No 1st edition AD&D????

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No 1st edition AD&D????

Post by tooley1chris »

Where are all my peeps? I know many more that play 1st/2nd edition than play any others yet no CT support to the grandfather of all RPGs?
Some one please tell me I'm wrong and my search skills blow. :D
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Re: No 1st edition AD&D????

Post by Bone White »

I still prefer 2nd edition I'll be honest, after thinking in THAC0 it's hard to un-think like that.

P.S. I have the copy of Dragon with that edition of Knights of the Dinner Table in it, and it is by far my favourite. That old cursed belt of gender swapping nutmeg... Evil DM.

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Re: No 1st edition AD&D????

Post by jay »

I don't know of any 1st edition game settings files.

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