DnD Digest Interviews Az and the Bard

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DnD Digest Interviews Az and the Bard

Post by RPTroll »

Az and I were invited over to DnD Digest to participate in an interview regarding MapTool. In it we discuss our history with MapTool along with our favorite VTT's past, present, and future.

The Bard says 'check it out'

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Re: DnD Digest Interviews Az and the Bard

Post by Jagged »

The comments about "Time Saving" are so true.

My friends are spread all over the country, the closest is 2 hours away. If we couldn't game remotely we would only game once or twice a year, if that.

As a GM, Maptool makes many things possible in the limited spare time I have. Rumble's framework means I can create a new NPC with little more than copy and paste. I use Maptool to create my maps. The drawing tools my be primitive but they are more than good enough and let me create a new encounter in minutes.

Without Maptool I probably wouldn't be role playing at the moment. Thank you very much. Then there is vision and lighting that just adds to the experience. Thank you very much again.

And its free!



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Re: DnD Digest Interviews Az and the Bard

Post by Bone White »

I liked the insights into your mindsets. Such as "... rather build the tools, and let the players build the houses..."

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Re: DnD Digest Interviews Az and the Bard

Post by badsequel »

That interview was great! Thank you for doing that.

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Re: DnD Digest Interviews Az and the Bard

Post by Azhrei »

It was a lot of fun to do!

For people who are new here you'll get to hear how some of the "MT craze" started.

My/our thanks to CJ for setting this up!

(PS: I originally had problems viewing the page on my iPad, but the link directly to the YouTube page works fine.

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