Solve Math Problem in MT

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Solve Math Problem in MT

Post by aliasmask »

I was reading this article: ... 46332.html

And I was wondering how I would check each possible permutations. There are a couple of algorithms out there in other languages, but since we're stuck with size 1000 loops how would you do it in MT. A recursive call comes to mind, but I think there is a limit to that as well.

For bonus points, do it in numerical order from low to high, ie 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 to 9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1. BTW, there are 9! combinations for 362880 permutations.

Akodo Makama
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Re: Solve Math Problem in MT

Post by Akodo Makama »

Recursion can always be traded for memory (especially of you know the maximum recursion depth)

Code: Select all

[constructedStringList1 = ""]
possiblePartsList1 ""]
  [for(index,1,9): possiblePartsList1 = listAppend(possiblePartsList1, index]

PermutateString* (* = 1-8, ^ = *+1)
  [end = listCount(possiblePartsList*) - 1]
  [for (index, 0, end), code:
    [constructedList^ = listAppend(constructedStringList*, listIndex(possiblePartsList*, index))]
    [possiblePartsList^ = listDelete(possiblePartsList*, index]

[end listCount(possiblePartsList9) - 1]
  [for (
index0end), code:
constructedListFinal listAppend(constructedStringList9listIndex(possiblePartsList9index))]


10 separate functions, (8 of which are functionally identical), each calling the next in the chain. Recursion without recursion.

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