Star Wars Saga Edition

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Star Wars Saga Edition

Post by GoldenEye50 »

Hi, I was wondering if there is a file for character tool for Star Wars Saga Edition and if not how do I go about creating one?

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Re: Star Wars Saga Edition

Post by Azhrei »

Sorry, I don't know of such a configuration file. :(

It may be that the folks here who play SW don't use CT or maybe someone has already put one together but they don't frequent the forums so they don't know of your search.

A quick Google search found this thread with the same question and it also went unanswered!? :?

This thread doesn't cover using CT for SW, but the user Zaro put together a MapTool framework and the last post on the first page says that he has a tool for creating characters... If you were going to use MT anyway, maybe his framework would help?

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Re: Star Wars Saga Edition

Post by jay »

I don;t know of one either. Right now the only way to create a configuration file is by reading the Adopters: sticky threads on this forum. If you can't find it there I can answer any questions you have.

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