and dogs were killed and left where they fell.

Raldo: I do not know if the other animals were killed or stolen, they were just gone.

Valinya: "Killed how?"

Raldo: Cut with blades. Swords or knives probalby. I did not see them, bu that was the consesnsus of those that did see them.

Raldo: After the attacks happened a few times, we began to investigate and we found tracks leading from the village into the woods, but the tracks always disappeard in the forest.

Lorryn: "What did the tracks look like?"

Raldo: We tried what we could, kept watch, set traps, but none of it seemed to matter.

Raldo: Thats when we called in the Sherriff.

* Lorryn rolls her eyes. "We all know what a help he was."

* Arn snorts loudly. "Gaah, the Share-iff, whats he know about knowing stuff. He dosnet know."

* Artemis watches quietly before sitting back. He waves a hand to the serving girl.

Raldo: Well, he has always been reliable before. He came out to the village with a few of his men. They checked out the crime scenes and agreed that it was goblin tracks. He went straight out to Yeahk-Nark and questioned them. In fact, hes been out there a few times, lookin around for clues, but he could find no connection to the crimes

A young serving girl sees Artemis motioning to her and she comes over to see what he needs.

Serving Girl: What do you need, sir?

Artemis: "You got any wine back there, my dear?" He smiles ruefully at her as he leans back in his chair to look at ther straight.

* Serving Girl says, Of course we have wine sir. Would you like dark or light wine?

* Artemis scratches his jaw a little, "I'm in a mood for some dark wine..."

* Serving Girl says, Ill be right back with a glass for you, sir. She turns to leave, flipping her hair and looking back over her shoulder at Artemis as she goes.

Arn: "Why drink a girly elf drink like wine, when Ale will put some hair on yer chin?"

* Artemis watches her go, his eyes moving along each curve as he speaks off to the side to Arn, "Because wine will keep me sober for the wonderful night to come."

Arn: "Suit yerself, just means more for the rest of us"

* Lorryn chuckles slightly at their banter, and whispers to Valinya, "What was it you were saying about overly high hopes...?"

after a few moments, the girl brings some wine back for Artemis...

Valinya: "Actually, wine has more kick than ale ... though neither suit this 'elfy girl"

* Artemis he smiles as he takes the glass from the girl, holding it with a steady hand as he takes a small sip... sloshing it in his mouth to gather the taste as he smells it regally.

Dinner winds down nicely and most in the room clear out slowly. Raldo excuses himself and says he will meet the group in the morning to conclude their trip to Williamshire.

Arn: Arn flashes a wry wink at Valinya, seeing he struck a nerve. Smiles and says "See, now there's even more for the rest of us"

Valinya: Having cleared her plate, Valinya looks about to see if seconds might be in the offering.

The serving girl eagerly brings Valinya a second plate of food, using any excuse to walk past Artemis

Valinya: "You can certainly have my share, Arn. I've seen enough of what drink can do in my life already. I'll stick to the lighter fare ... and hearty food."

* Lorryn orders another tankard of the dark stout that's already going to her head

* Artemis nods content with the wine, watching the serving girl before looking to Valinya, "How was your food? Was it good?"

Valinya: "Very good. But my tastes are rather simple, I'm afraid."

Arn: "Hey the boy's onto something here....." When the girl comes by, "Ay there lass, more ale fer me if ye don't mind..."

There are only a few locals left in the room. Raldo and their host, Thouzan have left. Padraig has curled up on a bench in the corner. The locals at the bar are talking loudly, often looking over their shoulders at the group at the table.

* Lorryn notices the tavern clearing out and says, "By the Light,, they near to roll up the streets at half past sundown in this place..."

* Artemis stands up and excuses himself as he moves over to the bar, sitting with a few locals. He nods to them, "Greetin's to you, boys."

* Serving Girl happily brings Arn more ale.

* Lorryn watches Artemis and the locals at the bar, they're giving him 'you ain't from around here' looks.

Valinya: After finishing her second plate Valinya says, "If you will all excuse me, I believe I too will call it a night and retire."

Bar Patron 2: Hey there, boy. You come to buy us a drink?

* Bar Patron says to Artemis, You are welcome to join us for a drink, as long as your buyin.

Artemis: "Sure did, friend..." he smiles and looks towards the barmen, "Sir, bring these kind men a drink."

Valinya: Valinya rises and slips out of the tavern before things get ... interesting.

Arn: Arn looks around for anyone else of possible military or similar types of appearance.

* Artemis buys the men a drink. They drink and laugh. As the night draws on, everyone eventually heads off to bed.

* Artemis heads off to find the Serving girl.

Arn goes off to sleep off his ale

The morning comes soon, too soon for some. Arn notices that Artemis is not sleeping in the hay loft when he wakes up.

Everyone gathers in front of the tavern and make ready to leave town. Everyone is there, including a smiling Artemis.

Everyone mounts up and Raldo leads the way out of town, still following the dirt track...

The trail leads mostly north now, through the small woods. Before noon, you all arrive in Williamshire.

Williamshire is a small town of less than 700 folk, all human by the looks of it. The town straddles the small river, with a little pond in the middle of town. All the buildings are made of wood, mostly one story affairs, with thatch roofs. Some of the larger more extravagane buildings have glass windows, but most just have wooden shutters.

Several dogs run up, barking, as the group approaches. You can see the land surrounding the town is full of farmland and grazing pasture.

* Artemis crosses his legs up on Alfred's back, keeping the dogs away from him with a scathing look.

The first building you pass upon entering the town is a newly constructed, long rectangular building with many young men moving about outside, many of them sparring with swords and spears.

* Lorryn notices Artemis's odd behavior, does he think the dogs belong to someone he knows -- someone's jealous husband perhaps?

A handsome, tall, young man approaches.

Andrew: Well met strangers, he calls out, then he takes a step back upon seeing Raldo

Arn: Arn mutters, leaning towards Lorryn: "They need us with warriors in training?"

Andrew: "Oh, Raldo. Who is this you bring to our town?"

* Lorryn replies to Arn, "Exactly, and he does look full of himself doesn't he?"

* Artemis leans back softly into Valinya.

* Raldo says "Leave us be, Vassing. Go back to your training and praise of Rurga.

* Andrew says "What, you dare defile The Protectors name by your lips? You and your family will run this town into the ground, Williams. You know what we have to do, yet you waste our time and money on these, um, people."

Valinya: Valinya leans back to avoid contact with Artemis.

* Artemis grumbles silently to himself as he leans forwards again.

* Artemis but keeps his legs away from the dogs.

Arn: "Rurga teaches strength, honor and truth, they're not all bloodthirsty....aren't they?"

several of the sparring men come up to flank Andrew.

Lorryn: "Well, if you have all the answers...."

* Raldo whispers to Arn, loudly, "Well, I think Rurga's allright, but these meat heads are always wanting to start fights, but none of them have the balls to finish one, thats the problem."

Arn: "Don't get me wrong, any reason is good enough to thump on some greenskins"

* Andrew says, Whats that you mumble Raldo. You want to come down here and say that to me?

Arn: Arn smiles

Just then, several older townsfolk come rushing up.

* Lorryn sizes them up, while continuing, "but I suppose your forces lacked sufficient men, not courage." She does not hide her sarcasm.

The Elders proclaim, "Good Raldo, you have returned with your 'adventurers' Good. Welcome to Williamshire. Thank you for coming" The older men brushes Andrew and his men aside as he approaches the group.

the Elders usher you all into a open walled pavillion and ask you to take seats. Several townsfolk come to tend to the horses.

Valinya: Valinya seems a bit uncomfortable with all this attention.

Elder Thompson says "Thank you for coming to our aid. I assume Raldo here has informed you of our troubles? We are in great need of people like you. We are not a wealthy village, but we can offer you a small reward, and our eternal gratitude, if you can help us.

Arn: "MMMMmmm hmmm"

As the Elders speak, quiet a crowd gathers around the pavillion.

* Lorryn looks from Raldo to Elder Thompson. "Have there been any more crimes since Raldo left to find us?"

Elder Thompson says, Thank goodness, no, the last crime was several days ago, before Raldo left to seek help in Greenbough.

Elder Thompson:

* Arn Quietly to his friends, "quite a conincidence?"

* Lorryn whispers, "Yes, odd isn't it?"

Valinya: Valinya whispers back, "Maybe"

Elder Thompson says, the instances have never been closer than 2 weeks apart.

Elder Thompson and the last one was 4 nights ago.

Lorryn: "Do they seem to follow any sort of pattern?"

Arn: "How many total have there been?"

* Arn Arn wonders where Raldo was 4 nights ago....

Valinya: Valinya glances around to see if the Rurga boys are present and what their expressions might be.

The group from the Rurga Barracks are not present. All the townsfolk gahered around seem eager to hear what the group is going to do.

Elder Thompson says, No real pattern. At first it was just crop damage, then it turned into livestock theft, then it became some tool damage and such. It seemd the crimes started farther out away from the village proper, and as time passed, the crimes got closer to the buildings.

Valinya: "Are the incidents regular every two weeks? If not, what is the longest time between them?"

The midday sun beats down as Elder Thompson explains what has happened.

Arn: "and no one other than animals have been harmed?"

Lorryn: "It would make sense that they're foraging but that doesn't explain the broken tools."

Elder Thompson: I suppose it has been anywhere from 2 to 3 weeks between the incidents. The longest time was about a months span, that was earlier on, before the dogs and geese were killed.

Valinya: "And what evidence suggests these are goblins and not some other beings?"

Elder Thompson: The tracks were consistent of goblin tracks, at least thats the best we could figure out. We are not trackers or woodsmen. Good Sherriff Reavitt confirmed they were Goblin tracks as well. They always led from the scene of the crime to the woods or some other place of concealment, then they disappeared.

Lorryn: "So they never led directly to the goblin village?"

Elder Thompson: No, the village of Yeahk-Nark is several hours travel to the southwest, across those hills.

Lorryn: "Did they lead towards it, or elsewhere?"

as he mentions the Goblin village, several of the townsfolk begin to stir, there are even comments heard about chasing them from the county.

Elder Thompson: No, the tracks never led to the village. Mostly they led toward the woods back downstream, the woods you just came through. But the tracks always just stopped and the trail vanished once the woods were met.

Lorryn: "Is that usual for this area, I mean do other creature's trails usually vanish like that?"

Elder Thompson: Well, with the exception of birds and dragons, I dont know of many creatures that leave tracks on the ground, then dont...

There is a chuckle from the crowd at this comment.

Valinya: "Well, I'm sure there is an explanation ... and we will try to find the answer."

Elder Thompson: We will make arrangements for you all to have the use of an empty house here in town. We can supply you with food as well, for as long as needed to solve this perdicament.

Valinya: "Thank you. Perhaps we could get settled for now and look around a bit."

* Lorryn laughs. "Flying goblins, yes that would be an unusual opponent indeed."

* Lorryn suppresses a shudder at the memory of the Harpies.

Valinya: "It might be closer to the truth than we know."

Elder Thompson says, We greatly appreciate your help in this matter. If you have no further questions, we can show you to your residence here in town.

Lorryn: "Yes, it might at that...."

Valinya: "Thank you, sir."

Elder Thompson shows you to a small cottage near the western edge of town. "The house used to belong to an old man who passed away a year or so ago. He had no family and the house has stood vacant for some time. We have had it cleaned out and have used it to house visiting dignitaries and merchants from time to time.

Valinya: Valinya takes her pack and goes inside to see if she can set apart a room for the ladies.

'The cottage is a 4 room building with 2 bedrooms a kitchen and a common room. There is a small communal stable/ barn in the rear for the horses.'

* Arn Arn looks at the integrity of the structure......"looks nice"

Valinya: "Why don't we all settle in then meet in the common room to determine out plan?"

It is a bit musty, but comfortable enough. Padraig sees that the horses are settled and then claims a large chair in the common room near the girls bedroom door.

Arn: "Sounds good to me. I'd like to inspect these so-called goblin tracks and the crime scenes too"

You all find a place to stash your gear and check out the building. It appears sound enough, the doors latch and the shutters close tightly, though there is no glass in the panes.

* Lorryn smiles at Padraig and searches out a straw pallet or something for him, what with the bandits she understands why he doesn't want to stay with the men.

Elder Thompson: I believe there might still be some evidence of the tracks left. I will have someone bring some lunch and food stores over for you shortly. Then we will show you to the latest spot of vandalism.

* Lorryn opens the shutters as long as it's daylight, trying to get a cross breeze to ease the must and lingering old man smell.

Padraig: Thank ya, maam. I think this chair might be comfy enough for me though. Its got some padding.

* Arn settles down his equipment, gets weapons and tools ready for an expolration

* Lorryn readies her gear and carefully oils and sharpens her sword, singing to herself softly to try to chase away the doddering old man's spirit that is bemoaning the fact he can't find his socks.

Valinya: "Well, I'm not hopeful of seeing much that will help us at the site ... but I'd like to see where the tracks disappear."

some townsfolk bring by several plates of food as well as some packages of food for later. Mostly bread, potatoes, carrots and some fruit. They show you were the nearby well is as well as where to go to find the occasional cut of meat from the meat storage.

Lorryn: "Yes, it certainly is strange that they do. I doubt they are goblins."

Arn: "Aye, me as well, but I am not so sure on how skilled of trackers these guys are. I've done some tracking myself and was working with a good invetigator before I met ye all"

Valinya: "I have doubts about that as well ... but perhaps they are."

Lorryn: "If they can fly, it could be Harpies. They do exist, I actually encountered some on the road far from here."

Arn: "it's not just the tracks I want to see, I want to see the damaged areas as well, the entire crime scene"

Valinya: "I'd say it was time for a mid day meal" and with that Valinya begins to fill a plate.

Arn: "Do they use blades?"

Lorryn: "Their talons might as well be."
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session 3 08/24/08

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Session 3

South Group

Players Present: Mike, Cathy, Stephen

Characters: Arn, Lorryn, Valinya, Artemis

NPCs: Padraig

You have all settled into your new residence here in Williamshire. Most of the townsfolk seem friendly though many of them shy away from you.

Arn would like to gather up the group and suggest that we seek out some information Arn would like Raldo to take him to the locations of the attacks & damage so that he may investigate the tracks and ascertain more from such locales.

Valinya wants to go see the site of a recent attack - presumably with Arn and maybe others - and see if she can learn anything about the disappearance. After that she'd like to get to know the village children and see if she can learn anything from them ... they go places, see things, and hear things adults don't. ))

Raldo takes Arn out to the area of the last incident. There are no tracks left in the general area, but as he leads Arn away from the village, he points out to a few places where the tracks are still visible. They are small tracks of shoed feet leading toward the trees some distance away. Most of the tracks are faint and not always visible. He shows a few other places where the tracks have been visible, most of them seeming to point to the distant trees.

Arn would like to spend some time studying the tracks to determine if they were made by goblins, children or something else...

Valinya approaches a wide yard where several children are playing. She moves closer to them and within a few minutes, joins their game. The children do not seem to notice the Elven woman playing with them and they go on with their game. After a while, the game stops and Valinya begins to talk to some of the children. Immediately, they seem fascinated and intrigued by her.

Arn can tell that they are small shoed tracks. Could be goblins, could be children, could be a boar wearing house shoes.

After checking out the crime scenes, most of which have been cleaned up by now, Lorryn decides to wander around town and mingle with the women folk. She spies a group of women doing laundry by a large trough behind a few buildings. She approaches and the women greet her friendily.

Artemis slinks off toward the inn to do his own brand of investigating.

After a short trek, Raldo and Arn reach the edge of the nearby woods, toward the south and near the road that leads into Willamshire. There are scattered tracks here in this area, some headin in some heading out of the area. Raldo shows Arn a small clearing just inside the woods that has a bunch of tracks, they all sort of mingle around in the middle and thats it.

Arn: Any signs of damage or attacks?

there are no signs of any attacks or damage here in the woods away from the town, just a bunch of small tracks of people wearing soft shoes.

A young boy tells Valinya that he had seen some small figures sneaking around on the nights of the attacks. He didnt tell anyone because he was afraid he would get in trouble for being out late.

Valinya will ask him to describe exactly what he saw and when in the night he saw them and where ... etc.

The boy, Ereg, says that he was sneaking out to see his girlfriend, Melina, and he saw a few short figures moving through the shadows toward the granary. They were too wide to be children but too short to be adults. He said he then ran and found Melina and took her back home, then he rushed back home and didnt see anything else. But the next morning there had been another incident. That was just a few days ago.

Valinya will see if he knows more and try to get other kids involved in the coversation to see if more stories arise and if they collaborate

None of the other children seem to know anything, though some of them say they 'know' it was the Goblins of Yeahk-Nark because their fathers say so.

* Lorryn makes small talk with the women for a bit, before asking about the goblin attacks, and the apparent rivalry between Raldo and Vassing.

The women all seem to be very wiling to gossip about the Williams and the Vassings. Both families are founders of the town and general benefactors. Both Raldo and Andrew are the oldest children of the families and both set to inherit the family estates. They were friends as children, but not so much anymore.

Arn attempts to read the tracks, trying to find a strong point of origin, or better yet, make a look for where they lead.....

Arn does a very careful examination of the clearing and surrounding area but cannot find any tracks except within the clearing and a few leading to and from the clearing on the edge of the woods, nearest the village, where he followed the tracks in.

You cannot find any tracks outside of the clearing at all. You do find quite a few black crow feathers scattered about the edges of the clearing

Arn takes a look up, since the area is wooded, to see if there are any signs above him in the trees, as opposed to the ground

Arn sees trees and branches above him, nothing out of the ordinary. Raldo says, see, this is all we could find, these tracks come here, and then thats it. They don't go anywhere else, there is nothing else here. It is a mystery.

Arn says "Lorryn mentioned something about some type of winged critters. I'm curious if she may be onto something. Indeed this is odd, tracks with no clear origin or ending. Perhaps the elven Lass too was right, maybe it's flying goblins"

Arn, looking around with Raldo, is disappointed in the lack of evidence. "But if I were a bettin' man...and I am, I'd consider that these buggers may even have a tunnel near by. Raldo, perhaps we should be searching around for a possible hidden tunnell"

Raldo says, hey, thats a good idea, we didnt think of that. Goblins do like to tunnel dont they!

Arn: "Like the dirty rats they are.........I'll snoop around, perhaps you may want to find some bloodhounds or something with a good nose for us to use"

Raldo says, Yes I will run back to town and round op some of the dogs. We brought them out here before, but they just ran around the clearing and barked and squirels and such. We didnt take them back out into the woods too far.

It appears the children dont know much more about the attacks, though as she leArned, many of them speak the minds of their parents on what should be done about this situation. She heads back through town, she notices a well dressed, middle ages man sittng on a stump and scribbling furiously in a notebook of some type.

