Some more Paizo maptool buzz

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Some more Paizo maptool buzz

Post by torstan »

There's another thread on the Paizo forums with some chatter about virtual tabletops. Basically the users of Paizo products are asking for VTT compatible maps and KJames Jacobs is saying that Paizo aren't really focussing on VTT compatibility but that they are following them with interest. Maptool is the only one that gets namechecked. If there's interest in pushing Paizo towards providing higher res versions of their maps I'd recommend pitching in. ... Pathfinder

Disclaimer: I've also posted on the thread to try to clear up the myth that cartographers can't create maps for print and VTT use without larger financial and time costs. It's a bit of a hustle, but I think it was relevant to the discussion.

Oh, there's also a discussion of dungeon tiles on there.

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Re: Some more Paizo maptool buzz

Post by Paradox »

I have been following it! :D
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Re: Some more Paizo maptool buzz

Post by trevor »

Thanks for the update torstan !
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