Vision/exposing FoW

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Vision/exposing FoW

Post by Xun »

I am using FoW in my campaign an within the dungeons, I have lots of VBL. Especially using VBL for columns/statues sometimes give strange effects. Within the DnD4e framework, it would be great to be able to mimic the 'line-of-sight/effect, cover, concealment' rules, where you measure from the corners of your occupied map-square(s) rather than from the center.
MT exposes from the center of the token only. It would be great to have an option to expose from the complete square (or maybe an 'overlay' from all corners of the token).

Anybody considered this in the past?

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Re: Vision/exposing FoW

Post by Phergus »

It has been considered and essentially was considered to be a bad idea as that would quadruple the sight/exposure calculations.

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