* Lorryn follows along with the gossip and tries to see which of the women seems to know the most about the attacks, or the rivalry, or at least seems to hold the strongest opinion of either

Most of the women seem fairly wishy washy about the rivalries in town, they all seem to be somewhere in the neutral area in these matters, but a young woman by the name of Lilly seems to be coming to the defense of Raldo and the Williamses quite often.

Valinya goes to introduce herself to the man and see who he is and what he is doing.

Lorryn: "So, Lilly, do you think the village is actually in danger? Or at least, that the authorities are perhaps lax in their duties?"

As Valinya approaches, the man continues writing, dosent even seem to notice her at all. When she says hello, he jumps with a start, drops his quill and pad and nearly falls off the stump. He straightens his glasses, stands

Bernece Harnsbow: Oh hello there, young maid. I havent seen you before. I am Bernece Harnsbow. At your service.

* Bernece Harnsbow bows low and takes Valinyas hand.

* Valinya offers her hand and says, "It is my pleasure to meet you, Bernece Harbsbow. I am Valinya."

Bernece Harnsbow: I am a scholar of the University of Truth, from Haven. I am doing a treatise on the farming methods of the Highback plains. Quite interesting stuff. Could I share some of my writings with you?

Valinya: "Why certainly. How long have you been here good sir?"

Bernece Harnsbow: I arrived here last fall, just before the winter. I wanted to acclimate myself to the town for a while before the spring planting time began. These farmers are amazing and hardy folk with some interesting methods that I think will make a wonderful course to teach next school year back at the University.

Valinya: "That is most fascinating. I have come here only recently to learn something about the recent incidents, the ones that the villagers blame on goblins. Do you know anything about these?"

Bernece Harnsbow: Oh yes, the recent attacks, quite unfortunate. These folk work so hard and when someone destroyes their crops and agricultural tools, it is like stealing a scholars books and quill, or a holy mans alter and artifacts.

Valinya: "What is your summation of the situation?"

Bernece Harnsbow: They say it is the work of Goblins, but I fear that these parts are so tame, even the Goblins are farmers, though not so good of farmes as these kind folk.

Valinya: "Go on."

Bernece Harnsbow: I believe it most likely to be the work of foolish children playing pranks. I have seen that many in the town vie for power and influence with each other, and their children act out their parents feelings sometimes.

* Bernece Harnsbow chuckles, It has the flavor of high court, but on a rural, farm house scale. He smiles and looks around the small village. He is obviously city bred and not from these parts.

* Lilly Malavine says to Lorryn, Well im sure the village isnt in danger, Ive heard the Elders have hired a group of mercenaries to help with the situtation. I dont think we are in actual danger though. Im sure who ever is behind this will stop or be stopped soon. Raldo told me that he recruited a brave band of heroes from Greenbough to take care of the matter.

* Lilly Malavine continues scrubbing her clothes, completely obvlious that Lorryn is one of the 'heroes from Greenbough' "Raldo says he is taking care of it, and I believe him.

Several of the other women ooh and ahh, "Youre just sweet on Raldo, Lilly, thats all. Last summer you were sweet on Andrew and your story would be completely different if it were still then!

* Lilly Malavine blushes.

* Lorryn smiles, chuckling slightly at the praise for the group. "Why yes, he did, and I can count myself among their number. I am sure we'll get it under control." Lorryn notes the tale of Lilly's romances and adds, "Hmm, yes, I'd imagine it would be. Raldo does seem more sensible than that braggart though..."

* Lorryn quickly looks around to make sure Vassing isn't around.

More oohs and ahhs from the women as they realize that there is a 'hero' in their midst. Lorryn dosent see any men, and it appears that none of these women, with the exception of Lilly has any real connection to either family.

Lilly Malavine: Well, see, Raldo has brought us this brave, strong woman. She will no doubt get to the bottom of this issue.

Another woman cries out, Yes thank you for coming to our aid. We hope you can help us before someone really does get hurt. Our town cannot suffer many more losses before our whole season will be a loss.

Lorryn: "Yes, I will do whatever I can to help. Have any of you seen anything related to these 'incidents', by the way? Or anything else that you thought wasn't quite right?"

Lilly Malavine: We have lost some animals, some tools and some plants. Im sure that we are not truly in danger. We can buy more animals and make more tools and grow more crops, you silly old hags. Even though Raldo says otherwise, sometimes though, im inclined to believe that this has been the work of the Goblins. There is a village a half a day to the south east, you know.

Lilly Malavine: There have been many strained relation of late, between the Williams and Vassings, though they have often quarreled over the years. The tension between Raldo and Andrew has been worse lately.

Lorryn: "Yes, it certainly seems so, and Andrew's attitude...well let's just say I don't think it's helping much. Why would you think the other villagers would come make trouble here? What would they have to gain?"

Lorryn: "Still I don't think a few broken tools and missing livestock is enough cause to slaughter all the goblins."

Lilly Malavine: Well i dont know, it really could be anyone. Goblins, other villagers. Im not sure. Raldo says he dosent think its the Goblins of Yeahk-Nark, but my father says that it has to be the Goblins. And of course Andrew says he 'knows' its the Goblins and wants to lead his band out there and bust them up. I just dont know why its such a big deal.

One of the older ladies speaks up. But you have to understand. The livestock we have, and the tools we use, those are are lifeblood. And there has been crop damage too.

But really, many of us see that the attacks have gotten a bit worse each time. We are scared that next maybe our children will go missing or be hurt. That is why we are so worried about it.

* Raldo Williams returns in a bit with a few dogs as Arn continues to search through the woods. In his search, Arn discovered a crude knive hear a bush and the remains of a slaughtered chicken.

Raldo Williams: The dogs immediately begin barking all around the dead chicken. They run in circles and begin barking up various trees as well.

Arn: Arn looks around, trying to see if there are any signs of a possible tunnel or hidden cover that could possibly lead to a goblin tunnel. He also wants to check around the area of the feathers again, looking to see it was feathers from a flying creature, or actualy feathers from something that was eaten.

the feathers appear to be feathes from a crow or other small, black bird. Raldo confirms that there are many black birds living in the area, though none of them big enough to make off with livestock.

Arn: Recalling Lady Lorryn's tale of flying creatures, Arn looks to Raldo: "There have been comments of some flying critters around that possibly could be responsible, I'd like to keep some of these feathers for my comrades to examine"

* Arn completely searches the surrounding area, taking your time, but find nothing else useful. It is now starting to get dark.

Arn: "Well Raldo, the dogs sure seem to like the idea of the trees, we may be onto something here." Arn then looks around to see if it is just feathers, or are their bones and feet nearby as if some animal or creature at birds and left bones lay.

Raldo Williams: It is gettin dark, I should be heading home shortly. I will need to get these dogs back. Im sorry we couldnt find any of those tunnels you were looking for, though that chicken carcass is quite disturbing.

Arn: "Clearly something is making it's meals out here. Let's get back and discuss our findings with the others"

Raldo Williams: Sounds good.

Valinya: "Possibly. I myself have spoken with the children and they do seem quite innocent in the matter. If it is not them, what do you think might be going on?"

Bernece Harnsbow: Well, I alwasy say, Children will be their parents children, you know. But it could be any manner of things. Like Ive said though, these parts seem quite peaceful and the trouble seems out of place. I know they have called in the Sherrif of Greenbough, and he has not been able to deduce anything.

Bernece Harnsbow: The attacks have been taking place every couple of weeks, with the last attack only a few days ago, so if the pattern holds true, then you have a bit of a wait till the next attack.

Valinya: "Well, let's hope that someone gets to the bottom of this before that happens." Valinya smiles and bids him farewell

Bernece Harnsbow: It was nice meeting you, and good luck in your quest, fair Elf. Good evening.

Lorryn: "Yes, I can see where the damage does threaten your livelihood and harvest. I wonder why the goblins are doing this, if they never have before?"

One woman says, Who is to say why Goblins do the vile things they do. They would burn a barn down and chew off the heads of chickens for no other reason than they wanted to.

Many of the women agree quietly. At this most of the women are finishing up their wash and moving towards home, as it is getting late. Lilly hangs back a bit, seeing if Lorryn wants to continue talking to her.

Lilly Malavine: Well, it was wonderful meeting you, ma'am. I must be going, My father will be expecting me for dinner shortly.

* Lilly Malavine rushes off with her wash.

* Lorryn nod. "Why yes, glad to meet you as well." She gets the sense that Lilly might know more than she lets on.

You all meet up outside of your new residence and share what you leArned during the day. Padraig says he has a message from Artemis and that he is deep undercover, interrogating certain townsfolk to try to get to the bottom of things. He will see you in the morning.

Valinya: "Really? Getting to the 'bottom' of things is he? Valinya smirks.

* Lorryn mutters "yes he's under somebody's covers I'll bet..."

Arn: "Typical, that boy may be more of a hindrance if he's around than not. Well, who knows, maybe he'll finally do something productive for once"

Arn fills the rest of the band in on what he and Raldo found and not. He mentions how the dogs seemed more excited around the trees and shows the feathers and speaks of the chicken carcasses.

Arn: "I didn't find any tunnels, and no tracks leading in any one place. I wonder if our quarry isn't using the trees or could be the flying things Lady Lorryn mentioned she ran into a while back on the road"

Valinya: "Or maybe some form of magic to make them fly?"

Lorryn: "Hmm, these look like ordinary feathers, the harpy's were far larger."

Arn: "Indeed I never considered magic. Ye are sharp of wit lass"

Lorryn: "Or could something be transporting them?" Lorryn turns to Valinya, "perhaps you could see if there's any traces of magic there?"

As darkness descends on the small town, the lights from the houses and buildings cast a warm glow on the dirt streets. The smell of cooking dinner comes from inside your house and Padraig calls out that dinner is almost ready. The sound of merrymaking comes from a tavern a little ways down the street.


Valinya: "Hmm. Let me think about that."

Arn: "I wonder if we should try going to the goblin village and rough up some trouble..."

Arn: "...I mean, go stir up some more investigation"

Lorryn: "Somehow I doubt that us against an entire village of goblins are very good odds."

Arn: "Whattya mean? Lefty and I could take on half a village of goblins ourselves!"

Valinya: "Or that they would be very welcoming ... but I don't have any real experience with goblins."

Arn: "Bah! Something odd is going on around here. Ye said something about the two families fightn' fer power. Ghost Goblin tracks Crop damage. Did we find out if it was random crop damage or was any of it tied to one specific family?"

Lorryn: "The little experience I have with them is a cook from a caravan I travelled with for a while. Odd fellow named Narb, a good sort really though."

Padraig calls in again that dinner is ready.

Arn: "Let's eat and think more over some Ale"

Valinya: "Or seconds."

Arn: "Aye lass, all that searching today left me parched. I need some ale to quench my thirst".

* Lorryn heads off to dinner and tries to make sure Arn and Valinya don't hoard all the ale and food.

Arn: "Well, let's eat and then go down fer some ale and talk more about what we think we should do"

Arn: "Vassings, Williamshires, pretend flying goblins, dead animals, broken tools, crop damage, and a love triangle. Is that what I see here?"

Valinya: "Yes, it's quite the tangle."

Arn: "Hey there elf lassy, didn't ye say there was a pattern to these attacks?"

Lorryn: "Yes. Could just be a case of bored country folk."

Valinya: "Yes, the timing is approximately the same. "

Arn: "Then this isn't random. Do we know if it is both families farms being attacked or only one?"

from what you could tell, it was random.

Lorryn: "Someone wants to stir up discontent here, but why?"

Several smaller farms were hit, one of the Williams fields was hit, and the cow and some of the goats missing were Vassings.

Valinya: "OK, let's step back from the details and see the bigger picture ..."

Arn: "Too random if ye ask me....someone is clearly trying to make this look like something. If sheriff tea party couldn't get to anything, than it's got to be more complicated. Politics and a love story would definitely be out of his league"

But that makes sense because the Williams own most of the cropland and the Vassings own more of the livestock.

Valinya: "Why? What purpose do the attacks serve?

Arn: "Well than let's look at the pattern. When will the next attack be, and who's farm will be targeted?"

You all eat a meal of something that Padraig cooked up. Possibly chicken somthing? He is not the best cook in the land. Then Arn leads the way down to the tavern. It is an enjoyable night. Most of the tavern goers are firendly, mostly locals. Artemis is nowhere in sight, though a few young girls do ask about him. The girls retire early and Arn stays a bit later, being involved in a game of dice with some locals. Eventualy, with no more excitement, Arn stumbles home and falls asleep in the doorway to his room.

The sun comes up over Williamshire, it is a cold, overcast day. Padraid is cooking some eggs and has the house full with the smell of coffee. Artemis steps over Arn and says good morning to everyone. He still wears the clothes he had on yesterday.

* Lorryn notices the seams on Artemis's pants look odd, and realizes he must have them on inside out. Not that she's staring at him or anything.

* Artemis winks at Lorryn and rushes off to his room.

Arn thinks, that gives 10 days until the next attack. Raldo insisted he wanted the matter handled immediately.

Arn sits up from the floor. His head hurts. Padraig brings him a cup of coffee.

Valinya: "Curious, you know, that they happen in a regular pattern."

Arn: "What do ye all think" Arn mutters still trying to wake himself up.

Lorryn: "So, if Andrew and his men eliminated the goblin village, I assume they would take over the land it's on?"

Valinya: "Good question."

The attacks did not happen exactly every 2 weeks, it was anywhere from 10 days to 16 days or so, but the towns folk had not kept that exact records of it. But to everyones best recollection, it was about every 2 weeks

Arn: "Maybe if we can ascertain who's lands should be targeted next and see about camping out i the night to see if we can catch anyone red-handed?"

Valinya: "Perhaps there is a more direct route to eliminate some possibilities ... using magic."

Padraig: I can talk to everyone whos lands have been attacked and give you a list if you like.

Valinya: "There is a spell I know that will tell me if what someone has just said is a lie or not. Might be useful with Raldo Williams."

Arn: "perhaps the Vassing lad?"

Valinya: "Yes, just so."

Lorryn: "Yes, Padraig that would be useful." Lorryn smiles, happy to see he's taking initiative. Turning to Valinya, Lorryn says, "Such a spell exists? Would that it was used in every courtroom..."

Arn: "I like that idea lass. And don't worry about using yer magics on me, I will always speak out the truth, an Ironfists word is Ironclad"

Valinya: "Just so, sir dwarf. It would be best if someone else perhaps asked the question and I was not the focus of attention. It would help to touch the subject, though,"

Arn: "I've interrogated folk before. Ye can just hold their hands and set them at ease while I grill them"

Arn: "Then perhaps we should arrange a private meeting with Raldo and Mr. Vassing?"

Lorryn: "Yes, that sounds like a fine plan. I could hold their other hand and perhaps a bit less gently, should persuasion be required."

* Lorryn of course would never actually torture anyone...but bad guys don't need to know that.

Valinya: "So, we seek each out, Raldo and Andrew, and ask a couple of pointed questions and see what we see."

Lorryn: "Which should we question first?"

Valinya: "I think Andrew, but I'm not sure it matters."

Arn: "Well, perhaps each of ye can arrange to bring the two men here for private questioning, but NOT at the same time. I think we should all do it together, keeping it nice and friendly, but let Valinya seat the men, hand on their shoulder"

Arn: "Let's send out the boys to round up the men and lets think about what we want to ask them."

Valinya: "OK"

Lorryn: "Yes, sounds like a plan."

Arn: "I've seen the sights of damage and am not impressed with what I could find. I don't know if the romance between Raldo and Andrew is an issue, but perhaps we can tro to figure that out as well."

Shortly after breakfast, while you are cleaning up, Raldo stops in to say hi and see if you need anyting for the day.

Arn: "Well met there Raldo! Mind if we ask ye a few questions about some stuff we found out about here.

Valinya ushers Raldo in and keeps her hand very lightly on his back.

Raldo Williams: Yes of course, anything you need, friends. Ask away. I will help in any way I can of course.

* Raldo Williams seems to be in a good, chipper mood this fine morning.

Valinya: Valinya quietly hums to herself

Arn: "Aye, we've all spoken to a variety of townfolk, just trying to review our information. We would like to talk briefly about the last four attacks, type, damage, and locations. "

Lorryn: "So if the attacks follow their usual pattern, the goblins shouldn't strike for another 10 days or so. Yet we're supposed to handle this immediately...a challenge, considering the goblins left little trace"

Raldo Williams: Well, the attacks have been about every two weeks, and i brought you to town to see what you could figure out. It would be helpful if it could be taken care of BEFORE the next attack of course.

Raldo Williams: And since the attacks have gotten more severe and moved closer to town, we thought there was not reason to wait to get help.

Lorryn: "Yes, certainly, that makes sense."

Arn: "Where were the locales of the last four attacks, in order, and who's farms, Vassing, Williamshire, ect?

Lorryn: "No reason to let them strike again, someone could possibly be killed."

Arn: "I agree, that's why we want to review our notes"

Arn: "Raldo, where were ye when the last attack occurred and what did ye do about it?"

* Lorryn steps back and lets Arn lead the questioning and be more aggressive about it.

Arn: "Also, to what benefit will the Vassings come into if they lead a Rurga crusdae against the goblins?"

Arn: "And as far as Lily Malavine goes....she mentioned some "things" about Vassing, your thoughts on this?"

Arn: "Raldo, where were ye when the last attack occurred and what did ye do about it?"

Raldo Williams: The last attack happend a few days ago, near the Dowling bArn. The plow was destroyed. A goat and chicken taken 2 dogs were killed. The lock was tampered with on the granaries. I was at home, in bed asleep.

Raldo Williams: In the morning, when we all heard news of it, I left for Greenbough to get help.

Arn looks at Valinya, who should be stanind behind Raldo, so he can not see her face.....

Valinya quietly raises her hum to a soft song for a moment ...

Valinya: focusing her mind on embracing the melody of the spell

Arn: If Andrew Vassing and his Rurgurgatites take their crusade against the goblins, what benefit culd come from that?"

Valinya gives a slight nod

Arn: If Andrew Vassing and his Rurgurgatites take their crusade against the goblins, what benefit culd come from that?"

Lorryn: You know, he would look even more dashing with a victory over them...might rekindle some old flames with Lilly perhaps...?

Raldo Williams: I have no idea what benefit Andrew could gain from attacking the Goblins.

Arn: "And as far as Lily Malavine goes....she mentioned some "things" about Vassing, your thoughts on this?"

Raldo Williams: What? Lillly? I am fairly sure that Andrew is not interested in Lilly. He never has been, and isnt now.

Raldo Williams: What did she say about Vassing? Why have you interrogated Lilly, she couldnt possibly be involved in this, could she?

* Lorryn glances at Valinya, raising an eyebrow.

Arn: "Relax Raldo, she made some comments about him, apparently you are her interest, but something was mentioned about Vassing and her in the past. What are your thought son that?"

