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Discussion at the WOTC Boards

Post by Paradox »

There is discussion from yesterday and today at the WOTC boards.

Friendly comparisons are being made between Fantasy Ground II and Maptool, and Maptool is not fairing as well in representation. MapTool is not being criticized, but FantasyGrounds is being hailed as overall and "holisitcally" superior in game management.



Wolfstar76 Voluntary Community Liason wrote:I prefer (FantasyGrounds) it over the others because of its immersiveness - the plethora of windows in all the other applications drives me nuts.

In fairness - it still takes me a little time in each session to re-acclimate to the "right-click, radial menu" paradigm - but after 2-3 minutes it quickly becomes second nature. That UI "quirk" aside, it's the only one I've ever found to be so intuitive that I could sit down and just make a module in a couple hours (as in - a couple hours after my first use).

The others are just too. . . . much.

But, to each their own. This is why competition is a good thing.

Mock wrote:What I did like about it was its focus on the whole module. MapTool, for example, is about the map. It can be module-oriented, but that's not its goal. FantasyGrounds had a more "holistic" approach, which is neat.

WolfStar76 wrote:Ah, then you and I have different goals - I MUCH prefer to have the "module" in the software - being able to link to my monsters, or images (what NPC is speaking, the bloody note the party finds, the uber-cool suit of armor) - or from this polot point to that one - and to link all THOSE notes to the map is what REALLY sold me.

In fact I hope DDI's Game Table replicates that. I want a Dundjinni/FantasyGrounds hybrid. ^_^

Mock wrote:That would be pretty neat. MapTool can do those things - I know people have all sorts of images that they can pop up (like the bloody note, etc.) and you can have all sorts of monster details and whatnot linked into the "campaign file" but again, if you want that, you'd need to write scripts to do it in MapTool. FG just did all that work already.
I no longer believe that MapTools is usuable or intended just for programmers. MapTools is for everyone.

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Re: Discussion at the WOTC Boards

Post by trevor »

Thanks for the link, I've been following that thread too.

I'm not too worried. FG definitely has a more table-toppy feel, and that's exactly what some people want. MT is more map centric, which works fine for other people.

And I've come to terms with that :) (mostly ;) ;) )

Fortunately, the current plan is to move to a more FG like experience coming in 1.4
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Re: Discussion at the WOTC Boards

Post by Jector »


Bring the pretty! :twisted:
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Re: Discussion at the WOTC Boards

Post by jfrazierjr »

Hey.. I replied and noted why I like Maptool...(not really tool feature stuff)
I save all my Campaign Files to DropBox. Not only can I access a campaign file from pretty much any OS that will run Maptool(Win,OSX, linux), but each file is versioned, so if something goes crazy wild, I can always roll back to a previous version of the same file.

Get your Dropbox 2GB via my referral link, and as a bonus, I get an extra 250 MB of space. Even if you don't don't use my link, I still enthusiastically recommend Dropbox..

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