Too Many Darn Lists

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Re: Too Many Darn Lists

Post by aliasmask »

wolph42 wrote:
biodude wrote:[wfunc]resetProperty[/wfunc] should work. And, as of b68, it also removes properties from the token (if they are hidden).

ah, I did encounter this function in my search but didn't know (and it doesn't show on the wiki either) that it also deletes the prop.

Actually, at the very bottom I added that it deletes the property under version changes. I'm the one who actually requested the change (yeah me). I made the request specifically for the table stuff I was doing to delete dynamic properties I was creating.

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Re: Too Many Darn Lists

Post by wolph42 »

and now you tell me this I remember the discussion. I don't know whether I participated but I can remember that I thought...hmm thats handy.

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Re: Too Many Darn Lists

Post by biodude »

wolph42 wrote:
biodude wrote:
wolph42 wrote:double post - (isnt there a way to delete this message?)

Edit the message: there should be a tiny checkbox above the Subject line labelled "Delete Post:" and "[ Once deleted the post cannot be recovered ]" beside it.


You appear to have a different Board Layout/style than I use (subsilver2): it may be in a different place?
Apparently, this option is only available if your post is the last one in the thread :oops:
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Re: Too Many Darn Lists

Post by JML »

I delayed this post for two reasons. First I'm new to MapTool, and thus had a very quick look at what Tables can and cannot do. Second, I hadn't time to evaluate the software I'm going to talk about, Inspiration Pad Pro to mention it.

Anyway, the work people did here already got quite a long way, and it seems to me there's a bunch of ideas in the mentioned product that could be of some great help to list users (random generation lists to be precise). Just to give a few, the possibility to nest tables (in fact call tables - random pick - from rows), doing custom random pick using user input, conditional actions and calling of tables, variable assignment, etc.

Reading the manual reminded me a lot of the way MapTool script is working. Even the output is made via HMTL.

I'd be glad to ear from those who know the product, and for those who don't, here's the place : Inspiration Pad Pro v2.0
I could attach the PDF manual for those interested (246 kb)

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