Lorryn: "Yes, so sorry if you're hearing it from us. We just thought, well, it is a small town." Lorryn shrugs.

Raldo Williams: Yes, Lilly and I are something of a couple these days. She was enamored of him last year, but he shunned her and now she is with me.

Raldo Williams: How does that figure into any of this?

Arn: "Just wondering if Vassing's leading of a crusade would be possibly to win her favor again?"

Arn: "would you put something that past Andrew Vassing?"

Raldo Williams: But Andrew never wanted her favor. That was obvious. He is to in love with his beloved Rurga, and himself, to worry about her. If he had wanted her, she practically threw herself at him. I am sure she is not interested in him. This is all very upsetting to me. I need to be off now.

Lorryn: "I am sorry that our idle speculation was so disturbing to you, we did not intend for it to be. We are just trying to exhaust all possibilities."

* Raldo Williams appears quite shaken after this line of questioning

Arn: Arn looks at Valinya for a reaaction.

Valinya says, "Raldo, we do need to cover every possibility. Are you involved in these attacks at all?"

Arn: "What are your personal thoughts on Mr. Vassing and what he is up to?"

Raldo Williams: Am I involved in these attacks, what sort of question is this? No of course not. I brought you here to figure this out.

Valinya: "Sorry to have to ask that. Thank you for your time and patience."

Arn: "no one accused you Raldo, We just are ruling out all possibilities"

Raldo Williams: Andrew Vassing is a spoiled little brat that likes to make himself look good by bullying others around. He wants to look good and be a hero for the town.

Raldo Williams: May I go now? Thank you.

Valinya smiles and quietly sings again right after his response to her question.

Arn: "That's all I wanted to know

Lorryn: "We've all seen our share of corruption in the world, that might not be known here. Sorry to have let our jaded view unsettle you."

Arn: "Well that was fun.....what was your take on him there miss elf?"

* Lorryn looks out the window to see if Raldo is headed for Lilly's house and if he still seems angry.

Lorryn: "Yes, that's one way to put it."

Arn: "Our friend got a little upset about the idea of Lilly and Andrew, didn't he?"

Arn: "And if they're both telling the truth, then we will have a real mystery on our hands"

Valinya: "Perhaps he was trying to talk himself into believing nothing would be going on between Lilly and Andrew."

Arn: yes, but would rather have quetioned him alone.

Valinya: "After you, sir dwarf"

Arn: The group heads out to the Rurga's barracks, seeking an audience with one Andrew Vassing

Valinya: "He might be reluctant to come with us ... we'll have to see."

Lorryn: "Playing to his pride might work."

Arn: 'We can just go to him.....

Arn: Approaching the barracks, Arn will ask one of the guards if they may speak with Andrew Vassing

Arn: Once there, Arn, Lorryn, and Valinya, make their way in to speak with Andrew Vassing

You approach the barracks and you see several young men sparring and conversing out in the yard in front.

They stop as you approach and turn to face you.

Hello friends. What brings you to the Barracks of Rurga this morn? one says to you. You do not see Andrew around.

Arn: Arn grunts out. "Eh hem". "Hail there boys. We would like to see an audience with Andrew Vassing if we can?"

Clem Harcourt: He isnt here this morning. Havent seen him since formation last evening. He is no doubt at his home.

Clem Harcourt: Is there anything we can help you with?

* Clem Harcourt turns to the others. Where are the others, they should have been back by now, Go out and find them. They were supposed to be patroling to the north.

Lorryn: "How long have you been having these patrols?"

Arn: "it's rather personal, but I think we have some information that may be mutually beneficial. Can ye tell us where his home may be lad?"

A group of 4 of the sparring men take up their staffs and head off through the village.

Arn: "Sargent Clem, what do ye make of these recent distrubances around your village?"

Clem Harcourt: Why yes, the Vassing house is down that way, through the center of town. And as for the patrols, we have been patrolling the area since shortly after the Goblin attacks started.

Lorryn: "Hmm, surprising then you haven't caught them in the act, but of course you can't be everywhere. Do you keep reports, by any chance?"

Clem Harcourt: I believe that the Goblins have attacked our village. I think they are trying to sow the seeds of discontent and upset the balance of Law in the land. I would not be surprised to know that the Wolfen are behind this.

Arn: Arn coughs, "Wolfen, out here? Aren't they more secluded to the mountians?"

Clem Harcourt: Um, well, we keep track of the groups going out if they find anything out of the ordinary. We have only 2 patrols that are out at night though.

Clem Harcourt: Friend Dwarf. Dont be so naive. The agents of the Wolfen Empire are everywhere, and they are not all Wolfen. Many men have succumbed to the evil charms of our canine enemies.

Arn: "Clem, do ye know anything of Vassing being involved with a young lady here int eh town?"

Clem Harcourt: The Empire may be to the north, but their evil claws stretch far and wide!

Lorryn: "Gone to the dogs, as they say." Lorryn smirk.

Arn: "I hear their bark is worse than their bite"

* Clem Harcourt chuckles. No, Andrew is not involved with any of the young ladies in town. His duty to Rurga fills his time

Arn: "Do any of you have any hard proof that it is goblins for sure behind the attacks?"

Clem Harcourt: He is generally too busy either helping with his fathers business or working here at the Barracks. We are beginning to construct a stone Barracks next month. There has been lots of planning involved with that.

Clem Harcourt: Of course it is the no good Goblins. The tracks. The village just a few miles away. Its Goblins allright. What else could it be.

Arn: "I've seen the tracks, I've not been able to discern much from them"

Valinya: "But why would they vandalize your village?"

Clem Harcourt: Because they are Goblins, thats what they do!

Valinya: "I see"

Valinya: "Perhaps if time permits, one of you brave warriors could teach me to defend myself ... perhaps with a staff?"

Valinya: "A frail thing like myself can seem an easy target."

Clem Harcourt: You Dwarf. You know Goblins. Good for nothing, sneaky, back stabbing Goblins. They steal and destroy that which isnt theirs.

Clem Harcourt: why yes, do you seek the Way of the Truth and Light? We could show you.

Arn: "Oh I agree with you completely there Clem, but outside of tracks, really it could just be a gang of children pulling that off"

Valinya: "I am indeed a seeker of truth and walker in the ways of light."

Clem Harcourt: Children? That is preposterous. He laughs and several of the others do as well. At first some thougth it was the children, and from what i heard, many young boys got the strap from their fathers. But as the attacks continued, it was clear to see that there were outside forces at work. Goblins.

* Clem Harcourt speaking to Valinya. You should come by for our afternoon meeting. Rurga is always lookin for those that seek the Way of Truth and Light

Arn: "Well you understand why we are here, right? We're just seeking the truth to all of this. But no one has actually seen a goblin involved"

Valinya: "I'll see if I can. "

Arn: "Clem, ye mentioned patrols in the North. What are they doing, just watching the surrounding areas? How far do they go and when were they do back?"

Clem Harcourt: Ahh, during the daylight hours, we send out groups of 4. Mostly us from the Barracks here, but some other townsfolk have joined. They just walk the fields, usually near the outer limits of the village. Watching out for anything unsusual.

Clem Harcourt: They should have been back a while ago, but im sure they are just taking their time.

Arn: Okay, we will check back with you on them, I really need to speak to Andrew now,hanks for your time

Valinya: "Yes, thank you."

Clem Harcourt: You are welcome, Friends. May Rurga light your way with the truth.

Arn and the ladies make their way to Mr. Vassing's home. Sounding at the door, they await an answer
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Session 4

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Session 4
Present: Zach (Artemis) and Mike (Arn)

---------------------------- Session Start 092808 South Group ----------------------------------

As you wait for someone to answer the door at the Vassing residence, Artemis comes strolling up the lane.
Arn: "Hey lad, nice of ye to join us........."

* Artemis whistles with a slight amount of jolly as he strolls, waving a hand ot Arn.
Artemis: "Sorry it took me so long... you know how it goes. Being investigative and all..."

* Artemis winks.
Arn: "Er.....Aye I guess so laddy. C'mon, we's got work to do"

Lorryn: Hello there, good morning to you

* Valinya smiles and waves at Artemis.
Arn: "So, we all ready to see what Mr. Andrew has ta say?"

* Artemis shrugs and walks over.
Artemis: "Mr. Andrew? What exactly is he suppose to be talkin' about again?"

Arn: "his involvement with the attacks, knowledge of Goblins involved be it true or false, or just a guess, his fight with Raldo, ect."

Artemis: "How we goin' about it? You gonna wack him with that giant woodcutter, or what?"

Arn: "So we're going to make sure he's telling the truth before we go rough up some little greenskins"

Arn: "The ladies were hoping to smoothly talk to him first before I have to get tough with him. But since ye are awake, maybe ye want a crack at settin' him at ease?"

Valinya: Will we be employing the same tactics as we did at the Barracks of Rurga?

Arn: "We used tactics?"

* Artemis Artemis runs his hand through his hair, and pulls it back into an aristocratic knot... then smoothes out his clothing of some dust.
Artemis: "I'll see what I can do...."

* Valinya speaks low, Yes, remember, you asked questions,and i used my magic to discern the truth of the statements
Arn: "And boy....turn ye pants back around the right way!"

GM: Lorryn and Valinya giggle at that statement from Arn.

Arn: "Aye, I remember lass....but I'm thinkin' of lettin' the boy try first, and if Vassing gets tough, I'll get tougher"

* Artemis looks down and rolls his eyes and walks away and around a corner, switching his pants around, then comes back out.
Padraig comes rushing up
Padraig: Lady Lorryn, Lady Lorryn

Arn: Laughing, "okay boy......er.....what?"

Padraig: You must come back to the house, something is wrong with your horse, Penny.

A look of panic crosses Lorryns face and she turns and rushes off, following Padraig back to the house
* Artemis scratches his head, "Woops..."
just then, the door to the large house opens.
Arn: calling to Lorryn, "Do ye want us to wait for ye..........?...................oh, 'ello there."

Andrew Vassing: Why hello. If it isnt the heroes of Williamshire

Arn: "I thought we were the heroes of Greenbough?"

Andrew Vassing: What can I do for you this fine morning, gentlemen, and Lady.

* Andrew Vassing bows low and he takes Valinyas hand.
* Valinya blushes

Andrew Vassing: Well, sir Dwarf, why limit yourselves to just Greenbough. Why not the Heroes of The Dominion of Man

Arn: "If ye insist....."

* Artemis takes a step forward.
Artemis: "We would be neither so bold or brash, my friend..."

Andrew Vassing: I was just heading out.

Arn patiently watches the lad in action

Artemis: "Could we trouble you for a few moments of your time, my friend. I can assure you, we won't hold you up to long from you daily business."

* Andrew Vassing looks up from Valinyas hand and suddenly he dropps her hand, like he is disgusted. He grimaces like he has a bad taste in his mouth
Arn: (Lefty Flinches)

* Andrew Vassing steps back away from Valinya a bit and looks at Artemis. Of course. What can I help you with.
* Artemis he smiles, holding out a hand, "I am Artemis of Bristol, we were just hoping to gather more information from the community about the Goblin Thievery."
* Andrew Vassing clasps Artemis hand and shakes it. I am Andrew Vassing, but I believe you know that already.
* Andrew Vassing listens as Artemis talks, but seems distracted, he looks out over the porch and into town.
Artemis: "Of course, sir. You a pillar of this community. It is hard to take a few steps without hearing of your great contributions to these fine hard working folk."

Andrew Vassing: So you are here to rid the town of the Goblin threat? That is wonderful, that is what I have been saying all along. Have at it, Yeahk Nark is but a few hours walk that aways..

* Andrew Vassing motions out toward the south west
Artemis: "Yes, we are aware. However, we were hoping first to gather what you knew of the thiveries... perhaps any accounts given to you?"

Andrew Vassing: Did you have specific questions for me, or did you merely want to come tell me what you were planning on not doing?

Arn scowls

* Artemis arches a brow and looks over to Arn.
Andrew Vassing: I am sure my accounts are similar to those given to you by the rest of the townsfolk. I assume that wretch Raldo did not leave any details out. If anything, he is an honest wretch

Arn looks towards Valinya to see if she's ready

* Valinya nods at Arn
* Artemis looks back to Andrew.
Arn: "Alright there lad. Look we were asked to help yer town with a problem. Are you denying that there is a problem?"

* Andrew Vassing stares at Arn
Andrew Vassing: My pardon, Dwarf. I know why you are here, and I do not appreciate the tone you take with me, on my own doorstep, for that matter.

Arn: "There has been a rash of vandalism, theft, and destruction, right?"

Artemis: "My friend means no afront, my friend. He is merely quite intent on ridding your town of this banditry."

Andrew Vassing: There is no doubt a host of problems in this town, and the Goblins are but one of them. If you intend to do someting about it, then do so, otherwise Greenbough is back that way and Rurga will show me the Way of Truth and I shall take care of the problem myself.

Arn: "Have ye seen first hand that this has indeed been goblins, or are ye working off the wild guesses of everyone else?"

Andrew Vassing: Yes, yes, of course. The goblins have vandalized our town, all the signs say it is so. There is a stinking Goblin town a few hours walk from here, they come from there.

Arn: "Or perhaps this is some ploy ye cooked up so ye and yer Rugurgatites can go pretent to play War?"

Andrew Vassing: This is what no good worthless goblins do. Kill animals, steal tools.

Arn: "I agree, most goblins are no good"

At that, Vassing turns and marches off the porch, away from Arn, Artemis and Valinya.
Arn: "But the same can be said of those who insult people to come to help....let alone won't answer questions of those trying to help?"

* Andrew Vassing calls back over his shoulder. "Rurga will show us the Way of Truth. Her light shines on the righetous.

* Artemis watches with a casual disregard as he lets his hair back down.
* Andrew Vassing walks off down the street, in the general direction of the Barracks of Rurga.
Arn: (looking back at the group), "I think I may be on to something here..."

Artemis: "What leads you to that, besides the sirs racism and apathy to outsiders barging into his towns issues?"

Valinya: What do you think he knows? What are you goin to do?

Arn: "If yer town had a problem and yer people were in an uproar, and things kept getting worse, wouldn't ye want help?"

Artemis: "The proud would want help, but would not cooperate."

Arn: "Aye, but they wouldn't block an investigation either"

Valinya: But remember, Raldo said that Andrew and those of Rurga already WANT to attack the goblins. They didnt want help. They think they know the answer already. We were hired to find out who is responsible. Not attack the Goblins.

Artemis: "Is he blockin' our investigation?"

Valinya: As far as they are concerened, there is probalby no need for an investigation.

Arn: "I think there's something bigger going on here. I think attacking the goblins ties more into the rivalry of the Vassing and Williams familes battle for supremacy of this town"

Arn: "Or don't want one"

Arn: "He shooed us away, put down Raldo, who should be the savior of the town, as called by the townsfolk, and stormed off without answering a question

Arn: I think it's time to go to Yek-Nark and ask the little greenies what's going on.....

* Artemis turns a little green at the prospect.
Arn: "Valinya, did ye get anything from him on any of that?"

Valinya: I did not have a chance to sing my song of magic. There was not a direct enough question asked and answered for me to learn anything that we did not learn from our other senses.

Valinya: So, we should be off to the Goblin village then?

Arn: "Bah, I can tell....good 'ol dwarven intuition. He's guilty of something. Maybe it's just bein' a arse, but he's guilty!"

Valinya: I am curious to see a Goblin village in the realm of Man. It is interesting to me.

Arn: "Aye, let's go and find Lady Lorryn first"

Arn: "not much to see, it will be small, green, and smelly"

You find Lorryn back at the stables, tending to her horse, who seems to have developed something of a stomach ache.

She assures everyone that the horse will be fine, Padraig will tend to it while the rest of us are off to Yeahk Nark
* Artemis checks on Alfred to see if he is ok.

Arn: "Sorry about yer horsey mylady"

Lorryn: She will be fine.

Lorryn: Padraig will take good care of her.

Lorryn: Shall we make arrangements and go?

Artemis: "Aye... I suppose if we must."

* Artemis does not seem pleased at all about this.

Arn: "Alright, let's get this moving and try to get there today yet if we can"

Arn: For a half day walk with goblin attacks? Arn will be taking most of his equipment

After getting all equipped, you head out toward where you know Yeahk Nark to be. The landscape is low, rolling hills in this part of Greenbough County...

You can see a small woods to the south, where you investigated yesterday, and farther off to the east , a dark line of forest stretches off into the distance, marking the eastern edge of the County.
Arn: "Nice shrubberies, I like the laurels particularly"

Yeahk Nark lies to the south and west from Williamshire, only isolated stands of trees interrupt the gentle slopes.
Arn: "I was looking around there quite a bit with Raldo. Couldn't find much at all other than a collection of tracks, but no path of where they led off to"

Artemis: "What sort of tracks?"

Arn: "The tracks were small booted feet. Could be goblins, could be children. Valinya said the children were all beaten by their fathers so that if it were them, they wouldn't be vandalizing again. She also said that some kids claimed to have seen small, wide creatures about. Could be greenskins"

Valinya: Yes, I do not believe that the children of the town have done these deeds.

Valinya: They are good children, they honor their parents and their town.

Artemis: "Did you do your vodoo on them, to find out?"

Arn: "I'm still confused. I saw the mutilated chickens, rusty knives, and lots of black feathers"

Valinya: I have a strong connection to children. I feel it to be so.

Arn: "But I couldn't find a solid origin for the tracks, nor a true ending"

Artemis: "Black feathers?"

After a few hours, you see a few whisps of smoke, inidcating that you are getting close to a town. You see a few, what appear to be badly tended crop fields on the nearby hills.
Arn: "Aye, they didn't match up with anything else...maybe a crow?"

Arn: laughing to himself out loud, "This should be fun"

As you crest a hill, you see the small village of Yeahk Nark down in a little bowl valley. A small stream runs past it, between the nearby hills.

Off to your left, you see a group of Goblins toiling in a field. One larger Goblin, struggles with a yoke attached to what appears to be a plow. Several other Goblins stand nearby, trying to help steady the plow


Arn: "Now there's something you don't see every day..."

They are making a lot of racket and it looks like half the goblins are pulling one direction while the others are going in the other direction. Suddenly, something snaps and most of them go crashing to the ground. The one pulling the plow flies out of his harness and crashes to the ground.
Arn: "I wonder if it's a stolen plow...?"

As they get to their feet, they begin screeching at each other, in the Gobbley language.
Arn laughs loudly

Artemis: "Doubtful.... "

the Goblins stop and turn at the sound of the Dwarf laughing. They stand there, seemingly frozen in place. Several near the back of the group turn and run off toward the town while the others sort of crouch and slink back away from the heavily armed Dwarf and his companions.
They look a bit frightened. None of them looke armed with anything larger than a dagger or a hoe.
Arn: Turning towards his companions...."So, do any of ye want to chat with the green bugs?"

