Was working on an app myself

We are always looking for new tools to create to help facilitate the table top gaming experience. Let us know if you have an idea for a new gaming tool you'd like to see. (Note: this is NOT for feature requests on existing tools!)

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Was working on an app myself

Post by Baja »

I made a spreadsheet for D&D.
I wanted to show a 3 minute tutorial on Macros and Buttons. I also wanted to give this video to the d&d crowd if they show any interest in my encounter deck project from the DMG page 194.

Crappy resolution video here

I need to remake the video in a better resolution.
But, I have a spreadsheet that implements the Encounter Deck.

It's getting closer to automation of the GM portion.
It's a far jump from AI and automatic generation of the enemies.

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Re: Was working on an app myself

Post by RPTroll »

You might consider using MapTool tables as the encounter deck. I've used them for Action and Adventure decks in Savage Worlds and was pretty happy with the result.
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