Character Tool Instructions?

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Re: Character Tool Instructions?

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Mh, that is true, it makes the whole thing much more complicated. Maybe it would empower the users enough if it would be covered in a documentation how to edit and swap files?

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Re: Character Tool Instructions?

Post by neofax »

jay wrote:That is something I need to add to the game settings file editor. The problem with putting it into CT is that it is different for every game and every framework for that game. So if you played multiple games you would need to have multiple sets of them.

Not if people that designed frameworks for a RPG system came up with a standardized method of naming properties and the content of the properties. i.e. Armor Class would be called ac.torso.deflection and contains a JSON with the following data... With this, you could write the mapping file and it would work no matter what framework. Also, tokens would be interchangeable between frameworks. Yes, I know this is pie in the sky thinking.
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Re: Character Tool Instructions?

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Might as well dream big! :P

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