Arn: Looking back at the running goblins, "Was it something I said?"

There are about 8 Goblins left, they are just standing there. One steps forward.
* Goblin 56 speaks in very broken Man, "What... you... do... here?"
Arn: "Hello?"

Arn: turning back to Artemis, whispering, "He said what, not who...."

Goblin 56: "Hello... Dwarf"

-------------------------------------- Session End South Group 092808 --------------------------
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Session 5 South Group 100508

Post by gmjasongurps »

here is the unedited chat log, it shows all the mechanics we used also.. i hope to get it edited still though!

Session 5 South Group 100508 Session Start ------------------------------------

GM: Lorryn and Valinya present

GM: The Goblins with the plow just seem to stand there, staring at you.

Valinya: "Hello to you, sir Goblin."

Arn: What are you lookin at Greenskin!

* Lorryn watches the goblins warily for signs of hostility.
The reaction is Poor
Goblin 56: You no come here. Not Dwarf town. Yeahk Nark for Goblins

Valinya: (( FYI Valinya has distrust of Goblins in her Elven package ))

GM: (( good to know ))
Valinya: "We come from human village over there (points) ... they say you steal from them."

GM: (( play it up, i know arn will! ))
Valinya: "What you say?"

Goblin 56: We no steal. Smelly humans... always blame Goblins. Not so

Valinya: "There were goblin tracks."

* Lorryn mutters "Smelly? He's one to talk..."
Goblin 56: So?

Lorryn: "You don't even know how to use that plow."

Goblin 56: Lots Goblins in world. Yeahk Nark no steal from towns.

Valinya: "Are there other goblins near here?"

Goblin 56: Gaaa... You not know use plow either... girl.

* Goblin 56 laughs, "How many Goblin towns you know, girl?
Valinya: "I'

Valinya: "I'm not from here ... is yours the only one?"

Goblin 56: Yeahk Nark only goblin town.

Lorryn: "So, you were lying before."

Goblin 56: You go find stealing goblins in caves.

* Goblin 56 turns and moves back to the plow
Valinya: "What caves?"

Goblin 56: Me dont know. Ollgbla live in town.

* Goblin 56 dont steal. Me farmer. See
Valinya: "Does Ollgbla know about caves?

* Goblin 56 reaches down and begins to don the plow harness again, motioning to the others to help him, but they just stand, watching you.
Valinya: ((Valinya will attempt some diplomacy here ... ))

* Goblin 56 grunts. Me not know caves. Me born in Yeahk Nark. Live all life. No steal. Never.
Valinya: "Humans want to attack. If you no steal, you should help us find who did."

* Lorryn shrugs. "Maybe we'd better find this Ollgla...creature."
Ollgbla: Me Ollgbla

* Valinya nods to Ollgbla
Valinya: "Can you tell us about other goblins in caves?"

Ollgbla: What is Elf called?

Valinya: "Valinya."

Lorryn says to the GM: man that is one ugly smurf
* Ollgbla shrugs. Me know some goblins live in caves. Some goblins cheat and steal. Not Goblins from Yeahk Nark.
Ollgbla: We farmers. We work hard. Live good life.

Valinya: "Will you help us find them and save your village?"

Ollgbla: Yeahk Nark mean Good Life. That what we want.

Valinya: "Will you help us find them?"

* Ollgbla dont know anything about Goblins in caves. Just a guess." he struggles to pull the plow, he grunts and strains
two other goblins inch forward to help him steady the heavy plow
Lorryn: "So where are the caves? Whether they have golbins in them or not?"

* Valinya angrily, "If you don't know anything how do you know there are goblis in caves?"
Ollgbla: How do you... know there... Goblins in caves.

Ollgbla: Me never been to any caves. Just heard stories.

Valinya: "Anything else these stories say?"

Ollgbla: Yes.

* Valinya looks expectantly
Ollgbla: Stories say Humans Elves and Dwarves always slay Goblins

* Valinya still looks expectantly at Ollgbla
* Ollgbla drops the plow harness. "We Goblns in Yeahk Nark.. we no steal... we farmers... work hard... not like other Goblins...
Ollgbla: Why always blame Goblins... when stealing starts... Humans steal too... so do Dwarves....

Arn: Hey now, ive never stolen a thing in my life.

* Arn steps forward, cracking his knuckles.
Valinya: "Ollgbla did not accuse us of stealing ..."

several of the goblins turn and run for the village
Valinya: "But is repeating stories ... which we also tell."

The remaining 3 take a few steps back.
Lorryn: "well that takes care of those...."

Valinya: "But stories aside ... things have been stolen and goblin footprints were there."

Valinya: "I would hope that Ollgbla would tell us anything else that might help find the thieves."

Ollgbla: Wish you would find thieves.... Yeahk Nark Goblins stay away from Human villages... we no want trouble... they always come to us with trouble...

Lorryn: "Yes, especially when it suits their ends..."

Ollgbla: Maybe Goblins steal... but not Yeahk Nark Goblins...

Valinya: Valinya quietly sings at this to discern if he has told the truth.

Ollgbla: Come see... come to Yeahk Nark... we no have nothing from Humans...

GM: (( ok use the skill macro, ill make you up a general spell macro... ))
Valinya: (( truth sayer ))

* Lorryn whispers "yes, straight into an ambush I'll bet"
Valinya: Skill level 18 check 11 vs (18), and succeeded by 7.

* Ollgbla tries to resist. (( Skill level 9 dice roll: 15 vs (9), and failed by -6.
* Valinya knows that Ollbla is telling the truth about not stealing from the Human village.
tries to resist. (( Skill level 9 dice roll: 10 vs (9), and failed by -1.
Resistance Roll: (( Skill level 9 dice roll: 12 vs (9), and failed by -3.
Valinya: "Very well. I believe what you say to be true. But we do ask if you would tell us anthing you know or have heard about where these cave goblins might be ... please."

GM: (( what is the FP for the spell? use your FP use macro ))
Lorryn: "Yes, or do we need to get Arn here to do some...persuading?"

Ollgbla: I no nothing ... about Goblins in caves... never seen one.. never met one...

Valinya: (( cost 1FRP -1 = 0 FP ))

GM: (( ok! ))
Valinya: "But you HAVE heard stories ... what do they say?"

Ollgbla: When I was ... young.. elders told stories... goblins live in caves... attack towns... bandits... those goblins get killed by Humans. and Elves .... and Dwarves.... that why we live in Yeahk Nark... we work hard. ... we no want get killed

Lorryn: ((whoops did not mean to move))

Ollgbla: You hear stories like that too? Hear stories about dragons too... maybe Dragons steal from Humans.

* Valinya gives Ollgbla the "cold stare"
Valinya: "There is much at stake here to be playing games, Goblin."

Ollgbla: Me not know what you want.... me not know about Goblins in caves.... not know about stealing from humans...

Ollgbla: Me live in house... all Goblins in Yeahk Nark live in house

GM: (( Truthsayer is 2FP btw ))
Valinya: "So you really know nothing and the 'goblins in caves' was a childish story. Right now all we know is that goblins live in Yeahk Nark and goblins stole."

Ollgbla: Me hear stories before that Elves steal too... that make you thief?

Lorryn: "that is why we need to find out *which* goblins stole"

Ollgbla: Then go find out... why you bother farmers?

Lorryn: "the ones who would steal from humans, might steal from greenskins also"

Ollgbla: Yeahk Nark not have much to steal... Winter was hard... not lots of food...

* Ollgbla glances at the other 2 remaining goblins and sighs... "Goblins not good farmers... too many new mouths to feed this winter..."
Ollgbla: Maybe someone come steal rats from grain house... that be much help...

the goblins all chuckle at that
Valinya: "Hmm. would you be ... open ... to someone coming to teach you about farming? Someone not goblin?"

Ollgbla: Haa... who teach Goblin to farm... We ask Humans many time to help... not want to ask... but have to ask... Farming hard... Plow heavy...

Valinya: "I have an idea of someone who might be willing ... "

Ollgbla: Who help Goblns? .... and Why?

Valinya: "A trade? We get help for you to learn farming so you don't starve. In exchange, you help us find other goblins."

Valinya: "As for who, does it matter? And as for why ... that person will have to tell you their reasons. But the person I have in mind likes to learn and maybe teach ... we'll see. No promises though. "

Ollgbla: I not know how... help find Goblins... me have to work here... no time...

* Ollgbla looks interested, lowers his shoulders a bit.
Valinya: "If someone comes to give time to help you, someone has to give time to help us. Fair trade."

The reaction is Very Good
The reaction is Neutral
Ollgbla: Sounds fair. Why Dwarf stretching out?

Lorryn: "yes, and about as good a deal as you are likely to get, from humans at least"

* Lorryn whispers "because he's short?"
seeker has connected.
Valinya: "Perhaps he'

Lorryn: ((hello seeker))

Valinya: "Perhaps he is bored that there is no fighting ... yet."

Ollgbla: Why Dwarf always need fighting?

You whisper to seeker: whats up dude!
Valinya: "The same reason he always needs to drink ... because he likes it, I guess."

Valinya: "So let's not entertain him today ... OK?"

Ollgbla: Me hear lots of stories about Dwarf.. drinking and fighting... taking all the gold...

seeker says to the GM: got 2 of 3 down, getting the baby to sleep now
You whisper to seeker: cool deal.. you have any trouble gettin in ? arn says hes been trying to get in for 30 minutres... wierd
Lorryn: "sort of like goblins stealing and being vermin, that sort of thing?"

* Lorryn smirks.
Valinya: "Apparently Ollgbla hears many, many stories."

Lorryn: "yes, don't see how you get any work done."

seeker says to the GM: i had to upgrade but then no prob
Ollgbla: Well, you go to town, talk to Chief Haknak... he the boss

* Ollgbla squints his eyes and grinds his teeth, staring at Lorryn
Valinya: "Why don't you lead us?"

Valinya: "The plow can wait a few minutes, I think."

Ollgbla: We got lots of work... need turn earth before too late to plant seeds...

Ollgbla: Town that way, he hitches his thumb over his shoulder toward the town, which is visible from here.

Ollgbla: You see, over there, where buildings are, that Yeahk Nark

* Ollgbla begins to put the plow harness back on. The other two help him balance the large blade.
Valinya: "Oh, really? I would never have guessed."

Ollgbla: You ask where town is.

Ollgbla: We got plow lots earth. He waves his hand over the hillside.

Valinya: "I did not ask where town was ... I asked you to lead us to the chief."

There is about 10 square feet already plowed.
Ollgbla: You go to Yeahk Nark.... Sure Chief find you... You not Goblins...

* Lorryn mutters "Chief Hack-neck...well that sounds promising..."
* Valinya begins to head toward the buildings muttering, "So much for 'Take me to your leader'."
Valinya: "Haknak paddy what ... I'd like to give someone a whack ..."

Ollgbla: (( Arn has been trying to log in for like 45 min and is having trouble connecting... booo ))
Lorryn: ((that's too bad))

Valinya: (( bummer ))

* Valinya approaches the buildings and says loudly, "We come to speak with Chief Haknak."
* Lorryn stands close to Valinya in case of trouble.
As you get close to the village, you see that the houses are little more than rihgs of stone with a thatched roof.
Ollgbla: there are a few builldings made of stone, and even a few that are actually houses, but most are squat and low to the ground. You see some goblins moving about the village...

there are a few builldings made of stone, and even a few that are actually houses, but most are squat and low to the ground. You see some goblins moving about the village...
But in a clearing to the south of you, in front of a couple of buildings, you see a large gathering of folk. A crowd of Goblins surrounding what looks like some Orcs and an Ogre.
Valinya: (( remind me of lore here ... are those instantly bad guys or just more races>? ))

* Lorryn evaluates the situation, preparing for battle. Skill level 10 dice roll: 10 vs (11), and succeeded by 1.
GM: (( orcs and ogres are often noted as 'monster races' but if they dont cause trouble, they are tolerated, like goblins, ))
Valinya: (( OK ... so semi-civilized then ))

GM: (( they can be, but just like anyone else, they can choose not to be too! ))
GM: (( do you guys see you and the goblins on the map? ))
Valinya: (( yes ... about how far is that? ))

GM: (( little over 30 yards. theres a ruler tool up at the top, click and hold it down to measure distances... ))
Valinya: (( cool ))

* Lorryn thinks a stealthy approach would be the most tactical thing.
* Arn begins marching right toward them.
Lorryn: "Arn, not yet"

Lorryn: "Artemis should probably sneak up on them first, he has the best chance"

* Arn dosent seem to hear Lorryn as he strolls down the path in the Goblin town.
Valinya: Wait a moment ... I might be able to discern if we are looking at trouble or just more insolent semi-savages.

* Lorryn moves to intercept Arn.
* Valinya whispers harshly, "Arn!"
From here, you can hear that the Orcs are yelling at the Goblins.
Lorryn: "Arn, we'd best not go looking for a fight...YET"

GM: (( Lorryn is the same speed as Arn.. she coluld barely catch him. ))
Arn: Im not looking for a fight. But I think i may have found one, aye Lefty?

* Arn draws one of his hand axes.
Lorryn: "we should see if they might fight each other, first"

* Lorryn draws her sword, not likely how this is going.
Valinya: Anticipating the worst, Valinya takes a few moments to quietly sing an airy tune that will turn her body into air. ((5 seconds))

Lorryn: ((liking even))

* Lorryn signals to Artemis that he should at least sneak up to flank them.
* Lorryn notices the apparently female orc and...hopes there's limits to that lout's appetites.
* Valinya will move as fast as she can while attempting her spell.
GM: (( you can move 1 while casting the spell... ))
GM: (( thats after 3 turns. ))
Lorryn: ((which way is the ogre facing?))

As you approach, you hear that the Orcs are demanding that the Goblins give them supplies and the Goblins are trying to tell them they dont have anything to sell.
Valinya: (( moved 3 ))

* IronTusk shouts at the nearest Goblin in the Eastern Tongue, "You think we are hear to BUY supplies? You will GIVE us what we want, or we will TAKE it."
GM: (( i had moved you 3, but thats cool ))
* Lorryn mutters "what a charmer"
Valinya: (( tail wind ))

Perception Roll: (( Skill level 7 dice roll: 9 vs (7), and failed by -2.
Perception Roll: (( Skill level 10 dice roll: 8 vs (10), and succeeded by 2.
Perception Roll: (( Skill level 13 dice roll: 8 vs (13), and succeeded by 5.
Several of the Goblins in the throng notice Arn and Lorryn approaching and they look and move away a bit. The 2 Orcs notice this as well.
* IronTusk smiles a toothy grin. "What do we have here? A bit tall for Goblins, dont you think?"
GM: 11

Lorryn: "my, is that what passes for orc wit?"

Thoulg: 509

Thoulg: 8

Lorryn: "maybe Lefty should give them a little kiss?" *nods to Arn*

GM: (( lets take 5 min break. get a snack and a drink, stretch my legs, then we throw down! ))
Lorryn: ((awright.))

Valinya: OK

GM: (( i feel so bad, mike (arn) cant get his connection at work to get on maptool... think hes been trying for a while now! ))
Could not execute the command: Unresolved value 'Mod'
Could not execute the command: Unresolved value 'Mod'
Could not execute the command: Unresolved value 'Mod'
Could not execute the command: Unresolved value 'Mod'
Valinya: (( yeah - real bummer ))

GM says to the GM: Initiative Order8
You say to the GM: Initiative Order8
Lorryn: ((we might want to stop in mid-battle so he could pick up next time?))

* Lorryn Initiative Order11
* Lorryn Initiative Order6
GM: (( yea.. can you see the init for lorryn i just rolled? ))
* Goblin Initiative Order7
* Goblin Initiative Order6
* Goblin Initiative Order6
* Goblin Initiative Order6
* Goblin Initiative Order8
* Goblin Initiative Order10
Lorryn: yes

* Grask Initiative Order10
* IronTusk Initiative Order10
* Thoulg Initiative Order6
* Urgog Initiative Order12
* Volagal 26 Initiative Order8
* Yazhnarb Initiative Order10
GM: how bout all those goblins and orcs i just rolled?

Valinya: (( look pretty good to me ))

Lorryn: ((yes I saw them all))

GM: hmmm ok

GM: (( doh, wrong command ))
Initiative Order 10
GM: (( well, do you want to start it up? or shall we wait 2 weeks and hope everybody else makes it? ))
GM: (( personally id like to go on for a bit longer ))
Lorryn: ((let's get whacking...err, that doesn't sound right))

Valinya: (( why don't we go on some and at least get engaged ... or close to it ))

GM: (( sounds good ))
GM: (( resume session... move valinya back 2 spaces and we will assume we took 5 seconds to get to this point.. she can cast her spell ))
GM: (( everyone roll for iniative, i put a button on for you, the Modifier is 1 if you have the Tactics skill (at least one point in it) ))
GM: (( eventually ill learn how to use the built in Init tool here in maptool! ))
Initiative Order 11
Initiative Order 11
Initiative Order 11
Lorryn says to the GM: Initiative Order9
Valinya: (( where is the button? ))

GM: should be in your macros

GM says to the GM: Initiative Order8
You say to the GM: Initiative Order8
Valinya: (( I see it but how do I use it ? ))

GM: press it

Valinya says to the GM: Initiative Order10
Initiative Order 9
GM: (( its working, do you see the result? ))
Initiative Order 10
Thoulg: Initiative

Initiative Order 10
Thoulg: Initiative

Initiative Order 8
Grask: Initiative

Initiative Order 10
IronTusk: Initiative

Initiative Order 10
Arn: Initiative

Valinya: (( yes ... I was looking under my icon on the map ... found the other one. Thanks. ))

Initiative Order 10
* Thoulg steps forward and readies his 2 handed axe.
* Thoulg slowly draws her sword. "Step back, you two, you dont want trouble with the Red Thunder."
* Grask moves forward, unarmed.
Grask: (( lorryn ))
GM: (( you get one extra if you want, we were going in a straight line.. get one on second and after turns ))
The gathered Goblins all move back away from the impending confrontation.
* Lorryn smirks. "The Red Thunder? Has a nice ring to that..."
GM: ((valinya))

Valinya: (( has the 5 seconds elapsed yet? ))

GM: ((you need to cast a spell right? yea its been 5 seconds...))

Valinya: Valinya quickly sings a ___ melody.

Valinya: 9

Lorryn: ((a censored melody?))

