Animations multi-screen play

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Animations multi-screen play

Post by psusac13 »

Ok, I'm new here and I don't know all the functionality of the software yet - I've seen many videos though, and here's my dilemma:

I don't play on-line. I like to play at a table with my friends, but I use a flat-screen TV with a piece of plexiglass over the top of it as my battle mat. This lets me put my maps on the TV, and have two monitors (the TV and my laptop's normal monitor).

The program I use for all of this is PowerPoint. That's right, powerpoint. I even use it to do my graphic design (it's limited, but it works OK for my needs).

The advantage of PowerPoint is that I can make the slide fill the TV screen at the right resolution AND I can add animations to my maps, which is great because I can do some really fun things:

Make clouds of gas expand to fill an area, or cause an earthquake (by shaking the map back and forth), followed by a cave in (animated rocks appearing etc.)

Burning buildings, Rolling boulders and so on are all possible using just a dozen or so animations as well as fade-ins and outs etc.

Can you take a look at PowerPoint's animations and transitions and duplicate some of that functionality? That would be SO COOL


So cool....


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Re: Animations multi-screen play

Post by wolph42 »

well some animation is possible. ive added some of that functionality to the bag of tricks. especially if you use it local it works pretty well. you wont get burning buildings but moving tokens and some polymorphs are possible.

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