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We are always looking for new tools to create to help facilitate the table top gaming experience. Let us know if you have an idea for a new gaming tool you'd like to see. (Note: this is NOT for feature requests on existing tools!)

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Android Support

Post by Nathnem »

Ok I think we can all agree that porting RP Tools is a massive undertaking that is frankly not worth the effort. That is not what I (and I think a lot of people) really want.

All I want is an RP Tools player client for android. An app that would:
* Connect to a PC based game by IP and/or LAN
* Gives each player their own screen and movement control
* Can call macros

Think of it… no more “Are you done? He still needs to read that one” and no more games of pass the mouse.

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Re: Android Support

Post by Tutunkommon »

I love this idea. Doesn't even need to be a full map view. Let the client associate to a character token and show enough of a grid / map to cover their movement. Anything else would be viewed on the PC based client, presumably on a large screen.

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Re: Android Support

Post by RPTroll »

You could solve some of this with a map web view to display maps and character sheets. It could then be embedded via api into a mobile app for iPhone and Android. This could turn into a possibility once the API engine becomes more robust.
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