Semi-Portable Chartools?

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Semi-Portable Chartools?

Post by BrentRunningbear »

I noticed that chartools puts a .Chartools folder in the user account, is there a way so I can have my .chartool folder on a portable device, like a USBstick or other form of portable data storage?

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Re: Semi-Portable Chartools?

Post by jay »

Not right now. However, it will just recreate it on the new device when you load the same game settings on the other machine. The only thing it can't restore are changes to the underlying database and preferences. As long as you aren't doing that (and if you are, stop it :)) it should be OK. The preferences that you may set are stored by Java, and I have no control over that.

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Re: Semi-Portable Chartools?

Post by steamboat28 »

Using the download/install versions of the tools, I've had success *installing* them to a portable device, but I don't know about just moving the folder around.

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