GM: (( i gave you a macro button to cast a spell))

* Valinya sings softly, casting her spell (( Skill level 18 dice roll: 5 vs (18), and CRITICALLY SUCCEEDED by 13.
Valinya: (( I like yours better ))

Valinya: (( body of air ))

GM: ((btw, how many times did you cast truth sayer back there, 1 or 2? cause it does cost you 1 FP per casting))

Lorryn: ((great, we get in a fight and the caster faints))

Valinya: (( once, but with the recover energy spell/thing it comes back pretty quickly I thought ))

GM: ((yes, you are correct))

GM: ((spell goes off, no energy to cast))

Valinya: (( yeah .. was that the 5th round or are we on the 6th yet? ))

GM: ((that was 5))

Valinya: (( OK ))

* Arn steps and throws his axe at the Ogre
* Arn Attacks with his throwing axe (( Skill level 12 dice roll: 12 vs (11), and failed by -1 for 7 cutting damage))
Arns axe flies just wide of the large Ogre.
Lorryn: ((stinks to see damage you didn't do))

GM: (( yea i may change that, just easier to have it all at once i think))

GM: ((lorryn))

* Lorryn steps to engage the orc.
Lorryn: ((penalty for moving??)

GM: (( thats a move and attack , -4 to skill, capped at 9, he was 2 hexes away from you - on purpose))

GM: ((ill have to write a macro for that...))

* Lorryn swings Sir Calverts blade (( Skill level 16 dice roll: 11 vs (13), and succeeded by 2 for 11 cutting damage))
GM: ((unfortunatley thats a miss))

Lorryn: ((grr sorry forgot about the cap))

GM: np

GM: ((valinya))

Valinya: moves closer to the battle

* Artemis sneaks around. Skill level 12 dice roll: 13 vs (12), and failed by -1.
Perception Roll: (( Skill level 13 dice roll: 7 vs (14), and succeeded by 7.
* IronTusk notices the sneaking thief.
Valinya: (( FYI I recently was reading on spells and noticed the range modifier of -1 per yd in distance ... ouch! Got to get much closer now. ))

GM: (( yea its hard to cast from far away!!))

* Thoulg steps in and swings his mighty axe!
* Thoulg swings his axe in a mighty arc (( Skill level 14 dice roll: 8 vs (14), and succeeded by 6 for 15 damage))
* Arn Backing up, Arn uses his shield to defend(( Skill level 13 dice roll: 17 vs (13), and CRITICALLY failed by -4.))
Lorryn: ((umm oh))

Lorryn: ((giblet time?))

Valinya: (( this is what armor if for ))

Thoulg: ((yea, he dont have that much though!!!!))

Lorryn: ((we should probably refrain from killing him in abstentia though))

Valinya: (( he could use plot points to modify the defense roll retrospect maybe ... or the damage ))

GM: ((im talking to him out of the game now, he knows ))

GM: (( can only use plot pionts ify oure here!!!))

GM: ((lroryn))

Valinya: (( Oi!! ))

GM: ((no, sorry not your turn))

* Grask swings her blade (( Skill level 14 dice roll: 13 vs (14), and succeeded by 1 for 6 crushing damage))
GM: Torso

GM: ((that was just a punch to the chest... for 6 damage))

GM: ((defend))

* Lorryn blocks the attack with her light shield (( Skill level 12 dice roll: 12 vs (12), and succeeded by 0))
GM: ((lorryn, now))

* Lorryn thrusts with Sir Calverts blade (( Skill level 16 dice roll: 13 vs (14), and succeeded by 1 for 9 impaling damage))
Lorryn: ((vitals))

The Orc squaring off against Lorryn is wearing dark leather armor on his torso, arms and legs. He seems to be unarmed. He moves very fluid, keeping his arms out above and in front of him
* Grask steps back and parries the attack with his bare hands (( Skill level 15 dice roll: 16 vs (15), and failed by -1.))
Token 'Grask' is now marked 'Prone'.
Token 'Grask' is now marked 'Stunned'.
Token 'Grask' is now marked 'Prone'.
* Grask goes down hard, clutching the wound in his chest
Valinya: (( apparently Grask was not "fluid" enough to parry that one ))

Lorryn: ((yep and parrying a sword with your hands isn't so smart anyway))

Lorryn: ((he's plenty "fluid" now though...lots of spurting red fluid...))

Grask: ((valinya))

Valinya: Valinya moves closer yet

* Artemis throws his knife (( Skill level 12 dice roll: 16 vs (9), and failed by -7 for 1 impaling damage))
Lorryn says to the GM: how big is that house to my right?
* Artemis throws a dagger, but misses
GM: ((hexes are 1 yard, or 3 feet... the rock wall is only about 2 feet high, doorways are dug out into the ground, the top of the thatched roof is maybe 5-7 feet high?

* Arn charges at full steam, shield first, Slamming Attack! (( Skill level 12 dice roll: 12 vs (12), and succeeded by 0 ))
Lorryn says to the GM: okay thanks
* Thoulg steps back and dodges the attack (( Skill level 12 dice roll: 13 vs (12), and failed by -1.))
* Arn The rumbling dwarf slams, crashing into his foe for 5 damage.
* Thoulg takes damage and has 18 HP left.
* Thoulg swings his axe in a mighty arc (( Skill level 14 dice roll: 14 vs (14), and succeeded by 0 for 13 damage))
* Arn dodges the attack (( Skill level 11 dice roll: 8 vs (11), and succeeded by 3.))
GM: (lorryn)

* Arn smashes his opponent with his heavy mace (( Skill level 14 dice roll: 15 vs (14), and failed by -1 for 10 crushing damage ))
GM: ((val))

* Artemis throws his knife (( Skill level 12 dice roll: 12 vs (10), and failed by -2 for 1 impaling damage))
* Lorryn eyes the two foes left standing.
Valinya: Valinya moves closer

Lorryn: ((all out defense if they engage))

Valinya: (( how bad off does Arn seem from his wound? ))

GM: ((did you move?))

Valinya: (( yes )

GM: ((arn used plot points to make the defense, cost him 8!!))

Lorryn: ((yes, nevermind))

Valinya: (( Whew - glad he's OK ))

Lorryn: ((me too))

Lorryn: ((can I evaluate the ogre?))

Lorryn: ((nevermind I move too much lol))

GM: ((all out defense, theres 2 kinds, you have to state - AOD Increased gives +2 to any ONE attack, if you DODGE, you can move 1/2 ur move, otherwise its only a step))

GM: (( evaluate only allows a step))

Lorryn: ((dodge, I moved 2))

GM: ((ok

* Thoulg swings his axe in a mighty arc (( Skill level 14 dice roll: 6 vs (14), and succeeded by 8 for 15 damage))
Lorryn: ((anyway it is getting late for me unfortunately -- 10 more minutes?))

* Arn Backing up, Arn uses his shield to defend(( Skill level 13 dice roll: 12 vs (13), and succeeded by 1.))
Artemis: Skill level 8 dice roll: 14 vs (8), and failed by -6.

* Thistle shoots an arrow (( Skill level 13 dice roll: 10 vs (5), and failed by -5 for 6 impaling damage))
Lorryn: ((who is thistle?))

GM: ((lorryn, val))

Perception Roll: (( Skill level 11 dice roll: 15 vs (11), and failed by -4.
GM: ((you dont know))

Perception Roll: (( Skill level 19 dice roll: 17 vs (19), and failed by 2.
* Arn charges at full steam, shield first, Slamming Attack! (( Skill level 12 dice roll: 9 vs (12), and succeeded by 3 ))
* Thoulg steps back and dodges the attack (( Skill level 12 dice roll: 5 vs (12), and succeeded by 7.))
* Lorryn looks around and tries to see where the arrow came from, in case there's another foe.
Perception Roll: (( Skill level 11 dice roll: 10 vs (13), and succeeded by 3.
GM: over to the left and down a bit.. by the house across the way, you see a Coyld and a Human. The Coyle is holding a Longbow


GM: ((go))

* Artemis thrusts with his dagger (( Skill level 12 dice roll: 8 vs (12), and succeeded by 4 for 1 impaling damage))
* IronTusk steps back and block the attack with her shield (( Skill level 13 dice roll: 16 vs (13), and failed by -3.))
Valinya: Valinya begins singing ... (lightening - starting to build)

Valinya: ( and she takes one step )

* Thoulg turns his sights on Lorryn!
* Thoulg swings his axe in a mighty arc (( Skill level 14 dice roll: 6 vs (14), and succeeded by 8 for 15 damage))
* IronTusk thrusts with her blade (( Skill level 14 dice roll: 12 vs (14), and succeeded by 2 for 1 crushing damage))
Lorryn: ((yikes))

* Artemis steps back and dodges the attack (( Skill level 11 dice roll: 11 vs (11), and succeeded by 0.))
Lorryn: ((what is the bonus for retreating dodge?))

GM: ((its +3 but its added in your dodge retreat macro already))

* Lorryn backs up and doges the attack (( Skill level 11 dice roll: 10 vs (11), and succeeded by 1.))
Lorryn: ((thanks))

* Lorryn backs up and doges the attack (( Skill level 12 dice roll: 12 vs (12), and succeeded by 0.))
GM: ((hmmm))

* IronTusk swings her blade (( Skill level 14 dice roll: 13 vs (14), and succeeded by 1 for 8 cutting damage))
* Artemis steps back and dodges the attack (( Skill level 11 dice roll: 15 vs (11), and failed by -4.))
* Artemis takes damage and has 1 HP left.
Token 'Artemis' is now marked 'Prone'.
Token 'Artemis' is now marked 'KO'.
Token 'Artemis' is now marked 'Prone'.
* Artemis goes down hard
GM: ((lorryn , val))

* Arn smashes his opponent with his heavy mace (( Skill level 14 dice roll: 7 vs (14), and succeeded by 7 for 9 crushing damage ))
Valinya: (( somewhat ironic that it was a female who nailed him ))

* Thoulg steps back and dodges the attack (( Skill level 12 dice roll: 14 vs (12), and failed by -2.))
GM: The blow bounces off the heavy breastplate of the ogre.

Thoulg: Is that all you got little Dwarf? Haha

GM: ((did you 2 move))

Valinya: (( no ... not after artemis went down ))

Lorryn: ((yes))

* Valinya continues to sing and takes another step
GM: ((val))

Lorryn: "much as I'd wished for the lad to be beaten by a girl...it looks like now we've got business"

* Thoulg swings his axe in a mighty arc (( Skill level 14 dice roll: 10 vs (14), and succeeded by 4 for 16 damage))
* Lorryn glares at Irontusk.
Lorryn: "bring it on, female-canine-in-heat"

* Arn Backing up, Arn uses his shield to defend(( Skill level 13 dice roll: 9 vs (13), and succeeded by 4.))
* IronTusk steps up, swinging her sword in front of her, banging it on her shield.
IronTusk: "Lets go, female-canine-in-heat!"

Lorryn: ((I said it first...nya nya nya nya nya))

GM: ((lorryn, val))

* Arn charges at full steam, shield first, Slamming Attack! (( Skill level 12 dice roll: 9 vs (12), and succeeded by 3 ))
* Thoulg steps back and dodges the attack (( Skill level 12 dice roll: 10 vs (12), and succeeded by 2.))
* Lorryn tries to determine Irontusk's weaknesses. (Evaluate))
* Valinya continues her song for another moment then releases it ... a blinding bolt of lightening flashing toward the ogre
GM: ((roll vs ur sword skill lor))

Valinya: (( I assume two rolls ... one to cast and another to hit ...right? ))

* Lorryn uses her skills. Skill level 17 dice roll: 11 vs (17), and succeeded by 6.
GM: ((ur sword skill is 16... right))

Lorryn: ((lol skill itself yes sorry))

IronTusk: Skill level 14 dice roll: 5 vs (14), and succeeded by 9.

GM: ((was that one from the sword? cant use that!! haha))

* IronTusk appears to be a formidible foe, Lorryn cannot find any weaknesses.
Lorryn: ((sorry I really need to get some sleep - much as I don't want to work tomorrow))

GM: ((val, yes roll the skill first. then the attack))

* Valinya sings softly, casting her spell (( Skill level 18 dice roll: 3 vs (17), and CRITICALLY SUCCEEDED by 14.
GM: ((darn))

Valinya: (( shazam! ))

Valinya: (( but I still have to hit with the thing ))

GM: ((dx-4))

GM: ((should prob put some points into it after this one!!))

Valinya: (( I'll burn 6 plot points to help my sorry 'no skill' toss ))

GM: ((plus range!!))

Valinya: (( what is range mod? ))

GM: ((11 yards, -5))

Valinya: (( 11 yards ))

Lorryn: ((ouch))

GM: ((so youre lookin at effective skill of 1))

Valinya: (( OK, make that 8 plot points ))

GM: ((but it was a critical success.. roll vs DX))

Valinya: (( OK, make that 5 plot points ))

* Valinya uses her skills. Skill level 10 dice roll: 10 vs (15), and succeeded by 5.
* Thoulg dodges the attack (( Skill level 9 dice roll: 9 vs (9), and succeeded by 0.))
Valinya: (( you can dodge lightening? ))

Lorryn: ((make it at least Taser him or something))

GM: ((yea unfortunately))

* Thoulg swings his axe in a mighty arc (( Skill level 14 dice roll: 6 vs (14), and succeeded by 8 for 11 damage))
Valinya: (( OK ... I guess he saw it coming ))

* Arn Backing up, Arn uses his shield to defend(( Skill level 13 dice roll: 5 vs (13), and succeeded by 8.))
Lorryn: ((anyway 1:45 am here...good night err good morning, sorry ))

IronTusk: Skill level 9 dice roll: 12 vs (9), and failed by -3.

* Thistle shoots an arrow (( Skill level 13 dice roll: 12 vs (7), and failed by -5 for 6 impaling damage))
Valinya: (( well at least we can pick up with some action next week ))

Lorryn: ((yes))

GM: ok, sounds good to me!

GM: good session peeps! thanks!!
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Session 6

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Players Present: Mike (Arn), Cathy (Lorryn), Stephen (Valinya)

101908 South Group Session 6

Realizing the size and skill of his opponent, Arn decides to change up his attack style and focus on training instilled into him by his uncle and the other senior dwarf warriors who raised him. Turning his mace in a horizontal figure-eight, Arn flurries his weapon in arcs suggesting he is looking for an opening up high in the Ogre's defenses, taking him wide right and wide left, Mace turning wildly. Thoulg's focus is diverted between the dwarf's mace dance and also trying to bring his great axe upon Arn's head. Inviting him in closer, Arn had stepped up and allowed the ogre to close the distance to strike, pulling a feint manuever with his mace once the Ogre closed into striking range. Arn easily brough his shield up to meet the anticipated attack of the Ogre and held his ground. "I have him just where I want him" Arn smugly thought to himself....

Off to Arn's left, Lady Lorryn Sutcliffe was still engaged in combat with the boisterous Half-Orc mercenary. The two were both skilled swordswomen and their dance continued to be a round of strikes, thrusts, and parries both with blades and shields, neither seeming able to gain ground on the other until Lorryn managed to sneak a thrusting strike below the half-orc's shield.

Valinya was moving closer to the scene, making her way over towards the fallen Artemis. She was singing a soft melody, preparing to cast as spell as she moved up. Just then, the allegance of the mysterious Coyle who entered the fray was quickly determined as one of his arrows struck true, catching Arn Ironfist on his exposed right side. The impact was barely enough to get Arn to turn his head as the impact was not enough to break through the tough dwarf's heirloom armor, the chain mail of his grandfather. Arn turned his head that way and muttered, "Was that a scratch?", and kept pressing his attack with the Ogre.

The Ogre continued to strike and stepped up to Arn to drop his axe in an arc under the dwarf's high cross-dance with his mace. Anticipating the blow again, Arn stepped into the attack, easily deflecting the blow again with his shield. Now the Ogre's axe was out of the way, recovering up high to block in incoming strike from the dwarf when suddenly, Arn lets out a yell and in the arcing dance of his mace, brings it down low very hard directly onto the Ogre's left foot! The impact was that of metal bars being smashed together while dropping a sack of meat off of a high tower. The Ogre's eyes got very wide and full of tears as he realized his foot was just smashed and complete with mutliple broken bones. Taunting the ogre Arn bellowed: "Take that ya bugger! The only thing between you an' me is 5 feet! This is how we dwarfs fix that!". With that, the Ogre reached down with his left hand grasping at his now bloody boot and falling back onto his bum. Arn smiles smugly at his handiwork.

The tide of the battle swiftly started to turn at that moment, as the Half Orc continued to press her attacks at Lady Lorryn, who again thwarted her attack and managed to sink in a deep strike with Sir Calvert's blade, forcing the Half Orc to cough out some blood and take a step back, almost doubled over from the pain of the strike.

Valinya floats forward a yard as she concentrates on a different song, one that almost sounds like a bored worker whistling a mindless
tune absentmindedly (Picture "don't worry, be happy") Arn still isn't sure about all of this magical music stuff, but he just looks back to what is at hand.

The Ogre swings his axe feebly at Arn, but then drops it and puts his large hands up, clearly defeated. Looking at the Ogre, Arn scoffs at him, kicks his great axe away, and turns his attention to the coyle, getting ready to draw a throwing axe. Arn drops his mace and expertly produces a throwing axe, stepping in the direction of the creature with the bow. The Coyle lowers his bow, turns and runs.

The female Half Orc in front of Lorryn steps back, wounded, and lowers her blade, "I yield, I will fight you no more, warrior." Lorryn accepts the Half-Orc's surrender. "You have honor, unlike this dog that snipes at us and runs..." (She motions to the running Coyle). Lorryn the wait as the enemies flee, making sure this is not some trick.

Abanding the previous tune, Valinya sings another that starts quick but slows down ... singing a soft melody, casting her spell. Not sure who her target was or what the purpose of her spells were, Arn just kept going with what he knows best, battle.

Arn, turning his attenition towards the running Coyle, starts yelling to the crowd of goblins: "Don't just stand there ye green gits! Get that dog boy!"
With that, Arn lets his throwing axe fly, but in his haste, his aim was off and the axe sailed wide to the Coyle's left. Arn was still yelling at the Coyle, "Come back here ye scurvy dog!"

As the group is gathering their surroundings, suddenly the air is filled with the sound of galloping horses and another human comes riding in, leading several horses, he wheels around and stops in front of the other human and downed orc. This catches Valinya's attention, who then begins another tune. Forehead crinkled in frustration, Valinya floats forward a yard and tries another spell-song an almost monotone tune that slightly ascends the
scale … As she does that, Lorryn steps over the Artemis and tries to see if she can revive him, doing her best to stablize the wounded boy.

The Ogre rolls over onto his side and tries to get up, but cannot but seems to be unable to put any pressure on his smashed foot and grunts, collasping back down to the ground in disgust. The Ogre then begins crawling away. Arn was busy looking around for his weapons, now realizing that he threw both of his axes and dropped his mace. He then notices the Ogre slowly trying to get away.

