Die Window

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Die Window

Post by Streetguru »

Just a simple window with a simple layout for rolling die to avoid typing things out on occasion. I'd certainly get some use out of it. if you need an example I'd imagine it would line up like
[text box]D2[textbox]
[text box]D4[textbox]

Where the DX is a button that activates the roll, it would make macro making easier as it could be persistent and having a simple add X die button which obviously adds a die button to the window would be great. It could even include a checkbox for DM rolls or hidden rolls.

in practice

2 D12 +27+2D6

Just a small idea, not sure if its there already but I'd enjoy a feature like that.

Also are there any plans for an android version of maptools? a feature like this could really come in handy there.

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Re: Die Window

Post by Full Bleed »

You can take a look at this: http://lmwcs.com/rptools/wiki/Dice_Box

Mote will also have a simpler graphical dice roller built in.

EDIT: I see that the link on the dice box page are dead... can anyone update the wiki and link to good files?
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Re: Die Window

Post by wolph42 »

theres a customizable dicebox in the bag of tricks (link in sig) which is an adoptation of rumbles dicebox with added settings.

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