Help with a simple macro

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Help with a simple macro

Post by Nephilim777 »

Hi everyone.

I'm a very beginner with the Maptools program. And I was trying to create a macro for my fallout campaign. I wanted something simple, but I still didn't succeed.
Basically it would be a calculation with the result of the character's attack ability against the target's Armor Class and more modifiers. Based on the d100, it would be something like (1d100 - modifier that would be a variable value that you would have to put at the moment + Target AC), the result to hit would be less than or equal to the character's attack ability or if it is higher to fail. And that the result was shown in the chat.
Could someone help me create this macro?


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Re: Help with a simple macro

Post by metatheurgist »

You'll get more immediate help on the discord.

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Re: Help with a simple macro

Post by wolph42 »

what meta said. But if you prefer here...can you post what you have so far? doesnt matter that it doesnt work as it helps with the thought process you're following and build something in that line....or do this on discord, link in sig!

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