Meanwhile, frustrated to the anger point, Valinya decides to pull mana from the world around her to work a larger spell with determination …beginning a soft tune and picking up pace, she weavers her magics. Valinya floats around to observe her handiwork and see if she sees any fleeing

Lorryn looks to the Half Orc who is staggering away. "Leave your sword." she says. The Half Orc, looking to make her way off turns back over her shoulder, "You would leave me defenseless to die in this harsh wilderness?" Lorryn reconsiders. "I suppose not." and watches her warily as the Half Orc wanders off into the wilderness.

Back with the ogre, Arn comes running up towards him yelling, "I told ye to stay put!", and Arn rushes up taking a wild swing with 'Lefty', his large gauntleted black hand. The swing misses as the ogre tried to roll out of the way of the punch. "Just ye sit right there big boy, or I'll take yer other foot!" The Ogre grunts and stops moving. Arn then moves to recover his mace, and possibly the Ogre's axe as well. Looking around he looks at his comrades to see who is still alive.

Seeing her opponent walk off, Lorryn lifts Artemis in a military carry, to remove him from the field. She smirks as she avoids looking over her shoulder at his butt. "You're probably enjoying this..." All Artemis could do was grunt.

Looking back at the other human rider and the horses Valinya looks at the results of her magic, a yellow cloud of gas, but it does not seem to affect any of the being there other than some minor coughing. The two men mounted their horses along with an unconcious orc, the one Lady Lorryn dispatched earlier in the fight and make their way off coughing through the yellow cloud of gas. Valinya sighs, wishing she could fly and follow them to their lair.

Seeing the group leaving on horseback, Arn yells out to them, "Oh had enough did ye?!!! Well tell yer Red Thunder they got hit by Rolling
Thunder!" Arn then turned towards the laides, Lorry and Valinya while pointing back at the injured Ogre, They didn't all get away.....we got Tiny here to chat with." Arn smiles devilishly at that.

Valinya moves to see if she can aid Artemis and kneels down around the boy and examines his injury. Lorryn gently sets Artemis down as Valinya draws near. Valinya notices Artemis is wounded but not dying, he is breathing steadily. "it must have been a lucky shot." she says.

Recovering from battle, the group noticed that all the goblins that had been here previoiusly have all scattered.

Arn turns his attention to the Ogre. "You and me are gonna have a nice talk soon or yer gonna become soup stock for them goblins 'round here"
He looks back to the women tending Artemis, "I have a first aid kit if ye need one." , but Valinya repsonded back that she also possessed one as well. She was singing softly a soothing tune as she held her hand above his wound, hands clowing slightly and she managed to heal Artemis slightly. Content that Artemis was in good hands, Arn kept interrogating the Ogre. He noticed the Ogre had two axes on his belt as well as a short sword, at least to Arn it was a sword, probably just a knife to the giant sized ogre. The Ogre was also wearing a steel breast plate.

Thoulg noticing that Arn was eyeing up his weapons, said to the dwarf, "You have my axe, what you need Thoulg for? Me no trouble you mighty
Dwarf. Me go that way. He motions out of the village."

Arn was shaking his head, "Yer not goin' anywhere, we want information, and I want the rest of yer weapons, you won't be needing them any time soon" The Ogre says "You beat me, fair. You tough, and smart. You no need to rob me too. You start fight with Thoulg. Me no start fight with you."

Watching the witty exchange between Ogre and Dwarf Valinya sat on the ground to recover her strength from her singing efforts. Lorryn kept tending Artemis, bandaging his wound and getting him some water to drink.

Arn to the Ogre: "If I decide to let ye live, I won't send ye out unarmed. Surrender yer weapons first, that will ensure that you live".

Thoulg replied: "Ogre no stop you Dwarf. You beat me fair."

Arn: "And as fer robbin' ye....Ye sure didn't seem to mind robbin' these little green buggers 'round here."

Thoulg: "No take nothing. Iron Tusk just bartering with little greenies for supplies. Then you start yelling and throwing axes."

Arn decided to change gears on his questioning, "I suggest ye do as I say......ye see that injured boy over there, when he comes to, he may want to make babies with ye, so I suggest ye listen to me."

Lorryn chuckles.

The Ogre began to look scared. "Me do as Dwarf say". Arn continued undaunted, "Oh, bartering is saying "Give me all of your stuff!" ??"

He looks over to the ladies again, "How are ye over there?" Valinya indicated that they were fine and added, "Speaking of, Arn, if anyone needs to be giving him mouth-to-mouth, it should probably be you." Arn just turned his head tyring to hold back a laugh. He then proceeded to disarm the Ogre and recover his lost weapons, taking the ogre's axes and placeing them upon his own belt. Arn then looked around and said, "Where's all the Yheacknits go?"

The Ladies manage to get Artemis back up to his feet, though he doesn't look fully up to par. Artemis groggily opens his eyes... "wha ... happ..ened?"

Turing back to the ogre Arn kept harrassing him, "Okay there Tiny....I'm gonna call ye Tiny for now on. Just who are ye Red Thunder anyway?"

Thoulg: "Red Thunder mercenary group. Iron Tusk our captain."
Arn: "And who is Iron Tusk, was he here?"
Thoulg says: "She was Half Orc. She skewer your friend over there, then your woman smack her up good. Iron Tusk run."
Arn: "What?!!!! We let her get away?!!!! By Belimar's Beard!"
Lorryn: "Arn, she yielded. It was a matter of honor."
Arn: "And who are ye working for and why are ye bothering these little gobbos?"
* Arn notices a sort of pouch looking thing on the ogres back belt.
Arn: "yeilded? Than capture her for interrogation!"
Thoulg says "We no have work now. Looking for job. You need mercenaries? We work for you cheap i bet"
Arn: "What's in yer pouch Tiny?"
Lorryn: "She was nearly slain. I doubt she would hold up to much...persuasion, and would give little information otherwise."
Thoulg says "nothin, where i keep snacks."
Arn: "Hmmm, this figtin' made me a little hungry, Got anything tastey in there? Let's have a look...."

After about 10 minutes, some Goblins begin peeking out from huts and from around
bushes. They eye the party warily.

Arn reaches for the pouch, keeping Lefty ready for a smack if the Ogre flinches
Valinya: "I might be able to encourage her to have conversation without the usual barbaric methods ... just gentle, musical questions."
Arn opens the pouch and sees 3 steel cylinders with cork stoppers in them. The Ogre does not resist or move.
Arn: "Hmmm, What kind of drinks ye got here?"
Thoulg says "um, not much , just juice"
Arn: "And Tiny, ye say yer cheap huh? How cheap are ye?"
Thoulg says "Um, Iron Tusk make all money deal. Me no count good."
Arn: "And just how much do ye like working for that she-orc female-canine-in-heat? Well if the little greenies didn't all run away....." Arn turns to the goblins,
"Hey ye little guys, want to send someone here who know's what's going on...what about Chief Hak Nuk? Is Ogblla goblla still around?"

Three goblins approach, and Arn takes a step away from the Ogre, still has mace and shield at the ready. Two of them kneel down onto the ground as the third one steps up onto their backs and clears his throat. Chief Haknak says loudly, "I am Chief Haknak, leader of Yeahk-Nark." Turning his gaze to Arn, "You have helped our village, for what reason, Dwarf?" Another, much older Goblin rushes up to the Chief and whispers to him, then steps away.

Arn eyes up the group, first thinking he can nail all three of them with a shield rush, and then answers, "We were sent to find the source of the attacks upon the human village, our search brought us here. The mercs here of the Red Thunder looked like trouble and tried to take us on, and failed."

Chief Haknak answers back, "Ahh, yes. You have run the mercenaries away from our Village. We are grateful for that."

Arn turns to the ladies for some assistance on this, and then continues speaking with the goblin cheif. "What was that yelling all about?" Then he turns his attention back to the Ogre, "Hey Tiny! I thought ye said that ye weren't causing any trouble".

Valinya moves closer and says, "We thought we were helping ... were we?"

The older Goblin steps up and speaks. "I am Ringbingal, Shaman of this Village. And yes, you have helped us from a merciless foe."

Arn mutters under his breath, "Wow this mercieless foe who now asks for mercy?"
Ringbingal continues, "The mercenaries you call the Red Thunder entered our town a short while ago and demanded supplies. But we do not have supplies to sell or trade, only for ourselves. But the Orcs demand supplies anyway and begin to threaten our villagers. Then you arrived. Thank you greatly. You are welcome in this village." As he says this, there are oohs and ahhs from the nearby Goblins. Several of
them come out of hiding and approach the party, but not too close.

Arn blows out his breath, thinking sarcastically, ((Great))

Valinya speaks up, "So you have never seen them before today?"

Ringbingal asnwers her, "No, they have never come here before."

Valinya: "We thank you for your warm welcome."

Arn speaks up, "Alright, I'm a bit confused. Who was stealing stuff and damaging stuff in the human town? Who?!!!" Arn looks around at the goblins AND the ogre.

* Chief Haknak speaks "Oh no, not this again. We Goblins do not steal from Humans in towns. We do not do that."

Arn was back to being impatient, "Then who did?!!!" Arn glares at the Ogre now.

Chief Haknak speaks up, "I have spoken to the Sherriff in Greenbough on several occasions. We wish you to find the culprit as well."

Valinya adds some sense and reason to the conversation, "We appreciate your honesty and apologize that the question sounds ... not
friendly to goblins."

Chief Haknak nods at the elf, "If you feel the need, please search our village, as you well know, Goblins are known to be good thieves, but not so good at hiding things." Chief Haknak smiles a weak smile.

Arn, still glaring at the Ogre, says "Okay Tiny, time to speak up or I turn you over to the goblins for a feast. Who did Red Thunder work for last?"

Valinya continues speaking with the Goblin Cheif. "Chief Haknak, do you have any clues about who the thieves might be?"

Thoulg answers Arn, "Huh?, oh, we work for Duke Something somehting near Great River. Far to the north and west of here. Close to Great Mountains. Guarding caravan for few weeks."

Chief Haknak waves his hands around the village "Will you please dine with me this evening, we should feed you at least."

Arn pipes up, "Sure, how do ye like yer Ogre cooked, Medium Rare or well done?"

Valinya, waving her hand at Arn, "Now, now Arn ... I think Tiny has had a hard enough day. Not that it's over yet, mind you." Lorryn again chuckes at their exchange.

Arn spits out, "Bah. This is only the beginning of this mess. But short green help is better than no help at all I guess."

Valinya turns back to Cheif Haknak, "We would welcome you hospitality and meal, Chief. In the meantime, could we have some privacy to talk with our Ogre friend here?"

As the party agrees to the feast, many Goblins rush in to congratulate the heroes. Arn turns to Cheif Haknak, "I offer you this Ogre as a prisoner. Ye can heal him and sentence him to time of helping Ogblbbba pull his plow, but he must be allowed to live...for now".

Chief Haknak smiles at the idea, "Yes of course". The chief yells out in Gobbley and waves his hands and the Goblins all scatter back to their huts or jobs.

Arn turning to the Ogre, "How do ye feel like pulling a plow for the next season?" Several Goblins, armed with leather armor and short swords approach. There are 2 Hobgoblins with them also. They nod at the heroes and attempt to lead the Ogre away. Arn interject quickly, "Not so fast there ye little green buggers......We need to have a private chat with Tiny here first."

As ther Heroes of Greenbough-Williamshire-Yheak-Nark gather, Valinya starts looking around for an arrow to compare the feathers versus what Arn discovered back in Williamshire. Asking her this, Arn adds that he was shot with an arrow, one should be around nearby. Valinya gathers it for later comparison.

Turning to his comrades, Arn adds, "I'd like to see us get some more information from Tiny here, like how many of them there are, who they are and what their skills and powers are. Either these Red Thunder guys are behind the attacks or it is luck for us to have gained the trust of the goblins, who can lead us to the real problem".

Arn continues, "We also should speak up more as a team to see what skills each one of us can do and how we can better operate as a small tactical unit, This was a little unorganized for my tastes in battle."

Valinya adds, "I don't think they know anything. The Chief said the good sherrif has been here several times poking around."

Arn spits out at that comment, "Yeah, Sheriff Tea Party.....I have little faith in him."

Valinya nods in agreement with Arn on his other offer, "Yes we should better coordinate ourselves. I would perform much better with preparation for battle and have some spells that could aid our group greatly. As for the Goblins, well, it can't hurt to talk more with them ... and eat. They may know nothing directly but might have some clues for us nonetheless"

Arn agrees with her, "Right ye are lass. Ye can eat, I can drink"

Valinya laughs back, "Aye, and eat some more. And Arn ... ...You know ... a little less ale would probably be healthy for you.""

Arn laughs at her, "Sounds good to me lass, I'm just need to pace myself. Perhaps a little slower, eh?" Turning to the Ogre, Arn now smiles a wicked smile bearing all of his teeth......"C'mon Tiny, we're not done with ye yet...."
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South Group Session 7

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Session 7: south group:

Players Present: Mike (Arn), Cathy (Lorryn), Stephen (Valinya)

[After the battle, the Goblins invite you to a dinner at Chief Haknak's residence. Several armed Goblins who arrived to escort the captured Ogre away show you to a barn at the north end of town.]

One of the goblins lead the party and spoke up in broken Eastern tongue: "You talk to big guy in barn". He giggled and pointed the band towards the barn.

"Alright , but we need to chat here with Tiny before we eat". Arn secretly hopes to himself that they are not being set up for a trap.

Valinya sighed and the ladies followed Arn in as the goblins helped cart the wounded Ogre to a place on the straw. Lorryn agreed with Arn, "Yes, better to get this…..business taken care of first".

Vainya spoke up: "Well, ok. Just don't ruin my appetite please. Keep it clean."

Lorryn grimaced at that though, not letting on why she was uncomfortable. Arn just waved them back. "ye ladies and the lad there, (pointing to Artemis), are more than welcome to ask away with me".

The goblins escorted the band inside the barn, which was quite a mess. Some pigs and rabbits scurried away as the heroes approached. A few mules and a horse could be seen tied up inside the barn, and a few goats were munching on the grass in an enclosure out back behind the rickety barn.

Musing at the ramshackle building, Arn added, "Charming place ye got here."

Lady Lorryn agreed with grimace, "Yes, and quite a variety of livestock."

Arn moves into the barn, shield still handy, but no weapons drawn. "Okay there Tiny, ye know why ye were brought here?"

Lady Lorryn kept an eye out checking the area, looking at the animals suspiciously. She was about to say something when a large goblin stepped out from one of the stalls. "I be Dabrabbel, this is my barn. You use it to talk to Ogre? That okay, don't hurt animals please."

Arn looked at the hobgoblin, "We aren't gonna hurt nothin', we just need to chat with Tiny here. So don't ye hurt him when we're done either."

Valinya offered, "Thank you for the use of your barn."

Lorryn added, "Yes, thank you and I don't think "you" have anything to worry about."

Dabrabbel nodded his head and slinked off towards the back of the barn, pigs and rabbits following him. Arn called out to him as he snuck off, "Hey there Dabrabbel, did ye ever have problems from these Red Thunder folks before?"

The hobgoblin poked his head back out, "Um no, never seen 'em before. Me not live here too long though, just since last year".

Arn suspiciously added, "…Riiiiiight……………." And turned his attention back to the ogre. "Okay there big boy…..let's talk more about Red Thunder. I want to know numbers, who they are, and what they can do."

Thoulg the ogre looked at Arn, "me tell you, not many of us. Me, Iron Tusk, Thistle, Black Blade, Coranon, and Grask. That make five, right?" The ogre then tries counting on his fingers but gets frustrated.

Arn nodded his head in agreement, "Aye, five plus yerself".

Lorryn spoke up, "Who are these people, which one is your leader?"

The Ogre looked up, questions coming faster than he could think. "Oh, ok. What you say, we are mercenaries for hire. We get gold and do jobs, like kill people. Iron Tusk is leader." He looks at Lady Lorryn, "You face her in combat, lady."

Arn continues, "So, Iron Tusk the Orky she-bitch is yer leader huh? We've seen her and she was bested by Lady Lorryn over there." Arn points to Lorryn Sutcliffe. Lorryn smiles at that. "Thistle, Blackblade, Coaranon, and Grask? What can each one do, and which ones were here today?"

Lorryn lowered her head a bit, and uttered, "Yes, and I was foolish to let her flee, a mistake that will not be repeated."

Arn turned toward Lorryn, "lets talk about that stuff later, not in front of the prisoner…"

Lorryn nodded, "yes, but it is simply that he should not expect mercy."

Thoulg spoke more, "You all is very skilled. What name of your company? Never heard of Dwarf and 2 girls fighting before. Yes, they all here I think. Thistle is stinky Coyle, Grask is orc. Others are humans. Forget which is which though."

Arn chuckles and says, "We're the heroes of Geenbough-Williamshire, Yeahk-Nark, world band. As for your friends, what can they do?"

Thoulg looks at Arn, "oh, never heard of you. Ummm….mostly they all kill people, or monsters, or who ever we get paid to kill".

Valinya whispers to Arn, "Maybe we can ask if they've seen another group of goblins around here."

Thoulg continues, "Sometimes we transport things. Sometimes we guard. But usually we fight."

Arn looks at Thoulg, half in thought. "We're working on the name, but I'm kinda leaning towards 'The Flyin' Spit-Hogs', but that's still a work in progress. Any of yer band use magic?"

Thoulg answered him, "No, don't think so. We had a mage before, but Iron Tusk kill him. He try to cheat us."

Arn kept questioning the ogre, "And you were the heavy muscle? You were a tough foe, I'll give ye that. It was an honor to fight ye." (Arn is thinking that trying to relate the ogre warrior-to-warrior he may be able to gain some trust).

Lorryn leans up and also whispers to Arn, "Normally someone like Arty seems to pick the name, but he'd dub us the "Flyin' Orgy" or something." Turning towards Thoulg, she spoke up, "Iron Tusk slew your mage? Temper, Temper…"

Arn couldn't hold in a laugh. He looks back to Lady Lorryn, "That sounds like what the boy was doin' that made him late to speaking to Vassing." He turns his attention back to the Ogre.

Thoulg spoke more, "Ok, you Dwarf. Dwarf small but tough. Whenever Dwarf in fight, always want to fight with me".

Arn nods his head, "Aye, ye the biggest and the best, who wants to fight a small orc when the glory is to face someone big and strong like yeself? Does Red Thunder have a camp somewhere nearby here?"

Thoulg looked a bit confused. "Why you keep Thoulg here? Me not know much to tell you. You let me go, me leave."

Lorryn said, "yes, but then you'll just come back here to attack again."

Thoulg turned to Arn again, "We camp to the west just inside forest. Couple of miles away……or maybe more north, that way." Thoulg points Northwest.

Arn said to Thoulg, "No, me not let you leave. You and yer band were roughing up these little gobos. They want to farm, not fight. Ye have to pay for it. Is your camp a cave, a building, tents?"

Lorryn stepped up, "Perhaps you should lead us there."

