[1.3.b58] new tags (s, g) + code tag not working

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[1.3.b58] new tags (s, g) + code tag not working

Post by Newberg »

When I tried playing around a bit with the new tags I noticed that when you combine them with the code tag the text turns blue but still outputs to everyone.

For example

Code: Select all

[g,code: {
<b>This is my little secret!<b>

Will display "This is my little secret!" to everyone in bold blue text.

I assume this is a bug since the above example will work with h instead of g (although then the secret is truly hidden from everyone).

If this issue has already been brought to daylight then I apologise for repeating it :)

(also I'm using b59 but these things were introduced in b58, hence b58 as subject)

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Re: [1.3.b58] new tags (s, g) + code tag not working

Post by Azhrei »

Welcome to RPTools! (I'm sorry your first post is a bug report, though!)

That does sound like a bug. I'm somewhat surprised though, as I would think that the new roll options would be modeled on the existing Hide, Roll, and other roll options that already apply to to an entire code block.

We'll see what Mr.P. says (author of the code). ;)

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Re: [1.3.b58] new tags (s, g) + code tag not working

Post by Mr. Pokeylope »

Yeah, it's a bug. Unfortunately it's not entirely straightforward to fix, but I'll work on it.

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