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macro Speed

Post by Sydious »

So I have achived success on random image buttons.

I use two following macros and come up with 32 image buttons in a grid (6x6)


Code: Select all

[h, MACRO("[email protected]:DQ"):""]
[h: num = 1]

<table border = "1" align = "center" style="background-color:yellow;">

    [r, for(i,1,6,1,""), code:{
      [h: tokenName = listGet(macro.return, num)]
      [r: button = strformat('<td><input type="image" src="%s" name="btnChoice" value="TreasureValue"></td>',getImage(tokenName))]
      [h: num = num +1]
       } ]


called macro:


Code: Select all

[h: ttDeck = getLibProperty("DECK_TT", "Lib:DQ")]
[h: tokenNameList = ""]
[h: deckCount = listCount(ttDeck)]

[r, for(i,1,deckCount +1,1,""), code:{
   [h: tokenName = "image:Treasure_Token_" +  i]
   [h: tokenNameList = listAppend(tokenNameList, tokenName)]

[h: treasureTokenImages = json.fromList(tokenNameList)]
[h: newTreasureTokenImages = json.shuffle(treasureTokenImages)]

[r: macro.return = newTreasureTokenImages]

You that are experienced my already guess that this macro is very slow. It takes a long time to open the dialog window. I assume it is all the images, becuase when I use just 1 it opens quickly.

Is there anything I can do to speed this process up?

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