Arn shook his head, waving Lorryn off on that. Lorryn Nodded.

Valinya spoke up again, finally, "Have you seen any other goblins since you've been in the area?"

Thoulg was looking even more confused by the questions. Looking at Arn he said, "Camp was light. Bedrolls. No tents." Looking at the elf, he then said, "Lots of little goblins here in this village."

Arn kept pressing, "You were working for a Duke or something as guards, but now have no work and were roughing up the goblins here. Did your band ever see anything or hear of anything going into the human town? They said goblins were stealing their stuff. Do you know anything about that?"

Thoulg answered him, "No. We no visit human towns for some time. Come across country from far west and north. Across Great River."

Just then, two Goblin guards stuck their head in from outside the main barn doors. They grin wide grins and then go back out front.

Arn continued, "So, you heard nothing about that? Then why are you guys in this area?"

Thoulg bob's his head forward a bit, then looks back up at Arn. "Me tell you. Looking for work and supplies."

Valinya at this point noticed a goblin near the back window. He saw her look at him and quckly hurried away. She was the only one who saw him.

Arn kept speaking with Thoulg the ogre. "Okay, well ye found some work and supplies…..yer gonna work for the goblins now. And they will heal you and supply you with food, and if ye want to fight, you can help defend them now."

Valinya slinks off past the band, Lorryn watches her leave. She looks slightly hastey, yet stealthy.

Thoulg looks up at Arn, blinking, speech slightly slurred, "they will, Okay. Then why we fight…..?"

Lorry spoke up, "Because you were attacking them."

Arn added, "you were fighting them because that she-bitch Iron Tusk told you to."

Valinya slipped out around the font door, Sclafmagg, a goblin guard says to her, "Where you go elf?", to which she repoies, "out for a walk. Excuse me." And she slips out around the barn. The goblin says to her, "Okay, sounds good to me elf."

Valinya wandered around to the back of the barn, but didn't see anyone there.

Meanwhile, back with Arn, Thoulg slumps forward, now drooling on the floor. Arn looked a Lorryn, eyes wide. "feces!" he said. Lorryn looks at him, slightly worried. Arn then grabed Thoulg and pulled him forward, seeing a dart sticking out of the Ogre's neck. "feces!" again Arn yelled.

Arn then looked at the back of the building to where the attack must have come from. He looked at Lorryn who was drawing her sword. And says to her, "I'm out of here!".

She nodded and said, "It's a trap!"

Meanwhile, outside, Valinya noticed some small footprints right outside the window, leading away to the northwest, towards the backside of the nearest hut. Looking around, she began singing af quick melody, casting a haste spell. She then began to run in the direction of the tracks.

Back in the Barn, Arn growls and picked up his shield, charging at full force, smashed through the back wall of the barn, and stumbled through a massive hole in the wall he just made. Lorryn followed him through, close behind. They see Valinya running very quickly towards a nearby hut.

Trying to keep up with the magically enhanced elf, Lorryn, Artemis and Arn relize that they have lost their quarry after some brief searching. Valinya was unable to find the goblin she spotted after making a few quick trips around the huts. Arn was upset and getting mad. Valinya told the group, she feared there may be magic afoot, and combined with the goblin she saw and poison, will make for a very bad and dangerous situation.

Lady Lorryn shook her head in disgust. "yes, it appears we have a murder on our hands."

Arn felt slightly sad, "Poor Tiny, I was beginning to like him."

Lorryn looked back at the group, "Any idea of what type of poison, Artemis?"

Valinya muttered…"deadly. We can test it and see somehow".

Back at the barn, the large goblin, Dabrabbel stuck his head out of the hole in the back of the barn. He howls sadly and begins picking up pieces of the broken wall.

Artemis looks at the laides, "I have no proficiency with poison, but it appears obvious".

Lorryn added, "yes, we could test it on vermin, any rats around here or anything?"

Just then, the two goblin guards come running up.

At that, Arn brings his shield up and readies an throwing axe.

Yazhnarb the goblin asked Arn, "What you do to Ogre?"

Arn quipped, " failed to prevent some sneaky goblin from killing him…"

When the goblin notices the dwarf's stance, he jumps back a step, "Whoa Dwarf, we no mess with you!"

Arn just glared at them, and growled a low guttural growl.

Valinya stepped up to try and be diplomatic. "Yes, a goblin killed him with a poison dart ... any ideas who that might be?"

Several other Goblins stick their heads out of doorways and from behind nearby huts, all of them with a scared look in their eye.

Sclafmagg, the other goblin guard, clears his throat and mumbles, "We no killers. We farmers. "

Arn glares at the goblins, "yeah, well I AM a killer." Then he turns to Valinya, "which direction did he run off in?"

Valinya looks at Arn, "Northwest. But after going behind the hut, he could have gone anywhere, he could even still be here. Maybe he went into the hut, or is trying to blend in with the crowd?"

Arn walks off to see where the goblin was last seen to look for tracks. Lorryn spoke to Vaininya, "Would you recognize him if you saw him again?"

Valinya shook her head, "I have a very good memory. But I never really saw a face. Just the head peeking. And I did not see any dart being shot either."

Arn was getting angry. "Well, can ye work yer songs and swell just ask the bobbie here if they did the dart deed?"

Lorryn said, "I didn't see the dart either, and I was closer to the wall when it seems to have happened."

Valinya answered them back, "That would be a long, tedious task, and whoever did it would simply hide. But you two, (pointing to the goblin guards, "were outsid. Did you notice anthing?"

Lorryn said, "Perhaps it was a slow-acting poison. The others may have thrown before thfeld. The coyle Arcjher for instance…."

Arn took a step towards the goblin guards. "Right. Well, let's just check them and their pockets while we got them here."

Sclafmagg said, "What? Why you get look in my pockets?"

Arn simply said, "Because I said so…………..did you kill lthe ogre?"

Lorryn spoke up again, nodding, "yes, just eliminating possibilities. They did look in and smile oddly, while we were questioning him."

The two goblins back up a step at the thought of being searched. Arn is getting antsy and starts to gnaw upon the edge of his shield. Valinya steps to up say something to Arn, but he just growls out, "if ye don't want to end up like the Ogre, ye will stop right there!".

Valinya asks them, "Well….did you see anything or not? Hear anything?"

The two goblins drop their weapons and run away from Arn.

Arn goes to take a few steps to charge after them. Lady Lorryn tell's im "Arn Wait!". Arn pause a second and said, "yer right, I have an axe)

Valinya seemed slightly out of break, but said to Arn, "We can use a spell if need to ask them later. But they were out front at the time."

Arn throws and axe in the direction of the fleeing goblins. His axe sails far and wide. Valinya started to sing a soft melody. Lorryn just moved forward. She said to Arn, "We don't' know how many of the goblins are involved in this."

Arn blurted, "Bah!, something stinks around here!" And then he walked up to where the goblins dropped their weapons, to see if they dropped anything else as well.

Lorryn kept chatting, "These at least we will recognize should we see them again."

Arn mutterd, "Bah, they all look a like to me."

Lorryn said,d "They mostly do, but….let's just say I've learned they're not all alike."

Arn kept walking, and made it to where the goblins dropped a spear and a shortsword. He sees nothing else of interest, and keeps moving in the direction of where his thrown axe went off to.

During this time, Lorryn sheathed her sword and readied her bow, warily watching the goblins flee. Artemis was moving in the direction of the goblins, quietly.

Suddenly, as the goblins were running away, Yazhnarb floats off the ground, his feet still running, but he was floating a good foot off the ground. Valinya just walked his directly, whistling and smiling. Arn started to laugh, "Now that's a neat trick!" Lorryn also let out a chuckle as the goblin continued to frantically run on air.

Making his way swiftly towards his axe, Arn called back to Artemis, "Artemeis, make your way over to mister floatie there, and check him out". At this, Lorryn readied an arrow, making sure to cover Artemis from any surprise foes.

Arn was grumbling in his walk, " I wonder if chief Haknak had poison stew in mind for us?" He made his way to his axe, picked it up, and started to trot over eastward, where Artemis had closed the gap with the floating goblin, who was near the barn.

Across the main clearing, to the south, shouting could be heard as several goblins starting running towards the group, some fifty yards away.

Lorryn said, "We should make sure he eats whatever he's offering to us." Lorryn then noticed the band of goblins running towards the group. She readied her bow and got prepared to draw aim upon a target.

Meanwhile, Artemis had caught up to the floating goblin, and had his daggers at the ready. Looking towards him, Arn observed the youth trying to grab the goblin. Turning his attention to the goblins, it was only about half a dozen or so goblins rushing up. Arn snickered, "I've handled four orcs by myself, this won't take me long…"

Artemis grabs the floating goblin, and he drops to the ground. The goblin tries to pull away, but is unsuccessful. On his way closing to Artemis, Arn recognizes Chief Haknak and the goblin Shaman amid the mob. "Oh goodie, " muttered Arn, "here comes Chief Haknut and Ringbingdingo…"

Valinya tried to speak up, "We're all friends here, so let's not get hasty with weapons friends. We just need to explain things, that's all. Just hold him for the moment please. Try to look friendly, smile…"

At this point, Arn had made his way to Artemis and the goblin guard. The goblin was shrieking and tyring to get away.

Lorryn spoke to Valinya, "I'm not sure that will go far with these goblins. Don't you have another spell to shut him up?"

Valinya pleaded with the goblin, "Please try to be calm. We're not going to hurt you, we just want to talk." She than turned to Lorryn, and nodded

Arn snapped at the elf, "Speak fer yerself missy…..I made this green bugger a promise…and he broke the deal………" Then Arn's voice changed and turned to a loud nasal tone. His large black right gauntlet raised up into a fist. "Lefty says we can cast the spell 'Lefty's Magic Fist'." Arn then stepped up toward the yelling goblin, "Arty, bring him here, Lefty wants to say hello!"

Valinya was trying to convince the goblin to be quiet, but Arn just kept on taunting him. Again his voice nasal in tone, "Lefty says this may be a good time for a drop kick."

Valinya kept pleading with the struggling goblin. Artemis was tying to hold him in place. Lady Lorryn kept her eyes on the advancing band of goblins, Bow and arrow ready. The goblin kept screaming, now hysterically. Valinya kept pleading for it to be diplomatic. Seeing Arn move, Valinya, yelled: "Arn, No!"

Arn smiled, "ye want diplomacy do ye? , and he turned to the goblin, "Lefty says BE QUIET!", and with that, Arn delievers a right hook that upends the goblin, knocking him clear off of it's feet and into the barn wall with a thud. The goblin collapsed in a heap.

Chief Haknak yelled out, "Hey stop, why you attack my people?!!"

Lorryn yelled back, "Someone murdered the ogre prisoner, they were part of it!"

Arn looked up to Valinya, "See, quiet goblin now…."

Lorryn snaps her head back towards the barn, something caught her attention in there. But remains vigilant, keeping her eyes upon the other goblins.

Arn then turns his attention to the incoming goblin chief. He steps back one step, and readies his throwing axe. Valinya sits down next to the fallen goblin to inspect his wounds, and starts singing a soft melody. Some bright green color returns to the face of the downed goblin, he begins to stir and sit up a bit.

Lorryn speaks up, now near by the barn, "We may have been wrong about Tiny…anyone else hear that?" In unison, Valinya, Artemis, and Arn all said, "Hear what?"

Chielf Haknak, clearly unhappy, spoke up again, "You must stop. Why you attack goblins? You say you here to help, you must be same as other that attack! Why do you do this?"

Lorryn mutters back to her friends, "Nevermind, it's probably just…his spirt…no, it's probably nothing." Arn looks at her and then at Lefty, "what the?..."

Arn steps up towards chief Haknak, and yells out to him, "Your guards aided an assassin who killed my prisoner! I told them to stop, but they challenged us."

The approaching goblins stop, the guards forming ranks in front of the Chief and Shaman.

Chief Haknak continued, "How you know this, you must explain."

Valinya, : "Allow me, please, to explain."

Chief Haknak: "You must lower your weapons. This is goblin village. You not in charge here".

Valinya: "Yes, everyone lower their weapons. We're all friends here."

Arn: "They smiled when another goblin put a poison dart in……………….oh, OH! I beg to differ there Chief!"

Lorryn puts away her bow and arrow, but keeps her hand ready by her sword, just in case.

Haknak continues, "We welcome you in, You say you here to help."

Lorryn: "I understand how this must look."

Chief Haknak: "Then you chase my guards.."

Arn watches and waits until the goblins lower their weapons before he does so, keeping his axe on his weapon belt, ready to be drawn quickly if needed.

Valinya kept pleading, "Everyone…lower your weapons. The Chief has spoken." She looks to the guards and motions to them and Arn to put down their weapons.

As the group speaks, Arn sees several goblins armed as guards coming from behind nearby buildings. None too close, but watching the scene unfold.

Arn mutters under his breath, "I don't need an axe to fight goblins…….it's just more fun that way." Arn then starts to gnaw on his shield.

Valinya kept trying, "Let me explain this. We were questioning the ogre when I saw a goblin at the window. As I went to see what he was doing, the ogre fell over, dead from a poison dart. We could not find the goblin afterward. When we asked the guards about weather they saw anything, they acted suspicious."

Lorryn moved toward the barn while Valinya was speaking, making sure she still sees an ogre corpse in there. Arn took a step back, next to the goblin laying on the ground.

Valinya added, "When we tried to ask them more questions they ran, again very suspicious."

Chief Haknak, "What they do?"

Valinya: "I caught one with a spell and brought him back to ask our question."

Chief Haknak: "And what did YOU do?"

Valinya: "That's when you ran up yelling…"

Arn added, : "I DIDN'T hit him with my axe."

Valinya:, "Things got a bit crazy."

Yazhnarb the goblin then squirmed and began to crawl away….Then Arn stepped on him.

Valinya: "I'm not sure what happened, but things got crazy. He looked hurt, so I healed him." Turning to Arn, "Arn! Let him go." At that, Arn sat on the poor little goblin.

Chief Haknak spoke up again, :"Why you still hurt goblins? You come here to help or to fight?"

Arn resigns, "Oh, fine…." And as he gets up, Arn makes sure to break wind on the goblin.

Valinya tried to salvage the scene, "We came to investigate crimes in the human village. When we saw you being attacked, we helped."

Chief Haknak added, "yes, but why attack my people, Do they attack you?"

Valinya: "If the two guards will truthfully answer weather they knew something about the ogre's murder…"

Arn spoke out of turn, yet again, "Yes!....they killed my new friend, Tiny!"

Valinya kept speaking, "I did not attack. I simply brought him back gently."

Chief Haknak: "Dwar attack. Dwarf want to kill goblins."

Valinya: "And I think our dwarf friend….got very confused. I think the screaming confused him."

Arn blurted out, "No, I told your guards to stop."

Valinya forcefully whispered to Arn…"A little diplomacy here????"

The chief continued, "But you have no authority to command my guards. You not the boss here."

There is a low murmur from the surrounding village as several more armed goblins come into view.

As the goblin gets up, Arn grabs him and tries to check his pockets before he stumbles off.

Valinya kept going, "When they ran it looked very suspicious".

Chief Haknak: "They goblins. Goblins ALWAYS look suspicious to you tall pale ones."

Under his breath, Arn muttled out, "I don't remember him thwarting Red Thunder, he didn't look like he was in charge of jack. He's got a point though, they do all look suspicious."

Valinya: "We have authority to search for the criminals of the human village attacks. But we helped you. We saved your village….let's not forget that Chief."

Chief Haknak: This village belong to goblns. Not Domain of Man. We liver here on our town".

Valinya: "We saved your supplies for winter…….maybe lives."

Chief Haknak: "Now who save Yeahk Nark from you?"

Valinya: "We are not attack. It was a misunderstanding. This happens sometimes, yes?"

Lorryn: "We're no threat to the village, we are investigating a crime. Several now, it seems.

Valinya: "how do you know the guard is not guilty? It would only take a moment. Let me cast a spell please. A seeking spell, and we will have an idea."

Lorryn meanwhile listens intently, her attention seemingly distracted with the barn.

Chief Haknak: "I don't know that, but neither do you. If you have problem her ein my village, I ask you to come to me."

Valinya: "Im aksing. May we ask the guard some questions? Surely you should be concerned about a murder in your village?"

Chief Haknak: "I have given everything you asked. Time to interrogate the prisoner and a palce to do it. I have offered you a seat at my table. You must turn the goblin over to me. I will talk to him first."

Arn: "did you order the prisoner to be killed?"

Chief Haknak: "did I order the ogre killed? No. And no one did so of my knowledge."

Valinya: "yes, and we risked out lives to save you.

Arn: "As for questioning him first, that's Unacceptable." Arn growls.

Valinya: "One question, that is all we ask. All we need….if he is innocent."

Three groups of armed goblins begin moving forward toward the group. Arn glares at them, taking a step up at them, hand on his axe.

Chief Haknak: "I am Haknak. I have lead this village through much hardship and more than enough so called heroes. I fear nothing here, but the safety of my people."

Arn blurts out: "And Red Thunder, you feared them too…?"

Valinya: "Your people are in no danger here…..unless some are involved in the attack on the human village."

Chief Haknak: "As I said, I only fear for the safety of my people!"

Valinya: "And I say you are in no danger if what you say is true. May we ask a question?"

Chief Haknak: "and if they are involved in these attacks, they will fear more from me than from you. Now dwarf keep your peace in my village."

Arn scoffs: "And having an unknown assassin running around with poison doesn't concern your people's safety?!!"

Valinya: "Arn….let him go please."

Yezhnarb begins to crawl away again.

Arn: "Valinya, ask the goblin your question here, in front of the chief, now." Arn then mutters quietly to the goblin: "you get up and move, I'll cut you down before you take 2 steps…"

Valinya: "It will not matter unless he answers. And the chief is leader ehre. It is his village and he makes the rules."

Chief Haknak: "You will not interrogate my people like this. I say again, you will release that goblin to me now."

Valinya: "Arn…enough, let him go please."

Arn: "Let us ask him the question here and now….or are you hiding something chief?"

At that, Chief Haknak steps up, past his gaurds. Arn smiles and also steps up.

Valinya to Arn: "Arn…enough."

Chief Haknak: "You must leave my village now. You are no longer welcome here."

Arn challenged him, "Then I'll take my prisoner with me."

Chief Haknak: "Your prisoner, you say, is dead."

Arn Ironfist: "Nope. I got a new one", Arn motions to the goblin. Valinya sighs.

Chief Haknak: "You will not take any citizens of Yeahk Nark with you."

Arn: "he will be free once my lady elf friend asks a nice question….she'll even sing for you too. Do it NOW Valinya."

Chief Haknak: "Why you do this? We have no quarrel with you."

Arn puts his hands out wide, to show no weapons being drawn and no further sings of hostility.

