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Re: TokenMaker

Post by jfrazierjr »

Hawke wrote:
jfrazierjr wrote:While web services are not extremely hard, I really don't think that they are easy enough to fit int any macro based paradigm. There are just way to many possible options that this sort of thing really needs to be implemented via direct java coding. One a side note, one of the most important things in 1.4 is plugin architecture which would be exactly where something like this should reside if someone wanted to plug it into MT.

Maybe I'm misunderstanding the compendium... but...

1) CompendiumSearch("Power","Cleave")
2) Looks up ... &tab=power
3) Returns the ID(s) or for the one I want 992
4) CompendiumPower(992,"json")
5) Looks up ... spx?id=992
6) returns JSON verson of the above

The framework developer can then strip what it needs to from that. Now obviously I'm using the GET methods in the above example, but there you have it.

This is an example of a very simplistic web service implementation. Others are far more complex, and in general, the term WebService typically implies the use of the SOAP or REST protocols to transmit data and each of these can have things that just are not practical in a macro language for use by the general public(ie, it requires the macro writer to have a far deeper knowledge of Web Service protocols than they typically have)
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Re: TokenMaker

Post by Hawke »

Right, but to access the information in the compendium, why would they need to know any of that info? If it was already done in the backend so that they just needed to know the macro functions related to accessing compendium info, and then there isn't any learning curve beyond that... they don't need to know about SOAP or how it works just that if they use the functions they can get the information.

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Re: TokenMaker

Post by Alhazred »


This is all really interesting. Has there been any more progress on this stuff? I did a decent amount of work on hacking some people's perl code to do a bunch of this, but for obvious reasons if 1.4 is going to have a plugin mechanism it seems like this would be the way to go (and heck I'm lazy!).

I'd happily take a look at the code on this too. I know I can go grab a copy but I figured I'd ask and see if this is still being worked on or if someone else has come up with an alternate approach etc first.

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Re: TokenMaker

Post by Blakey »

Just for anyone that cares, there's a new version available today - just a trickle of changes over the last few months.

The new version is available along with my latest framework on that thread.
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