Sailor Moon/BESM Game Settings File

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Sailor Moon/BESM Game Settings File

Post by tsukinokage »

Hi, guys! First of all, I'm completely new to the program, so don't hurt me. -Hides under a rock- I'm currently running a Sailor Moon game with my friends. I've got maps and characters set up, Tokens made and I went to go start making the character sheets and, first of all, I'm a wee bit confused. I went looking how to work it and it said to pick a game settings file. I didn't see one for the BESM style games. Anyone have anything they can give/help me with? Thanks!

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Re: Sailor Moon/BESM Game Settings File

Post by jay »

There isn't a game settings file for BESM style games. I've not heard of one being produced either.

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