Valinya looks at the goblin guard, "Tell us pelase and end this stand off. Do you know anything about the ogre's murder? Yes or no?"

Yazhnarb is laying on the ground, crying in the dirt. He didn't seem to hear Valinya. She tried again, "Please help him stand Arn…"

Arn grabs the goblin gently, "Look at the nice leady little goblin, and answer the question."

Valina agin to the guard, "Tell us pelase, Do you now anything about the ogre's murder?"

The goblin tries to speak, "Me…no…speak….good…you…words…….me …no…kill…anyone…."

Valinya tries again: "I'll try again. You know who kill ogre?"

Arn blurts out, "Yes or no greenie?.....or I''ll end it for you now."

Valinya: "You…know…who…kill…ogre?"

Yazhnarb: "Me….stand….Scalfmag…outside….barn…me..don't know." At that the goblin whimpers and uriniates all over himself and Arns foot.

Valinya sings a soft melody, casting her truthsayer spell. Satisfied, she says: "Very well. Release him Arn, he speaks true."

Arn gladly leaves the goblin, unceremoniously shoving him forward, then takes one more step in the direction of Chief Haknak.

Valinya kept speaking: "Apparnatly, Chielf, either someone in your village killed the prisoner or there are goblins nearby that you do not know about."

Chief Haknak: "Does he answer your question?"

Valinya: "Yes, he spoke true. We apologize for the misunderstanding and the trouble."

Arn blurts out to the chielf, "next time Red Thunder comes to town, maybe you can handle it yourself…"

Chief Haknak looks at Arn: "You must leave now. You are not welcome in Yeahk Nark any longer Dwarf".

Arn scoffs yet again, "Oh wow. What a shame. I'm gonna miss you guys, really…..Good luck thwarting mercenaries on your own next time you coward!"

Haknak fires back, "Say what you will Dwarf. You go now."

Valinya, sighs yet again, "Very well. We will collect our things from our prisoner and be gone. I you do learn anything about the human village crimes, please send a runner to find us there.

Arn retorts, "I will say what I will…..I bet you are probably in league with Red Thunder".

Valinya looks at Arn, "Arn, why don't you go get things from Tiny while I wait here with Lorryn and Artemis." At that point Valinya notices Artemis is missing and Lorryn is in the barn.

Arn calls for one of them to help him get the Ogre's breast plate. Valinya puts on a serene face for the goblins.

Chief Haknak: "We will speak nothing to you. Why do you taunt me and my people. They are not warriors. They are farmers. You have your fine weapons and heavy armor and chase mere children. Does that make you brave Dwarf? Do you know that Yazhnarb there has only 9 winters? If you wish to fight me Dwarf. That can be arranged. You will face me and my warriors together. But I am sure that is no challenge for a mighty warrior as yourself."

Valinya tries desperately to keep the peace: "As you said Chief, we will speak nothing with you…."

Arn keeps yelling back at the Chief, "Dd you know that we came here to solve a crime? Stop a war? Do you know that a hundred heavily armed human soldiers want to burn your town to the ground and we came here to stop that from happening? Do you care that you send away the only hope you have of saving your people. If you truly are a good leader of your people, you would heed our words."

Artemis climbs down slowly from the roof of the barn, a sad smile on his face, " I guess we're going now?"

Chief Haknak speaks again, "Heed YOUR words? The only thing you speak is of disgust. Of hate toward us. You taunt us and beat children with your armored hands. You speak of fighting and blood shed."

Arn fires back yet again, "I'd face ye chief, and I'd even let ye double the warriors, just to give you half a shot at taking on Arn Ironfist. I didn't come here to fight goblins. As much as I hate to admit it, I actually came here to help your people. You want to die, that's on you...have fun storming the castle...."

Chief Haknak again continues to speak with Arn, "This town stands for Goblins that choose to NOT fight, choose to NOT shed blood, but still all of you come here and try to kill us. You say you did not come here to fight goblins, yet there is one near your feet."

Arn laughs at the goblin Chief, "If I wanted bloodshed, there isn't a single person here that could stop me....I stoped your guard with my hand, not my axe. I could have killed him without trying.....I did take down the Ogre by myself!"

Valinya tries to stop them: "PEACE! Enough of your accusing lies Chief. We did not come to try and kills you, as you well know."

Chief Haknak still goes on, "I speak only what I see in front of me. Did you not attack Yahzhnarb?"

Valinya shook her head, "Arn tried to calm him in the best way he knew, knocking him out. It was a misguided attempt to help him calm down."

Arn interjected, "After he smiled when the ogre got poisoned…."

Chief Haknak retorted, "He is 9 years old and knows nothing of the ways of war."

Arn yelled back, "Your two guards game in when the ogre got attacked. We tried to stop them."

Haknak tried to save face, "Letting him run to his mother would have been a more appropriate course of action."

Arn also retorted, "And the fact that I didn't kill him shows you I am not looking for bloodshed. Do you really want to save your people?"

Chief Haknak: "As I have done many times in the past, I will save my people."

Arn: "and how were you planning on stopping Red Thunder?"

Chief Haknak: "We have nothing to hide, we have not taken anything from the Humans. We have dealt with roving bandits more than once. And it seems we must do so more than once today."

Valinya tries to usher Arn on…"Let it rest Arn. He is not going to listen. He doesn't care about the circumstances. Only that the boy got hit."

Arn snorts out to the chief: "Answer the question…"

Haknak: " I am waiting on your departure from our village."

Arn snorts again. "No, I've seen this before…."

Valinya then sings a soft melody, another truthsayer spell.

Chief Haknak continues: "I have seen this behavior before as well. All my life. All we strive to do here is live our lives as peacefully as we can, yet we are constantly plagued by the Humans and their friends."

Arn still goes on, "There are some types of chiefs who will stage an attack on their town and happen to thwart their foe, who actually was paid to pretend to threaten their town. Then their people think they are great and keep listening to them as leader. I think Chief Haknak is a great actor."

Valinya, eager to get going, pleads with Arn now…"Arn, the chief knows nothing. He spoke the truly. We need to gather out and go."

Arn still goads the chief, "Admit it Chief, YOU hired Red Thunder to come into town so you could pretend to drive them off…."

Chief Haknak laughs at Arn's words. "If only I had the resources to pay for that. We would buy food and supplies from the Human villages, if they would only sell to us. You speak only more Dwarven lies."

Valinya sighs again in disgust….

Haknak goes on, "Why do you insist trying to goad me into a fight. Is it not known throughout the land that the Dwarf is mightier than the Goblin? Does not everyone here know that?"

Arn again answers him, "Well, I'm going to claim my booty from my fallen foe and get out of your town. Make sure to have Red Thunder come back to help you fight the Human Armies that come to decimate your farms."

Valinya goes with Lady Lorryn, and Artemis and Arn gather the breast plate and remaining items from the ogre's body. The hobgoblin Drabrabaabel hids in the back of the barn as Arn claims his goods. Noticing the hobgoblin, Arn offers him some gold coins…"Sorry about your barn……you didn't happen to see anything here did you?" Arn then dangles out some gold coins for him to see.

"Hmm, okay, I guess not" And Arn tosses 10 gold coins in the direction of the hobgoblin and grabs the breast plate and moves out of the barn. Motioning to the loft atop the barn, Arn motions to Valinya, "take a look up there quick lass…"

Valinya sees nothing of interest up there and tells the hobgoblin to excuse her searching. Arn assures her that he's terrified of them and she should just do it. Curiosity Satisfied, Valinya scampers down from the loft area. Arn turns to the hobgoblin, "We were only trying to help…"

Getting back together with Artemis and Lorryn, Valinya finally says to the group, "Are we ready to depart yet?" To which Arn answers, "I think so…unless ye want to throw some more insults at the greenskins with me?"

Valinya gives him a look, "I'd say you've thrown quite enough".

Unfazed, Arn says, "Aye, and with better accuracy than me axes."

Valinya sharply retorts, "And perhaps more harm."

Arn winks at her…"sometimes ye have to get them mad so they'll spill out the truth by accident."

Valinya snorts, "Or perhaps spill out insides?"

Arn laughs, "I can do that too if ye wish".

The Goblins are all still where they were when you entered the barn, though there are quite a few more, with a handful of Hobgoblins thrown in. They stand and watch as you exit the barn. Well over 200 Goblins have gathered now, most cowering back behind the warriors or near the sides of huts.

Valinya sighs again. "Well we gone from heroes to villans. All in a day's work I guess."

Arn looks at the mass of goblins assembled before them. "Hmmm, almost enough for a fair fight….." He looks again towards Chief Haknak, "Well, so long there Hakey! Good luck with your farms and all."

Artemis chimes in, "So what's the plan? I guess we're leaving the goblin town, heading back to Williamshire?"

Back to his friends as they leave, "Well, that was fun.........I guess we should start making our way north west to Red Thunder...we've got some unfinished business there."

Valinya nods her head, "Yes, I agree, and we might find something else along the way, I hope." Lorryn puts a hand on her friend's shoulder, "We'll be fine, let's get moving along."

Valinya says to Artemis, "No Artemis, we continue our hunt. Hopefully Arn can find something."

Arn looks at the boy, "I'm sorry, lad, I know ye had it in yer heard to bed a greenskin....but if we get to Red Thunder, ye can take Iron Tusk to bed"

There are many Goblins around that side of the barn. Many with weapons. The only direction there are no Goblins is to the north east, in the direction of Wiliamshire.

After some more belligerence and defiance from Arn, the band makes their way mostly North, despite the goblins best attempts at herding them eastward. Chief Haknak called out for the heroes to go back from where they came, but Arn vehemently refused.

The Chief shouts something in Gobbley and the Goblins all shuffle back, clearing the way out of town. Which is a clear shot north of the Barn.

Arn scoffs at them, holding up the breast plate of the ogre...."I am Arn Ironfist! Remember that! I slayed the Ogre your chief could not! Remember this day for when the human army comes to kill you all, you will know it was Haknak that caused your doom, not us!"

Nudging Arn, Artemis whispered to him, "But you didn't kill the Ogre Arn. A goblin did. Arn looked at the lad, "a mere technicality, I defeated him. I could have killed him if I wanted to."

Artemis looked at him, "Well, apart from his foot, he didn't look bad off.".

Arn glared at him, than yelled to the goblins, "Okay, I didn't slay him, I defeated the ogre!"

Lorryn choked back a laugh.

As you pass out of town, past all the Goblins, you see looks of sadness and fear on their faces. They do not look directly into your faces, but do not back away. Arn called out if any goblins wanted to serve as a guide, but none took his offer. Looking back, most of the goblins are out of sight now, but you can see a few peeking out from behind shrubs and around buildings.

The band made their way up out of sight of the goblins before finding place for Valinya to sit and rest. Arn broke out his water skin for her and his wineskin for himself and Artemis. Valinya was hungry, and Arn happened to have remembered to pack five full days worth of trail rations, coming to the young elf's rescue at the end of a trying day.

The band made their way north along the woods, looking for a safe and secure place to camp for the night.

Artemis commented: "That went well, I'd have to say. What did we learn here?"

Arn looked at him, "I think Hakky is behind it all. He was no where to be seen when the mercs were around, but once we chased them out he came out like he was king ring ding. Once the mercs took some damage they all yeilded.......ruthless foes would have fought harder"

Valinya answered as well, "Weel, so far we have no profff that any of this is linked to the human village stuff…except maybe the goblin assassin."

Arn continues on more, "No…think about it….who would you want to rid your town of a ruthless dictator and his army?"

Valinya gives Arn a confused look, "Which town? Goblin? I'm not following your thought."

Arn nods, "I bet you some of the locals were trying to draw the humans into their village to thwart Haknak."

Artemis has a look of total confusion on his face. "I think you've gone batty, Arn."

Valinya: While I am a bit suspicious of goblins, I'm not that suspicious."

Arn: "Sure…the goblins caused more damage each time to try and anger the humans more. Trying to start a war….Humans come in, kill Haknak and they are saved."

Artemis: "I think we just spent the afternoon terrorizing a group of scaredy little goblins who don't know how to fight or farm."

Valinya: "Lets head to the Northwest and see if we can pick up some tracks there. And I have to agree with Artemis for a change."

Arn: "The goblins want help, that's why they didn't hurt any humans, just animals. I think I am on to something here…"

Valinya: "Arn, I have a serous question. Did that Ogre hit you on the head…I mean really hard? Those types of injuries can cause some…unusual behavior and thinking."

Arn laughs at her, "I need to interrogate the rest of Red Thunder first. Lorryn bested their leader, and I already eliminated their muscle. The Coyle and others ran away quick."

Valinya:, "Well I think that heading to the Northwest will provide us some answers, I hope."

Arn: "did you see those goblins when we left….?"

Artemis: "Yeah, they were terrified of you. So was I to be honest."

Valinya, to the group: "Let's get moving, we can talk more on the walk"

Arn: "Bah! What if that poison dart went into you or one of the ladies here? What kind of chief would not want an assassin found?"

Valinya: "Maybe there were angry that the mercenaries wanted to rob them and one decided to get even with the ogre?"

Lorryn: "That's true, Arn has a point. Anyone would want a killer found."

Valinya: Maybe the chief saw that as more of an execution than a murder. Maybe the Chief did order it."

Arn shakes his head: "No, that's a line of horse manure. He only ordered it to hide it. Don't you remember the goblins with the plow? What a better way to help them than to have a huge strong ogre pull the plow? Then he was killed."

Artemis: "But they had some mules and a horse in the barn."

Valinya: "Well, it's hard to know how he might have reacted had we not nearly killed a child."

Artemis continued to speculate: "Why would they need an Ogre to pull the plow? But then again, why wasn't the horse or mule pulling the plow?"

Valinya: that would tend to cloud your thinking, seeing one of your village kids battered by a mad dwarf."

Arn scoffs at her, "So he says. What town would use children as guards? And goblins age differently than you and I."

Valinya nods in agreement to that, "True, very true indeed".

Arn goes on, "I'm a young adult by dwarf standards, but I'm 47 years"

Artemis tries to break the tension: "Do I smell…..urine? What is that smell?"

Arn growls, "That was gobbo pee on my foot."

Valinya and Lorryn snicker at that.

Artemis looks at Arn and holds his nose…."Oh gross. You better take off your boots before coming back into the house when we get home!".

And Valinya adds, "and cool off…….Really cool off".

Arn looks at his friends, "Something is hugely wrong there. I lost my temper, but that was after seeing the ogre die and the guards not responding. Why would they run unless they were guilty?"

Artemis answers him, "Maybe they were scared? Maybe they thought WE killed the ogre and they were next?"

Valinya adds, "As I recall, you threatened to seach them and then threatened to have them end up like the ogre if they resisted. Not a bad reason to run."

Arn looks at Artemis, "Were you even here kid? There is a lot more going on here than people think. Raldo hired us to stop a war......he must suspect something. Vassing was only doing what he thought was right, and he may be right, bringing a war to Haknak. If they didn't resist, they would have gone free."

Artemis: "But how do they know that? They are goblins, doesn't that mean they are afraid of Dwarves? They didn't really speak our language well either."

Valinya: "they did not know that…..especially after the death threat. And they truthfully, knew nothing about the ogre's death."

Arn: "They ran because they were guilty. They had us outnumbered, they could have swarmed us. I'm good, but I don't know if I'm 200 good."

Artemis: "They could have seen the ogre fall over, assume he was taking a nap maybe? But Valinya said they were telling the truth, and that the Chief was too.

Arn: "yes, and I'm sure that woman's husband back in Williamshire thought you were giving his wife breathing lessons?"

Artemis: "What? Huh? Oh, that's different. What do you mean? I don't know what you're talking about dwarf." (Artemis smiles and blushes).

Valinya: "Well, I think we've discussed this enough for now. Let's get a rest and maybe sleep on it some. Plus, I'm hungry."

Arn: "Agreed. Boy, I'm sure glad I remembered to bring food and drink with me…"

Valinya: "so nice weather huh? I really would have liked to have had that feast…"

Arn looks at the elf lass, "Worry not dear, I brought five full days worth of rations and extra drink. There's plenty here for even you."

Valinya smiles, "That will do, that will do. Thank you."

From Yeahk-Nark, it is only a few miles to the edge of the forest. Maybe 5 miles tops. The edge of the forest juts out here, making it much closer than the surrounding line of woods.

Arn turns to the group, some last minute thoughts as the group sets up their camp…..

"Valinya, with your magics, can you hide from sight? Ah, I'd like to get some more info there on Yeahk-Nark. I think our answers will come with Red Thunder. We can take turns watching. Let's make sure everyone gets some good rest....we will need our strength if we are to confront them again. My only concern is, that if we went to the feast.....the Ogre would still be dead and possibly us too."
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Session 8 - into the earth....

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session went well. Introduced my new Maneuver and Posture states and macros as well as updated some attack and other macros.

Created the goblin dungeon while we were playing, got the VBL in too!

had some connecton problems when one player dropped out while i was creating the Goblin den, but it finally worked out.

after the session though, was working with a player on some macros and the whole MapTool froze up. stayed like that for almost 10 minutes. had to do a hard reboot on the machine.

came back in, and lost everything we had been working on, macros, properties, everything, no auto save or backup or nothing.

oh well, will play with it another time :)

Wandered Roads South Group - Session #8 - 113008

After a little more discussion around the campfire, the group decides that they will wait till morning to explore this Temple of Tark, the Spider Goddess. The Goblin Gralban leads them there as soon as the sun rises. Scouting it out, Artemis finds no sentries or traps, so the band crawls in on their hands and knees into a earthy tunnel. Valinya creates a floating candle light to light the way and then turns herself into a wispy body of air. The group crawls through the dirt for a few minutes then as they come out into a room where they can actually stand, a Goblin leaps from above, attempting to skewer Artemis in the back. Fortunately Artemis' armor deflected the blow. The Goblin quickly ran from them, his Dark Vision giving him the advantage in the dark tunnels. The party is regrouping before heading further into the tunnels.[/img]
Check out my current campaign, Wandered Roads.
Using the GURPS 4e rules and set in the Palladium Fantasy world.


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Re: Wandered Roads (South) - a GURPS Fantasy Game

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havent posted session reports lately on here, but wanted to leave a brief note that we are still playing our GURPS game online using Map Tools.

we are currently using b63 and everything is going well, despite me accidentally deleting all of my global macros a while back and then having my computer DIE on me and take forever just being able to pull my campaign files off the old hard drive.

the north groups most recent adventure was session #35 for them and over all we have had about 70 sessions online using MapTool. I will try to get back to posting session reports and screen shots of the game and MapTool in action.

here is a screen shot of our game from a few sessions ago showing the aftermath of a quick woodland battle with a wounded Troll and his Kobold minions.

Check out my current campaign, Wandered Roads.
Using the GURPS 4e rules and set in the Palladium Fantasy world.


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